UPDATE: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Housewife and “Friend” Charity Flop… Total FAIL!

While searching for something else, came across this VERY interesting item re Shana/SWINE/Shaft and her co-hort, AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey from December 2011.

Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 3.44.10 PM

Apparently, S/S/S has let her attempt campaign to be the face of domestic violence lapse.   There is no mention of DV on Shana’s twitter; and no mention of Shana over at the 1736 Crisis Center site (other than her involvement last year).  When the 1736 Center was contacted, they did not recognize her name.

Shana’s “foundation” no longer accepts donations…. either her “mission” has been accomplished or no one is interested in her “mission.”  The latter most likely explains it!


As mentioned last week, Shana’s planned cruise was cancelled for lack of  sales.

S/S/S has stooped to tryin’ to sell her book by accepting appearance requests at low level colleges... for free.

Hey guys! Don’t forget about the awesome event going on tomorrow at 7pm in the PUB MPR! Taylor Armstrong from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be here to talk about her struggle with an unhealthy relationship and how she pushed through it! Hope to see you guys there!   Book Signing and Pictures after the presentation… did we mention its FREE :) Get there early for the best seats in the house..

NOTE:  One student questioning Shana’s appearance via twitter was deleted…and all comments on EWU’s facebook have been deleted.

shana tweet student

On to AlienShapeShifterPamDana… Even though she states in the video below that she and Shana scam merchants every year for donations to benefit victims of DV… PamDana has moved on.  There is no mention of DV or the 1736 CrisisCenter or Shana on PamDana’s twitter account.  It is interesting, however, that PamDana chats mostly with Dr. Estella and Kyle Richards via twitter… and, of course, anyone buyin’ her power shots.

The following is from SH December 22:

Didn’t you think that Shana purchased all those presents that she took down to the women’s shelter out of the goodness of her own heart AND her own money?

Well, if you thought that… you would be wrong!

Shana arrow

Dana Wilkey, “friend of the Housewives,” says in the following video that she helped Shana procure all the products donated to the shelter.  Shana’s posing with all the toys like she bought them all… not once mentioning that they were donated!

Dana also reveals that Shana asked her to get beauty products for the women at the shelter!  Why is that strange?  Because Shana is the “creative director” for!  Why would Shana need any help to obtain beauty products?  

One can only speculate what Shana did with the “good” stuff that they wrangled from cosmetic companies… either kept the “good” products for themselves and donated the rest to the shelter women OR Shana sold the products on the beautyticket site.

The video gets better… watch as Dana tries to answer all the questions about domestic violence!

According to Dana, 50% of all married women have experienced abuse!   Dana also says that abused women don’t even KNOW that they’re being abused!

Dana also says that the first step to knowing if you’re being abused is to “get educated.”


PamDana is no longer engaged to John Flynn… and her dreams of a French chateau wedding was simply that… a dream of PamDana’s.


24 comments on “UPDATE: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Housewife and “Friend” Charity Flop… Total FAIL!

  1. Disgusted. Grifters courtesy of Bravo. I cannot fathom why swine is still on the show. I cannot comprehend why any of those women would agree to be in the same room with swine.


    • Disgusting!!!! Practice what you preach Dana-Taylor! The first step is to BE educated yourself, in order to understand, before you claim to know anything about DV,!!! What a fool/fools…


  2. Trashy has absolutely no shame! As well as lacking morals, compassion etc. Cannot stand to watch her.


  3. I worked at a shelter for battered women and children . If Dana said those things to anyone at a shelter, they would beat some sense into her and then steal her sunglasses.


    • I used to live and volunteer in an area where there was only one shelter for just women and children in severl hundred miles. The women didn’t like to go in the shelters that included men because of the violence and drug abuse not to mention mental illness that was found in regular homeless shelters. This shelter was not nessecarily a domestic violance shelter. It was a shelter for homeless women and children but as you can imagine domestic violence was a common theme. Among other things we provided buisness attire for job interviews, school supplies and counciling. There were so many shocking stories about how these women ended up the way they did and all to often it was women that you would never ever dream would end up like that. They didn’t want hand outs and only wanted to get their life back on track and have a safe place for their children.They lived on donations but these women helped each other tremendously so that they all could succeed. I felt inspired by THEM for their bravery and tenacity. Watching the drunks, SWINE and Pam/Dana, use these brave women’s plight to draw attention to themselves and portray themselves as if they actually cared is revolting and disturbing to me. What does Taylor have to show as an example(assuming for one second that her story is true)? Stay with your husband because he has money and if your lucky he’ll off himself and you’re free?? If they followed her example none of them would be at the shelter. Pam/Dana is no better fake and lie and go from one man to the next only leaving is the money runs dry or he catches on to your con. These are two sick bitches.


      • @ITA sd! I have said this before, but I sincerely believe both Taylor and Aviva should not be doing these shows. IMO (and I must qualify my remarks by saying I’m am not a professional, but somone who has worked first hand in the field of domestic violence and children’s services) both Yatlor and Aviva grew up in abusive homes and both were told they were not good enough. In season 1 Taylor changed her appearance because she was afraid her husband would leave her for a younger woman (she said thiamin her talking head). Taylor is only comfortable if there is tension around her or if she is reminded of past problems. Alcohol makes this worse. Being an advocate for battered woman can hide what’s really going on with her. Shenis not known nationally as an advocate, which IMO tells me she is not taken seriously. Heynif she wants to hold a few fundraisersmherenand there…go ahead. But she is not making a difference. At this point in time, she needs to STFU because it is her late husband who does not have a voice.


  4. Sort of reminds me of when Oafprah gave out new pontiacs that were donated by G.M. and acted as if she bought them herself.


      • They let people assume she paid for them because we all know she can afford to, but it turned out she didn’t? Figures, funny how you never get the back story on any of these types of stories. You would think if she’s as into the Bible as she claims to be Oprah would feel at least the slightest need to tell the truth. Humphhh.


  5. Domestic abuse shelters don’t need makeup. In fact, they often have too much of that sort of thing. What they really need is funding. California yanked funding and I’m sure there are other states with similar austerity measures.


  6. Shana will do anything to stay in the limelight. She is just horrible. And that Dana was never a housewife, why does anyone care? She’s a loser too.


  7. I wondered how long Shana would last working with victims of domestic abuse. As long as the camera were recording it – of course, she was there. She is a grifter – plain and simple. Both she and Dana have no problem being on camera while flat on their faces drunk. For some reason, Bravo has decided to edit out” Taylor’s” drunken meltdowns – at least up until now. These drunken mess scenarios, like at Portia’s birthday party, were widely reported at the time of filming. I’m losing interest in the BH franchise and it used to be my favorite. They should either show Taylor for who she is or take her off the show.


    • What REALLY sucks is I only tuned in this season to watch SWINE do down. And you are right so far they have edited her messy out…and replaced it with this bullcrap Adrienne stuff.
      SWINE pretending to have heart palpitations over Paul calling Brandi a B was a bit much for me to take. Seriously SWINE? Someone that had their orbital floor blown out by a big burly Texan would not get rattled over a bish boy calling someone the b word. Such a dumbass. And Dwight, you an just shut your piehole too. with you “you’ve been through so much…” bullbutter crapola. We got your number. And I watched Camille bust out the hometruth over that crap at least 3 times last night.


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