BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife…

Lisa Adrienne pg


This Television Personality likes to provide details of her pregnancy and birth so that she can seem like a good mom.

Only it’s all a lie. The Liar publicly claims to have carried her children and to have given birth to them herself. The truth is that she used her money to hire a surrogate (for more than one child) so she wouldn’t “ruin her body” and she could have babies “whenever she wanted.” Yes, she is that rich and that superficial. No medical issues. Just vanity.

Well, someone on her television show has called her on her lie. The price for spilling the beans? A lawsuit. This woman is rich and vengeful and she won’t hesitate to use her money to squelch the truth so that she can maintain her image… and hurt The Spiller.

The only problem is that in filing a suit… she has to reveal her secret. Then the world will know. And her kid/s will know.

That’s the second secret. Her children don’t know that they are the product of surrogacy! That’s because The Liar shows them photos of her with a pillow under her shirt and tells them that the photo was taken when Mommy was pregnant with them. Did she really think she could get away with that one forever?

There’s also a third secret The Liar has been keeping. It’s about who she has been sleeping with for the couple of years. It’s not her husband. It’s someone who is well-known to people in her area. And he would not appreciate being outed as the third party in her marriage.

So, The Liar would be well-advised to back off at this point. The Spiller – and others – do not respond well to threats. And they have lots more to spill.

The Liar:

The Spiller:

NOTE:  SH readers know “The Liar” and “The Spiller”…

Here’s the REAL mystery question:  Who is the person with whom the Housewife has been sleeping with??  (Dear God:  Please do not let the answer to this question be Mohamed!  Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!)


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247 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife…

    • ahaha…great minds…I went straight to muhammed too. adriene, the liar and brandi, the spiller oc. This might qualify adriene as stoopidest all-time HW….perhaps we need a hall of fame…if she had just kept her mouth shut she wouldn’t have been called out.

    • There is no way it’s Mauricio.
      Bernie is a possibility IMO.
      Come on now let’s deal with reality not our fantasies ;-)

      • “to people in her area”, that comment has me really thinking. So this person is not only known by the wives but also other people in the BH area. I’ll take a shot and say it’s Mauricio. The only reason is because I can’t believe it’s Hadid and there has been alot of rumors of Mauricio cheating. In fact Camille in the first season essentially said he was messing around.

  1. Hmmm. It is public knowledge that Camille used a surrogate. It was said because she has IBS etc, but I NEVER bought into that. BUT with all the other details you provided it seems that it’s Adrienne. My future ex husbands’ future ex wife. If this is the case I truly feel sorry for any gossip cause the only ones who are hurt are the children. I also think Adrienne is so quick to file suits against anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass

    • That IBS Story is such BS, IBS is not even a disease and is not a big deal, plenty women give birth with IBS, ugh Camille is so vain! Even people with IBD(crohns&colitis) which is a serious life altering disease give birth.

        • IBS and IBD can be more serve in some people I had a friend who when she was havng a flair up she would bleed serverly to the point she would need transfusions she eventully was medically discharged from the Military, if you are having diarhea you can make yourself so dhydrated you need IV fluids. so I dont know how severe Camille IBS is but not all people have the same level of severness.

          • Lisa, you’re right. Someone commented here just yesterday that she has such severe IBS that she is not able to have children.

            • There is also a medication you get every 3 months or so if your IBD is bad You may not be able to take it if you are pregnant,

              • I saw Camille discussing IBS many years ago on The View with Kelsie by her side. This was after Kelsie’s heart attack in Hawaii. She was very open and honest about it, she talked about her struggles with it and how it impacted her decision on surrogacy. I don’t think that it was put on. I remember how Kelsie spoke about her how she supported him and cared for him during the heart attack and his sobriety, I guess that is why it bothers me to see how ugly both are with each other but then I don’t know all of their secrets. I think at some point they genuinely did love each other and I would hope that they would remember that and make peace for their children and coexist. Very sad.

      • I would tend to agree that Camille suffers from severe IBS b/c let’s face it, if you were going to make up an illness it wouldn’t be one that gives you continuous diarrhea and gas. That’s way too embarrassing.

        • I don’t think she made it up, im sure camille has IBS, but I know for sure with IBS and IBD you can give birth, it has no effect on pregnancy. IBS is NOT a disease, it’s a condition. IBD though is serious and you can still have children.

