TAKIN’ A BRIEF SH DETOUR: Christmas Is Right Around The Corner…


NOTE:  Just a brief detour from the insanity of the Housewives!!


For all SH readers who have someone special they would like to send a personal Christmas-time message…

If you have little kids, this is especially fun for them to get a message from Santa…

… just check out


Hope it brings a bit of enjoyment!




11 comments on “TAKIN’ A BRIEF SH DETOUR: Christmas Is Right Around The Corner…

        • You would be amazed how many people I know who don’t do Santa Clause with their young children. Its so weird. Ive heard everything from religious excuses to wanting their kids to appreciate them for the gifts. I’m going to try this link for my little guys (we heart Santa also)


          • Growing up we knew Santa was not real we did the santa thing sitting on his lap and all but we knew Christmas was about Jesus’s birth not santa bringing Gifts nor was he real. I dont think I missed out on much.


            • We tie Santa to Christmas through jesus. The best age for Santa is around 5, much older and they give it the side eye, lol. I remember daydreaming about what the north pole was like, creating this magical town in my imagination.


            • Aww thats sweet, I do remember pretending i was Rudolph the red nose reindeer we had the Vinyl record from the show so i played reindeer around the christmas tree while it played.


  1. I’ve used this site the past two years to make videos for my grandchildren. It’s an amazing little site and the kids were simply amazed that Santa actually spoke to them by name, age city, etc… Just checked the link and there is a fee for the app. I’m on my Ipad now so not sure if the fee is only applicable on mobile devices. In past it was a free service on my PC unless you ordered the video on a DVD. I’ll check it out later. Well worth the price for your little ones enjoyment. Thanks for the link Ms SH.


  2. Still a free site using a PC hooray. Can’t wait to get started making mine tomorrow. They even sent me an email invitation last December reminding me to make cards for 2011. A quality site.


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