MELISSA GORGA: MORE “Charity” Club Dates!… Doin’ It For The Kids… Still Loves Being A “Mommy”!!!… AND… “BlindItem”? Hardly…

Taking full advantage of her “PLATFORM” as a New Jersey Housewife… Melissa Gorga continues her clubbin’ dates… under the guise of “charity,” of course!

Bring a toy and you’ll get to participate in a “meet and greet” with MeGo!!


MeGo will be “meetin’ and greetin” at 10 pm and also at 2 am!

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.46.58 AM

Don’t forget that “FEE” which ALL the Housewives include… in whatever they’re pushin’!!

Melissa tickets

Pearl Nightclub is in Rhode Island… why are they going by Pacific Standard Time?

Pearl should realize that tryin’ to figure out this time differential will totally mess up the minds of da Gorga’s key followers!!

Melissa finger in ear arrow

WHO are da Gorga’s followers?  The key demographics for da Gorga’s are male middle school students who spent their money lifted from Mom’s purse well-earned money for a phony ID just to see a chick on TV who professes that she was “born to be a Mom”!

The “born to be a Mommy” line was added after this from MeGo’s July 2012 appearance at Harrahs

Melissa Gorga, the newest star of Bravo’s hit show the Real Housewives of New Jersey is a sassy Italian who is known for her witty, fun, and loving personality. Melissa is currently turning her dream of becoming a recording artist into a reality. Working with some of the top music producers in the industry, Melissa released her debut single “On Display” which reached the top 10 on the Itunes dance charts. She has two songs set for release this season including a ballad called How Many Times that she wrote for her husband Joe and a new dance track called Rock Star which will be sure to be an anthem in the clubs this summer.   NOTE:  According to Billboard, MeGo ain’t on ANY of their charts!

From MeGo’s brand NEW PR spew December 7 2012:

Melissa Gorga, the star of Bravo’s hit show the Real Housewives of New Jersey is a sassy Italian who is known for her witty, fun, and loving personality. Melissa was born to be a mommy.

She is a dedicated mother and wife whose life is all about her family. She and her husband Joe, a successful real estate developer, have been married for eight years and have three beautiful children, Antonia, seven, Gino, five, and Joey, two.   NOTE: As mentioned several times on SH, JoeGorgaConstruction is no longer building “premiere homes”…

AND just a bit of an update re the “blind item” circulating re the Housewife whose REAL financials don’t match their “REAL” life… is it REALLY a “blind item”???  If you had been keepin’ up wit da Gorgas on SH… that blind was hardly a blind!!  SH reader Stevie Wonder saw through that **cough, cough**  BI immediately!!

It only takes the correct dollar amount for MeGo to uh… “rearrange her schedule”… to fit in another club date!!  YES… the Pearl Nightclub engagement was just set up last month.  And Pearl Restaurant and Lounge is VERY excited!!!

melissa pearl date

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504 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MORE “Charity” Club Dates!… Doin’ It For The Kids… Still Loves Being A “Mommy”!!!… AND… “BlindItem”? Hardly…

  1. Some folks live in their own reality & if the folks around them can’t be honest with them, they end up staying in that reality. (No pun intended) Look over the cast of the NJ show & then ask “Whose gonna check her boo?” :P No one would call her out on her phony act, except Teresa & then Mego believes she’s just saying it to be hateful. You know none of the others are smart enough or seem happy enough in their own lives to call her out. – Not that it would do any good, I’m jus’ sayin.

    • And the only reason why Andy hasn’t went after Caroline and Melissa like he did Teresa is that he can’t stand Teresa pure and simple.

  2. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit – I had no idea that Mego was the “star” of RHNJ. No amount of fictionalized PR will make her anything other than what she truly is – a skank.

        • I just dont, I think she is the Joke of the show. I think she begs to be the star but isnt. She has to conjour up twitter followers, she says with the disguisting husband and peddles stuff on a card table. Her 10 mins of fame is up

            • I am a Melissa fan, I like her. For months everyone has posted terrible things and if I posted anything even half nice I was bashed. I think I should be able to like who I like without the hatefullness. We can all kid around and say something, some just are different. No wonder Caroline got deaththreats. Its too personal for some. I can take the kidding. I like conversing with you, do dont take it to personal level.

            • What I ment to say was I like chatting with you, you do not take it to the personal level, I like that. We all have our favs and i dont begrudge any for that.

            • @dsuea — I like chatting with you, too, and I appreciate that you recognize I don’t make things personal. The HW are ALL stoopid to some degree, and that’s our common ground.

            • I am forever amazed when i read that fans take things to a persona level with a celeb
              Its dosnt shocke me Caroline got Death threats and I believe she did. we have seen it over and over For example the Actress who replaced Mariska Hargety on Law and order while she was on maternity leave got Vicious Death threats By MH fans who they threaten to hunt her down and kill her If she didnt get off the show it wasn’t just one person making the threats it was several Selena Gomez got then to when she started Dating Justin Beaver opps bieber. And some of the HW fans are Fanatic I have been attacked By Teresa fans on Twitter so it wouldnt shock me if her fans (who she cant control so i am not blaming her) would send death threats, Im shocked Melissa hasnt got them.

            • I think most of us are here, as you said on another post Lisa, as a diversion from our very busy lives with family, work, and just as a fun escape from the everyday cares of life. These psychos that attach to celebrities apparently don’t have much of a life themselves, it seems.

            • Im am pretty sure I have said Id love to smack the caca out of this or that one but I think responsible people can see the difference in that and going into great detail on how u would like to hurt a celeb they dont like

              Plus Unless they come Hawaii they are relatively safe I have a severe fear of flying..well crashing actually.

            • Honestly i am a crazy mess lol…You should hear my unnatural hatred of Re-fried beans and what happened when I forgot to tell the waitress to not put refiried beans on my plate….Hint she did get a big tip and they prob spit into my food

            • I can’t believe the fans and the threats, its crazy. I think if it got to be so much of my life, I would quit. I am a fan of the show, I like Melissa but I will never bases my live on it. I love that everyone has a favorite and each has an opinion but some people need to step away from the show and computer. They are beyond a fan. I love the witty comebacks and those who give us new information. I am shocked Melissa hasn’t either.

            • I appreciate the different opinions, because I often learn new ways of looking at things. Exchanging ideas keeps our minds sharp.

            • Perhaps MeGo has but it has been kept private so that the children don’t hear about it.

              I think it’s crazy that any of these stalker and death threat scenarios exist.

            • I agree. Why would anyone take it so serious. After what happened in CT. yesterday, a tv show is small potatos

        • The only show MeGo could be the star of is the Tijuana Donkey Show and even then she would get second billing to the donkey.

      • I’m sorry but Melissa IS NOT the star of the show… FAR from it. Teresa took that spot when she flipped the table, like it or not. Just because you may not like her, it is what it is. Some people didn’t like Bethenny either but she WAS the star of RHoNY without a doubt. Melissa may be a favorite of yours, but a star that does not make her… sorry.

  3. What kills me is that she’s only ‘on display’ doing club gigs when the show is taping. When she’s off the air she isn’t booked very much.

    • Bravo PR is probably helping her secure the bookings. That way they get some stuff to tape for the show.

  4. “A sassy Italian who is known for her witty, fun, and loving personality?”

    I always thought she was known for being a lying, gold digging whore who uses men and abuses her friends and family.

    Seriously, I think Honey Boo Boo’s mom, June, is a more attractive person than this woman.

    • She’s been rode hard and put away wet more than once, Real.

      It’s an old expression but very apt for Melissa.

  5. U know what is even sadder, people in Prov will GO!! There is not much in RI as far as this crap so many idiots will go there from CT & MA.. She’s going 2 b doing dingy lounges for rest of her fraudster life! I’m so over her but yet keep commenting due to such BS being portrayed about them & it’s driving me crazy!! She is a LYING FRAUD GOLD-DIGGING SKANK but NOT a stripper!! I just can’t take lie after lie when we know she is lying & it’s in our faces.. Can’t even go to store w/out seeing her on a tabloid lately.. I have worked w actual A list celebs & most of them don’t ACT like her & they r actually famous w credibility . There is such a weird new obsession w being famous that I will never understand?? She just wants to be FAMOUS. (Period)

    • I live in the area…have my whole life…and it is a small city. I have NEVER heard of that restaurant. If it’s open at 2:00 am, I can’t imagine what kind of establisment it is.

      • The only restaurants that will be open will be one attached to a lounge. At that point of the night they won’t be serving heavy meals, maybe just snacks and drinks.

          • Don’t be sorry! I don’t comment much either. I get tired of the fights between commenters. To be honest some of the vile posts about Melissa get to much for me. I’m not a fan of hers but It’s hard for me to read some of this stuff about a fellow human being. I know it’s stupid but it gets to me.

