MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Storage Wars Fakery… Lindsay Lohan “What Will Be Found In Lohan’s Locker?”…

NOTE:  As you are well-aware, “Storage Wars” is a totally phony baloney show!  The latest re the phoniness of the show is the allegation that Brandi and Jarrod WANTED the phoniness to continue…. and loved having their lockers “salted!”

“Salting and faking scenes was openly discussed,” an insider said. “Hester talked about it openly. And when talk turned toward possibly stopping it Brandi and Jarrod made it very, very clear they were strongly in favor of it.”


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Speakin’ of “Storage Wars,” the latest re LaLindz is that she needs $16,000 to pay off HER storage locker.

Unless paid in full, Lindsay’s locker will be the subject of a three-hour special edition of  “Storage Wars… Celebrity Locker Deadbeats.”

IF Lindz’ locker DID end up being auctioned, what would be found?  These items would end up in the hands of the highest bidder… but, we really don’t know for sure… just some logical-conclusion-good-guessin’ items:

  • Fifty-nine tattered boxes filled with clothes from Lindz’ “Liz and Dick” movie, which the Wardrobe Dept declared “stolen” on the last day of shooting the movie
  • GreasyBear’s stained Ralph Lauren polo shirts… size 4X
  • Several boxes of signed PR photos from “Herbie” … no one wanted Lindz posin’ in a VW; they just wanted photos of the car
  • More boxes of PR photos from “Parent Trap”… which could not be used as Dina Lohan photobombed every still photo from the movie
  • Photos of pissed off Millionaire Dollar Decorators… Lindz is rumored to take them out and look at them briefly for a laugh
  • Ali Lohan’s fake driver’s licenses (one for every state)…used by Lindz when she was 14 to go clubbin’ with 35-year-old Paris Hilton
  • Paris Hilton’s Chanel clutch, which was “lost” in Las Vegas
  • A promise ring from Samantha Ronson
  • A fan photo of Dr. Drew to Lindz signed “We’re hoping to see you soon, Lindsay!  My program has worked wonders for lots of your friends!  XOXXXO… Drew”
  • Letters to Kirstie Alley begging Kirstie to help Lindz be Mrs. Tom Cruise #5
  • Unopened bills from Shawn Chapman Holley
  • Correspondence from Kathy Hilton asking for Paris’ Chanel clutch to be returned… in exchange for a $38 store credit at KHilton’s dress emporium.  ($40 would buy the entire store!)

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Who is the most “famous” of all according to Bravo… for being their “social star of the year”?  According to Bravo, the frontrunner is Tree Joodice!

Just a little extra somethin’… some SH readers either forgot about this scene or never knew it existed!