          • Not if it causes severe weight loss and malnutrition. I know in my case it caused me to stop ovulation. Every case is different. Luckily I had my children before IBS.

            • Yes Cyn, I have IBS and the attacks can be so bad, I have gone to the ER to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack or something….it is nasty, I can not imagine being pregnant if you have severe IBS. (Luckily mine started after I had my daughter.)

              • I can understand how you feel reading some of these comments. Bodies are different and respond differently to illnesses/conditions and also to treatments.

              • Since I have gastrointerologists in my family and have seen both IBD and IBS up close , I’m confident in my comments, and none were aimed as an attack on anyone, no doctor would say IBS can be more serious than IBD. Most cases of IBS are not life altering like IBD, I say most not all.
                Camille does not have a good track record with the HW audience and has not come across as a deep profound human being, so yes it’s safe to say she exaggerated her IBS to have surrogacy to save her body. That said here is something from the library of medicine:
                “Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that leads to abdominal pain and cramping, changes in bowel movements, and other symptoms.
                IBS is not the same as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In IBS, the structure of the bowel is not abnormal.”

              • IBS can be pretty bad, it isn’t always just cramping or pooping a lot, I have had attacks where my bowels were spasming and there was hot shooting pain radiating all the way from my intestines to my chest. It is just too hard to comment about medical issues if you don’t have them yourself.

              • So very true Kel. I suffer from Osteoporosis and have NUMEROUS titanium implants holding me together, in addition to an inoperable cyst on my lower spine and both of my feet are numb. I’m not all that old (54) and a lot of people think I am exaggerating and faking being disabled and in pain, it really p!sses me off!! (You should see some of the treatment I have received at the pharmacy trying to get my pain meds.) Outward appearances can be deceiving…

              • Kel, I’m commenting from experience myself, fact is you can have children w both ibd and ibs and deliver. As for spasms they are acute for a couple hrs, not long term. IBS is no where near as serious as IBD, this is a well documented fact throughout the medical community. With IBD your colon is ravaged, w IBS nothing is affected. Sometimes IBD starts off as IBS or spatic colon and progresses. And there is a slight difference bet crohns and colitis. Just discussed and confirmed all this with an MD so Not discussing this anymore here. FYI ther is also a cure for all this that none of the Drs in the USA want to hear about. I know this first hand too. Love you all!

              • I have IBS and it can be pretty serious. I’m not consulting medical journals or docs, I know that if I was prego and had a serious episode of this it would be baad. If you have milder IBS than I, good for you and thank your lucky stars! : )

          • Camille didn’t make it up. I heard her on Howard Stern years ago with Kelsey, and she was talking about her IBS.

      • no, for some people IBS causes SERIOUS health problems. sucks for people suffering to have to deal with others saying it’s “BS”.

        • No one said IBS was BS, I said Camille was full of it, and exaggerated based on her track record of ridiculousness and vanity, therefore she’d use a surrogate w or without IBS.

          • I, too, think that Camille likely has IBS but exaggerated the condition in order to use a surrogate. If not IBS it would have been something. I know she did her best to repair her image after Season 1, but I still recall the scene with her and Kelsey playing with their kids….or at least trying to or attempting to…. but that scene was the most awkward scene in HW’s. They honestly looked like they had never played with their own children before. Adrienne seems almost as awkward as Camille with her kids.

      • I am going to go out on a humiliating limb here and admit that I have IBS and that an IBS attack can be fatal to the baby. I had to have an emergency c-section as my abdominal cramps were causing my sons heart to be compressed and stop beating altogether on the fetal heart monitor. (And yes they could differentiate on the monitor the difference between my labor contractions which started too and it was not the contractions). I believe IBS is often used to name lots of unknown possibly lifestyle related stomach problems but as someone who has ended up in the ER on morphine during an attack on numerous occasions I can tell you it is real. BTW I now have a healthy 4 year old boy. I’m a lot better too since I got rid of the people who upset me so much I had an attack

        • I’m sorry to hear that blondesense, I have been in the ER with it too and it is the closest pain to dying I have ever felt. And yes, I have had hours of labor pains, and my IBS flare ups have been worse if not the same level of pain.

        • Thank you for sharing your experience Blondesense. I hate that you had to go thru that. So happy for you that your child is healthy and you are better now.