            • I pass all of the stuff that doesn’t interest me, too, Barb. For instance, Jacqueline bores me, and I don’t have an interest in Autism, so I usually pass over all of that. Some of the stuff becomes repetitive, and it’s clear that we’re never going to convince each other. Besides, this site is named SH for a reason — they’re ALL stoopid. I love the really witty comments, though.

            • I like to read all but when it stops becoming about the HW and becomes about the posters It get pissed…I dont keep track about who posts what and how often IMO someone who does has issues with something more then how much someone post about a HW. but none of these morons are off limits but posters are……off my soap box

            • Agreed, and that’s why I appreciate when Ms. SH really cracks down on the commenters making personal attacks. I saw one had been deleted by Ms. SH just the other day.

          • Did you notice in the resrvation request form that the word you have to type in to prove you’re human (or whatever they make you do that for) is poison? I’m sure mego and jogo had a hand in that. Their inside joke. Or maybe its a warning from someone who’s heard her sing.

    • I just can’t get over their hypocrisy. A big part of last year’s storyline was Teresa being such a horrible person for appearing in the pop mags. Will anyone make an issue season five over Melissa doing this? Even before last season, Melissa was on the mags, she obviously didn’t get as many offers as Teresa. NOW she made a big ole name for herself by backstabbing… repeatedly… her husband’s family. That’s not fame… it’s infamy. It obviously doesn’t matter to her… as long as she’s… wait for it……. ON DISPLAY… bloop.

    • LOL! If I wanted to see a horse trotting around to music, I would go see the Lippizaner Stallions perform. The music and dancing would be better, too.

          • I got the joke..UNSTABLE…HORSE. Referring to the Melissa looks like a horse comments. I know, Teresa looks like a horse, too I suppose. Skinny forth.

          • Well Teresa is stablely unstable in her own
            and probably the least unstable of the lot but no way is she 100% stable..Ill settle for 95% stable 5 % unstable Hows that for being nice.

            • Must Teresa always be brought up in order to defend this horsey skank? Does the trashy ho have no good merits of her own that Teresa has to be brought up to defend her? When did this end up being about Teresa? *eyeroll*

            • and to answer your question yes,yes she has to with out a doubt has to every single time
              like my mom use to say ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer.

            • eeeccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you shoulda smushed that insect from hell….did you know you and hate the wench have the same cartoony thing

            • hmm now its different…hmm i think its a conspriracy to confuse me…people no need to resort to tricks its fairly easy to cunfuzzle me

            • Well I like Melissa and I have to constantly defend her for crap she doesn’t even do. How fair is that. Welcome to our world, Chewbacca just fits. sorry.

            • Melissa is a skank whore who will blow anyone for her next buzz. I don’t apologize for calling her out for her skankiness, either. Skank whore. Not sorry.

            • im glad we have adopted this policy here on being able to say what we wish about the HW so you wont mind me saying i think Teresa is a delousional idiot who is sailing on the sea of denial she is a liar to boot and imo she is a major cause in her family discord. .

            • I don’t care a whit about what you say about Teresa. It won’t change the fact that I think Melissa is a low-down dirty, skanky, nasty piece of high mileage refuse that should be kicked to the curb with the rest of the trash.

            • OK. and i agree but i think they all should be kicked to the curb and a whole new cast brought in and start from scratch.

            • @Ana- That’s probably where Slojo really met Mego- as trash on the curb. Didnt he start out as a garbage man? Maybe he thought he could take her home and fix her up- like the toasters he used to find that others threw away but could still be used. By people who couldn’t do better. Sounds like the REAL story of their meeting rather than that Cancun crap.

            • I have to agree. I think its pathetic the way she hangs on the low live loser of a husband. He is out crawl around with the little coeds and she is defending him. Maybe she doesn’t have the IQ to leave him.

            • Lisa you are obsessed with Teresa. You bring her up any chance you get. This is a MELISSA article. State whether you like Melissa or not. Your tree obsession is getting old. On any of the other housewife articles you either go off topic to distract people or you somehow manage to bring Teresa up. If its a Teresa article then you’re just in heaven. It’s weird.

            • I am not obcessed with Teresa So please do not tell me that Thank you, You do not kno wme or anything about me. And telling me I am obcessed is attacking me and we dont do that hear. I am not weird or anything I saw weird. I apreicate not bein called weird,obcessed or any other derogatory name either
              I am no different then ayone else that posts here
              Keep your assesment on my mental hygene to yourself I do not call posters here names or evaluate how much they talk aboiut a poster….Thank you very much.,

            • Oh and one last thing…If I want to sit here and post 24/7 7 days a week On the Guidices I can Its a free country Again for the 400th time I am sick of being told what I can post and how often and being called a name for doing it.

            • Wow its a tv show. LOL!!!!!!!!!! You know that for a fact or is it just the Teresa koolaide talking. I just love that she is called all these names because she has the cute kids, the attentive hubby who isnt diddling the coed, the cute body, she doesnt have the chewbacca look and she is dumber than a box of rock. I am sure she needs a driver or joe in the passenger seat so she can get home, because I am sure she isnt smart enough to remember.

            • All of these things are in my opinion, to which I am entitled. Just as you are entitled to yours. IMO, Melissa is a low down dirty, nasty high mileage skanky whore piece of used up cootchie. She ain’t nothing but life support for a piece of p*ssy. That is my opinion. If you don’t like it, then too friggin’ bad.

            • I think you wrong. I think she is a beautiful person and if she was such a low down dirty nasty skanky piece of crap, why is Teresa so jealous???????? She has made it her lifes passion to take Melissa down and she doesn’t have the IQ to do it huh.

            • Please tell me how Teresa is taking Melissa down? Outside of the show, Teresa keeps to herself and doesn’t even respond to the nasty tweets sent to or about her from Jac, Melissa and her evil sisters. Melissa is the one that copies Teresa, not the other way around… who’s the jealous one? I agree whole heartedly with Ana’s opinion of her… and more. And please do tell how you know that JoGo isn’t getting any on the side? It’s known Melissa has anyway.

            • Teresa has been jealous of Melissa since day one. Who would teach their kids to say nasty things about their aunt and uncle while the parents laugh. Pathetic. See now why people are not fans. You don’t do hateful things to people and expect people to like you. She is jealous because Melissa has a husband who loves her and isnt cheating on her. Teresa has nothing. No money, a husband that cheats, a husband who is costing her fans and millions in attorney fees, bad bills all over and most of all, not one of the castmates can stand her.

            • Lisa, but don’t u think they are all unstable in different ways? I know u do not love Tre, but if say, Tre wasn’t on the show, who is your next least fave njhw?

  6. I think some mistakes were made in da Gorga household. It seems that at one point, Joe was doing well with his home building…prob before they joined the show. He made a tidy profit on that home he first lived in with Melissa…the one she “saw” and “wasnt stupid”. Then it seems their whole focus shifted to that silly show. Now I wonder why he has abandoned his home building. Is it because his appearance schedule and filming schedule is so grueling that he just doesnt have time? Or is it because he just cant get the loans needed to front the money to build a new home? Landscaping, apparently his new thing, doesnt require as much cash flow. Its kind of a shame because I think once upon a time, aka before Mel, he was a hard worker. I know a couple of luxury home builders, and believe me, they did not ALL lose their shirts in the housing bubble bust. So before anyone points out that Juicy did the same thing, I will say, yes he did. T and Juicy threw all they have into her HW career. At least from where I stand, it looks like they are making it. Can the Gorgas maintain their lifestyle on Melissas money? That depends on how deep they are in debt…and whether or not Melissa can turn her reputation around on the show. And whether or not Joey thinks people will pay extra to have their pond installed by a “star”.

    • I don’t see MeGo’s “singing” career as ever having the potential to be a money maker. She could make more working the glory hole at the local adult bookstore/arcade and that job is a better fit with her skills.

      • For arguments sake she could have raw potential with her voice. If she really wanted to be a singer she would have been training and working at that, heck even singing in church on Sunday. I think for her it’s not about wanting to be a singer but about wanting to be a star. If someone has talent and wants to hone their talent they will do it by any means, which includes singing at church or small venues.

        • She’s like a little girl who wants to be a ballerina and goes right out and buys the tutu and the toe shoes and expects to dance in Swan Lake right off the bat.

        • Okay. To each his own and all. I’d take the card table over the glory hole any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

            • Yeah. MeGo prolly needs to swill down that vodka to get that taste outta her mouth after a night working the Looker’s parking lot.

            • Well Tre would need a case to have to crawl into bed with juicy, omg he is obnoxious and would probably require a double bag from everyone else

            • I don’t think Teresa needs to get tanked to do Juicy, she seems quite willing without any kind of alcoholic inducement. Mego, on the other hand, seems to be repulsed and disgusted (rightly so) with the hideous troglodyte with whom she had pledged to cleave unto til death and all that. I know I wouldn’t do Joey Marco, even with a rented vagina. He is so repulsive and disgusting.

