NOTE TO PHAEDRA PARKS: Phaedra, Girlfriend… Get On The Ball!!… TLC Has Taken Your Ball And Ran With It!!… Git Yer Ball BACK!!!

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Dear Phaedra (Mrs. Nida, Esq.):

It has come to our attention that TLC, the network most famous for “Here Comes HoneyBooBoo!”… has been watching your program, the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

How do we know this… and why should you care?

How we know?  We recently came across the latest offering in “reality” shows which will air on TLC… the new program is titled “Best Funeral Ever.”

Why should you care?  Isn’t this YOUR story line on the RHOA?


Aren’t you workin’ your donkey booty off by attending mortuary science school while being’ a wife to Apollo, a mother to little Ayden and bein’ one of the best legal minds in all of the ATL… all for the purpose of showcasing your mortuary brilliance by throwin’ custom funerals for anyone who has the money to pay you the elite of Atlanta?

The “Best Funerals” special will air on TLC on December 26!

Now that you have been advised of this dire situation, we hope that you will either put your powerful legal skills to use to quash this TLC show immediately… OR that you will get someone at your mortuary science school to cut some red tape and speed up the process in which they give out their funeral diplomas, which would enable you to have all your ducks in a row when you pitch MissAndy about your new Bravo spinoff show,  “Phaedra’s Phreakin’ Phan-tastic Phun-tastastic Phabulous Phunerals!”

The name of your funeral spinoff show is phrickin’ phenomenal!   And, is one that TLC cannot swipe!

If you weren’t aware, TLC is known to change the title of works in progress and “Best Funeral Ever” is a pretty bland name for a show about the fabulousity of funerals!

Look for TLC to change that name several times before they come up with a title…

“Coffins Are Comin”… “Now Do You Believe I Was Sick?” … “Boxes, The Bigger The Better”… “Woodworkers Are People, Too”… “Graveside Gags” …

However, any new title hit on by TLC will be a faint cousin to yours!

If you need any assistance re this matter, just let us know!!


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48 comments on “NOTE TO PHAEDRA PARKS: Phaedra, Girlfriend… Get On The Ball!!… TLC Has Taken Your Ball And Ran With It!!… Git Yer Ball BACK!!!

    • (MsSH I just Love the little drawer to show off the shoes! Except I’d expect them to shrivel up like the Wicked Witch) The Phabulous Phaedra can team up with Hoof Wildenstein and showcase the Maloof Hoof! A Hosewife twofer merchandizing deal! No doubt they can work in whine by wifes too to be served at the wake.

        • Hers! No chit! She DOES look like a centaur, especially in that damn fishnet with her haunches and arse poking that angry “Keep Off” sign at KoochieKrak.

          • Yes!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees it. That fishnet outfit was horrible on her. She isn’t the best looking woman to start with, but her styling is way off. She could use a makeover and a good stylist on an ongoing basis.

  1. Aww damn, Phaedra better get her injunction filed ASAP. Granted I get the humor in Phaedra’s story line but to actually have a show revolving around this seems very crass and tasteless.

  2. Might as well.The are reality shows about everyting these days.I am not sure Phaedra is really in the funeral business.Just another fake made for T.V. storyline.She goes from a preacher’s kid to a sex freak like Kandi.

  3. Actually a few years ago there was a reality show that revolved around a “family run” funeral business. Can’t recall the name of it , but it was actually fairly interesting. Believe it or not.

    • I remember a show but not a reality one. I don’t know about broadcasting a family’s grief like that to make a buck. I guess it takes all kinds to make this world go round.

      • This show was about what went on in the background of this place & the lives of the family members who work there. The relationship between two of the family members was alot like the brother & sister on the one of the pawn shop shows.

        • I remember that show. It was called “Family Plots” and I loved it. I even wrote to one of the cast, Shonna, and she was kind enough to respond. I would love to know where they all are and what they are doing now. It was on A&E.

      • It was a good show. One of the employees kept in touch with fans via blog and one on one emails. Chuck retired Rick was in trouble with the law one sister moved back to MI and not much of the staff stayed.

        • Oh, I remember that show, I liked it. I will have to look for that site, to see what happened to everyone. Thanks for sharing that info.

  4. The tragedy today in the Connecticut school shooting at a grade school has seriously eroded any concern or enjoyment I have for reading about any of the stoopid that is anything housewives related today.. please say a prayer for the families. So many of us commenters here are parents and grandparents..this senseless violence against children is chilling and heartbreaking. Not even being freaking funny.. IS THIS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN ! So sad!

      • This was the first thing I saw online when I got home from work today Made.. I was stunned .. I have a beautiful granddaughter who is the future of world along with all the other young children today and to think , even to try to imagine , that EVEN a grade school is not safe for the little ones is beyond my imagination and just makes me sick. God bless the teachers that had the presense of mind to try and steer the little ones to safety, be it hiding in a closet or whatever. What a freaking world we live in !

