MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Camille Grammer’s REAL Boyfriend… Engineering Marvels!!

December 13, 2012

Have you been wondering what the REAL story is with Camille Grammer’s boyfriend, Dimitri Chachaboomboomlollipoppoppopilous?  Have you been wondering WHY Camille’s boyfriend never wears a suit?

The closest Camille’s boyfriend has EVER come to dressing distinctly was his most recent appearance at the business event gone wrong… he threw on a safari jacket to go with those jeans he’s never taken off since meeting Camille…

RHOBH camille john dimwitri

…otherwise known as John Turturro’s par-tay…


… and the par-tay was the reason/setting for Kim Richards’ ambush of the Nassif-Maloofs!

BUT… let’s back up a minute.  Let’s take another look at Dimwitri!  Is that REALLY him?


OR…. is Camille REALLY dating Roastmaster Jeff Ross?

jeff ross arrow jeff ross II arrow

NOTE:  We really have no idea why Dimwitri never wears a suit… 




image0022 image0033

image0044 image0055 image0066 image0077 image0088 image0099 image01010 image01111 image01212

(Thanks to SH readers “jrl” and “FLPhil”!!!)

27 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Camille Grammer’s REAL Boyfriend… Engineering Marvels!!

  1. The Engineering Marvels 2012 were hilarious! Top mentions are the patio chair/grill combo and the handy do it yourselfer clothes hanger/cookbook holder combo. Too funny.


  2. I think Dimwit just doesn’t have any money to buy a good suit and Camille even though she has money and is in love won’t spend money on him. Hell remember she goes to Costco (nothing wrong with that) to get stuff for her house.


  3. My favorite engineering marvel is the computer hooked up to the A.C. unit. It reminds me of a picture I once saw where a guy rigged up a room fan to the side of his computer to cool the C.P.U.


  4. The creepiest thing I’ve seen of Dimwit was watching a video of his deposition concerning the heinous actions of his brother. I think Ms. SH put up the link. Aside from being a dickwad and not answering questions, he was twiddling his hair like a tween girl. Obsessively.


  5. I think there’s nothin wrong with being a jeans guy, but you kinda need the rugged good looks and the cred to pull it off at high society affairs..neither of which does Dimwitty have. And I don’t care how big IT is, that nose is a dealbreaker for me..


  6. What killed me about that event was the Marriott logo on the glass door one of the RHBH exited or entered through. Was this next door to Mauricio’s development? Or was it the actual development? Marriots are awful – tacky – & they pump Febreez into their lobbies. I travel throughout the states every few months and loathe it when I’m holed up in one of their hotels. Every room is provided with Febreez literature!

    Btw, Kyle’s husband looks really slimy in the ‘About’ section of his website.

    Moral of this comment: Stay away from the poison that Febreeze is. Loaded with carcinogens that have somehow bypassed legal limits. There I’m done.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  7. In the dryer pic. As often as most of us drop socks or rags while getting the laundry out , this just seems like a great idea ! :D Okay maybe not.


  8. Thanks for the pic Ms SH. They made me think of this guy who lives in the town I do. I guess he could not afford pipes for his truck so he decided to use stove pipes that go up the side of the cab. OMG I laughed until my sides hurt. To each his own.


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