      • Ibs is a big deal if you cannot hold your bowels or did so constipted you are in serious pain BTDT. I have had diarhea so bad i got dehydrated and no ammount of water or fluids helped, and got so consitpated i nearly did a Elvis in the bathroom trying to move my bowels, Its nice you have so much knowledge about a condition you claim isnt even diesese It is and if you have a severe case its not pretty trust me on that.

    • Alot of people also can’t carry a baby full term with IBS. I think someone on the site yesterday explained that they had IBS and couldn’t carry a child full term. Camille has always been open and honest about why she didn’t or couldn’t carry full term.

      • At the first season the reunion she said “Kelsey and I tried, we couldn’t”, She has also hinted they hadnt had sex in 10 years…….. maybe she was not the problem… leads me to wonder about Kayte – or maybe it was that they just didn’t do it for each other to be able to make babies?

    • TweetPolice says: well ur post says u feel sorry 4 her OMGosh ur a true kind soul ~ Cuz my DADDY told me if you do not want anyone 2 know your private stuff then keep it private & 2nd You DO NOT go on a Reality Show Act Like ur SHIT Don’t Stink & 3rd. DO NOT say such lies like she did about LISA V re: how sold stories ~ 4th. U DO NOT call out ur said friend 4 NOT having ur Daughters Bridal Shower @ her Hotel & Get mad when someone says a funny joke about your shoes ~ I think KIM is as troubled as ever why she felt that was the time 2 starting that storm @ her Sisters Husband’s Launch Party ~ Goes 2 show I think Kim wanted 2 make a scene as she DOES NOT LIKE KYLE at all, Kim should have called BRANDI & Adrienne over 4 coffee off camera & let it be known or hay she could have spoke up for her BFF’S @ the tasting I say its far 2 talk smack about Kim behind her back ~ EVERYONE remember Friends don’t sue Friends RIGHT? Paul SHAME SHAME SHAME on u 4 talking 2 any Lady whoever she may be that way I would have call 911 you big fool ~ I would LOVE 2 see Kim & Paul get together now what a great team they would make ~ He loves being a HOUSEWIFE Just saying! BRANDI hold strong u did nothing wrong…Lies like that always come out & the damage you do 2 the kids is so bad, GROW-UP & Tell your kids however they came 2 be born they are loved PERIOD,,,

          • Judy not only needs to learn how to master the English language BUT also needs to learn how to read. I NEVER said I felt bad for anyone except for the CHILDREN. As far as IBS / IBD Im very familiar that it is a REAL condition. But most people who have serious bouts of it do NOT drink. I personally have no feelings on Camille, positive or negative. Adrienne I know is a liar and tries to make herself look like a victim.

          • I really wish SH would make a rule that people could not post on here in twitter or text speak. Spelling and grammar errors I have absolutely no problem with. But trying to weed through the twitter and text speak is not worth the effort. Those comments should be trashed. Just my humble opinion.

  2. That wallpaper… serious what is wrong with Kyle’s feet and her hands? They just suddenly morph into an 80-year-olds…

  3. Could it be Mark Walhberg (aka Marky Mark)? I believe he is friends with Adrienne and Paul and I’m sure Mark wouldn’t want that to come out because he’s married too plus he’s well known too. Sidetrack, I’m sure do miss my Entourage!!!

        • And he’s married to a tall lean gorgeous supermodel, what does he want with a filler injected stripper looking dwarf?

          • True. But look at all the men who are married to beautiful (and sometimes wonderful) women who cheat. Maybe Adrienne is a FREAK in the sheets…

            • SH stated the person Adrienne is sleeping with doesn’t want it to get out so if it were Marky Mark he definitely doesn’t want it to get out because he’s a married family man and his wife would take him to the cleaners and Paul would know his friend betrayed him. I was thinking Adrienne may be a Freak too and Paul doesn’t bring the Freak out of her but perhaps Marky Mark does. I know he (with his sexy swagger) would bring it out of me!!! I think it’s someone who’s in the public eye but not on RH Bev Hills so that’s why Marky Mark came to my mind. I could be wrong, but I hope SH can find out who the person is soon!!!

  4. The only thing that’s shocking about this is that she would rather sue (or threaten to sue) than tell her children the truth.