            • Oh I do. I think thats why she has her own room and the INVITRO doctor. Please, she will divorce him in a heartbeat when he has the little wrist bracelets on which should be coming up soon. I hope she has had her shots, she wouldn’t want to catch something on those rare occasions.

            • Mego’s cootchy ain’t nothing but a petrie dish of STDs . So, if anyone should be concerned about the contagion in the marital bed, it is SloJo. I hope he wears a full body condom before coming into contact with the disease ridden cesspool that is his skanky whore wife Melissa.

            • Wow and you know that how? I am thinking its teresa’s that have all the cooties. Heaven only knows where and who her hubby has been with. Shots anyone

            • Hah hah! This is my opinion and my opinion only and I don’t have to prove it to you in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. IMO, MeGo is a dirty, nasty, skanky, high mileage piece of used up trash who belongs in the gutter where SloJoe found her in the first place.

            • The Slowjoe is Joe Giudice. He is so slow he has to probably serve time for putting his photo on his brothers license. How stupid is that. 10 years instead of a slap on the wrist. Like no one could tell the difference between his photo and his brothers. What an idiot

            • The Slowjoe is Joe Giudice. He is so slow he has to probably serve time for putting his photo on his brothers license. How stupid is that. 10 years instead of a slap on the wrist. Like no one could tell the difference between his photo and his brothers. What an idiot

            • Jloon used in vitro and Chris is facing the cuffs. He cheated on a fiance with her. So is this Jloons justification for hitting the booze, according to your theory?

            • Well isn’t there hundreds of brands of cheap champagne on the market and thats exactly what Fabellini is. Have you seen a commercial for Fabellini, of course not. Its not selling worth a tinkers dam

            • Haven’t seen a single BLK commercial either. Even though I don’t think there are too many other brands of dirt water to compete with. Therefore (according to your logic) the Manzauritas must be going bust.

            • It’s not Melissa’s vodka… she’s only used for advertising so you’re comparing apples to oranges. IMO just starting out to be a fake singer and going to sleazy clubs to perform isn’t cool for a thirty-something with three children and a husband. Having a brand of hair products? Is there something wrong with that? I don’t get it. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the hair products line… sounds like something to be proud of.

            • Its not Teresa champagne or hair products, she just put her name on them. She didn’t even write her cookbooks, they are her MOMs recipes and some other lady wrote the books. I don’t think Harrah’s is a Seezy club. Ok let me see, you can’t go perform cause you have 3 kids at home. Wow. Madonna, Britney and Celine, please leave the stage and go home cause you have 3 kids. Teresa drags her little card table out, plops down the hair junk and sells out of malls and 2nd rate shops. By the way how is that working for her financially? Check that out.

            • Nah. I think thats Teresa too. I think Teresa is easily bought. Hey diamonds for being called a “c” right. I bet she has lots of jewlery. Maybe thats why Juicy has decided girlfriends cost less money.

            • I don’t think Tre got the diamonds for that. When she was asked to tell exactly how he made it up to her, she paused and then said diamonds, as if she was just tryin to say something in response to them. I don’t think he bought her any jewelry, he isn’t makin $.

            • i doubt juicy even apologized until the cameras were on him frankly i dont think he gives a rats ass if he hurt teresa feelings or not.

            • Idk, I think he cares more now that she’s makin all the money. I think they prob always banter n cuss back n forth, and a lot of it is harmless. But I bet lately he is tryin to be nicer. At least I hope so, that’d be the smart thing for him to do anyway…

            • yes it would be smart of him however we are talking about juicy here. i know people disagree with me but i find nothing harmless in calling your wife a cu next tueday and calling her a whore if he will do in front of the cameras i bet he does it in front of his kids as well and that is far from harmless its jmho here.

            • Well we can’t say for sure, maybe at home it i just ah shut up yous, grumble grumble. I know couples like that who really love each other. I also won’t rule out the possibility that some of what is “caught” on camera is exaggerated. The best actors call attention to themselves without you realizing it. Tre n Juicy, or the whole cast, could be really happy n just laughing at people who take it seriously..

            • i hope you are right id hate for those girls to grow up and think they have to put up with being degraded by the men they married.

            • Well, as everyone knows, it is cheaper to rent than to buy and all of the guys who paid to rent some time with Joey Marco’s property, Melissa, had a good time.

            • Teresa got the diamonds and MeGo got a few lines of blow for her trouble. Who is more valuable? It ain’t nothing but some basic economics. You sell yourself short and you really aren’t worth much. Supply and demand and all……

            • Right, LMAO i have never ever seen a pic with her with anyone, just a made up item of the Teresa fans to again try to make her look bad. Teresa’s whole life is based on trying to make her brother and Melissa look bad. She isn’t as pretty, she is older, she isnt much of a mom in the sense she can’t make them mind. She is very materialistic and thinks that the more items she has will make her happy and more important. Right now she is massively unhappy, hates her married life, she is so deep in debt and she is the only one working. Ofcourse she has to make someone else look worse. Melissa has never had to go out on her man, she has the whole package. Where is the pics Ana. Before it was she was a gold digger but that didn’t stick when she is still there and has 3 kids. How many years have they been married. Then it was that they were broke but there is no foreclosures and no proof of the bad checks and where is the paper work. We have all hunted and foreclosures are court documented and NOTHING. The proof is in the pudding. When you have to work so hard to make someone look bad, its always you that is trying to hide something

            • That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it just like I am entitled to think that MeGo is a low down, dirty, trashy, nasty, skanky disease ridden skank who has been passed around more than a blunt at a Bob Marley concert.

            • It is NOT a story made up by Teresa fans. And why would anyone be upset over the fact that someone is a few years younger than them? That’s something I just don’t get. Melissa gets older every year… my sister is nine years older than me and guess what… she’s NOT jealous! My niece is younger than me and guess what, I’m NOT jealous! Makes no sense. As far as Teresa’s kids “not minding her” tell me who? Milania? She’s a spitfire and I’m 100% sure Teresa loves her just the way she is. Gia, Gabriella and Audriana seem just fine. I’m sure no one here has or had a child who was a handful right? There are advantages in having a personality like Milania. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Teresa’s kids will be very successful. Sorry, but that’s just wrong… I highly doubt that Teresa is jealous of Melissa’s children over her own! And what’s the advantage of being prettier on the outside when you’re ugly on the inside. It’s really sad anyone would place such an emphasis on looks when Teresa is no ugly duckling herself. That’s just sad. You know damn well Melissa married Joe because “she’d be crazy if she didn’t go after him with a house like that.” Teresa and Joe built what they have together. Real estate goes up and down so of course they’re going to have ups and downs. I’m quite sure that’s part of what happened to JoGo too. I just can’t stomach someone who would do what Melissa did to her husband’s family and don’t understand anyone who can overlook that.

            • Diamonds for being called a “c” by one’s husband vs. a few bucks for swallowing a strange load in the parking lot of Lookers. Who is really for sale here?

            • they all are, they have sold their self respect,their dignity and there the answer is all of then sold themselves and thier familys its a same they even have sold thier kids privacy.and childhoods, i hope it worth it.

            • Yeah, but Melissa is the only one who charges by the inch or by the hour. She is a skanky slut whore who was passed around until she was all used up and put out on the curb with with the rest of the trash where Joey Marco picked her up.

            • It is my opinion, to which I am entitled, solely and completely. Melissa is a low down, dirty, skanky, dirty nasty STD-ridden piece of high mileage used up cooze. There. That is my opinion, and I am entitled to it.

            • @ Lisa: MUAH! You think whatever you want to think and so will I. It ain’t nuthin’ personal. I really, really, don’t care what you think about any of these people on some stoopid reality show and I hope you don’t think I lose any sleep over it, either. “Cuz, I don’t.

            • up you are enitied to believe what u want as i am allowed to believe what i believe about idiot teresa and the trouble maker she is and the cause of the problems in he family.

            • Fine. I ain’t tryin’ to change your mind. You are entitled to think whatever you want to think and I will do the same. Melissa is a skanky, dirty, disease-ridden, high mileage used up piece of trash, though. IMO, of course.

            • Apples n oranges Lisa….you know there’s a possibility Tre is at fault for some things, but Mego bein skanky is a separate issue. Tre could be the root of all evil, but Mego is still nast. And I haven’t seen any emails or posts about Tre on any site sayin she did any of the slutty things that multiple people say about Mego, and there’s quite a few things I have read about Mego and her Lookers days. I haven’t seen much of anything like that about any other hw, besides maybe Joanna. Where there is smoke, there is fire..

            • well it would be kinda hard for teresa to be a slut since she was a virgin until juicy popped that cherry on thier wedding night, however she is sleezy in other non sexuel ways not sure which is worse. Im not trying to start a who is worse debate because we all have our opinions and they are all valid.

              but i do have a question if she did those things in her past can she get redemention or be a whore forever even if she has been only with joey since they were married (yes i know people thing she is still cheating) personlly i dont but whatever.

