KATHY WAKILE, MELISSA GORGA: Who is The Cheating Friend of Rich Wakile?… AND… More Sub-Human “Humor” From Joe Gorga…

December 13, 2012

kathy kiss

Another New Jersey mystery!

Richie Wakile has asked a question regarding morals via twitter:  If you knew a friend’s WIFE was cheating on the friend, would you tell your friend?

wakile cheating tweet


Could the cheatin’ wife be “Wiggles”???

kathy tweet wiggles


To add insult to injury… the injury being that of JoeyGorga… Joe Gorga continues his assault on other’s intelligence by posting this photo of his “tarzan” steak to his followers:

gorga steak tweet

gorga tarzan steak

gorga melissa

NOTE:  Da Gorga’s must have discovered that the age of their core demographics is that of 16 and under.  MeGo and JoGo are both over 30 and have THREE children… and still find “humor” in base middle-school observations.  

Back to the cheating hubbend:  what would the “overwhelming” evidence be?  Does Richie possess the evidence??