    • How can she even sue over this? It isn’t as if Brandi broke a confidentiality agreement. And I can’t see anyone thinking it qualifies as slander. This is a road Adrienne doesn’t want to go down.

    • The shocking thing to me is that she went the hard route. Seems easier to own up about the surrogacy and just lie about the reason why. She went to extremes to fake photos (really? sounds like something an unstable person does to me) and to create birth stories from anectdotal versions of other people’s experiences. Now she has to keep those stories straight. Seems easier to fake a medical condition. I’m sure there are several conditions that only appear when pregnant that could be used. It takes way more effort to hide the surrogacy, lots of people could pop up and give away the fact that you were not pregnant at a certain time, unaware that you were pretending otherwise. Seems like a whole lot of friends and family would have to be in on it kind of making it a non-secret. These women seem to put drama into EVERY aspect of their lives. Easier yet- just tell the truth.

      • Lying parents freak me out. Why? IMO their egos get in the way. It’s not about the children AT ALL. Sadly. :(

        • Oh yes…because you know it’s going to wreak havoc on those kids psyche. Lying in general totally freaks me out….it’s something I just don’t get. If you’re doing something that you have to lie about then stop doing it! or tell the truth so everybody can deal with it. You can deal with just about anything if both parties tell the truth. I actually get a weird creeped out feeling when I realize someone is lying.

  5. Still doesn’t give the Spiller the right to spill..Why do spillers always forget the other lady called Karma?

    • Agree 110%. Adrienne’s kids don’t need to know any of this even if they went the surrogate route. I’m not bothered by her telling a story of agonizing C-sections either. Not a “lie” that needs outing. it’s not like she kidnapped the Lindberg baby and got away with it.

      • As someone who was lied to by their mother about being adopted it disgusts me. I can still hear to this day my mother saying, ” Oh that was some kinda bad pain.” despite never giving birth. I already had an inkling of the truth and that just confused me and made wonder why she was lying and so devoted to the lie. Surrogacy/egg donation isn’t the same as my situation but it is TWISTED to have fake pregnancy pictures and I don’t see how or why she thought it would work out well. And it isn’t about protecting her sons it is about protecting her own image and it makes me sick. That doesn’t meant spilling the beans was the right thing to do but if all of this about Adrienne is true she is a sick woman.

        • ITA. Adrienne’s problem is that her identity is based on the image of herself that she wants the world to see. She is playing a role both on the show and in her real life for the admiration she desperately craves. She wants to be seen superior, to awe ppl with her ability to do it all. It makes her feel better than everyone else and allows to masks the conceit. Kids would find out sooner or later judging by the number of people who were aware of her pseudopregnancy. It will make them feel terrible. Why would the mom not trust them to tell the truth? How could she lie and even take pics and tell them these stories….that’s pretty insane. The biggest crime here is the lie…not the surrogacy…

      • This lie needs to be outed if Adrienne did not use her own eggs. Hereditary problems can show up later in life or a non hereditary problem may require hereditary info for treatment. You never know what can happen.Life is unpredictable.

  6. Its Bernie, it has to be..he is way to close to her and her business to be just to be her chef. and he defends her like he is her lover not her employee

  7. Wow, this is better than a mystery murder…
    Remember those abuse pictures that were circulating around that made Adrienne look like she had a man’s back? Maybe THAT was Adrienne’s boyfriend’s back (and it wasn’t Paul’s cause they made a big deal about Paul’s disgusting hairy back) and someone was messing with Adrienne. Muahahahahah…
    Don’t I have a good imagination?!

    • Speaking of the pictures… I remember us all questioning why she would have Bernie take such intimate pictures of her nekked back…

  8. Adrienne came off prim and proper…not happily married but I didn’t suspect infidelity on her part. I can’t even guess her type. She’s an Ice Queen! :)

      • OMG! I just posted that same thought upstream! She is probably a secret FREAK that nobody would suspect… a dom, perhaps? And we should all remember that ‘beauty’ is in the eye of the beholder…

  9. Kinda off of the subject, but just because you carried a child or two doesn’t mean you will lose your perfect body. As much as I don’t care for her, Melissa Gorga has a wonderful figure after three birth’s, and Teresa G. is still stunning after four children. I enjoyed each one of my pregancy’s, and woulden’t of missed being pregnant for the world. I think Camille and Adrienne both missed out on a wonderful experience. of course, if you have medical issues then a surrogate is the next best thing.