            • YES! Yes! And, yes. You are entitled to your opinion. As am I. Vive le difference and all. I ain’t tryin’ to change your mind and you ain’t gonna change mine. I think Melissa is a low down dirty nasty skanky piece of high mileage cooze that Joey Marco thinks he can turn into a housewife. You don’t share my opinion and vive le dfference!

            • maybe he is doing his own version of Turning Eliza the flower girl into a proper member of society what was th e name of that musical.

            • LOL, Lisa! I loves me some movie trivia. That would be ‘My Fair Lady’, derived from George Bernard Shaw’s play, ‘Pygmalion’.

            • Only musioals i know by name is HAIR and ANNIE. yes my fair lady, maybe joey is acting out his own version of the play.

            • Well, the musical has a happy ending with Eliza and Henry ending up together. Whereas the play, based on a myth by Ovid, as a very different (and unhappy) outcome.

            • WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…;lol she was funny last night we was being silly..well I was, Im pretty sure ANA was serious.

            • @Lisa. I am never serious about these stoopid shows. It is all just for fun and I have too many real things to worry about to get concerned about the danged housewives. I am a kidder. I kid. It’s what I do.

            • I know We were yaking it up last night,.. I really wish could have claimed Teresa had STD but thats not you know something even i would believe about her

            • I have never seen any proof of that. I guess if it is said enough it becomes true right. Teresa was bought and paid for. I am sure he is saying, give them back so I can go pay a bill. Or maybe I will take my girlfriend out to the casino and rent a room. Teresa has to use an invitro dr to keep up with Jacqueline on having a baby because she probably will not let hubby touch her and guess what, she still hasn’t paid him.

            • You ask people to provide proof to support their OPINIONS and then you throw out your own opinion without any supporting evidence. My opinion is that MeGo is a filthy used up walking STD factory and that Jacaloon had to use invitro because her tubes were all scarred up from her many bouts with PID and other STDs from her days as a worker in the Las Vegas sex industry. It’s no wonder that Jacaloon and the Lookers Trash get along so well. They have so much in common–their days on the pole and on their knees. Joey Marco and Chris Laurita must love playing captain save a ho to have married sluts like Jacaloon and MeGo.

            • @ana yes The Pigster is woofing down his Veggies as we speak he hit another piggy milestone He sat in his hind legs and begged for his food. They do that when they are happy and know food is coming..Im so proud.

            • Ana I couldn’t reply under your comment about being a kidder. Just want you to know I love you just the way you are. Dont go changin

            • ordered a new bed for him made outta fleece and a new Tunnel that ..shh dont tell him he thinks santa is bringing it.

            • Oh how cute. What an interesting pet. I had a chipmunk when I was little. Mom was killed when she was 2 minutes old so my brother and I had to feed with an eyedropper til she was 4 weeks old and then she could drink. We had her for 14 years and was my favorite pet

      • To be honest I like that house better than the one they have now. At least with that one Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t have to be served in the foyer. I always thought that was weird.

        • The house is very nice Let me count my penny jar I just may have enough..seriously I do like the house but folk enough with the Marble its a home to live in not be buried in.

      • @Daisy- That house is soooo ugly. The inside foyer/staircase reminds me of a hoky(sp?) haunted mansion at a carnival. I can’t zoom in on the pictures but several of the walls and ceilings looked cracked and/or with holes. Looks like some seriously shoddy workmanship with materials and a style that would only appeal to a specific buyer. Too eccentric for my taste. The kitchen seems kinda small too. I can see why it hasn’t sold.

        • I hate to say it but that foyer looks like the entry to a funeral home to me. And all those cracks? Faux finished to the nines. Over a million, buyers dont want anything faux. The whole media room concept to me is bizarre. Would you really get much use of it, or would it be just something to show off? Where’s the pool? Who said that? Someone on one of the shows said…wheres the pool? But I can imagine what Melissa must have thought when she first saw the house. I dont think she comes from that kind of area. And if you gave it to me, Id take it.

      • It would be okay without the sleeping beauty’s castle paint effects.
        Certainly better than the mansion with attic bedrooms they ‘own’ at the moment.

        • You mean ta tell me you would pass up that glorious faux water damage Trompe loeil on the bedroom ceilings? I do like the kitchen island thingy.

    • I think the Gorgas are making a better living than the Giudices. Atleast 2 of them are both working and making money and then we Joe Giudice and what do he do. He doesn’t work, they aren’t paying back the bad bills. The Gorga’s don’t have judgements and liens all over for bad bills. There house isn’t being foreclosed on. How much money can Teresa be making selling hair products in a mall or salon? Enough to live the lifestyle and pay the house payment? The only advertising for any of her products is the Housewives show and then her twitter which we all know, she has the most fake twitter followers. Have you ever seen a commercial for the hair crap or fabellini, ofcourse not. The products aren’t selling enough to warrant that. She has went with the free advertisement only which tells me, she isn’t making alot of money. Without an agressive advertisement campaign in sales, you have NOTHING. Seem that Melissa’s reputation on the show isn’t what the Teresa fans want it to be, she has many fans and isn’t hated.

      • No one outside of HW world even knows what a Melissa Gorga is. Doesn’t bode well for record sales OR appearances. Joe Gorga aint doing jack unless a Bravo camera is 4 feet up his anus belive that. And MeGo has the nerve to blame her downsizing on those children. She is the one that ought be ashamed. I am afraid you are gonna end up regretting that you defended them so staunchly. They broke.

        • I don’t. I like the Gorga’s. They haven’t been made to look at all like the Giudices. Teresa and Joes name is all out there for the ugly things they have done. Everyone in America knows about the bankruptcy gone bad and the new charges of fraud with the drivers license and possible prison term. What does America see? They see a woman who has let her husband drag her down to the debts of hell with deceit and lies.

          • Lets be honest most people in America DO NOT follow the HWs period. And Gorga is the least known of all of them. Its not gonna make her the kinda money she needs to pull herself out of that damnable lie that she is moving because of the Guidice girls. Surely you can see how wrong that was of her to do.

            • Madepiley, where is the foreclosure notices? There not there due to the fact they are not there. The financial dire straights are a figment of the Teresa fans imagination. There is nothing to back it. Where is all the bad checks? There is nothing to prove them being broke but there is tons of papers out ther on teresa right

            • You will see. Just wait. And when it comes to be then I know you will see what an awful borderline demonic hosebeast MeGo was lay her move on the Guidice children and try to make her husband back her up on it “tell her Joe. whose idea it was, tell her” which he stopped short of doing. He knows.

            • Sorry but I wouldn’t want my children around them either. What parent badmouths their siblings around their child. Thats pathetic and then when the kids make nasty comments, the parent laughs. We will see when the kids get older who was the better parent won’t we. My kids were made to mind in public places, I don’t want to be in a store with some lamebrain letting her kids screaming and misbehaving as we have seen on the show. Sorry madepiley, Tre’s fame is now known for the stripper gate fiasco and the low life scum hubby who will soon going to court and then possibly prison. Wait til the kids get older and see mommy begging for sex in a vineyard with all the others around. It will be embarassing.

            • I think its dangerous to say “my child would never….fill in the blanks” I have seen with my own eyes how that blows up in someones face. Big Time. Every Time.

            • DITTO, Made, and I can’t say that more strongly. I remember thinking my child will never be a wimp and cry on Santa’s lap. Big mistake, and I have the pix to prove it.

            • Also, I think using “success” in children as a measure of success in parenting is playing with fire. A parent can do the best that he/she can, and the child still chances growing into a dysfunctional adult. A parent cannot own the mistakes of adult children. I think all of these reality kiddos have equal success and failure.

            • *equal chance of success and failure. (I’m running off of too much wine, not enough sleep last night lol)

            • I am just saying I know people IRL that love to trash or criticize other people’s parenting skills and BOOM goes the dynamite. Their kids always end up doing worse. much worse.

            • I agree with what you are saying, made. I remember people using the “My child would never…” and it ended up biting them in the patootie.

            • My youngest is in college this year and they did not ever do that. I did not ever allow my kid to run in a store or not sit in a restaurant. I remember flying from New York to England with 3 small children, 8, 6 and 5. They had color books, puzzles, snacks and books. I was so proud and when we were leaving the plane, all the other passengers remarked how well behaved they were. Its the way you raise your kids to be respectful of others and minding. I was a single mom for many years and my kids knew how they were expected to behave.

            • All well n good I am just saying I would not say “my child would never….” Because perhaps your kids know how to behave in a plane but …. perfect children are not possible and…. Let me put it this way, someone who has children that are “well-behaved” sometimes grow up to be hellcat slut-puppies or fall into drug use or other things or the other end of the spectrum totally unable to gauge normal social interaction due to mothers need to SHOW THE WORLD how good she is at her job so she imposes such harsh and hard fast constraints on them so as a result they NEVER form lasting relationships or have romantic relationships that ever develop thoroughly and then the pious parents end up thoroughly disgraced because they clung so much to that “my child would never…” A lot of killers were considered “well-behaved” children. A lot of lonely people are sitting around tonight ALONE but they were “good children” and that’s about it. In fact that is all. Not saying this will happen to your children but I have seen it happen to people that love to crow “my child would never…”

            • I agree. My kids were taught to play at home and when mom said enough, they were done. They also knew that in public they better be on their best behavior. My kids have never been hellions, they have ofcourse had their moments like any child but you have to make you kids mind. They can’t just run at large and be a bother to all. Today my oldest has a stepdaughter who lives with them and I smile when limits are set and she is made to mind. Kids need it.

