REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: They’re ALL Still Talkin’ About Adrienne…

Bravo On next week’s RHOBH… the Adrienne Maloof mystery continues…

LOOK!  Marisa Zanuck finally shows up!!


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32 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: They’re ALL Still Talkin’ About Adrienne…

  1. Kim is still a wack job..cry, cry, cry. Kyle has no storyline, but she keeps trying to make one. Bravo is building Pauls final exit, blame Brandy for the breakup. And can’t figure why duck-lips is still in the picture, she has nothing to do with anything, but getting drunk.

    • I hate to tell you this, but I believe that Kyle knew that Kim was going to tell Paul and Adrienne at her husbands party. Kim still gets support from Kyle and other family members and I don’t think that Kim would do this without the ok from Kyle. Ask yourself how did Brandi know in the first place that Adrienne had a surrogate? Either Kyle found out and told everybody or Lisa did and told everybody, either way they knew and are acting shocked that it happened or really that Brandi outed it on television.

      But Adrienne you have done alot of dirty things to people and to be honest she deserved what she got. She and Paul don’t get to decided how the person responds to an attack they may have done to that person. If you attack dirty someone else my get dirtier. Also after finding out what the big secret is I may know why all of a sudden Adrienne went bat shit crazy accusing Paul of everything under the sun to make him seem like a bad parent when at first he was okay.

      We agree she had a surrogacy, but which type? If it was a Gestational surrogacy the surrogate would have been implanted with Adrienne’s egg which has been inseminated by Paul’s semen. But if it was a traditional, then they would have used the surrogates own eggs and Paul’s semen. And being that Adrienne was so old and had issues her eggs may have not been viable and the traditional one is the one they used. And so if that is the case then in reality the biological parents of her “kids” is the surrogate and Paul. In many custody cases and other cases the genetic parents unless they gave up all parental rights have priority over the adopted parents.

      So Adrienne and her lawyer may have looked at it as Paul may be able to take your kids because he not you is the genetic parents and she flipped.

  2. Not watching another housewives series, that will not explain why the ladies are fighting, stopped watching NJ because of that. Will be finding new programs and checking in here, this site is so much better then Bravo any day! Thanks, have a great day!

      • Yes it is! Im not done with SH. :) It was actually bc of this site I began to see RHONJ again after I lost interest for a long time. But now I know better and this time I will stick only to SH. …But cant stop in the middle of season. Its too cold turkey for my annoying curiosity im afraid.

    • I agree. Makes your head spin. Supposedly this is over the fact that Adrienne blurted out that she had c-sections, when she led people to believe she had a surrogate carry her children. If that’s the big secret, what’s the big deal?????????? Another dumb series about secrets and fake fights. I’m done too.

  3. F*ck you Kyle, who are you and your morally corrupt friend to preach good manners. You are as crass as they get and about as interesting as a phone book. I can’t believe I used to like her at the beginning of season 1.

    • I never could stand that Faye-person and Kyle I love to hate, but strangely I agree with her regarding letting the cat out of the bag at her husbands event. That was a shitty thing to do. If Kim were that concerned about being a good friend, then Ive got news for her: Friends do got eachothers phonenumber!

      • Bravo editors had Kim do that, do you really think Mauricio would let his REAL clients anywhere near the putrid stench of the Bravo cameras?

        • I cant figure anything out relating to these housewives anymore. Everytime I form som sort of an opinion, I just end up feeling stupid for believing for a moment it was`nt just another FAKE something. But im stubbornly sticking to Brandi, cause she needs it and is my truth-barometric (if that makes sense on English).

      • Faye is annoying and the ultimate hanger-on. Wish they’d leave her off this show. I thought she’d died with the OJ trial, but Bravo just had to resurrect her.

        • IA. And she must be seriously salty that Brandy got bumped up to housewife after one season and she’s still a “friend”.

  4. I’m not watching RHOBH this season either. Monday Night Football is on at the same time anyway, so I have an alternative. Just getting updates from here. I have 2 observations from watching these clips: (1)That chick Faye has clearly never EVER been told to mind her own business. (2) Kim’s a snitch? Welp, there goes the 2 cool points I gave her for trying to get herself together.

  5. I’m really curious as to why on last night’s episode they bleeped out what Brandi revealed about Adtienne,it has to be something regarding legal issues or something really personal/bad for them to do that right? Guess will never know what the revalation about Adrienne is! Why would Bravo show us that confrontation only to not reveal what it’s about?!

      • Yes! Both Kyle and Kim are finger pointers: they did it to Brandi at that crazy game party last season. So rude!!!! I’m convinced they were born in a barn.

        My apologies to all the nice farm animals who are born in barns! :p

        • Bwahahahaha! I feel bad for whatever animals were in that barn.

          Someone needs to break both of Vyle’s man hands. She loves to wave them around and point at people. It’s rude.

    • Really! She gets on my nerves. She needs to mind her own dang business. No one has EVER cared what she thought. Ever.

  6. Vyle’s happy her sister is sober. I call BULLSH!T on that one! Vyle doesn’t want Kim sober because if Kim gets herself together Vyle will look even more pathetic.

  7. And I love how Vyle says she wasn’t pointing her finger at Lisa when she was clearly pointing her finger at Lisa. Somebody should break her fingers.

  8. This was so obviously a set-up by Vyle. Why would she, out of the blue, at a table full of people suddenly ask Brandi about her and Adrienne’s relationship? Anyone can see Vyle is the head chit stirrer of the bunch. I’m already disliking her as much as swine, if that’s possible.

  9. I really think that Brandi should take the advice of the “Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick” and Vyle and send Ad one of her her own Loch Ness Monster floral arrangements by way of apology. We know those work because Ad sent one to Lisa.

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