    • You’re right; you won’t necessarily lose your figure. I was able to lose all my baby weight relatively fast (fast enough for me), but for someone in the public eye, they might not want to chance the down time?

      • But she is older. And the stats work against you after age 27 (fertility declines–seems too young, I know) and beyond age 40 the chances of having viable eggs narrows drastically, and males are less hardy than females as offspring, especially with an older mother…

  10. Cedric?
    Bruce Jenner when Kris lets him take his balls out of her purse for the afternoon?
    Hulk Hogan?
    Arnold Swartzennager?

  11. My figure changed after my babies (both vaginal births). I got more shapely. I used to have little B cups and now I have DD’s, and I had small hips and now I’m much more shapely……. It’s all good tho!! I didn’t breastfeed (many reasons), so my boobs stayed the same (but got bigger).

    • I had a friend who didn’t breastfeed because she didn’t want to “ruin” her boobs. I breastfed for over a year, and my boobs are as firm as they were before. Bodies are all different.

      • I couldn’t breastfeed b/c I’m always on migraine meds. It was TORTURE being off of them for both pregancies and I couldn’t take 1 more day. Glad to hear your boobies are in tact!!! I had a few friends and 1 sister that breastfed and it almost deformed their boobies. Meh–we all go thru transformations (stretchmarks, etc)—it’s all the mark of motherhood and worth it!

        • I apparently have “dense” breasts, my doctor said. If you don’t, then that’s when they deflate with breastfeeding, he said. So sorry to hear about your migraines. That’s got to be horrible. :(

          • It was pretty tough to go thru the pregnancies with them, but I brought my own Rx’s to the hospital and took them the minute I gave birth! :)

              • I did! My first baby was 30 hours with no epidural!!! Can you imagine??????????? My second was 14-15 hours, with no epidural again. Torture!

              • Yup, it was!!!!!!!!! I told my husband that it felt like someone was running over me with a truck, then backing up to do it again, and again, and again……….

              • I was pre eclampic and back them you couldnt be medicated in labor
                i went all day and into the next feeling like i was giving birth to a cadillac.

              • I also had pre-eclempsia/ HELLP Syndrome. Luckily, I breezed through labor in under 4 hours without pain medication. The epigastric pain from the HELLP was worse than the labor.

              • I dont like you …4 hrs i was in labor 20 hrs

                just kidding about hte not liking you ;)

              • Lisa you would have hated me! I have an concomitant cervix all it does is open and close. I dropped those babies at the drop of a hat. on freeways, parking lots, cars seats! I always wanted to try the stuff for pain but there never was time. The after birth pains were mega bad though. I guess it all comes out the same in the end.

              • Awww. Lisa, you are really gonna hate me when I tell you that I never had morning sickness, didn’t need maternity clothes until I was 7 months pregnant, didn’t get one stretch mark and I wore my regular clothes home from the hospital after giving birth. I wasn’t one of those chubby girls that you can’t tell if they are fat or pregnant, either. I had a flat stomach until around 6 months. I never got much of a baby bump, I just got thick around the middle. Don’t hate me.

              • It’s true. I was just like one of those chicks in the show ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ except I did know I was pregnant. No one could tell until I was in my third trimester. I carried really high and wide. Son was born in June, I didn’t wear maternity clothes until April. I don’t like wearing tight clothes, so I had some room in my normal clothes to work with, though.

              • Oh I believe you totally the side eye was because I dont like you j/k …lol I do like you

              • I’m very small boned and didn’t look pregnant from the back. I would turn around and scare the heck out of people I was so large. I out grew maternity close and had to wear my husbands shirts (he was a very big man.) Glad those days are over.

              • I did look puffy and gross, though. The pre-eclempsia. You could poke my leg or arm with a finger and there would be a dent that would stay for a second or two until the fluid filled it back up. Did you get like that?

              • No not really, my blood pressure was just real real dangerously high..that Mag was fun though had cool hallucinations

              • Magnesium sulfate? I think they gave that to me, but I don’t remember getting a buzz. I was robbed!

              • Why must a woman endure this much pain? I am so sorry you had to experience torture on such very special occasions.

              • Both births were during weekends when anesthesiologists weren’t on call. I’m sure they weren’t in a rush to give it to me anyway b/c of my migraines to begin with!