            • Exactly. The best we can do is each tend to our own backyards because when we start worrying more about what our neighbors are doing or not doing then the weeds start choking us out. I know someone who watches everyone’s child like a hawk at get togethers ready to pounce with the “my child would never…” we roll our eyes at her because we all KNOW what her child would NEVER do… but she is clueless about what he/she ACTUALLY does. She needs to mow her own dang yard. I just don’t ever want to fall in that same trap. I choose to lead by example. Quiet example. Less aggravating harpy example. I would never want my friends to ever debate not inviting me just so they wouldn’t have to hear my crap about what a super duper superior parent I am all the while my kid is the most messed up human being on the planet because that is what happens to the “my child would never..” sect. Every time.

            • Thats true. I remember one time in the store, mine would have to stay with me, My son decided to not stay and run. I made him put the groceries away and we went home. Dinner was not what he expected because we were there to buy food for the week. The next store adventure, he behaved.

            • This person would have been the Kyle-type at Adrienne kid’s pool party. Making a big dang LOUD deal over someone’s NORMAL frigging child peeing on the grass meanwhile her teenager plays in his own chit every night in his closet babbling like a maniac “musnt disappoint mommy, musnt disappoint mommy.”

            • OMG @dsuea! Thank you Thank you! Seriously, I love kids and often I end up entertaining them on plane rides (with parent’s permission). I actually get jealous of kids who pitch a full blown tantrum in the grocery store, because frankly, I wish I could that sometimes!

            • I don’t like being in a plane with kids who don’t mind. My husband and I were married a few years ago. We went to Hawaii for a week. On the way home there was a family with 3 kids, they put the 3 kids in one row near the window and they sat behind the little prizes. We were infront. Finally half way through the 5 hour flight, I got up and told them (they were sleeping while the little jewels showered us in drinks and snacks) to do something with their kids. Someone needed to sit with them and split them up. The attendant also came back and told them to split up and take care of the kids. . Those little jewels fell asleep 10 minutes before we landed. I was laughing so hard. I guess it was mean to laugh but geez, I don’t want to be around kids whose parents are idiots and didn’t teach them to mind. My other pet peeve is restaurants.

            • @dsuea, great parenting to set expectations for your kids and then give them the tools to meet those expectations (coloring books, etc. on the plane).

            • I bet we all know families in which some kids behave quite differently, should we say, than others, although parented the same. Nature vs. nurture.

            • Hate to burst your bubble @dsuea, but all the financials concerning their house and tax shelters oops I mean businesses are public record and have been posted here (do a search) and on another blog on the SH blog roll. Don’t waste your time here telling people they are wrong….it’s been done before and frankly, it gets old. I find the contradiction of the HW Bravo Personas and what’s going on behind the cameras interesting.

            • So its safe to say all of them are in massive debt and dont pay their bills
              and have done some not so Kosher things with mortgage’s and been involved other shady things

            • Yes. But MeGo blamed her on children. I don’t think any of the broke bitches from ANY city has EVER sunk that low

            • well Im not gonna argue about that because IMO that whole comment was scripted for the show to cause Drama. so everyone is broke,no one pays their bills and everyone lives beyond there means

            • It came out of her mouth. That take an evil person. Like I said None of the other ones have or would stoop that low. Only a Marco.

            • And it very well could have been part of the script
              And honestly a lot of nasty things have come out of ALL their mouths, Not sure why only Melissa’s are called evil and the worse because frankly they all are down low and dirty vile people with vile mouths equally IMO.
              But Like I said Its a heavily scripted show and its hard to know what is real and what isn’t.

            • Would anybody be able to mke you say sucha thing about ypur nieces? I think not. They have a choice. MeGo choose the dark side. Please tell me one thing that ANY of them from ANY city has said that equals that in evilness…. targeting children is not cool and no “script” can force someone to do that. MeGo is clearly throwing them under the bus instead of eggmmitting that the “lawn modification” is not really SOP for people that have it like that.

            • Im not on a realty show so I cant say what I would do or not. Im not gonna sit here and play who is worse because no matter what I say, You wont agree and Im not gonna waste my time Been there done that. i GET It melissa is always wrong she is vile and evil..lets move on.

            • It’s really none of my business what any of them do unless they wish to tell me. I pay my bills and have nothing in foreclosure thats all I care about. Why argue about things we really do not know. This Country is in such a state that none of the housewives matter, at least to me and neither do their husbands. It’s nice to have a friendly conversation but when it turns ugly that ends it for me. Why can’t we all agree to just agree. Look at what happened yesterday. The world stood still.

            • I am saying, for months all the Tre fans have said Joe Gorga is losing his home. Well its been months and still no foreclosure? Apparently they are paying the bills huh! The only things I have seen are old old liens on a construction business. Way old judgements, that have been closed meaning they were long ago paid. So have I missed a foreclosure. I found alot on Tre. But then again she owes a ton to alot of people.

            • Well you can’t say they can afford it, they are paying the bills. There is no foreclosure. I am sorry, I wouldn’t want my kids going to school with Teresa’s either.

            • Yep, I can say they can’t afford it. Joe as a landscaper now at 65k a yr can not afford it. And I know as a former lending employee that the numbers do not work, and that each lender handles each loan differently. There is no set time frame that a lender has to file foreclosure, if they feel it is in everyone’s best interest to try and get a sale first, they will do that. You prob have not had to face this, thankfully, so you do not know how it works. There is a lot of wheelin and dealin, and each lender can use their own discretion in each case. I really hope u are right, and Mego’s income is safely covering the payments, or it is gonna get messy if Joe can’t get his business goin again. I am not commenting as a slam against the Gorgas personally, (although I have disdain for gals like Mego)…I just see a mess in their future if things in the economy and his business don’t change.

            • Do you see the foreclosure notice in the paper. No. Do you see the foreclosure filed in the county, NO. They are making the payments. For months we have heard they are being foreclosed on, well obviously they are not!!!!!!!! You have 3 months in being behind and the foreclouse is started and filed in the courts. I don’t care who says what about wheeling and dealing, there is not a company I know that isn’t proceeding with the foreclosure in 90 days.

            • dsuea: Don’t know where you heard about da Gorga’s bein’ foreclosed on, but it sure weren’t at SH! There is a LOT of speculation and many are jumping to logical conclusions; however, there are no documents to back up these claims… YET! TFC!! SH

            • Just a couple of posters here SH. Not on the site. Sorry I sould have been more specific Thanks. Just what I was saying, no paperwork Thank you thankyou

            • I’m the first poster who said the Gorga’s financials could be found here as well as another blog on your blog roll. That blog is faux reality I was alluding to. I never mentioned foreclosure. I don’t see that happening anytime soon IMO. The Jersey Franchise is very adept at finding loopholes and ways to defer payment. I couldn’t live like that, but to each his own.

            • Well, the credit union I worked for did not file foreclosure at three months, sometimes they waited longer than six. And the huge mortgage company I use did not file at four months when my hubby was off sick, we were allowed to catch up….there just is not a standard they must follow. That’s a fact.

            • Well every other loaning institution I know of does. 90 days and the paperwork is filed. I have never seen any instution go over 120 days. Thats just me. For months and months I have had people here tell me the Gorgas are being foreclosed on. Sh advised she hasnt heard or seen anything I have found nothing filed. What is really sad is why would anyone wish for someone to be broke and lose their home. I have seen that and what it does to the kids is HEARTBREAKING. I would never wish for Teresa to lose her home and have to move her kids

            • I don’t remember anyone here talking about MeHo and JoGo in foreclosure yet, dsuea, just the judgments, the liens, and the unpaid electric bill. It did occur to me to wonder, though, if perhaps what you’re thinking of is the foreclosure involving MeHo’s sister, Lysa Simpson?

            • I am sayin that just because the Gorgas do not have a filed foreclosure proceeding does not mean they can afford their home. They could be doing any number of things right now to try to avoid foreclosure, it isn’t a cut and dry process.

            • i dont know what a loan modification is or its implications..but i would think anytime you go tinkering with your loans something is amiss

            • Right. When the house doesn’t sell…. then you will see that MeGo blaming those lil children on her husband’s inability to provide the lifestyle that she feels entitled to was soooo very wrong. And NO ONE would ever say something like that about their own nieces unless they were satan’s spawn. And that is what MeGo is. Horrible person. rotten to the core. Zero redeeming qualities, It takes a big steaming pile of poo do something like that to her nieces and ESPECIALLY if she did it for ratings. Even worse. But the REAL reason she did it is clear, she is embarrassed to eggmit to the truth since she made the “we pay our bills” talking head. It falls in the same category as the “my child would never…” in my book.

