ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Says “Merry Christmas” and Screw You!… Uses The Excuse of “Going Through Divorce”…


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I needed some time to think about what I wanted to say — and this is how I feel:

To all my wonderful fans thank you for being so supportive.

Unfortunately, because Paul and I are still going through a divorce, we are under a stipulation from the court and we can’t speak about our children or our family at this moment.   NOTE:  Interesting that the “abuse” photos were under court seal…

But, I am focused on rising above, staying positive, and giving back this season.  NOTE:  It would be totally understandable for Adrienne to “rise above” it all … if anyone knew WHAT exactly she was rising above!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

xoxo A

NOTE:  Interesting that Adrienne didn’t pull out the “divorce” card previously… she spoke freely re all the RHOBH episodes… until now.

On the next RHOBH… the Adrienne/Brandi “scandal” continues.  Gettin bored and pissed off with it already…. “bissed”??

Reasons to be pissed off at this manipulation by Bravo:

  1. Cameras not showing what Brandi actually said about Adrienne
  2. The speculation that the entire kerfluffle will be that Adrienne used a surrogate… big deal and so what!
  3. Adrienne pulling out the “can’t say anything because of the on-going divorce” to deliver this less-than-nothing-why-bother BravoBlog.
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40 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Says “Merry Christmas” and Screw You!… Uses The Excuse of “Going Through Divorce”…

  1. Adrienne falls into my category of all the serial liars on these shows, the category that I will never believe a single thing that comes from their lips. The divorce is over…does she think we are as stupid as she is? Oy Vey…

  2. I can’t help but feel there is sooooo much more to this couple than we ever could have guessed….I wonder how Adrienne’s shoe line is going?

  3. “You don’t know what they’ve done to me” Brandi is stealing Taylor’s lines.

    What are Brandi and Taylor doing there anyway? Neither of them are ever going to buy a $1000.00 psf property from Morriseo. What a load!

  4. I never ever grow tired of watching the GODMOTHER SCENES I am sorry I am glad Adrienne called her out on her BS lies.

    • Ya that was hilarious, I wish they’d all call her out instead of comforting her like some poor baby. This woman is a hard grifter, not some poor sweet girl.

        • They are soft shoing Taylor to it makes me sick to my stomach But I am gratful they are not showing her on a book tour and deluding people with her book of lies That would seriously piss me off…seems they are doing the same to Adrienne.

      • Me too. There have been hints that perhaps YoFo might do it so… I am sucked in to watching. But you know what , with each episode i am more sure that Evolution will screw us over again. To the point that I think this Adrienne/Brandi thing is after-the-fact fluff to fill in the spaces where SWINES mental breakdown SHOULD be.

        • Made, it looks that way. They decided to run with a whole Adrienne thing and not show the nitty gritty of how Traylor has really been actin. They must think they have to be kind to Traylor, for fear of backlash.

    • the thing is..Adrienne did use a surrogate, and she should not have been lying at the dinner about having natural child birth..That is why Bravo left in that conversation from Ojai..they knew Adrienne was lying about it, so they purposely left it in, so she could be called out about it later.

  5. Adrienne needs to change that neon lipstick. When she appears, I think there’s an accident nearby. Paul went ape (literally) to Brandi, while Adrienne chanted her new refrain, “You lie, you lie, you lie” over and over like a broken record. Then, before she scooted outta there, she screamed that Brandi is on drugs and negligent to her kids. Uh, oh – someone’s lying…

  6. Adrienne is what I like to call ” a cherry on top liar” they are not satisfied just telling the lie.They can’t help themselves. The pictures that have been shown of said liar pregnant,the stories of a C section and early labor. The cherry on top, all the extra that wasn’t necessary. I think thats what set Brandi off, the cherry on top.

