Ma boo, flipit/Ronnie, from TVGasm has gifted us with another RHOBH Redub!


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13 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: flipit/Ronnie’s Video ReDub!!

  1. These are so funny, every voice is done to perfection! And I make sure I never have a glass in my hand, or drink in my mouth, when watching these…Flipping Hilarious!

  2. Guys thanks so much for watching and commenting!! These ladies are finally going crazy. I was worried for their dull butts the first few epis. Thanks for the post, SH! Excited for our end of world wedding!! xoxoxo

    • To ma Boo, flipit/Ronnie: You are the most talented, creative person in this cra-cra Housewives universe… excluding myself, of course! LOL!!! Can’t wait to join up forces with you when we’re finally married… just imagine all the little ‘SHlipits’ we’ll have! I’ve already got applications from “kidz” wanting us to adopt them! Well, they SAY they’re “kidz”… but anyone who can fill out a 53-page adoption application and compose an essay on WHY they want us to adopt them sounds older than an infant! Lovez ya!!! SH

    • I am to the point the only reason to watch these trainwrecks is so I can better enjoy your recaps!
      PS More Adrienne – when I hear your impression it reminds me of the character from the movie “The Money Pit” – the drag queen band’s lead singer who thanks Tom Hanks character for “washing his hair” when they lost their money…kills me every time!

  3. Ok that was funny as h e double toothpicks ..the peopel standing outside my door must think im going off the deepend

  4. bahahaha. Ronnie nails it. “Shamelessly begging Camile for money” That totally hit Maurice where he lives and explains why he tripped all over himself to take Maloofs side in this whole thing over Brandi.
    All about the Benjamins baby.

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