            • well whatever the reason she said it she defiantly should have keep that to herself or said no when asked to say it.

            • I think she came up with that one all on her own. And was proud of it. Even tried to get JoGo to chime in to back her up.

            • Eggzactly Miss Made. And when that house doesn’t sell, we will see the foreclosure or short sale followed by the inevitable bankruptcy…

            • Made, she is indeed. And now through the power of suggestion, her daughter will be wary of her relatives, as if they really woulda been mean to her at school. A girl that young has no means of stepping back and seeing that her mama is wrong, she is gonna see all this soon and think her cousins really disliked her. It is disgusting to use your kids as pawns. Anyone that can’t see what a manipulative piece Mego is is on something.

            • Alot of people do a modification when the interest rage drops. If you have a loan for 6 percent, I would be refinancing that puppy right now. I believe construction loans have to be modified from a construction loan to a regular loan 90 days after the construction is completed. He would have had construction loans since he was a contractor right. I am not a loan specialist but I know my dad was a contactor and had a business. He would have to modify those loan after he was done.

            • Ya, but loan mods are different than re financing. A loan mod involves documenting a hardship and rolling a past due balance back in. A re fi means u have good credit and can just get a different loan.

            • Ya but that isn’t a loan mod, in your dad’s case that was a refi. He prob had good credit and could re fi to a conventional loan. Modify means change, so you may think to to re fi is a change….but that isn’t a “loan modification agreement”. A loan modification is for hardships and being far past due, your dad was probably just doing a re finance, which just changes the loan type, but does not mean you were past due.

            • Again its different in I know in my state we can modify a construction loan in to a conventional loan if you own the property

            • Definition of ‘Loan Modification’
              A modification to an existing loan made by a lender in response to a borrower’s long-term inability to repay the loan. Loan modifications typically involve a reduction in the interest rate on the loan, an extension of the length of the term of the loan, a different type of loan or any combination of the three. A lender might be open to modifying a loan because the cost of doing so is less than the cost of default.
              This is the definition of a loan modification, in ANY state. This is the definition given by Investipedia. Notice ” borrower’s LONG TERM INABILITY to REPAY the LOAN”. In the words of the Honorable Judge Judy…Dont pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. I rest my case, your Honour. Goodnight.

            • Yes of course you can “convert” a construction loan into a personal mortgage. I said that what seems like three days ago now. Lol. That is called a “conversion”. In a conversion, the whole loan becomes a completely different loan. That is totally normal and necessary if you are building your own home. Had Mel said she “converted” the loan I would agree…nothing to talk about there. Unfortunately, she said a “mortgage modification” of which I have already provided ample definition. Apples and oranges. Ive said good night before but now I mean it.

            • And I can “modify” my hairstyle, but does the law call it a “hairstyle modification”? No. It is a legal term and you are using the term “modify” in the casual sense. But Im done with this. Facts are not good enough apparently.

            • Parkview. I can tell you that I can modify a construction loan to a conventional loan because I do it all the time

            • When Juicy wins the drunk gymnastic competition against the RHOBH gals (no SWINE allowed), he will have enough money to pay back everyone! I’ve rigged the competition heavily in his favor. lol

            • That is funny Chem. Thanks for that. So now I will jump off here for the night and do so with a smile on my face. thank you

            • Lol, I can almost see Juicy with a mouthguard and the black stripes under his eyes, takin gulps outta Jax’s wine goblet before he competes against Traylor in the wrestling match..

            • Ruh roh, don’t give em any ideas, Joe Gorga will happily suggest kilts so that they can pee freely and compare tarzans…

            • I think they are trying to say The Gorgas are selling the home because they cannot afford it not that its being foreclosed on. Melissa said she is selling to get away from Teresa and her kids whom she dosnt want to go to school with her kids. Personally I think she said that because she was told to for Drama purposes since the kids do not go to the same school now and wont in the future. So No Gorga foreclose because its not in Foreclosure they are trying to sell it

            • As for the rest of their money probs they are just like the rest playing rich and living beyond their means………….and I want it noted I didnt not mention you know whose name..I want some cookies chocolate chips preferably

            • Like I said, my house is for sale, I want a newer one. Just because someone has put the house up for sale doesn’t mean they can’t afford it. They want to MOVE. Sorry but if I were Melissa, I don’t want them around Tres kids either.

            • People’s finances are a mystery to me. Friends lost their home to a short sale last year, but this year’s Christmas card evidences a European vacation. WTF?!!

            • Well they have no mortgage anymore. i have a friend who is always telling me about the nice mini vacas she goes or the weekend at the Disney resort or the new crap she has bought, then she complains about not having money . i bet your friend is like mine living on credit cards and loans and going broke trying to pay it back

            • LOL!!! Well no big housepayments, they can affod the vacation. I am not sure either. All I know, the Gorga’s are still there. There is no moving van there with the motor running. That tells me, they are paying the housepayment.

      • Watch Out Lacey how much you talk about Teresa Someone is keeping track and you will have to sit next to me on the Obsessed couch, But I do have cookies and chocolate here.

        • Ok I will bring the alcohol. Don’t hold your breath for the fabellini thou, I think they quit making it. Oh I will bring cookies too, cause I like the sprinkle ones.

        • I truly do not understand why people who don’t like Tre have to turn every thread about MeHo into a discussion about Tre.

          This time I think it was you, laceys, who deliberately brought the Giudices into the thread — the Gorgas are making a better living than the Giudices, Joe Giudice isn’t working, the Giudices aren’t paying their bills, the Gorgas don’t have judgments and liens all over like the Giudices do, how much money can Tre be making selling “hair crap” in a mall or salon, no advertising, Tre has the most fake twitter followers — all of which was then followed by an unprovoked attack on Tre’s FANS, i.e., “Seem that Melissa’s reputation on the show isn’t what the Teresa fans want it to be, she has many fans and isn’t hated.”

          Between her own lies, the articles, interviews and stories published by her former “friends,” and her own actions, it’s clear who and what MeHo is — as Mesocrazy so succinctly put it, “a LYING FRAUD GOLD-DIGGING SKANK but NOT a stripper!”

          And frankly, I have no interest in people like MeHo. I will occasionally point out unattractive truths about her but I do so primarily because MeHo’s appearance on the show strikes me as something of a walking, talking, metaphorical slap in the face to Christians.

          In truth, I have found nothing to admire, respect or identify with in MeHo and, as a result, she’s simply not the kind of woman that I am even the least bit remotely curious about. And I honestly think others, either deliberately or subliminally, realize this vacuousness as well and that’s why they go out of their way to attach Tre — who, however poorly educated or simple she may be or may be perceived to be is worlds above MeHo from a class and character standpoint — to anything having to do with MeHo, however irrelevant.

          In short, I think Teresa’s fans couldn’t care less about MeHo. Her reputation is a reflection of her life, her values, her character and how she’s chosen to live which, thanks in large part to her former friends, is all “on display” in a way that, despite all of the lies and embellishments and even with the assistance of Bravo, cannot truly be obfuscated. I’m sure she’s an absolute inspiration for drug addicts and street walkers, a beacon of hope that someday they, too, will find a breathtakingly stupid yet hardworking man who, after suffering the pain of two broken engagements, will marry them and build them a mansion from which they can depart nightly to party in clubs while hawking overpriced vodka and bedazzled T-shirts to the weakminded and drunken. Egad.

          • Let me add that I am officially finished adding to unnecessary Tree comments on a MeGo story by engaging in a back n forth. I will comment ONLY on the story. There is no way that MEGo warrants this many comments. And in all honesty she didn’t, so I don’t want to contribute to a first glance look at the thread number comments and anyone thinking for one nanosecond that MeGo was that interesting when the fact is the majority of the back n forth on this thread (and others) is about Tree. So Lisa,Dsuea, Lacey, please don’t think I am ignoring you when you comment about Tree on a MeGo story. I will read it but I wont contribute. We can banter elsewhere over that SWINE skank.

      • Actually Tresa does NOT have the most fake followers. That would be the other ones that bought followers TRYING to keep up with her.

        • Yeah made she does. She had the most fake followers of all the housewives. It has been talked about in here when we were watching how many new friends Danielle was getting.

        • You said the above and when its was proved to That Teresa has the most fake followers You say well it dosnt matter..Then why did you say the above. It seems to me Teresa is trying to out do the other not the others trying to keep up with her, If its bad they bought followers its bad if Teresa does for whatever reason she did.

          as for the total amount IMO its dosnt matter all those people are not her fans or love her, Plenty of people follow the HW they do not like so the total numbers do not represent who is more well liked and that goes for all the housewives.

