MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: WatchWhatCrappens “50th Episode”!!!…Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley “Wedding And A Baby”… Vote For Your Fave HouseHusband… A PHONY “Reality” Show… ANOTHER Real Housewives Show!… Kim Zolciak, Nene Leakes “What Did KimZ Say”?

There is a brand new WatchWhatCrappens Podcast over at TVGasm!!


“It’s the Watch What Crappens Podcast‘s 50th Episode! Paaaarty! To celebrate, we did a double episode! First up is RHOA and RHOBH gossip. Probably way too much attention on the Maloof secret scandal, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Then we moved on to dishing about this week’s episodes of Bev Hills and Miami. Would you want to know if your man was cheating? WOULD YOU?!?! WE HAVE THE PRINT OUTS!”


Gretchen Slade lawsuit pg

To continue with their story line on the RHOC, Wretched and Slimey have to step it up.  Either break it off with Slimey, or continue their ridiculous quest for marriage and a  baby.

Gretchen Roll Role Model pg

It looks like Wretched/Slimey are goin’ the baby route… Wretched Rossi has a very unique way with words.  What a vocabulary she has!

Another Orange County Housewife who is quite the lady!… as told to OKMagazine:

“I might not [ask him to marry me], but I’m just saying you never know. I kind of have a wild hair up my ass. I’m just saying a guy doesn’t always have to do it. He can still do it, but maybe I might too. I don’t know, but if [he] doesn’t something soon, I might have to!”

NOTE:  That second sentence is typical of those dainty “highly educated” OC chicks… so attractive!  Wretched is a role model which other women aspire to!


Time to vote!!!

Househusbands pg


The truth about “reality” shows is being leaked all over the place!   One uncovered secret is that Dave Hester bought a storage locker containing an alien… AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey!

dave hester yuup

Dave Hester, the “YUUUP” Guy from “StorageWars” has had contractual disagreements with the producers of the show, and he’s not holding back with verified claims of how UNREAL the show is!

During the show’s first season, producers asked some cast members to provide interesting items that were then planted in lockers and discovered on camera. Those cast members already owned the items so the production company then paid them a “rental” fee for the on-camera usage of the items. This left a trail of emails, receipts and reimbursement checks, Radar has learned exclusively.

“There are emails to certain cast members about items. Certain cast members then sent the production company invoices for items they ‘discovered’ on camera that match the story lines – items they already owned,” the source told Radar. “And then there are checks where those cast members were reimbursed for the items they planted that were discovered on camera.”

NOTE:  You didn’t REALLY think those people on Storage Wars actually found those items… while the cameras were there?  What a coincidence!?  If you believe that, you probably believe that Housewives is really REAL… and probably believe that those candid shots of Housewives at the beach or shopping are really REAL, too!  

PeeWee’s question will soon be answered!


RHOAppalachia pg



There has been chatter re Kim Zolciak’s correct use of words as she left the Housewives lunch… ALLEGEDLY and ALLEGEDLY and FURTHER ALLEGEDLY… you decide if KimZ uttered a racial slur…  PUH-LEEEEZE…

nene tweet kimz tweet

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56 comments on “MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: WatchWhatCrappens “50th Episode”!!!…Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley “Wedding And A Baby”… Vote For Your Fave HouseHusband… A PHONY “Reality” Show… ANOTHER Real Housewives Show!… Kim Zolciak, Nene Leakes “What Did KimZ Say”?

      • …and the Douche Award goes to Richie Wakiles for his infamous “taste like fish” comment about his wife. His family must be so proud.

          • I’m a little off course but I haven’t seen one HW or HH of NJ or NY manning any of the phones at the concert tonight. What’s wrong people they did announce and speak to most of them. Billy Joel is now on. Where’s Melissa. He’s from L.I. No wonder Carowhine took most of her stuff over there. They absolutely disgust me. If I’m wrong guys let me know, I’ll apologize.

            • No you are not wrong, I was looking to they had people from SNL the Sopranos
              and some supermodels, and a few people i never heard of. Not a HW in the lot.
              Of subject a Bit But dayum Roger Daltry has some nice chestage for someone in their 60s I think i felt my lions quiver a bit. Love me some Billy Joel.

            • I loved when he sang “I saw the lights go out on Broadway” I love that song and it was so appropriate to.

    • I’m sorry but all those douches are too close to say which one is the biggest douche. I say all of them should get the reward, they truly earned it.

      • I agree Buck Henry – I really tried to pick the biggest douch and could not choose. They all have so many characteristics that qualify them for the title.

      • Spot on! They have all worked so hard, in their own way. They are all deserving. Not a one should be over looked.

  1. I think Slade (the original HW) and The Gretchen will make cute babies together! Crooks is the slim of all!

    • I agree! While some of those “men”…*cough…have misbehaved, said things done things inappropriate I just find Crooks to be the most insincere slimeball of them all.

  2. was thinking a tie between crooksie and douchbag richie. but crooksie never grossed me out on camera so definatley scumbad,douchbag,a$$ wipe richie….landslide as far as i’m concerned.

  3. George Creepy NY House Dad is Captain Douchebaggins IMO. Now I wonder if Gretchen required surgery to remove the wild hare up her ass.

  4. Richie the douche Wakile. I would have voted Crooksie but Vickie dodged that particular bullet.
    Crooksie was shady and fake but not vulgar like Richie.

    • Richie is the biggest douche of them all. Just nasty, vulgar and doesn’t even realize that you can’t go around talking shit about people and to people when you, or rather your wife, is trying to build a business empire off of her 15 minutes of fame on the show.

