NOTE TO PHAEDRA PARKS: Phaedra, Girlfriend… Get On The Ball!!… TLC Has Taken Your Ball And Ran With It!!… Git Yer Ball BACK!!!

phaedra funerals pg

Dear Phaedra (Mrs. Nida, Esq.):

It has come to our attention that TLC, the network most famous for “Here Comes HoneyBooBoo!”… has been watching your program, the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

How do we know this… and why should you care?

How we know?  We recently came across the latest offering in “reality” shows which will air on TLC… the new program is titled “Best Funeral Ever.”

Why should you care?  Isn’t this YOUR story line on the RHOA?


Aren’t you workin’ your donkey booty off by attending mortuary science school while being’ a wife to Apollo, a mother to little Ayden and bein’ one of the best legal minds in all of the ATL… all for the purpose of showcasing your mortuary brilliance by throwin’ custom funerals for anyone who has the money to pay you the elite of Atlanta?

The “Best Funerals” special will air on TLC on December 26!

Now that you have been advised of this dire situation, we hope that you will either put your powerful legal skills to use to quash this TLC show immediately… OR that you will get someone at your mortuary science school to cut some red tape and speed up the process in which they give out their funeral diplomas, which would enable you to have all your ducks in a row when you pitch MissAndy about your new Bravo spinoff show,  “Phaedra’s Phreakin’ Phan-tastic Phun-tastastic Phabulous Phunerals!”

The name of your funeral spinoff show is phrickin’ phenomenal!   And, is one that TLC cannot swipe!

If you weren’t aware, TLC is known to change the title of works in progress and “Best Funeral Ever” is a pretty bland name for a show about the fabulousity of funerals!

Look for TLC to change that name several times before they come up with a title…

“Coffins Are Comin”… “Now Do You Believe I Was Sick?” … “Boxes, The Bigger The Better”… “Woodworkers Are People, Too”… “Graveside Gags” …

However, any new title hit on by TLC will be a faint cousin to yours!

If you need any assistance re this matter, just let us know!!