BFRANKEL ON WWHL: Andy Cohen Asks Bethenny Frankel About Jill Zarin on WWHL… BFrankel Tells Jillz “It’s High School”… “Get A Hobby”

BFrankel was a guest of MissAndy in the Bravo Clubhouse last night.

Andy Jillz BFankel on WWHL pg

Included in the festivities, for which the Clubhouse is known, was the bit of an ambush of MzFrankel.  MissAndy took full advantage of  BFrankel’s visit to ask her about her ex-BFF, JillZarin’s, visit to the Clubhouse…


BFrankel Jillz pg


(Thanks to SH reader “PMG”!!!)

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81 comments on “BFRANKEL ON WWHL: Andy Cohen Asks Bethenny Frankel About Jill Zarin on WWHL… BFrankel Tells Jillz “It’s High School”… “Get A Hobby”

  1. Can’t stand Bethenny Frankel. She is not warm person but rather comes across as devious, maipulative and I don’t get her.
    I don’t particular like Jill but Jill is at least bearable and you get her and her weird antics.
    Bethenny comes across someone who is prepared to walk over dead bodies to get what she wants. If you are going to a show at least be honest and true- you dont lie about your past.

            • What is it that you like about her? I must have missed something. I find her really annoying, She is her own brand “Skinny Girl” – rip off recipes of other leading dieticians or whatever and create a cheapo drink that you find in Walmart of all places.
              Her humor is described as “cut, dry, sarcastic and funny” really? Let alone that she ripped off of Kathy Griffin, it doesn’t even work as Bethenny is a hypocrite. If she wasn’t a hypocrite, I would give a teeny break with “humor”.

      • I am not Jill. This is what is wrong with people, if you hate Bethenny, your Jill. Wtf?! I even said I don’t like Jill but at least she is bearable.
        I find Bethenny to be lying. From the first seasons when she describes herself as an “orphan”- what an orphan life to lead? I bet there are millions of homeless people in NY that would love to have Bethenny “orphan” life.
        It is just not that as well. Her antics is very second hand Kathy Griffin. It is not funny. It is sad that you have plagiarise humor.
        Her criticisms of the “Media” when she should embrace it. She is a fame whore. Embrace it, you chose that path, stick with it. You can’t be selective in your editing like in Real Housewives or that boring ever after show. She needs a counsellor in that show. Isn’t the reality tv show enough to get over your problems?! c’mon.
        I can’t stand her. I don’t know the fascination around her. I wouldn’t complain as much if people didn’t go ott in love with her and publicise it. That makes me hate her more.
        She should just stick to that random boat that was “lost” randomly with film crew and her hair in place.

        • I have followed some of Bethanys press regarding her mom and she was vicious. I liked her before that but came to see a whole other side of her. I like Jill but she is too petty and doesnt let things go, she reminds me of my friend Anita, just a very needy/one sided friendship. But back to Bethany, I hope she is happy, she has a beautiful baby and great life, I just wish she would have shown her mother more mercy in the press. Just because she *made It* doesnt give her a license to hurt others publicly. (Just my 2 cents)

        • Yes if you are passionate about dislike of a HW you must be the enemy..I cannot stand the sight of Teresa, so you can imagine how many times I have been called Jax,melissa or one of Melissa sisters. It gets rather old after a awhile not to mention insulting.

          • For us that like Teresa, we have to deal with being called *TreeHuggers* and other not so kin names, as if we must be crazy or in some kind of planned community or cult in order to Like her. I get what your saying.

            • You mean its not a cult that uses mind control
              well fancy that ;) I dont think tre fans are crazy just a bit misguided j/k I can see her appeal I just dont fall for it is all.

    • I completely agree with you. BF is a b-f-er. Bitchenny has been stepping over dead bodies all the way to the top and would do or say anything to get there. I feel most sorry for her “nice guy” husband (who conveniently showed up in her life in a nick of time — as in biological clock ticking time). When she ultimately dumps him, he will not have seen it coming… Jill just got carried away with the fame game. She made a complete fool of herself and didn’t realize her time was up.

  2. I don’t especially hate or like either , but I do think Jill seems a little angry sometimes. Like she’s jealous of Bethany. But I agree Bethany seems the type who would step on another if it meant a gain for her. I don’t think either of them would really be happy for another, even people they consider friends. They just don’t come across that way i/m/o.

  3. Jill is the one who would step on, lie to, embarass, deceive anyone to get herself some, any type of publicity. She has never made it on her own as BF has. The Zarin company, correct me if I’m wrong, is her 2nd husband’s company. BF is sarcastic and cutting, she is straight to the point and funny than hell. Jill is bitter and sad.

  4. Blehthenny orchestrated conflict with her husband and in-laws- good and loving people – what makes anyone think she didn’t know exactly what she was doing when Zarin gave her ammunition to become the underdog? Blehthenny knew EXACTLY what she was doing. I remember the “private” dinner she was having w/Jason at one of the resorts and she started to pick a fight with Jason and he caught her peeking over her shoulder to see the position of the camera and he walked off the set. He KNEW his own wife was setting him up and still NEVER called her on it! The guy is a freakin’ saint and his parents, well, they are awesome (as Bob would say) and she is not deserving of such caring, loving, ACCEPTING individuals as the Hoppys.
    One can only hope that wherever these 3 sub-humans – Miss Andy, Blehthenny and Zarin- end up in the afterlife they have to spend it together wallowing in their over-inflated egos and their utter vapidness watching Blavo on a loop in one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell.

