LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Brandi Has “Deep Negative Feelings” Toward Adrienne… Adrienne Is “Economical With The Truth”


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Well, this week we congregate at Sur, my restaurant in West Hollywood.


It is customary to have a food tasting with friends to try out different choices every couple of months. I reassured Brandi that one of my waitresses Scheana would not be serving, as they had an uncomfortable encounter awhile back.

Scheana had an affair unbeknownst to me with Brandi’s ex husband. . .complicated, but eventually you will see how that comes to fruition. I had a problem with one of my servers, Stassi, who has worked for me for a few years now. The customer in question was somebody I trust implicitly. I had heard from him and two witnesses what had gone down. So, when I discovered Stassi was drinking at the party, I had no interest in her side of the story, simple as that. Stassi continues to work for me, and is best friends with my daughter, so I make constant allowances for her. However I have many people who have worked for me for years. I always listen and support them, but generally the customer is nearly always right. . .It’s the way I run my business.

At the tasting Kyle asks Brandi as to why she has such negative feelings for Adrienne. . .ooh dear.   Now what you don’t realize is that Brandi has had many, many instances, nothing whatsoever to do with my situation (may I remind you that they knew each other prior to my meeting Brandi) and has accumulated deep negative feelings towards her. Adrienne has been economical with the truth on many occasions, vicious lies from her employee about myself and Brandi in the press, social media, etc.

I felt that when Brandi exposed this particular scenario that Adrienne had wanted to keep secret, it wasn’t to expose the issue, but to expose that this was just something else that they weren’t honest ab (she regrets it herself), but I understood her frustration. I too have been at the end of Adrienne’s wrath. I deal in a different manner. I don’t need anybody, as I have said previously to Kyle,to get involved. I will hold my ground and deal with it myself, one on one.

Ken todd Lisa Vanderpump

Ken has needed a hip replacement as he had injured it many years ago playing polo. He is so incredibly active, gym everyday, walking dogs, etc. that for him it seemed a nightmare. But it was inevitable it had to be done, so we knew we had a brilliant doctor so he decided to take the plunge. We are so incredibly entwined I felt as nervous as he did. It is strange I have no recollection of cameras ever being present at so many eventful moments in our lives, like our daughters wedding, but when it is replayed I marvel at the fact that all these little vignettes, so important in our journey are forever documented and I am thankful for that. It was a tedious wait, nervously reassuring myself that all would be fine but always cognizant of the fact that whenever you are under for hours there is always risk.

Meanwhile at Mauricio’s event all hell was breaking loose. I, honestly was thankful I wasn’t there. I hated to see the anger and hypocrisy about suing Brandi after what has transpired between us all, but understandably they were upset. I could’ve retaliated myself and screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions, but I don’t believe there are ever any winners in that situation.

So the journey continues,you were warned it is a challenging path!   NOTE:  “Challenging”????  Much better words would be:  confusing, bland, boring and a big MEH!

So I sign off now, thank you for your comments and we will resume next week.

Love always,


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  1. This incident reminded me of a recent bust-up chronicled in Page Six about the obnoxious billionaire Stewart Rahr (Stewie Rah-Rah) and a hostess at Nobu. Nobu management took her side and banned him from all Nobu locations worldwide. Not saying this was the same situation, but it does give us a taste of what ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is going to be like. Not very glamorous, and they must work incredibly hard to squeeze enough money out of these restaurants to live as they do! I worked waiting tables and bartending in my 20s, and even then it was brutal, the hours are terrible and while the money is good, there’s a lot of brown-nosing of people that frankly think they deserve to be treated like big shots just because they ordered a meal in a restaurant.


    • Yeah for sure food service is a tightly budgeted business. I think alot of the profiting from places like Sur come from the perks they get for knowing powerful people. So I see why Lisa took her customers side. Plus, waiters are a dime a dozen in BH…but I would have been upset had she fired the girl without her side of the story. You cant let the young woman think she can keep getting into tussles with customers because she can always defend herself later. Anyways, Lisa must be doing something right. If I ever make it out there, I will definitely visit Sur.


      • Agreed. Just the decorating of SUR alone is enough to make me watch. She must make a lot with the private rooms, and from her sparkling rose’. I think she also said the girl was best friends with her daughter. And the son-in-law works there too. It seems she puts them all to work. Maybe SWINO can wait tables, if she can not drink on the job.


  2. I like the photo of all the ladies, with just Shaft’s elbow, but it’d be fabulous if you could photoshop it with just her ass cheeks in there…… (heh, heh)


  3. Lisa is class. Paul and Adrienne sure seem like a mystery couple now…all these allegations during the divorce …more to come when the divorce is announced and the house goes aflame.


  4. Lisa said what I was thinking, Brandi wasn’t trying to expose, just trying to show how Adrienne lies. And lawsuits are tacky, especially if something said is not going to cause you any losses. They signed up for this crap, to bicker and banter. If a lawsuit gets filed after every fight, no one is going to say anything and this show will be a huge snooze fest.


  5. I cannot stand Lisa…she is mean. She is self absorbed and never wrong (in her eyes) I really like Adrienne. She is a good business woman. She shops the racks, and not uppity.
    Brandi is in need of mouth management. Shes like this 10 year old with a nasty mouth. Is she really that stupid.
    Kyle is vile


    • I see vyle doesn’t want to appear to bully brandi this season so bravo brings BH’s version of kim d by the name of faye resnick. vyle doesn’t want to tarnish mauricio’s reputation/business/income by being a bully. looks like sister kim is also contracted to start shit as well. Sure missed YoFo. Would have loved to see her response to the shenanigans. Wonder if she was invited to either event?


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