  5. George and Crooksie were the lamest men, but they aren’t hw husbands, so I have to say Rich Wakilie was the worst. The fish comment went above and beyond what a hubby should not say on camera.

  6. My husband told me about the whole Storage Wars lies. It’s all unraveling. Hopefully reality tv will be a thing of the past!

    • I’ll like to know why Hester is telling this now after being fired (and on top of that why was he fired). I mean he had to have had it done to him also? Hester is saying he was fired for complaining that the show is fake. But from what I said before, he had to have done the same as the others. Hester is trying to tell us that all his “wins” at buying a storage place and finding good stuff was all luck in his case but fake and setup for the others? No way, I think he wanted more money and they said hell no and he’s thinking that he can get some money out of this.

      I’ve never trusted Hester, never. Because he seemed more like a conman than anything else.

      • Good points, Buck. And I don’t believe all the prices they assign to the lockers’ contents. No way they can sell most of that junk for what they state on the show.

      • I always figured it was exaggerated. I think Dave’s problem stems from thinking he was the shit and carrying the show and getting bigger than his britches. If I recall correctly, last season he wanted more money and kind of held out. That is why he wasn’t on a lot of the initial episodes. They always over inflate stuff on that show. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching it. Barry is my fav. I take it with a grain of salt because I feel a lot of the stuff is just BS. For instance, who in their right mind would buy a raggedy couch for $250 when they can put a few bucks more and get a brand new one. Dave was happy to ride the gravy train as long as they were meeting his demands and paying him. He probably really need the check. I read some reviews about his auction business and they weren’t all that good. My guess is since they reneged on the offer/contract he sent them he is taking them to task to get paid.

      • i think hester not much more than a greedy bastard and a douche-bag of the highest order. i’ll be glad when he’s completely off of the show.

  7. For me it’s still Slade. I can’t get over his need to find himself at the cost of his son’s going without! I really can’t believe he needs another child when he can’t take care of the one he has!

  8. It’s a tie between SloJoe 4 his c*blocker ref of Antonia n Richie 4 everything he says. The guy actuallt makes me think of the type of leacherous sleeze you’d find at a 42nd st. peep show sticking his tongue thru the peephole.
    Oh well, no longer a tie.

    • Time for my favorite misheard lyric video. Apologize in advance about this getting stuck in yalls heads. Early burly with his lil curly wirly… The only was to get it out of your head is to belt it out next time you are on a crowded elevator. Thats the rules. :)

  9. My vote goes to Joe Giudice who was arrested for DUI, then called his wife a B and a C on Tv. I think he is the biggest douche bag around. Opps, did I forget to mention the drunk cartwheel in front of his kids and dinner guests? The man is a moron.

  10. I vote for Creepy Dick Wakile for the biggest douche. Though, if he was an actual, real live douche, he might be able to take care of Kathy’s fishy problem.

  11. I’d have to go with Crooksie, such a phony. I don’t like Richie , but at least once in a blue moon he says something funny (when he’s not trying to gross you out.) Any man who is careless & then thinks the woman was trying to trap him (& she may well have been) , so he doesn’t have to support his kid… doesn’t even seem to try? If you know the outcome & don’t care or play stupid & go along with it , your fault along with hers. Plus he’s not that hard to see through i/m/o. I can’t figure out if Vicki wanted to spend time with him, why did that mean he had to be on the show? Bore/phony/looking for a female meal ticket, you win!!

  12. 1st Joe Guidice…then Broke Brooks…I wouldnt consider the Pansy Manzies “men”. The picture of “RH of Appalachia” is hilarious & I was born & raised in the Appalachian Mtns (TN) -Maybe not as far back in the mtns as these women ;)

  13. Love the Real Housewives of Appalacia idea. Might actually watch that. Of couse they have reality shows about bootleggers & mountain men so why not the women :D You know I love Joan Rivers , but you talk about a “phony reality” show. I watched show with her daughter Melissa because I like Joan so much. But you talk about a show where every thing is set up… if it had been anyone else I would have turned it off as phony but with Joan you just consider it part of the act.

  14. It’s close between Deadbeat Brooks and Deadbeat Slade, but my vote for 2012 Massengill DOTY is….

    Deadbeat Brooks!!!!

    (To me, a deadbeat = horrible excuse for a human being, which then = DOUCHE!!!!)

  15. Beyond weird that Gretchen and Slade would announce this, before he has even attempted to have his vasectomy reversed. It’s so transparent that they want to stay in the Reality gossip media. A couple, with serious intentions, would do that quietly. Make the announcement after they become pregnant. What if his old vasectomy can’t be reversed, then what? I suppose they’re aiming for a magazine 4 part spread on their struggle with having a baby. All while his son is sick in the hospital. Bad taste.

  16. hmmm. it’s a toss up between PT’s nasty uber-pervy dad, grimy-creepy wet-lips wakile, and the ball-less wonder, gossipy husbo dr terry.

  17. How come the Manzoid spawn are in the running in the category of househusband? Are they taking the place in the contest, as in real life, of Chuckie’s husband?

  18. Meanwhile, did anyone see the story last night/this morning on the Daily Mail site?

    It was talking about Pam Wilkey and how she is soooo intelligent that she has taught her son to read from age, I don’t know, maybe 8 months?

    She’s such a turd burglar, I just can’t take it.

    • Della: PamDana’s kid reading and speaking Thai is a very old story to SH readers. PamDana is such an old story, she is trying her best to stay relevant by bringing up this old story again! TFC!! SH

      • Pam is such a idiot she probably heard her soon babble and thought it sounded like the Thai language.

      • I think since the RH show watching Americans hate her now, and think she’s an idiot, she’s trying to endear herself to Europeans. lol.

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