ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Answers YOUR Questions!!… Favorite Guest, No Answer… Least Favorite Guest, Scott Baio… Oh, There’s Lots More!!

MissAndy answers viewer mail.

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MissAndy could not or would not answer the questions re his most liked or boring guest; however, MissAndy stated that Scott Baio is the WWHL guest he dislikes.  Why?  Because Scott Baio mentioned something about gays.


Asked if Real Housewives of Miami will get a third season… MissAndy answers a fatal “Hope so.”  We all know what THAT means!

Which Housewives franchise is the most difficult to cast?  New Jersey.

RHONJ Twilight Zone PG

MissAndy gives his key to success… in a very DonCaro cliche-way… “Follow your passion…”   (Quick… hand me a bucket!)


  • MissAndy was set up on a date with MissAndyCoop back in the 90’s…

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  • MissAndy was NOT happy with JillZarin secretly taping their Bravo Clubhouse conversation… but, he still likes Jillz


  • Asked to define “happiness” Miss Andy says that happiness = beach… there he is bein’ all HAPPY…


  • He wants to get married and have kids.  UH… OK…
  • He “dated” a Clubhouse bartender
  • Says that the Battle of the Housewives BOMBED

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  • The FUNNIEST question was “Would you like to produce your own talk show”

60 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Answers YOUR Questions!!… Favorite Guest, No Answer… Least Favorite Guest, Scott Baio… Oh, There’s Lots More!!

  1. Miss Andy wants to get married and have kids? I can’t wait for that to happen and for him to regale us with stories of his birthing experience and having a c-section.


  2. The more I see him, the more I dislike him. I give him credit for all that he’s accomplished and with that said, he’s pretty much a jerk.


  3. Andy got a little cheesed off last night hen that guy said Andy reminded him of his gay godfather then proceeded to act it out. Seems that Miss Andy is not fond of being seen as a queen… yet he indulges in the most queeny bishyness I have ever seen…. and that included those humans that were born with vaginas too. Andy should just embrace it.


  4. What did Scott Baio say about gays? And when the hell was he on WWHL? I’ve had a crush on Scott Baio since he was ChaChi on Happy Days.


    • I am trying to figure that out. So far all I have come up with is this from two years ago

      in the midst of this boondoggle his wife tweeted that jezabel dot com (who reported on it) was a bunch of FAR left lesbian shitasses and then some other stuff.


    • I found this on his twitter. carnal Hollywierd sin. Being an out of the closet republican. posted Nov 3.
      Scott Baio ‏@ScottBaio

      Go ahead. Keep screaming it! RT @Kaore SCOTT BAIO IS A REPUBLICAN???!!!! #OhChachi #SayItIsntSo



    • I watched when Andy had Jerry Seinfeld in the Clubhouse and he was a real jerk to Andy. He basically disrespected him throughout his stay and you could tell he couldn’t get away from Andy and his Clubhouse fast enough. I’d have named him instead of Scott Baio. Of course, Jerry has a lot more dough and pull in Hollywood, so I guess Andy would rather kick Scott Baio to the curb.


  5. So, since we have to “ask Adrienne” about what is going on between her and Brandi it will be interesting to find out if it will be revealed on the show. I’m going to guess it’s not.


  6. WhAt does Mandy mean by ” fascinating” when he mentions the research on rhony???? If it means PT coming back, that’s it for Rhony, never watch it again.


  7. I really like Andy, but that said, I really don’t appreciate him shoving gay men and trannys into my RH time. I have nothing against gay people or transexual people. I have gay friends. I’m not that progressive to include transexuals in my life, I’m just not. It’s way too alien foreign matter to me.


    I really don’t get the push for gay men to become story lines in a woman’s show. It’s really unnecessary. Did I tell you I’m straight before this comment? No? That’s because I don’t need to tell everyone and everyone that. I don’t become friends with people due to who they sleep with. The personality, truthfulness, genuineness and ‘person of their word’, mean more to me than outward appearance or sexuality.

    I seriously think that there is a large core audience for this agenda of his, but RH isn’t it. It actually makes me lose respect for Andy quite a bit, for him to, OVER AND OVER, mention he’s gay, have gay people in every scene and make being gay such a laughing stock for characters in his shows.

