BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife…

Lisa Adrienne pg


This Television Personality likes to provide details of her pregnancy and birth so that she can seem like a good mom.

Only it’s all a lie. The Liar publicly claims to have carried her children and to have given birth to them herself. The truth is that she used her money to hire a surrogate (for more than one child) so she wouldn’t “ruin her body” and she could have babies “whenever she wanted.” Yes, she is that rich and that superficial. No medical issues. Just vanity.

Well, someone on her television show has called her on her lie. The price for spilling the beans? A lawsuit. This woman is rich and vengeful and she won’t hesitate to use her money to squelch the truth so that she can maintain her image… and hurt The Spiller.

The only problem is that in filing a suit… she has to reveal her secret. Then the world will know. And her kid/s will know.

That’s the second secret. Her children don’t know that they are the product of surrogacy! That’s because The Liar shows them photos of her with a pillow under her shirt and tells them that the photo was taken when Mommy was pregnant with them. Did she really think she could get away with that one forever?

There’s also a third secret The Liar has been keeping. It’s about who she has been sleeping with for the couple of years. It’s not her husband. It’s someone who is well-known to people in her area. And he would not appreciate being outed as the third party in her marriage.

So, The Liar would be well-advised to back off at this point. The Spiller – and others – do not respond well to threats. And they have lots more to spill.

The Liar:

The Spiller:

NOTE:  SH readers know “The Liar” and “The Spiller”…

Here’s the REAL mystery question:  Who is the person with whom the Housewife has been sleeping with??  (Dear God:  Please do not let the answer to this question be Mohamed!  Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!)


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247 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife…

  1. Remember that blind item a year ago about a HW that was wanted by a oscar nominated/winner director, but she had to wait for a divorce. I think it was Adrianne.

    • I read something recently about the Maloof’s partnering up with Dreamworks on a movie. I wonder who the director will be.

    • JD, this makes more sense than anything else that’s been brought up. I think “someone known in the area” means it’s not someone the general public would know or recognize, but an industry mover/shaker type.

  2. Let Adrienne sue. There are depositions in civil suits like this. She’s gonna get slapped with a whole lotta truth she thought was buried so deep it’d never see the light of day.

    Can’t wait so see those depos on youtube.

  3. This has probably been mentioned before and I have just missed it but I could have sworn that during Hawaii Paul mentioned using a surrogate.I remember reading comments on here and several posters pointed it out.

  4. Thank you KiKi……I KNEW I remembered seeing Paul say they had used a surrogate…….

    and where are Simon and Garfunkel????? (Bernie might be an excellent choice for adrienne’s secret lover….he might gag everytime but ….just sayin’…….the clue he is known in the area….that could fit bernie…..)

    • I’m going to have to dig back into some of the older comments on here around the time of the reunion and see if I can find some of the references. Those comments are actually why I was surprised at first by the whole surrogate fuss because I had recalled Paul saying they used a surrogate.

  5. I honeslty think we can skip the Bernie speculation. Even if he wasnt gay; he would LOVE to be outed. If it is someone high profile, I doubt they have been filmed on the show. Unless it really is Mark Wahlberg.

  6. Ad has seemed pretty relaxed-barbeque, badmitton in Ojai, calm at the party, “That’s a fat lawsuit” or something like that. She was laughing! Paul was more pissed.
    If she’s having an affair it’s with a woman or a man who lets her tie him up and get on a bed and kick him. It’s possible she propositioned Brandi, Brandi declined and A hates her.

  7. The guy is either:
    1. Bernie (How else would he have access to her “abuse victim” pics? And we can all agree they’re fake, why would he partake in that? So they can keep bangin, duh. Paul is too much of a do-do bird to do any real damage to that beast.)
    2. Cedric (could that be another unspoken part of why Lisa was pissed?? And Adrienne is convinced Lisa sells stories because Cedric put it in her head? Sounds like something he’d say. Plus she kissed him hello at that party didn’t she?)
    3. Long Shot- Charlie Sheen? Hey, they’re neighbors, and he likes ‘em a little bat sht demented doesn’t he

  8. Geez. Money can’t buy you class, and it can’t buy you brains either. lol What a STOOPID dope thinking something like this would be kept a secret, especially while starring on a reality tv show.
    To think I used to respect A after S1 and her voice of reason in the limo with Kim and Kyle. Paul is a bigger famewhore than midget man Gorga.
    And, the mystery man I’m convinced is somehow connected to Lisa and that is why A and Lisa hate each other.
    This franchise is a big turn off for me this season. I miss stoner Kim and and stoner boyfriend. Now that was entertainment.

    • True about stoners Kim and Ken, I wonder what ever happened to him?
      (Maybe the “man” A is involved with is Terry Dubrow? He seems to like butch women…)

  9. The timing of this has me wondering if A’s team planted this with Blind Gossip – kind of convenient that a tidbit about her having an affair with a “he” is surfacing now. Makes me even more convinced that what Brandi ‘spilled’ might have included surrogacy as part of the story, but that part wasn’t the bombshell that everyone in town is supposedly knows about A.

  10. Maybe I’m missing something here. Why would she think anyone would care if she used surrogacy ? As long as it was done legally who would care?

    • Maybe she is too vain to want people to know that she was too vain to have children the old fashioned way. Or, maybe she is too vain to want people to know that she is too old to have them old fashioned way.

    • I don’t care if she lied…that is nothing like lying about your husband beating you, just so you can have a story line and driving him to suicide. According to Lisa, the first time she met Taylor, Taylor was telling her “Hi, my name is Taylor and my husband who is richer than Texas beats me.”