        • I know. My daughter senior year a man showed up at her school with a gun and she school went on lockdown. Local news was reporting on it but we were told not to go down there. Britt had her cell phone she called to say she was holed up in the homec room with some other students. She hung up. I was afraid to call her back becuase I didn’t want the phone ringing to draw attention to her. You have no idea what that is like till you live through it. Anyway the outcome was the gunman was shot and the hero was the resource officer Officer Grudger, who steered him out in the commons area away from other students. Very scary time. The classroom my daughter was in was around the pod off room the front doors you will see in this video. Be warned its intense. You will see at one point he was backing up to head in that direction and she saved those children’s lives that day. My child. I will forever be grateful to her for her bravery and professionalism and quick thinking. After the shock wore off(maybe it never did and never will) but shortly after this there were t-shirts for sell that said The Grudge She’s Got Our Back. Both my children have one because she was resource officer for both their schools. I know it sounds bizarre to have that on a T-shirt but it seemed to help heal when you see a child or young person with one on in town you know that they went through the same experience that you did. And the parents, exchange looks and unspoken support that only parents that have been through this can.

          • So lucky! and so blessed that guardian angel SRO kept him engaged all that time. I know I wouldn’t be able to hold it together like she did. I’m glad your girl is safe.

            • She is an angel. Because of her actions that day my daughter is able to go on with her life. In college now has a job just bought her first car… all the things those precious babies that were killed today will never be able to do. To be honest, we go about our lives everyday and its not something that we think about everyday but when I hear the word “gunman” on the news I get transported back to that day. And my heart goes out to all those frighten parents that the news shows standing around outside KNOWING that their lives are forever changed. My family is so blessed that Officer Grudger was there that day. So blessed.

            • *sobbing* Thank God for Officer Grudger. She is so courageous. I feel that same about those families. My nephew died at a very young age, from an illness, not a horrifying tragedy like today, but I know how hard it is to comprehend a child so young being taken from you. I am devastated for those families.

            • Sorry to hear about your nephew Embee. Its sad no matter what the circumstances for sure. It has been a tearful day for me as well. At no point will I ever get on board with relinquishing 2nd amendment rights in any way shape of form no matter how the legislation is packaged. It will NOT prevent stuff like this. It will just leave us(citizens) exposed.

            • Thank you Made.
              I don’t know what the answer is but we need to do a better job of protecting our children. A town near me is going to run the ALICE Program at an elementary school, same ages as the children in the Newtown tragedy. I heard a debate about it on a talk radio program just this week and thought it was crazy they were considering introducing the subject of how to deal with an armed gunman with kids this age. this program sounds insane. Maybe they do need to be prepared but I wish they could just stay innocent as long as possible .

            • I know that the fact that all the kid’s at my daughter’s school knew what to do in lockdown situation protected them. Notice how the halls were cleared? Even when class is in session there are usually kids running about to and fro but they KNEW to stay locked in class. And when you hear the 911 tape she just had to say we are in lockdown and no more questions were asked when someone else was trying to come in the school. I know its sad to think that elementary age children need to be aware of this. But think of it like this, we had tornado drills at my school when I was little. And for a time after that every time it stormed I would get scared but I knew what to do….just in case.

          • OM Gosh, Made! That was intense. I had tears in my eyes watching, realizing that he could have killed her at any moment and then run amuck on the students. What courage she had! Please tell me they locked him up and threw away the key!

            • All I can say was that there were angels there in that school that day watching over Officer Gudger, the students, and teachers.

            • Right after the video stops he was shot. A sheriff’s officer came through that side door and shot him. Had to. That officer is a hero too. Saved Officer Grudger’s life. I just posted a video with her interview talking about it. Grudger has special place in all our hearts.

  5. I pick up my oldest grandchild at school. He is in kindergarten, so it really is so heartbreaking thinking that such young ones could be victims of this horrific murderous rampage. It is beyond any comprehension that this could happen. My heartfelt prayers for them, their parents, their grandparents, and all who loved these precious little ones.

  6. Amen. What has this world come to. What happened today can’t even be blamed on some teenager that thought they had it so bad that shooting up their school could be blamed on bullying. These angels were babies who from news accounts instictively not only remained as calm as possible,but as they took direction from their brave teachers (who deserve so much praise),were so concerned about the well being of their friends and teachers. What a nightmare for this community. They are all heros

  7. Yikes — what’s with the orange peel skin on Kim in the wallpaper? Is that the result of one of Vyle’s electrocution facial treatments?

  8. We need to hug our kids and thank God we have them…pray for the families in Newtown, I can’t even imagine their grief..God be with them all..

  9. TLC should be called The Sub-Human Network. Some of the ish that’s on that network and how successful those disposable shows become is mind boggling.

  10. Omg so funny! I’ve been to so many funerals. ESP my mothers….phakdra is too stoopid. To understand a real loss of someone.

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