    The gay women and men that I’m friends with, have either zero or not much respect for him. Where he had a lot of respect at the onset of his position in Bravo, he’s abusing it and making himself look like an irresponsible moron while he has the bullhorn.

    :my two cents:


    • If it bugs u that much don’t watch it.
      I don’t think there are any gay people that have major story lines in these shows. It’s much more so the friends ” female” of the housewives and their husbands/boyfriends.
      IMO the gays have been on the edges of the stories.
      OC tried a lesbian friend and that bombed.
      Andy has every right to speak up when he feels insulted.
      It is not uncommon for these type of women to have gay male friends. What is your problem?
      Just don’t watch it.
      And I bet if Andy never came out no one would be mocking his demeanor.
      He does not act overly effeminate or queeny at all.


      • I never said that Andy acts effeminate or queeny and I don’t care if he’s gay or straight. That doesn’t matter to me.
        My point is, Andy found his core audience in women for the RH series and now he’s shoving a different type of audience into our face.
        If Andy feels insulted, he should speak out, but this franchise and this television station shouldn’t have a different agenda than what they are portraying.
        Also, all of the gay men that he has introduced us to, seem to openly mock the gay lifestyle as ‘flamboyant’ and ‘kooky’, at best. That’s why there seems to be a disconnect between Andy and the gay community, at large.


  8. i like andy i really do think he is a family type guy. let’s go back to the earlier gentler times of the hw’s. i remember andy talking about our h.s years. we’re the same age. at that time gay people couldn’t really imagine embracing a typical type nuclear family future. i wonder what happened to ben? remember the youngest hw fan? he’s a teenager now and maybe doesn’t want to have anything to do with the franchise now. can you blame him? those were more insightfull times when vickie had bbq’s in her back yard and things were real and not so sensational or scripted. i think that’s why a lot of us are still devoted viewers. it’s why i am.


  9. Why do the gays hate everyone that does not agree with them, then turnaround and say anyone that doesn’t agree with them hates gays?


    • Andy is the most intolerant person I know on TV. Instead of educating those that show ignorance (e.g. Juicy using the f*g*t word), he berates and humiliates them. I find his beating everyone over the head with gay tolerance is a bit too bullyish. The country has done a 180 in such a short period of time regarding gay rights, tolerance, and marriage. All he has to do is guide the stragglers; not act like a big bully.

      And why did Anderson Cooper take so long to come out? What’s the big deal?


      • Anderson Cooper didn’t want his sexuality to be the main focus of who he was to the public. His belief is that his private life is his own business, and for that, I respect him for it.


        • I agree Lady.and Lisa. What ever, if they didn’t want their sexuality the focus, we should respect their rights. I wish they would just be themselves. I don’t need to know the details of anyones sex live.


  10. I was in NYC last weekend and went to the NBC store. Was I ever surprised to see “Mazel” t-shirt for sale!! I think there were hats, too. Needless to say, I walked right on by them….


  11. Ummmm, Uhhhhh, Ummm I think because I thought so, Umm, Ahhhhhhhhh. Yeah! Uhhh Ahhhhh. SCOTT BAIO’S A HOMOPHOBE! ummmm ahhhh!


  12. you can have scott baio. he is both a homophobe and republican. he is ignorant when it comes to homosexuality, but he has a right to be a republican. but the reason i really don’t like him anymore is that he has no compassion for erin murphy and what she was going through. they worked together for years. others on “happy days” showed more compassion and tried to help her. i find scott narcissistic and selfish and ignorant. as for jerry seinfeld, he is hardly a one hit wonder. his show was a huge success and he does his routines at the best hotels and clubs. i think (it seemed this way to me) when jerry was on wwhl, he was unsure of what the show was about. i thought he was on a second time, so he may have looked a little uncomfortable..

    as for andy, he is not a hollywood queen and he couldn’t identify with that guy’s godfather. i lived in west hollywood for years and i know what a hollywood queen looks and speaks like, and andy is not like that at all. he has gay people on the show because he is gay. he wants people to see that there are many different types of gays, but none of them are trying to turn straights to gay. andy is a guy who obviously had a dream and set out to live it. i think he has done fairly well. i think he has a great sense of humor and likes to kid around.


  13. I suspect Baio’s politics don’t thrill him. Of couse from what I’ve read DonCaro’s are the same as Baio’s.


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