ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Says “Merry Christmas” and Screw You!… Uses The Excuse of “Going Through Divorce”…


Maloof PG

I needed some time to think about what I wanted to say — and this is how I feel:

To all my wonderful fans thank you for being so supportive.

Unfortunately, because Paul and I are still going through a divorce, we are under a stipulation from the court and we can’t speak about our children or our family at this moment.   NOTE:  Interesting that the “abuse” photos were under court seal…

But, I am focused on rising above, staying positive, and giving back this season.  NOTE:  It would be totally understandable for Adrienne to “rise above” it all … if anyone knew WHAT exactly she was rising above!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

xoxo A

NOTE:  Interesting that Adrienne didn’t pull out the “divorce” card previously… she spoke freely re all the RHOBH episodes… until now.

On the next RHOBH… the Adrienne/Brandi “scandal” continues.  Gettin bored and pissed off with it already…. “bissed”??

Reasons to be pissed off at this manipulation by Bravo:

  1. Cameras not showing what Brandi actually said about Adrienne
  2. The speculation that the entire kerfluffle will be that Adrienne used a surrogate… big deal and so what!
  3. Adrienne pulling out the “can’t say anything because of the on-going divorce” to deliver this less-than-nothing-why-bother BravoBlog.