              • Not everyone has a bad experience giving birth. I had 4 and maybe 30 minutes of being uncomfortable total, with nothing for pain. That probably explains why I had 4. LOL.

            • Have you ever tried Feverfew? Excuse me if I already mentioned it. I used to get horrible migraines and found that 2 Feverfew tablets and 2 plain aspirin will knock it out in 1/2 an hr and no narcotic side effects.

            • I hate to go off topic..but what do you take for your migraines. I got them after giving birth to my daughter. I think that pregnancy mucked up by hormones. The first sign I was pregnant with her was a killer migraine (first of many)

              • I used to take Fiorinal, but it has too much of an intoxicating effect and I have issues with walking and poor balance, so either I use my herbal Feverfew (ebay, Amazon, Sprouts) with plain, cheap aspirin or if that doesn’t work, Vicodin (Midrin doesn’t work for me.) And sometimes a vitamin pill will help.

              • cherry: I take a precaution Rx (nortriptyline——-it’s a MILD antidepressant) daily + fiorcet (tylenol with codeine 3) for when I have headaches daily (it’s the least destructive on your stomach, etc…………) and then I have Maxalt for WHEN/IF I get migraines. I go to a Neurologist to constantly get updated. Mine is all due to being shot in the head when I was 13. I know… sad story………….. but it’s painful, every single day!!!!

              • thanks @done and @debra. I’m copying your post so I don’t forget. I take fiorcet for the worst but it doesn’t always work. I’ll ask my doc about your other suggestions.
                Funny thing about Midrin @debra, when I first got the migraines it worked and then suddenly just stopped. sometimes I just go to bed in a cold dark room and gut it out….ugh!

              • Thanks, cherry. About the Rx’s…. I’ve tried Midrin. You have to switch it up every now and again. Migraines knock you off your feet. I have DAILY severe pain and then the occasional migraine. Sucks. A dark, cold room helps. Cold compresses over my eyes help. No smell, no sound helps. Plus the Rx’s. Caffeine helps once you’re in migraine mode (I can’t do it tho!) and water helps flush everything out.

      • IMO it’s genetics, and breastfeeding or not has little influence on the outcome. Several of my friends who didn’t breastfeed ended up with the “unhappy” breasts, while the one who did breastfeed got to keep the ones she always had. I think the outcome depends on the elasticity of skin, thickness, texture, and other factors such as age, habits, exposures, and etc…

  12. OFF TOPIC: I hope this o.k…..I just wanted to mention on AMC “The Concert for Sandy Relief” …at Madison Square Garden 12-12-12. The stories shared by victims and those that pulled together, rescuers, hospitals, nurses, volunteers and more…. is truly heart warming!

  13. I am shocked anybody would sleep with her! That is except for Bernie, but he would be proud of that, so it dosent fit with this item.
    But seriusly who would touch her? Its not like shes got a warm personality that makes up for the way she looks.
    I got inspired today and started drawing on a new RHOBH- artwork for SH, and my husband does not watch the housewives with me. So I asked him, if it looked like them, thinking that if he could recognize them, then I everybody else would so too. And he could, but didnt know their name, so he called A the burn victim…..and no offense to burn victims, but she really does.
    And she has done that to her self on purpose. She reminds me of the movie Death becomes her, when they are all broken and damaged, and are desperately trying to repare eachother.

  14. Remember that blind item a year ago about a HW that was wanted by a oscar nominated/winner director, but she had to wait for a divorce. I think it was Adrianne.

    • I read something recently about the Maloof’s partnering up with Dreamworks on a movie. I wonder who the director will be.

    • JD, this makes more sense than anything else that’s been brought up. I think “someone known in the area” means it’s not someone the general public would know or recognize, but an industry mover/shaker type.

  15. Let Adrienne sue. There are depositions in civil suits like this. She’s gonna get slapped with a whole lotta truth she thought was buried so deep it’d never see the light of day.

    Can’t wait so see those depos on youtube.

  16. This has probably been mentioned before and I have just missed it but I could have sworn that during Hawaii Paul mentioned using a surrogate.I remember reading comments on here and several posters pointed it out.

  17. Thank you KiKi……I KNEW I remembered seeing Paul say they had used a surrogate…….

    and where are Simon and Garfunkel????? (Bernie might be an excellent choice for adrienne’s secret lover….he might gag everytime but ….just sayin’…….the clue he is known in the area….that could fit bernie…..)

