YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog… YoFo Has Lyme Disease… Says Adrienne Communicates In A “Hostile And Intimidating” Way…

Bravo...  NOTE:  Lyme disease is nothing to sneeze at.  Lyme disease is a very complicated ailment.  Many physicians overlook Lyme disease as a possible diagnosis because it can mask itself as other illnesses.  If not diagnosed properly and in time, Lyme disease can be fatal.    

Please rest up and get well, YoFo!  

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RHOBH Yolanda

I hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas and not getting too stressed out. It is a great time for the kids, so from now until December 25th, I’m going to pretend that I’m 11 years old again!

This week has been quite a revelation in my health journey. After struggling for the past year to get an accurate diagnosis, I finally found out that I have had Neuro-Borrelia Lyme Disease.  So far I have learned that it is a very misunderstood and hard-to-detect enemy, so I feel a lot of comfort in having something that I can fight head on! It will require many months of intravenous antibiotics and immune therapy but I’m very optimistic and ready to fight the good fight.

And now on to the business at hand:

yolanda david foster

Wow, what an episode.  And what drama! I wasn’t at Mauricio’s soiree because we had an event for the David Foster Foundation that night.

I obviously know how things are going to play out, so what I can tell you is that it’s definitely going to get a lot more intense than what it looks like right now.  NOTE:  Isn’t this the same statement all the RHOBH said two weeks ago??  ‘Keep watching… ’cause it gets more intense/dramatic/ blah, blah, blah…

Brandi said things in the heat of the moment that were very hurtful and wrong, but instead of the appropriate apologies being accepted by Adrienne and moving forward , these issues were taken to a whole new level.

Adrienne chooses a intimidating and hostile way of communication, one that I have never experienced or witnessed in my life and to be honest — way out of my comfort zone.
I keep reminding myself though, that no one really knows what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.   NOTE:  Nice passive/aggressive statement…

As a newcomer to the show, I’ve experienced first-hand how things can often get distorted when they pass through different mediums. I think back to Brandi’s “sleeping with everyone in Beverly Hills” comment or even when I was with Gigi in the studio at her photo shoot.

As I write this blog, I’m very aware of the fact that many of you might be expecting my notes on how Brandi should have done this or Adrienne could have done that, which I will be doing in the upcoming episodes.

It’s easy to watch  from the comfort of my living room couch and say what people should have done. We’re all guilty of gossiping every once in a while. However, for now, I’m going to refrain from saying anything more.   NOTE:  Uh… didn’t YoFo just label Adrienne “hostile” and “intimidating”???

So on that note, have a great week and I look forward to all of you watching this whole drama unravel in the upcoming episodes.

Until then, much love to you and your family,