    I know I have a sin on my soul for feeling that way but I can’t help myself…

    • Bethenny seems to be an orchestrator. Season 3, she must have been drooling, and wetting herself with happiness to finally play the “underdog” and the “victim” role,

  5. She plays the game well. I give her props for this. I agree with her on the “my eyes are open but I’m falling asleep” I think its a damn shame that Andy uses Jill’s need for attention. But she sets herself up for it. Bethany knows how to play the game.

  6. Who’s using who? Bethany simply plays the game better. Of course she cut her teeth on the ultimate Diva Miss Martha Stewart’s reality/ apprentice show so it was like unleashing a shark among goldfish on RHONY. Bethany went in with an agenda. She had already played the Hollywood game and NY as well so while she had PHD in exploiting her opportunities her cast mates were still in kindergarten. Jill Z is spoiled and entitled and wanted to be queen. She failed miserably. I would like Bethany but her treatment of her in-laws is deplorable. Jill Z? Meh…just meh

  7. Amazes me how profitable, famous and powerful (smug?) Frankel has become in such a relatively short time. Money changes everything. Watching NY HW from the beginning- can recall Bethanny curled up in Jill’s Hampton bed, crying to Jill’s mother. Bethanny fed Jill’s ego. Then there was the party Jill organized where Bethanny hung framed logos over the bar space and Jill suddenly felt threatened. She made some argument that she could have sold the wall space to another vendor or some nonsense. In my opinion THAT was where the line between these two was drawn. Jill shot herself in the foot that she needed to climb aboard the Bethanny gravy train. That is JillZ biggest problem–No BF gravy for Jill.

  8. Bethanny is not smug…she is moving on with her life. She admitted to laying low ..being with her family and reaping her rewards for hard work….
    Jill is the original housewives mean girl…if its not about her its not about anything her eyes.
    Happy she is gone. Happy Bethanny is in a good place. Her humor is cutting but honest, and funny. I feel that comes from her upbringing by self absorbed parents.
    One last thing LOVE LOVE LOVE BETHANNY!

  9. I think she has been pretty rotten to a lot of people on her rise to the top, but Karma and time are great equalizers.

  10. I remember when Bethenny was so upset that Jill wouldn’t talk to her…some of the other women tried to get them together so they could work things out but Jill would always say “No, I’m not ready”. B actually cried over their friendship. Jill was downright mean & let others hear the voicemail Bethenny sent her etc…BUT, when Jill, for some odd reason, wanted to make up with Bethenny, she couldn’t understand why B wouldn’t forgive her. Well, dang, turnabout is fair play. That’s when everything changed in B’s life…pregnancy, marriage etc & Jill probably didn’t like she wasn’t B’s right hand woman, in the tabloids, interviews etc. At the reunion, B told Jill that Jason didn’t like her & that made it hard for her to be friends with her plus she didn’t know of a place she could fit her in. Jill just needs to move on. Bethenny has. I have never cared for Jill or Bethenny but they did make good tv-at times. Bethenny has a sharp tongue & at times, she’s funny, but it’s not funny when she makes jokes at other’s expense. When Andy was showing her different pics of celebrities & wanted to know what the 1st question she would ask them…I was kind of shocked, yea, it was definitely her “sense of humor” but I don’t see her talk show making it if she asks those type of questions to A list celebrities-joke or not. She was name dropping..ELLEN…and I guess that’s why she thinks she knows how to interview a celebrity. Well, she’s not the next Oprah OR Ellen. Ive always wondered what in the world Jason saw in Bethenny…after she got her own show & all that $, she was different towards him IMO. He seems like a laid back, good ole’ guy & I just didn’t understand how he tolerated her behavior & sarcasm. Ive always thought they’d end up divorced but looks like are still going strong. 1 thing that I thought was hilarious…When Jill was on WWHL, some1 tweeted Bethenny about it & she said she wasn’t watching it & I also believe she said that in an interview…but when Andy asked her, she was being “Bethenny” and didn’t come out & say “No” but she let everyone know she did by smiling & acting stupid. Why lie to begin with?

  11. Bethany fan in da house.But I didn’t like how she treated her in-laws. She cracks me up though with her fast talkin self.

    • Hi Made, I have always like Bethany’s frank opinions and enjoyed her cutting wit. She is whip smart and had a roller coaster life as a kid. Picture having Bubba Jax as mom without the Laurita support system. My admiration for her stems from the fact that rather than being used up by the HW franchise she knew how to work it and quickly build a brand. Bethany wasn’t naive about how to craft her image and somehow escaped the bad edit. The treatment of her in-laws was a disappointment to me as well.