    • I’m going to have to dig back into some of the older comments on here around the time of the reunion and see if I can find some of the references. Those comments are actually why I was surprised at first by the whole surrogate fuss because I had recalled Paul saying they used a surrogate.

  18. I honeslty think we can skip the Bernie speculation. Even if he wasnt gay; he would LOVE to be outed. If it is someone high profile, I doubt they have been filmed on the show. Unless it really is Mark Wahlberg.

  19. Ad has seemed pretty relaxed-barbeque, badmitton in Ojai, calm at the party, “That’s a fat lawsuit” or something like that. She was laughing! Paul was more pissed.
    If she’s having an affair it’s with a woman or a man who lets her tie him up and get on a bed and kick him. It’s possible she propositioned Brandi, Brandi declined and A hates her.

  20. The guy is either:
    1. Bernie (How else would he have access to her “abuse victim” pics? And we can all agree they’re fake, why would he partake in that? So they can keep bangin, duh. Paul is too much of a do-do bird to do any real damage to that beast.)
    2. Cedric (could that be another unspoken part of why Lisa was pissed?? And Adrienne is convinced Lisa sells stories because Cedric put it in her head? Sounds like something he’d say. Plus she kissed him hello at that party didn’t she?)
    3. Long Shot- Charlie Sheen? Hey, they’re neighbors, and he likes ‘em a little bat sht demented doesn’t he

  21. Geez. Money can’t buy you class, and it can’t buy you brains either. lol What a STOOPID dope thinking something like this would be kept a secret, especially while starring on a reality tv show.
    To think I used to respect A after S1 and her voice of reason in the limo with Kim and Kyle. Paul is a bigger famewhore than midget man Gorga.
    And, the mystery man I’m convinced is somehow connected to Lisa and that is why A and Lisa hate each other.
    This franchise is a big turn off for me this season. I miss stoner Kim and and stoner boyfriend. Now that was entertainment.

    • True about stoners Kim and Ken, I wonder what ever happened to him?
      (Maybe the “man” A is involved with is Terry Dubrow? He seems to like butch women…)

  22. The timing of this has me wondering if A’s team planted this with Blind Gossip – kind of convenient that a tidbit about her having an affair with a “he” is surfacing now. Makes me even more convinced that what Brandi ‘spilled’ might have included surrogacy as part of the story, but that part wasn’t the bombshell that everyone in town is supposedly knows about A.

  23. Maybe I’m missing something here. Why would she think anyone would care if she used surrogacy ? As long as it was done legally who would care?

    • Maybe she is too vain to want people to know that she was too vain to have children the old fashioned way. Or, maybe she is too vain to want people to know that she is too old to have them old fashioned way.

    • I don’t care if she lied…that is nothing like lying about your husband beating you, just so you can have a story line and driving him to suicide. According to Lisa, the first time she met Taylor, Taylor was telling her “Hi, my name is Taylor and my husband who is richer than Texas beats me.”

      Yet these bitches all went along with the poor Taylor story line…except Camille.

  24. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s Adrienne, but I thought the person she was having an affair with would be a woman.

  25. I am with everyone else on this. Adrienne is an ice queen and a complete nag. She nags Paul about how to put a napkin in his lap, how to tear lettuce, how to have his hair on his body. She is the biggest biache I have ever seen on TV. I get a headache watching her nag her husband. what idiot man is watching the RHOBH and thinking…yeah..I want some of that Naggin Biache!.. Who would get all hot and bothered from miss “cut off your husband’s cahonies” and make him hold them with a sign on them that says…these belong to Adrienne..and I am not even getting some!
    What idiot guy would want her? She must be leading some kind fo a double life..and for someone that is “oh so concerned about their kids”…having an affair really ruins them mentally. she is about 1/2 way to my level of disgust for traylor pig trash.

    • She might be more or less paying for it! ;)

      Dimwitri style? It’s a possibility that Adrienne’s the sugar Momma just like Camille. Hmmm…

  26. and she deserves the bad edit this year..I just wish they were also showing all of Traylor Trash’s drunking antics as well. Let’s call all the assholes to the carpet for a change.