      Yet these bitches all went along with the poor Taylor story line…except Camille.

  11. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s Adrienne, but I thought the person she was having an affair with would be a woman.

  12. I am with everyone else on this. Adrienne is an ice queen and a complete nag. She nags Paul about how to put a napkin in his lap, how to tear lettuce, how to have his hair on his body. She is the biggest biache I have ever seen on TV. I get a headache watching her nag her husband. what idiot man is watching the RHOBH and thinking…yeah..I want some of that Naggin Biache!.. Who would get all hot and bothered from miss “cut off your husband’s cahonies” and make him hold them with a sign on them that says…these belong to Adrienne..and I am not even getting some!
    What idiot guy would want her? She must be leading some kind fo a double life..and for someone that is “oh so concerned about their kids”…having an affair really ruins them mentally. she is about 1/2 way to my level of disgust for traylor pig trash.

    • She might be more or less paying for it! ;)

      Dimwitri style? It’s a possibility that Adrienne’s the sugar Momma just like Camille. Hmmm…

  13. and she deserves the bad edit this year..I just wish they were also showing all of Traylor Trash’s drunking antics as well. Let’s call all the assholes to the carpet for a change.

  14. I think surrogacy is the most awesome thing ever invented. If someone can financiallly benifit form carrying and birth while the biological mother has a choice not to do it?? That’s called awesome. No one should be the least bit embarrased about their birth choices. I’ve had two, no epidural, but, I would have loved to have the option of surrogacy. I would have loved them the same and been happier NOT to give birth. Maloof is just a liar and a fake who should have told the truth. It’s her own fault if someone outted her. Shame on her for bringing any kind of shame to any woman’s choice.

  15. Ha ha ha , I think this is hilarious, Hoof gets mad cos she had a surrogate. Here was me thinking that with the amount of outrage shown that Brandi had to have said Hoof was actually a Lesbian or something! LOL

  16. If she’s having an affair, I bet it’s with some really old guy, I can’t see anyone thinking she’s desirable except some old rich fart

  17. What on earth was A doing for her whole life before RHBH? I know she says she’s this and that, yada yada, but seriously, what was she doing the last 20 years or so? Who was she dating, where was she living? Like with Lisa and Ken, you have a timeline that makes sense. Living in England, in France, Lisa goes back to an ABC video in the 80s (love her!). Kim, ok, she has had four children who are grown now. Brandi: we know about her and Eddie’s life together, and what she was doing before, modeling. Even Kyle has a timeline, altho that never included college of any sort, but she also had a child young, and we can mostly account for her since the 90s. Taylor was grifting in Florida, but she too has huge gaps and that company she claimed to run was just a lie. Adrienne is nearly 50, right? She obviously waited too long to carry her own children. What was she doing prior to marrying Paul? I also went back and the very first post on SH re: Paul and Adrienne was him suing a former patient for defamation. They obviously conduct their lives this way; they solve personal problems with lawyers because of their inability to handle it themselves.

    • I do know she went to collage on a tennis scholarship. Other than that I’m clueless. In all her father’s and Brother’s interviews Adrianne was not involved in the business.

    • you bring up an interesting point. even finding a picture of her pre-plastic surgery is difficult. I think there’s only a couple floating around. Maybe she IS a tranny. that would explain everything

  18. I have no clue if it’s true or not, but one blogger wrote some time ago that Adrienne had been married once earlier. Early in her twenties. Only for a year or two. He was a tennis player. Adrienne claimed abuse as reason for the divorce. In a short time it was silent about it, nothing in the media, and nothing happen to her ex. She wrote the Maloof family were like royalty in this city. This woman was not a friend to the Maloof family, but was a member in the same tennis club, and in the same age.

    • So she IS really a man! :D
      The explanation must be that all her men have seen her penis, so she has to hurt their reputation when she divorces them, so no one will believe them if they tell :)

  19. Liar: Adrienne Spiller: Brandi “The LIE” is really sad. I had an acquaintance who told me a big fat one just like that (details of her complicated childbirth). A mutual friend informed me that the acquaintance’s son was adopted and that she runs around telling the chilling childbirth story instead of simply stating the truth. To me, it seemed less a lie than wishful thinking or even a deep psychological disorder of not accepting the truth. Brandi (who I find funny most of the time), should not have divulged this deep secret because it’s not her business. Adrienne can tell her children in due course. I’m not totaling buying the story that she sleeps with another man, though. Paul doesn’t strike me as a silent cuckold husband.

    • While I do think Adrienne is disgusting what she did (if this is her) there is a wishful thinking aspect. When I was ranting and raving at my own mother for her reasons for lying about something similar one of her responses was , ” I didn’t want it to be true.” Totally crazy thing to say(and not her only reason) but I knew what she meant

    • When the BH franchise first aired, there were rumours that Adrienne and Paul were in an “open” marriage. . .

      • That’s interesting. But, does Paul strike you as the kind of man who agree to that? He seems rather old fashioned in my view. He has never even hinted at giving attention to another woman.

  20. BERNIE? Am I the only person that thinks Bernie might be a big old poufter? Adrienne might have manly hands.. but she’s missing a few other manly things that might make Bernie attracted to her.

    Re: Mister Hadid… he likes them TALL and gorgeous. Adrienne is an attractive woman… but…she wouldn’t get an opportunity in the Hadid stable. Don’t think it’s Mauricio unless he has a sexual addiction. . .

    • Hahaha! That would be hilarious. Paul has that misogynistic quality about him – a neanderthal with a bit of charm – based on that, I can see Adrienne going for Charlie for a quickie once in a while.

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