UPDATE: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Housewife and “Friend” Charity Flop… Total FAIL!

While searching for something else, came across this VERY interesting item re Shana/SWINE/Shaft and her co-hort, AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey from December 2011.

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Apparently, S/S/S has let her attempt campaign to be the face of domestic violence lapse.   There is no mention of DV on Shana’s twitter; and no mention of Shana over at the 1736 Crisis Center site (other than her involvement last year).  When the 1736 Center was contacted, they did not recognize her name.

Shana’s “foundation” no longer accepts donations…. either her “mission” has been accomplished or no one is interested in her “mission.”  The latter most likely explains it!


As mentioned last week, Shana’s planned cruise was cancelled for lack of  sales.

S/S/S has stooped to tryin’ to sell her book by accepting appearance requests at low level colleges... for free.

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NOTE:  One student questioning Shana’s appearance via twitter was deleted…and all comments on EWU’s facebook have been deleted.

shana tweet student

On to AlienShapeShifterPamDana… Even though she states in the video below that she and Shana scam merchants every year for donations to benefit victims of DV… PamDana has moved on.  There is no mention of DV or the 1736 CrisisCenter or Shana on PamDana’s twitter account.  It is interesting, however, that PamDana chats mostly with Dr. Estella and Kyle Richards via twitter… and, of course, anyone buyin’ her power shots.

The following is from SH December 22:

Didn’t you think that Shana purchased all those presents that she took down to the women’s shelter out of the goodness of her own heart AND her own money?

Well, if you thought that… you would be wrong!

Shana arrow

Dana Wilkey, “friend of the Housewives,” says in the following video that she helped Shana procure all the products donated to the shelter.  Shana’s posing with all the toys like she bought them all… not once mentioning that they were donated!

Dana also reveals that Shana asked her to get beauty products for the women at the shelter!  Why is that strange?  Because Shana is the “creative director” for beautyticket.com!  Why would Shana need any help to obtain beauty products?  

One can only speculate what Shana did with the “good” stuff that they wrangled from cosmetic companies… either kept the “good” products for themselves and donated the rest to the shelter women OR Shana sold the products on the beautyticket site.

The video gets better… watch as Dana tries to answer all the questions about domestic violence!

According to Dana, 50% of all married women have experienced abuse!   Dana also says that abused women don’t even KNOW that they’re being abused!

Dana also says that the first step to knowing if you’re being abused is to “get educated.”


PamDana is no longer engaged to John Flynn… and her dreams of a French chateau wedding was simply that… a dream of PamDana’s.