MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: “Friend” of RHOC Radio Show… RH of Vancouver Back For Season TWO With New Cast… UPDATE: flipit/Ronnie Guest On SugarRushSarahShow

Seriously, Sarah?  What could “Friend” of the Orange County Housewives have to say?  What questions could SugarRushSarah answer pertaining to the RHOC that we don’t already know? Supposedly, Sarah will be spillin’ “secrets”…

UPDATE:  flipit/Ronnie was SugarRushSarah’s guest:


RHOC Sarah radio

Sarah will be hosting her radio show today… 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST on EZWayBroadcasting.

If YOU happen to be one of the lucky caller who get through to ask SugarRushSarah a question… ask her why she only snapped off a tiny piece of that cake bow!  If she REALLY wanted to piss off the “highly educated” Heather Dull-BRO, SugarRushSarah shoulda snatched that entire bow from Heather’s cake!



shana negus arrow

Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Ronnie Negus with another Housewife… 

Season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” will welcome three new women to the sensational reality series Feb. 5, joining returning castmates Mary Zilba, Ronnie Negus and Jody Claman.

(Thanks to SH readers “RF” and “PDM”!!!)

23 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: “Friend” of RHOC Radio Show… RH of Vancouver Back For Season TWO With New Cast… UPDATE: flipit/Ronnie Guest On SugarRushSarahShow

  1. Can’t wait for RHOV. They should show it in the US. Seriously it is a cross between NY and BH and these women are rich.
    Vancouver looks pretty nice in the show as well.


  2. I saw bits and pieces of RHOVC on YouTube, Bravo should get the rights to it so it can be broad cast it here in the US. Why did they get rid of Reiko and Christina? That Jody chick from what i saw is a real pot stirrer and Ronnie is a crazy bitch and Mary’s delusional be interesting to see how the 3 new ladies mix with the 3 original’s of the show!


  3. I am going to miss Christina. Ronnie is a drunken tough cookie. Jody — evil drama queen! Mary..milquetoast. Will watch season 2 on the internet…sometimes it’s painfully intermittent but I will deal.


  4. Just watched the first episode of Vancouver now on stream. Dunno why I have´nt done this before, it is EXCELLENT! Must say so far a lot better than all the Bravo boring ones. Yes yes yes to Vancouver. But I thought Christina would be back too?


  5. Has anyone else looked at Heather Dubrow’s web page? She describes herself as “witty, down-to-earth and GORGEOUS”(???!!!) On the media page there is an article by and according to Terry, they’ll “never live in a house like this again,” it doesn’t sound as though they are as rich and successful as they want everyone to believe.


  6. i felt bad for sarah during that cake gate episode. makes me wonder what heather would have done if one of her children had touched that cake. and did you notice the unwelcoming velvet rope in the entry? down to earth? hardly describes her hostessing abilities. and the monograms everywhere??? someone with a last name starting with D will have to purchase that masoleum.


    • The Dubrow estate is one of the most pretentious I’ve ever seen, with the exception of the Maloof palace. Both homes look like the owners have a desperate need to scream out, “LOOOOK at MEEEE, I’m RICH!!!” What a difference in comparison to Yolanda’s home–someone who actually IS. (And not a velvet rope in sight.)


      • I agree. The Maloof mansion and the Dubrow house look like museums. The do not look like a house a family would live in or even feel comfortable in. Yolands’s house is the opposite. That house has a warm, friendly family atmosphere. Even Kyle’s house has the warm family feeling. I can’t imagine living in a home where kids cant be kids.


  7. i think adrian is a pretty good little hostess, of course yolanda is superb. i’d bet anything that when she took that dr hubby of hers to the tailor shop that was a big farse. no way would they comp that sort of a wordrobe and labor for free. pretentious described du brow to a t debs. so obvious too “cringwothy”


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