  7. Ok, I just have to let it all out: Adrienne looks like a tranny and needs to tone down on the awful outfits, hooker shoes, 80′s makeup and plastic surgery. Stop with the botox: Put the needle down Adrienne-your face doesn’t move when you talk and it scares me. Paul you look like an ape. Brandi, you and your lack of filter are awesome:) Bravo, this story line between Adrienne and Brandi is super lame: who gives a rats azz if Adrienne used a surrogate or not? I call bull on the whole stupid thing. The only thing I can think of that justifies Adrienne and Paul’s razzy award winning reaction to what Brandi said is if she suggested that Adrienne’s family has ties to illegal, shady dealings…I don’t know….DON’T SUE ME ADRIENNE! Bravo, stop insulting our intelligence. Brandi-you are the best!

    • I’ve seen pictures of Paul pre-plastic surgery. He didn’t look simian back then, and IMO he was much better looking. What happened was he got a nose job that lengthened the space between his nose and lips, thus creating the simian look.

  8. What a tempest in a peetot. All these hypocrites clutching their pearls and gasping over language from Brandi-Open-Mouth-Insert-Foot, that you know trips over their tongues every damn day. Ooof.

    Cracking up that Byle is mad at Twitch for telling Hoof Wildenstine and Fred Wildenstein the news and ruining MauriceO’s big infomercial. I guess Byle wanted to be the one to stir the chit, as usual. How very dare she. Loved Twitch shooing her away.

    I’m missing Squinty Van Dutch and her platitudes. She can seemingly stomach a drunk man but not a drunk voman…..When is she coming back to give us her Greek Chorus on all this mess? I miss her all beigeness.

    Very, very clever of Bravo to bleep it over and maximize the impact of something that is probably hohum. So all these stoopid hosewives run around and emote. Most amusing. Can I get a ham sammich?

    • @ Aunt Dorsey Bwahahahah! Awesome post! I adore “Squinty Van Dutch” but you made me think of this….

  9. I still don’t understand why Bravo left any of Adrienne’s baby delivery info in. I don’t care, but it makes me disrespect Brandi even more (if anyone would do anything for money, it’s HER/SHE) I know a good reality show has to have a “heavy” in it, and they’ve hit the jackpot with Brandi. She is such white trash (Trailer is a close second) that it makes me nauseous, and brings her ex and the new Mrs. to mind – he is trash and she is a fool and she not pay his child support – I feel bad for him cuz he’s had 3 “loser TV shows” and wants to work, but a rich woman he surely needs!!!! Sorry for the chg of subject(!), but I feel I know Brandi personally and she makes me cringe, she is such a lowlife. I wish Adrienne and Paul cd stay together in real life. Did the show really cause them to split? I can’t believe that. Bad plastic surgery aside (he needs his nose done again – Jac and Bruce J have had 2). I think they are an adorable couple, both wealthy, 3 young kids, with a hip sense of humor. and I’ll miss HIM on the show, nose or not. He’s cute, smart and wealthy????? Not too many of that type men on any of the shows. This brings to mind the OC and Smiley….now I have to run to the bathroom——–eeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!

  10. This reminded me of Adrienne, bc I think its kinda like what all her lovers go through when they discover her big secret. Just not Bernie! Thats why they are such a good match ;)

  11. Adrienne deserved that “shut _ _ up” She was being antagonistic. And her stupid oops stooopid husband talking the way he did to a woman, unbelievable. The secret must have been about his small D**k for that kind of reaction. Just guessing of course

    • Yeah whatever manhood he had just withered away all together in that one scene. Embarrassing. Evolution gassing him up and watchin him crash and burn in a glorious girlyman display of dumbassery.
      p.s. A house burns down too. Have I mentioned that yet?

  12. Bravo can’t say anything as is afraid of being sued by Adrianne… And I think Adrianne is being soooooo stupid if it is about the surrogate thing because audience doesn’t think it is a big deal therefore, we might think that may be something very very bad… what can it be beside using a surrogate or their fake marriage. We don’t care about those things.

    PS. If Brandi were a bitch, she would have filed a lawsuit as well after Adrianne said things like Brandi sleeping and leaving her kids unattended, doing drugs all the time, etc.

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