SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Camille Grammer on “Anderson”… Housewives of Vancouver “Back For Season Two”… Lana Fuchs From Sin City Rules “Explains God”

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RHOBH Camille on WWHL

It was a Camille Grammer overload!

Camille paid a quick visit to the NYMediaMafia… last night Camille was a guest in the BravoClubhouse and earlier in the day, visited MissAndyCoop… before she took off on her annual Hawaiian Christmas escape!

WHY was “demoted” Camille doin’ the NYMediaMafia tour?   IMO, Camille is filling in for new Beverly Hills Housewife, Yolanda Foster.  Yolanda has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, which would prevent her from performing everyday tasks.

If you did not know about Lyme disease, it is very difficult to diagnose and the disease is potentially life threatening to those who are late in their diagnoses or to those who go on about their life undiagnosed.  Lyme disease is not to be taken lightly.

Camille’s appearances on both MissAndy’s shows did not reveal anything re the RHOBH… it was all the same blah, blah, blah.

Camille did, however, have plenty to say about her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer.

NOTE:  MissAndy is on “TheTalk” right now and was just asked about Camille trashing Kelsey.  Moronic MissAndy said that Camille should continue trashing Kelsey as long as possible! How ridiculous!  


Were you wonderin’ about the Real Housewives of Vancuover returning for season two?




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25 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Camille Grammer on “Anderson”… Housewives of Vancouver “Back For Season Two”… Lana Fuchs From Sin City Rules “Explains God”

  1. How silly. Kelsey said their marriage was over (in certain ways anyway) years ago. Not to defend him, but really, letitgooooooo. People divorce every day. 60 percent of us. As long as he supports his kids , why bother trashing the ex?

    • @ maybeitsyou I would like to add: give your kids a freakin’ break and shut your trap about THEIR father. In fact, only think of him as your children’s father and never as YOUR ex, you selfish cow with a vendetta, I really do not care for Camille, can you tell?

      • Adios — I don’t care for her, either. All that matters is the kids. Stop bashing the size of his peen, etc. Let it go.

          • She’s obsessed. Makes her look like a total psycho. No wonder Kelsey was willing to give up 50% just to get the heck OUT.

        • Every time she makes a jab about his little peen, it makes me think she has a gross, big sloppy colapis to quote Chelsea Handler. She needs to stop. Her behavior is unladylike and juvenile. .

    • My ex is a loon like Kelsey. What the hell father would not let his kids talk about their mom or say their name. After the playboy mansion thing, the no car seat thing, I am thinking Kelseys little caboose has went off the track. He is remarried and he coud talk to Camille and be civil for the kids. Kelsey doesn’t seem to like it when he doesn’t get his way. I guess he thinks he is far to superior to talk to anyone.

  2. I liked Sara’s response on “The Talk”. She made Andy look like a moron!!!!!!!!!! She’s the only one with enough moral fiber to say that gossiping about your ex makes you look small. He’s so damned evil. Honestly, that freakin’ grin on his face while discussing bashing Kelsey made me wanna punch him! Jerk!

    • Good for Sara. I get it if he’s not paying his support, I’ve complained about that myself before when mine want things we can’t afford & daddy hasn’t paid his support in 6 to 8 weeks & never pays what he should, you have to let them know moms not made of money. But to sit & slam him in every way, bring out into the open things you say he liked in your private life? Which she’s done before. How is that ok on any level when you have kids together & their dad is famous? I guess maybe bitterness & jealousy can cover up any bad feelings she would have for doing that to the kids.?? She really needs to think .

    • I am not fond of Camille but we have to remember what Kelsey did to her before the divorce. Since the divorce he has done interviews and trashed her too. She can’t even get him to sign the final documents in the property settlement. Kelsey doesn’t like having to share with a woman. He has said multiple times, she shouldn’t have got a dime. He made the money. He was almost broke when she married him and her good investments and her forming the production company made them alot of money. Kelsey will not even co parent, so who is the one with the issues? The kids can’t talk about her or even say her name? What the Heck? Sara is in a different situation. She was with another woman. Each one had a child. They need to be gracious to each other. I really think Camille has tried to put it all aside but Kelsey will not.

  3. RHOV needs to be aired in America ASAP! I saw some of the episodes on YouTube before they were taken down and it was SO good, Bravo really needs to get the rights.

  4. I think she said they’re allowed to call her “Mom” in his house. I mean how many kids do you know that can call their moms by the first names anyway? Of course when people need a reason to hate or blame rather than moving on with their lives , or fixing what’s wrong, they will grasp for any straw they can.

  5. Not a huge Camille fan, however! Let’s not forget that this is a two way street and he has been horrible about her in the press as well. The kids do deserve both parents to do the right thing though, agree there.

  6. Lana goes on and on about believing in an energy continuum and how everyone is God and connected only to contradict herself in the following paragraph by saying, “I am different.” Let’s not forget this woman took it upon herself to intentionally segregate one of the other gals (Alicia) from jump based on gossip, without explanation from the source. Lana could barely hug Alicia. Was Lana just playing the Evolution game? Or did she have one too many of those lobster martinis and eat some bad raw bacon?

  7. Was I the only person who watched Baseball Wives? Probably, but there was a wife on therenamed Anna who was very, very similiar to Lana in looks and personality. She also loves guns and has an aversion to women who sleep with married men.

  8. I’m sure Camille doesn’t sit around talking about Kelsey all the time but it doesn’t bother me that she cracks joke about him. He hurt her bad from what we saw & things that were written about their divorce. He treated her like dog crap & didn’t care who saw it or knew it. Yea, she got her fair share of money & houses etc but I really think she wanted her family back. He basically made a fool out of her. I used to like him as an actor but can’t stand him now. I also didn’t like Camille, season 1, but I did like her last season & now. I really don’t know too many divorced ppl who don’t crack on their ex spouse every now & then…or atleast every blue moon. It is funny that Leann Rimes cheats with Eddie & Lord have mercy, there’s a hatefest against that girl (no, I don’t care for her at all either…or him, for that matter) but Kelsey did the same thing….moved that woman in with him, had the ppl working in his building, calling her Mrs. Grammar & a lot of ppl are mad because Camille cracks off about the size of his Pee Tom. I have no respect for any cheater but a joke is a joke, even if its not that classy.

  9. LANA FUCHS IS A WACKA DOODLE! She’s one arrogant female & needs a complete makeover. I don’t like how she went after Alicia from the get go! On Lana’s twitter, she’s making remarks about Alicia & calling her a lizard…come on, get more creative…maybe eat you some more raw bacon or raw baby lamb…UGH!

  10. Someone needs to hook Lana up with then “AEIOU” cheerleader guy from RHOM. She said she collects strange people after all. Can’t imagine him lasting more than 30 minutes in her coven of a house though. She’d probably brain-drain him or something.

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