      • We think alike Pittypat. I hope the in-law think was all an act and she told them before hand this was what she was gonna do. I say this because Bethany was smart enough to get producer credits on her show so there is no way a bad edit would happen unless she signed off on it. I did ff through all the counseling sessions though. Thought that was a bit much.

        • After reading her book I realized that Bethany has issues from childhood that aren’t going to resolve themselves without a lot of work. I am not condoning her treatment of her in-laws but after a lifetime without any genuine support I think she is skittish about
          investing emotionally in relationships. I admire anyone who can take a dysfunctional childhood and become a success. IMO one thing the successful wives do is treat the show as a springboard.

    • I think Bethenny has to learn how to be a daughter in law. I remember having a hard time getting used to my husband’s family who were the greatest people in the world. I had a family that was quite the opposite and it took a while to realize that they were acting nice because they actually were nice. Bethenny seems to go through the same thing. She doesn’t know who to respond to closeness yet.

      • Great insight Lobstah and I appreciate your comment. The Hoppy family is the polar opposite of anything Bethenny has experienced and I am sure it is indeed an adjustment. IMO Bethenny has trust issues and you can’t just snap your fingers and get past them.

  12. I’m not a Jill fan, but I have to hand it to her for calling out Andy like that. At least someone finally had the balls to do it.

  13. I’m not that familiar with Jill. I did watch all of Bethanny’s shows and I did like them but I do find her quite out spoken and at times she made a fool of her husband. Jason seems like a wonderful man and she just treats him horrible.

    • She has no respect for men and even less respect if a man loves her. Jason is doomed. With all this success and money she has no need for anyone. Seems she is settng up her daughter to have a similar childhood as her own. Very sad.

  14. IMO, there was no “ambush”. For several weeks, Andy promoted the upcoming show and Bethenny would be commenting on the Jill interview. One thing Bethenny has always said (again last night) was there are always regrets about what is said or done on reality Tv, but you just accept it an move on. She said Jill was regretting doing that interview. It was a very quick comment almost drowned out by the banter.

    Bethenny grew on me throughout the seasons. She didn’t mind showing the broke side and honest struggle. I think that’s what makes me have complete respect for the success.

  15. bethenny lives in survival mode. she had a rough childhood, and basically parents who just didn’t show her love. she felt like and orphan because she was basically abandoned (emotionally by her mother, and with her dad even physically and emotionally) by her parents. so, she was not lying about being an orphan. that is how she felt. i never saw her rotten to anyone. jill is just out and out jealous of bethenny. it’s not about the money. jill has money. i think she is jealous of bethenny’s looks and that she is so independent, something jill is not. i think jill is also jealous of bethenny’s quick and bright mind, and that she actually accomplished something big on her own. now, bethenny also has a loving husband and a beautiful daughter, so now she has everything, and then some, that jill has. jill cannot handle that. also, jill was really reaching when she compared a close friend to a spouse. that was just nuts. jill also tried to make herself look like she had so much input re housewives. she is in denial because she can’t realize that her antics were nothing compared to what bethenny could bring to the show without even trying or manipulating. bethenny has it all over jill. i miss bethenny on ny housewives. as i said, she was the best thing that ever happened to the housewives shows. like her or not, you always know what bethenny is. you never know what jill will be because jill doesn’t have that sense of self that bethenny does.

    • I agree with you, I luv me some Bethenny.
      She is brass, crass, outspoken and an OCD mess but she is honest, she doesn’t fake to be any different for TV and that I can appreciate. She had editing rights on the spin off shows, she could had easily edited all the bad moments with Jason, her in-laws and make herself look like a sweet, smitten, good all around lady but that is just not who she is.
      She admits she is deeply flawed and she is willing to work on her issues and not pretend that they are not there.
      I admire her hussle, her quick wit, her humor, she is out of all the Bravo HW, the only one (Nene to a lesser degree now) that had a plan in mind when she came in, she accomplished that plan and then called it quits. She made the best out of her 15 minutes and now she has enough money to live confortably for the rest of her life but she is still at it and still working hard.
      Bethenny used Bravo to her advantage and not the other way around.
      I like that she has taken a break and does simple things with her daughter, she goes about her life just like any of us and even though she has more money than most of the other HW, she doesn’t go around flaunting it. Money has come very hard to her so I am sure that she won’t go broke pretending to be wealthy, she will make than money work.
      As far as her relationship with Jason, I hope they stay together but if not I think they will be civilized co-parents, marriages are hard and sometimes love is not enough. If Bethenny and Jason split it would suck for little Bryn but it will not make me see Bethenny in any different way.

    • Angry, you’re right, but Jill doesn’t have real cash, bf sold skinny girl for a large sum, bobby zarin is no way near that orbit. Jill is jealous of money, fame, and bethennys quick wit. Ugh Jill used to try so hard to be funny and charming of course she always fell flat on her tacky face.

  16. not a fan of bethenny, but i LOVED how she busted rhony’s carole for acting as if she were above it all/everyone else! LOVED that! :)

  17. Jillz is jealous of lots of people; her own sister commented that Jillz was bullied in school for being unpopular. So JZ snagged Bobby for financial security but the little jealous girl still comes out and JZ will go to all lengths to remain relevant.

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