SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Paul Nassif Apologizes To Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof Shoots Back At Brandi Glanville… Dina Manzo… BS of the Day… Kyle Richards “Who Wears The Pants?”

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Paul Nassif made a few phone calls to Brandi Glanville and he and Brandi are now all made up.   Paul apologized to Brandi after realizing that he was being goaded by Adrienne in the attack on Brandi.

ROL: “He blamed Adrienne for his resentment towards Brandi, which he told her was completely unfounded. Paul eventually manned up and told Brandi that he still considered her a friend and the rest of the cast his family.  Paul doesn’t see it as a betrayal to Adrienne, more a realization that he’s coming to his senses about her.”

NOTE:  Brandi said this in her BravoBlog:

My frustrations with Adrienne since last season’s reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point. I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife’s honor. But I don’t think even Paul was aware (at the time) of how underhanded she could be.

NOTE:  This whole Adrienne/Brandi/Paul thang is STILL confusing!  What exactly did Adrienne do?  How is she being underhanded? What the hell is goin’ on????  Who cares if she used a surrogate!!  

Adrienne has shot back at Brandi…

“She [Brandi] seems to be addicted to attention and keeping herself relevant, and I think that’s her goal,” Maloof tells PEOPLE.

“Her antics have crossed the line for me.” Maloof refuses to discuss what Glanville may have been alluding to, saying she wants to protect her children. “I keep my children out of the limelight and I don’t speak about my children,” Maloof says. “It’s something you don’t even want to address. They deserve to have their privacy, and I am giving my children their privacy. As a mother I do what I can to protect my children and my family.”


If you’re a Dina Manzo fan, she’ll be hangin’ around the Mall at Short Hills on Sunday…

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Shop while enjoying refreshments and hors d’oeuvres and meet “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sunday at Di Modolo at The Mall at Short Hills.  A percentage of sales will go to Project Ladybug, a non-profit organization dedicated to help ease the burden of childhood cancer. For more information and to RSVP, call the boutique at 973-921-1114.


From ma Boo at TVGasm… BS of the Day!!   Ain’t he cute???


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“DivingWithTheStars” Star, HagfaceKyleRichards, was a guest on the RickiLakeShow… ’cause Kyle will show up anywhere!  Kyle ‘splains the pants-wearin’ in her fambly… as a constantly stunned looking chick of color from some “entertainment news” place looks on.  And, as a bonus, Tori Spelling’s hubbend also showed up!