  27. I think surrogacy is the most awesome thing ever invented. If someone can financiallly benifit form carrying and birth while the biological mother has a choice not to do it?? That’s called awesome. No one should be the least bit embarrased about their birth choices. I’ve had two, no epidural, but, I would have loved to have the option of surrogacy. I would have loved them the same and been happier NOT to give birth. Maloof is just a liar and a fake who should have told the truth. It’s her own fault if someone outted her. Shame on her for bringing any kind of shame to any woman’s choice.

  28. Ha ha ha , I think this is hilarious, Hoof gets mad cos she had a surrogate. Here was me thinking that with the amount of outrage shown that Brandi had to have said Hoof was actually a Lesbian or something! LOL

  29. If she’s having an affair, I bet it’s with some really old guy, I can’t see anyone thinking she’s desirable except some old rich fart

  30. What on earth was A doing for her whole life before RHBH? I know she says she’s this and that, yada yada, but seriously, what was she doing the last 20 years or so? Who was she dating, where was she living? Like with Lisa and Ken, you have a timeline that makes sense. Living in England, in France, Lisa goes back to an ABC video in the 80s (love her!). Kim, ok, she has had four children who are grown now. Brandi: we know about her and Eddie’s life together, and what she was doing before, modeling. Even Kyle has a timeline, altho that never included college of any sort, but she also had a child young, and we can mostly account for her since the 90s. Taylor was grifting in Florida, but she too has huge gaps and that company she claimed to run was just a lie. Adrienne is nearly 50, right? She obviously waited too long to carry her own children. What was she doing prior to marrying Paul? I also went back and the very first post on SH re: Paul and Adrienne was him suing a former patient for defamation. They obviously conduct their lives this way; they solve personal problems with lawyers because of their inability to handle it themselves.

    • I do know she went to collage on a tennis scholarship. Other than that I’m clueless. In all her father’s and Brother’s interviews Adrianne was not involved in the business.

    • you bring up an interesting point. even finding a picture of her pre-plastic surgery is difficult. I think there’s only a couple floating around. Maybe she IS a tranny. that would explain everything

  31. I have no clue if it’s true or not, but one blogger wrote some time ago that Adrienne had been married once earlier. Early in her twenties. Only for a year or two. He was a tennis player. Adrienne claimed abuse as reason for the divorce. In a short time it was silent about it, nothing in the media, and nothing happen to her ex. She wrote the Maloof family were like royalty in this city. This woman was not a friend to the Maloof family, but was a member in the same tennis club, and in the same age.

    • So she IS really a man! :D
      The explanation must be that all her men have seen her penis, so she has to hurt their reputation when she divorces them, so no one will believe them if they tell :)

  32. Liar: Adrienne Spiller: Brandi “The LIE” is really sad. I had an acquaintance who told me a big fat one just like that (details of her complicated childbirth). A mutual friend informed me that the acquaintance’s son was adopted and that she runs around telling the chilling childbirth story instead of simply stating the truth. To me, it seemed less a lie than wishful thinking or even a deep psychological disorder of not accepting the truth. Brandi (who I find funny most of the time), should not have divulged this deep secret because it’s not her business. Adrienne can tell her children in due course. I’m not totaling buying the story that she sleeps with another man, though. Paul doesn’t strike me as a silent cuckold husband.

    • While I do think Adrienne is disgusting what she did (if this is her) there is a wishful thinking aspect. When I was ranting and raving at my own mother for her reasons for lying about something similar one of her responses was , ” I didn’t want it to be true.” Totally crazy thing to say(and not her only reason) but I knew what she meant

    • When the BH franchise first aired, there were rumours that Adrienne and Paul were in an “open” marriage. . .

      • That’s interesting. But, does Paul strike you as the kind of man who agree to that? He seems rather old fashioned in my view. He has never even hinted at giving attention to another woman.

  33. BERNIE? Am I the only person that thinks Bernie might be a big old poufter? Adrienne might have manly hands.. but she’s missing a few other manly things that might make Bernie attracted to her.

    Re: Mister Hadid… he likes them TALL and gorgeous. Adrienne is an attractive woman… but…she wouldn’t get an opportunity in the Hadid stable. Don’t think it’s Mauricio unless he has a sexual addiction. . .

    • Hahaha! That would be hilarious. Paul has that misogynistic quality about him – a neanderthal with a bit of charm – based on that, I can see Adrienne going for Charlie for a quickie once in a while.

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