          • Ok you got me, I did say that. :) However in terms of REAl followers(the only thing that matters) Tree doesn’t have to “keep up” she has already surpassed them. I would say that Jax has the most real followers that follow her just to see what kind of batchit thing she is gonna tweet about. When the Sandy Hook story was breaking Jax was tweeting about peanut butter… until someone called her on it then she was all about Sandy Hook.
            Trees tweets are almost always about her upcoming appearances or her kids. Anyone looking to catch Tree posting nonsense need not waste their time.

      • By that rationale, two people working at McDonalds is more lucrative than one being a neurosurgeon. Try again.

        • lmao old one, I have looked through the court documents. Teresa does thou, the Invitro dr, the lady who fell down the broken stair and sued for 137k, how about Mr Mastropole, the partner joe forged and sold the property out from under and they pocketed the money. Remember the one Teresa said on the reunion show that they had paid him. He hasnt seen a dime but that debt is earning interest every day. Soon he will walk in and claim joes half of the Mcmansion and half of the mcfurniture.

          • Who is denying Teresas financial problems? I was talking about Melissa and Joe Gorga’s financial problems. Cant we talk about them, or do we always have to talk about Teresa? Because it sounds like you think Im a Teresa fan and I am nobodys fan.

            • are there any recent court records about their PERSONAL DEBT and PERSONAL LIENS on their Houses and cars? I know he has some Business leins. Is the mortgage current on house or houses, is his car note being paid?

            • Oh and i think most people think Teresa is paying off her debt and maybe she is but she still owes a bunch of money and still living large and hasnt changed her lifestyle or downsized So yea people are denying she has money issues anymore.

            • IM not keeping up, i did ask about court documents of th gorga debt and lien documents anything them being in foreclosure not paying their mortgages ect ,car notes is there anything.

            • Parkview — I think in the eyes of many, these HW are a zero sum game, meaning that if you point out a negative about one, you must feel that the other gets a boost in that area and the other is 100% perfect in that area. That’s not how it works. We can make negative comments about one HW in a vacuum, without discussing any of the others.

            • Hers, I dont think it can be done. We cannot discuss on HWs problems without draggin out anothers dirty laundry. Cant be done. And when you own a company, personal and business financial trouble is morally equivalent. You slap an “Inc” or an “LLC” on the end of your name…and bingo..nothins ever your fault again! Made, I think your hubby owns a business, right? You tell him…he doesnt have to worry about deliverin the goods! Its the business’ fault! Not his!

            • Yes! And be sure to plaster your house with all the marble you can possibly get your hands on, in addition to gold-leafed furniture and knick-knacks.

            • I have to say most of the McMansions by me are made of Cement or Stucco whatever, and they are all cookie cutter houses. And in the middle of the windows are those big gaudy chandeliers. Those were the homes build from about 2006 on. A lot of them are in foreclosure right now and I would give you a plug nickel for any one of them. They are all over priced because the people paid way to much for them. Hey I made a comment, now I will wait…. :-(

            • Yes M’aam! You go hog wild! I will send you my address! That reminds me of my bff in high school…had a pen pal from the boondocks somewhere who wrote to her and asked if she had any spare “gifts” to send her. We got a nice chuckle at the time…now I wonder if the poor girl really needed stuff. Wish I could go back to that “everything is funny” high school stage. Sigh.

            • I have never ever said who I am a fan of, I just am not a fan of Teresa. Park, everyone here who is a Teresa fan goes after Melissa, Caroline, Kathy and Jac daily.. I like them. I am defending them so in the process I have to point out that I dont think the Gorgas have financial problems. To me the only ones who are massively in debt are the Giudices

            • That all depends on your definition of debt. For me, anyone who pays, or not pays for that matter, 15K per month mortgage…is massively in debt. See debt is what you owe. If you owe 3 million on a home, that is debt. That makes most if not all of these HW massively in debt in my book. HW crap aside, can you imagine having that over your head? The last vehicle I bought was 18K and it took me four years of payments to own it. 18K is a little over one month of living in one of these McMansions. And the way home loans are structured, it takes 18 or more years of paying mostly interest on the loan to even make a small dent in the homeowning debt. I own a rental bought in 1992…paid 54K for it. 20 years later, making every payment, it is now 39K owed. All said and done….I will pay over 250K for that 54K house. If that house is a bad investment, wow imagine a 3 million dollar one. Its all debt. But really, lacey, you cant believe the Lauritas are “fine”. Even their own attorneys are having to turn them in.

            • Also I think you are making an unfair assumption about those of us who comment on the Lauritas, Gorgas, and whatever that fish womans name is. It only puts you and the other commenter on the defensive. I can understand why you could like Melissa. But trying to paint a perfectly rosy picture of Melissa is like a T fan saying that T has done no wrong. It just isnt true. Nobody on that show has been perfect and it becomes a credibility issue when someone wont admit that. Its like talking to someone who just insists the sky is full of unicorns. What is left to discuss after that?

            • I agree with that. I have raised 6 kids in a house that is 1400 square foot. I am not moving now, its paid for. It was tight but who cares. I am far from materialistic. I have a beautiful diamond ring my husband bought me and most of the time I wear my gold band. We bought out house for 42k and today its worth over 180k. I don’t understand why anyone wants a MCmansion. Can you imagine the taxes. I would rather go on vacation.

            • Ding! Ding ! Ding! We have a winner folks! We have found agreement! Yay! And I would sleep much better at night in your 1200 sf home than under the Gorga or Giudice home. Because at 3 or so million, if you cant pay that in shouldnt own it. You could be a president of a major company today and tomorrow it could be all gone. Just ask anyone who has been sued in a car accident. You say you have 3 million in bodily injury coverage? Well guess what? They are suing you for 8 million. Lesson is…thank God for each day He gives you and stop trying to get more “stuff”.

            • I agree about insurances. Daughter and I were in an accident, 16 yr old girl left turned infront of us. Totalled my car and injured my oldest, she was 15. Tore all the cartilage from her sternim. I wanted medical and replacing my brand new car and that was all. The judge put 20k in a fund for my daughter for medical later on. My insurance company was furious I didn’t want more. Never sued them, it was settled but the judge said the 20k will be there for the minor. I love my house Park. its 1454 square foot, 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. We have just redone the kitchen completely and next summer is the family bathroom and laundry room makeover. Its our hobby now.

            • Thats great lacey. About your house I mean. I used to pitter with my decor until my oldest started college, now most of the extra money goes there. It is fun and a cool sense of accomplishment. Sorry about your car accident. See how quick everything can change? I was once in a position to sue the pants off an ins company and I said no way. It wasnt the right thing to do. Eventhough I would have won, I felt like the money wasnt worth the icky feeling I would have gotten from it. So I gto enough to cover most of my losses and walked away. I have been blessed so much since. I hope your daughter is doing well.

            • I am not a sue type person, I did not even ask for the 20k, the judge did that all on his own because my daughter was a minor and hurt. She did have alot of medical with it, it was very painful but I was so lucky, my insurance covered it and then the other insurance paid them back. I love my house, like I said, I could go for alittle larger living room but that mean my hubby buys and even larger TV. Right now he has an 80 inch. Its like going to a drive in sitting in our living room.

            • I dont know ANYONE that chooses to move in this economy. Especially knowing the business that Gorga was in. Make no mistake Lacey their upcoming move is a have to not a want to.

            • I think they want out of that area. Research shows that the property taxes in that area are massive. I think they want out of the area, not the house. Watch, some want a be will buy it

            • They blame their inability to remain in the area on those Guidice children. Shameful . They are moving because they cant afford to say. period.

            • I would move if Teresa kids where there too. I would not want my kids around them after what the kids said about their uncle and aunt. Thats sad but true.

            • When the kids were in the limo and bad mouthed them and Teresa and Joe laughed, It really broke my heart. Why would you ever say anything about your brother and his wife and then when they repeat it LAUGH. Sorry. My kids don’t get involved in my disagreements. I will be the bigger person.

            • Ok. Ill take it. Refresh me…what did the KIDS say about their Aunt and Uncle? Is this the making fun of Melissas singing thing? Because if that what it is…my family should have broken up years ago. Especially after that Christmas when my sister got the page boy haircut. Isnt that called “bustin’ balls”? Or is it only the men allowed to do that?

            • @laceys…wow really? I think Teresa’s kids and Melissa’s kids are adorable. CJ and Nick are cute too. Kathy’s kids creep me out (they are real piece of work on Twitter). Danielle’s daughters were lovely. Lexi was cute too. The Manzo kids aren’t really kids age wise.

            • I dont think any of the kids creep me out. I think they are all adorable, what I dont like is how Teresa has talked about adult stuff with her kids and now they make nasty comments about her brother and his wife while mom and dad laugh. Thats pathetic.

            • @laceys: Incan uderstand that. I didn’t like the scene when Joey and Melissa kicked the kids out of their bedroom. Joe called one of his hids a C—blocker (not to their face thank god)

            • Did they bad mouth Teresa in that scene? Did their child call Teresa and Juicy names and did Melissa and Joe laugh at them? No. They have more class than that.

