SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Kenya Moore “Walter’s A Liar”… Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Nene Leakes “PartyTime”… RHOA Ratings

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Poor Kenya!!  Kenya Moore strikes back at “boyfriend” Walter Jackson:

“The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me – Walter’s recent statements are completely false. I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life. He says he ‘did it for fame.'”


Christmas Party Time!   Nene Leakes was hangin’ out with Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards and Dr. Estella…

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NOTE:  Where’s Lisa?  Where’s Shana?  

Just a reminder:  Brandi Glanville is being operated on today for a benign breast tumor… good luck, Brandi!   Hey… Brandi…if you’re readin’ this, just take this easy-to-read-operation-guide with you… just as an extra-added guide for your surgeon!



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From NBCUniversal:  In an explosive episode featuring Kim Zolciak’s exit from the show, Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” delivered over three million total viewers and garnered double-digit growth versus the prior week in all key demos. The episode was up 18 percent in A25-54, marking a season-to-date high, and up 20 percent in A18-49 from the prior week’s episode (11/25/12).

NOTE:  If Bravo moved the Real Housewives of Atlanta (9 pm Sunday) to the Real Housewives of Miami’s time slot (Thursday 9 pm), would they STILL get the ratings?  IMO… don’t think so!

26 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Kenya Moore “Walter’s A Liar”… Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Nene Leakes “PartyTime”… RHOA Ratings

    • Agree. This show is sh*t. It takes me 3-4 viewings before I can get through the entire show. Nene’s hair hanging over her eye drives me nuts! Can’t stand porshe and her constant smiling, big teeth and that awful hairstyle. kandi and phaedra are boring, especially phaedra. kenya is nasty. the only one i can tolerate is cynthia. Miami would so blow this show outta the water if it was in their time slot. I luv miami as much as BH. Next NY and lastly NJ. I don’t give a flying phuck about atlanta. nothing else to watch.


      • Funny you favor Miami because I want to try and watch it but I can’t look at all that really bad plastic surgery. That grandmother with the deformed face is just gross.


        • I thought Bravo was gonna fix that for her. But she was on WWHL the other night still looks the same. Andy did bring up her political affiliation thought. I wondered how long it was gonna take before Ms Andy turned on her for not being a liberal. But keep yalls eyes peeled for the next one to get grilled on it Andy favorite posted this the other day. His days at Bravo be numbered now for sure. prolly his mommas too.

          24h Albie Manzo Albie Manzo ‏@AlbieManzo

          I really wasn’t gonna soap box this. Before half u guys go nuts on me, I’m a registered Republican. It’s called standing for something.


  1. Yeah, alot of shows aren’t doing first runs right now. To me , Kim Z just seemed off somehow. Maybe it was the wigs, dunno, I just didn’t care for her.


  2. Does this mean I’ll never have too see Kim again? And, as somebody with a “K” name, I still scratch my head every time I think about Kim and Kroy’s decision to start all their kids’ names with K. Triple and quadruple K’s just don’t sit right with me.


    • Kroy’s mother named all of her kids K names, too. She found Kroy’s name in a phone book when she ran out of names, according to Wikipedia.


  3. Have to say I can’t feel to bad fo Kena. Not to slam my own gender but you know how some women are. They understand things as they want to which means even if there were clues that he was a phony playing her for fame, odds are she wouldn’t have seen them until she was ready to.


  4. I actually like the names, Kim & Kroy gave the boys. Kind of like the Duggars & all their names starting with J. It’s just a matter of what you like & what you don’t. I wonder how good Kim’s spin off is going to do. Most ppl didn’t like her “Tardy for the Wedding” but I did & I’ll watch this spin off, too. I do believe she is 1 of Andy’s favorites, for sure. I also read about the huge amount of viewers from 2 weeks ago & last week….Its probably a combination of Kim’s supporters & haters. Ive always liked Kim…especially when it was Kim & Nene-I thought they were a hoot together. This season, yea, she was pregnant & stressed but I was so sick of her whining about being homeless & having to swim at the community pool. 1 minute she was saying she wasn’t moving out til she was ready then the crap hit the fan & she had 48 hrs . She kept whining about her ex-friend/designer Kendra & how bad she was for putting her family out on the streets. I can’t feel sorry for her about that due to the fact she has a townhouse & Kroy’s house. I don’t really care for Kendra because she gets on Twitter & talks ALL THE TIME about Kim & it’s like she’s wanting her 15 mins of fame. I mean, seriously, I don’t blame Kim 1 bit for not buying that home IF the house appraised for $1 million less than the asking offer. I think Kroy does balance Kim especially when she was ranting & raving about having to move & he was so chill & was like “Its not rocket science”. Kendra was tweeting & she gave an interview about the trees & scrubs Kim took out of the lawn when they had to move. Kendra said they were all fake & were just there for the wedding but from the back of the U-haul & the ones I saw, they were real…Maybe Kendra was throwing another dig at Kim by saying in a way that she was 2 cheap to buy real landscaping. Who knows? I’m also on Kim’s side when she said Kendra gave her a certain price for the interior designing but then later she raised the price way over 50% the original. Kendra tweeted they had to go to court so I do want to see what happens with all that mess.


  5. Did anyone else think the way Kim worded her blog that she may be back next season??? She wrote: “I called it quits for this season, and I don’t regret it at all. So no, I clearly wasn’t fired, you can hear me say “I’m done.” For some reason, ever since I read that, it makes me think she may be back but due to her pregnancy & stress that she quit for this season-just like she said…Idk, just a thought I had. Kendra Moore…I listened to Walter on that radio clip & for some reason, I think he may just be telling the truth. Every time Kendra would bring up marriage or having a baby etc, his eyes got big & at times, he acted shocked. She definitely was pushy & it just didn’t seem like he was into her like she was him. I can’t believe he actually gave that interview…but I do wish others would spill the beans on what’s true & what’s downright fake. She’s annoying anyway & if she behaves with other men, the way she has her “boyfriend” Walter, She probably won’t be getting married anytime soon.


  6. When Walter said “We are here aint we” in Anguilla. I got the feeling that he was the connection that Kenya used to get on the show.


  7. Kenya opens her mouth and ou can see why she has never been married. They run. She reminds me of Tamera. If you have to keep begging for someone to marry you, maybe you might want to look in the mirror and say, am I doing something WRONG. She is so in love with herself, there is no room to love someone else.


  8. Kenya is headed for an all out nervous breakdown. She will have to do some real soul searching and downright re-building of who she is and her purpose in life. She seems desperately lonely and so lost with no purpose. In the place she is now. no one wants to be her friend and she is scaring away every man she meets. This could be quite ugly to watch and very sad.


  9. I think Kenya needs less testosterone and more estrogen in her system.
    I wouldn’t be too surprised if an article comes out that she whacked someone in the face with her penis.


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