CAROLINE MANZO: BigAl Manzo, Tommy Manzo… Depositions In Six Days…For Not Payin’ Employee for 850 Overtime Hours!

December 13, 2012

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The case against the Manzoids and the Brownstone continues.

The plaintiff alleges that da Manzoids did not pay him for 850 hours of OVERTIME work… and BigAl and Tommy Manzo are scheduled to speak with attys next week.

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NOTE:  850?  Eight-Five-Zero?  At what point did the guy finally discover that he wasn’t bein’ paid for allegedly workin’ overtime?  Did a little ping go off in his head when he was setting up the buffet for a Real Housewives of New Jersey viewing par-tay?  Did he finally think “Didn’t I do this LAST year… and my paycheck was short?”… and then he took a very close look at his paperwork and said, “SHOOT!  I KNEW I worked more than 40 hours that week!”  

If the 850 overtime hours were over a span of one year, this means that the guy worked at least 16 extra hours per week… and he didn’t know it!  REALLY??  How does that happen???

They must hire some very bright people at da Brownstone… who are obviously “substantially damaged” BEFORE they were hired!