            • I don’t think Mel’s kids said anything about Tre and Juicy’s kids last season except to ask for play dates. I don’t know if Missy is classier than Tre. I think someone who has class is restrained, respectful, understated, and empathetic.

            • PJ you know I think people forget that you can’t always guarantee what will come out of a child’s mouth. Kids are kids, they do pick up things they hear but they are also great judges of characters. So granted Tre and Juicy might not have reprimanded their children for what they said, maybe they did in private or maybe the did and it was edited out, either way we don’t really know. Anyone that has children knows you don’t know what will come out of their mouths. I am sure in both households the children have heard things said about the other. I think Gia is old enough to form opinions of her Aunt and Uncle without any help from her parents. Kids are not stupid and they see and hear things. They may not look like they are paying attention but they are.

            • Teaching your kids to badmouth their uncle and then laugh at them when they do is not Classy, restrained, respectful, understanding and empathetic. Its sadistic. Teresa needs to shut up about her difficulties with her brother and wife around her kids. What, she has to have he kids fight her battles. That is not class

            • In Season 3, Melissa, Joey and the kids were shown in their vehicle, headed to a family event (Christmas Eve?) and they were speaking badly of Teresa and Joe in front of their children. They are not above doing the same thing that you find so deplorable about Teresa and Joe. And Melissa and Joe demonstrate no class ever.

      • From merely watching the TV show, I have no idea how these people are doing financially. But, figuring they are all bozos, I’m going to assume they are all fronting. So who’s working? Big Al and Teresa?

        But, it’s entirely possible for Teresa to market her haircare stuff totally online. I order tea online all the time because I can’t buy Lapsang Souchang anywhere in a frigging grocery store. She seems to be the one juggling the most balls in the air business-wise. Melissa can trill all she wants and auto-tune her songs, but how is she making a profit on itune?

        Who gives a rat’s ass about twitter….except for JaxAss with her secret million dollar deals and her “research.” I’m not following any of these dipsticks on twitter.

      • I’ve seen lots of positive comments about all Tre’s products on twitter. I think they sell themselves to her fan’s. I think all the book signings she does are an effective and inexpensive way to boost her sales regionally. She’s selling HER brand of Fabellini, making a much bigger profit than Mego is by pushing someone elses (Voli’s ) brand of Vodka. I’m sure at this point, without the bankroll of a large recording label, Mego’s “career” is costing more than it brings in. And if travel expenses and wardrobe aren’t included in the multitude of openings and events that the Gorgags show up for that’s probably costing them too. Footing the bill to promote themselves can’t be cheap.(insert pun here).

        • A blogger did an analysis of Melissa’s downloads on ITunes vs. the expenses and the cuts that ITunes takes and as of last Sep/Oct Melissa had made about $600 profits on her Itunes sales. Not a money-making proposition.

        • I agree with the concept of pushing your products via twitter and face to face but inorder to get someone in rural Idaho to try the product if they don’t watch the show it to advertise. You have to if you want to sell product to make a living. When RHONJ is over for her so is her sales. You can only sell so many cookbooks to fans. I bet she has sold very few cookbooks this year.

    • That was kind of pathetic. A bunch of middle aged people getting they groove on in da club. The shot of Midget Joe doing ‘the white man’s overbite’ on the dance floor at around the 1:20 mark convinces me that he weren’t ever any danged Chippendale’s dancer.

      • Ana: I just cackled like a mad hen at your description of JoGo doing “the white man’s overbite” on the dance floor’ and my hubby asked me where the egg was. ‘Scuse me whilst I go and learn him some manners…..he knows damn well I’m past my egg laying years…

    • Wow. This was funny. Not a soul in there under 35. Why I am not surprised the Joey has developed a taste for tuna sliders?

        • lol. I was thinking they rubbin off on each other. Truth be told since MeGo’s glory hole has been round the block a time or two I would say hers smells worse. Plus she crams it down in tight pleather pants on a regular basis and hells bells that CANT be pleasant.

  7. Oh goody goody gumdrops
    Its a thread about the wench
    its bound to get skinny
    for bloodlust for Tree must be quenched

    We dont stay on topic
    try as we might
    Tree gets drug into it
    and its a SH comment fight

    MeGo is a slutpuppy
    And Tree is a righteous dingbat
    These things are facts
    and that be that

    Yet time and again
    same convo ensues
    tit for tat a rat a tat
    Tis givin me the blues

    Hug it out biches
    its the law of the land
    Keep this in mind
    so we dont get out of hand.

    Spirited debate
    is welcome indeed
    but the skinny comments
    make-a my eyes bleed

  8. Here is where you will find the definition and meaning of a mortgage modification. My apologies if the link is done wrong as I suck at that. Melissa herself, probably not realizing WHAT it was, told all of us on television, that she and Joe had a mortgage modification. Basically, if a borrower cannot pay the mortgage, and the bank is afraid of taking a loss in foreclosure, the bank will modify the terms of the loan. This way, the borrower does not lose the home in foreclosure and the bank is not stuck with a property that is not worth the amount owed.

    • This is whackadoodle territory. The lack of boundaries along with delusional elevation of status is enough to give me pause. I had no idea the thirst for attention and Z-list (“reality”) star attention was to this extreme. Embarrassing and scary.

  9. Ms. Ana Cephaly I lurk around every other HW blog and created this screen name because I could no longer hold in my disgust for Melissa Gorga. Anyways…every time there’s an entry here on SH about her and I read the comments,
    I see that you write every thought that goes through my brain. I agree with every single colorful descriptive word you write about this disgusting skank. Every. Single. Word. And it is such a pleasure to read your witty, snarky comments & comebacks. Same goes to Ms MadePiley and many others. Thanks for making this so enjoyable. That is all.

  10. Cant help it. Not even sure that is needs to be pointed out but Dsuea you are arguing a moot point and your link proves it. What parkview and Kel have been trying to tell you is that a loan modification and a converted loan are two different things. You don’t modify unless you are in trouble. Dsuea you just posted a link that stated clear as day loan convert meaning CONVERSION. You are confusing the two. So lets use some word association teaching techniques that help me remember the difference when things are confusing
    Modification= mod-a -fiction=MeGo blaming those children for her move was a fiction
    Conversion= this is the “version” that people that got money and good credit do.
    Now that that is settled….crank it

    • ill give them credit for at least getting the modification before they ended up in bankruptcy court and screw a bunch of people out of money. but i suppose no one will give them credit at all for at least trying to pay only one person on the NJ show gets redemption and its not the Gorgas.

      • When all is said and done the Marcos will not have the option of a modification, a refinance, or a conversion.

      • The modification should have been your first clue that sumpin was afoot. My father-in-law is in construction and he never had to live in one of his new construction homes. Good businessmen just dont get themselves into those kind of pickles.

        • gee doesnt the economy excuse work for the Gorgas to. seems it works for others why not them.

        • If I may insert a comment. You are correct Made this is a loan modification not a conversion.A loan modification is only granted when the borrower can fit certain criteria. One is that you are underwater on your loan and owe more than the house is currently worth. Two is that you have missed at least one payment . The modification is granted usually with a lower interest rate and subsequently a lower payment. The Gorgas payments are 14,000 dollars a month and that is roughly a 168,000 a year. State banking laws may vary to a slight degree from state to state but loan terms are standard.
          Financial systems are regulated not only by states but by the Feds. Anyone who tells you differently is blowing smoke. It’s as simple as that. Yes you are quite right , real estate is the family business and I will tell you without a doubt a builder who moves into a home that is under construction is violating the terms of his loan and to a wise and experienced banker it usually signals that said builder is in deep doo-doo. 9 times out of 10 that loan is going south. Of course the banker is going to grant a mod or risk his investment and ruining the banks profit margin as well as calling attention to the banks lending practices by the State banking commission. Loans like the Gorgas take years to finally fold sometimes as many as 4 or 5 as the banker explores every means of hoping the borrower can turn it around before they both , lender and borrower, suffer and irrevocable lost. Joe Go has already lost his home building business because the bank will not extend another dime.

    • Thanks for summin it up Made. I worked in banking for 15 yrs but I guess doing loans all day every day doesn’t teach you how to explain finance to some.

      • Yeah it can get confusing and I’m a just show up and sign the papers kinda wife(I am sure you have dealt with my kind before right?) Well anyway even with the blissful ignorance that I love to waller in I understood perfectly what you were trying to explain. There is a difference. And the words are not interchangeable.

      • This reminds me of a t-shirt I saw the other day. It said, “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” Hee hee. Look at me quoting nuggets of wisdom off of t-shirts just like Chuckie Manzoid.

    • Dsuea is going to believe in her favorite just like you guys do. Thats her opinion. I am sure she feels about Teresa the same way you feel about Teresa. I know you are not going to be changing her mind, I have read what she wrote and she is very set in her frame of mind.

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