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The time had finally come to buy Alexia  her car. We hadn’t told her anything and she wasn’t expecting one. Our house actually HAD been egged so we decided to use that as part of our cover up.

rhobh benz

Mauricio finally decided on that particular car because he felt it was reliable and most importantly safe. It was such an exciting moment. I loved watching the joy my husband  got out of giving that car to Alexia. Alexia was truly so appreciative as she always is. She has always been so responsible, loving, and kind. Always happy, always smiling. I cried my eyes out after she drove off. So happy for her but so sad that she no longer needed me to drive her everywhere. As exhausting as it can be at times, I love those moments with my kids.

The Sur tasting. . .What started out to be a simple food tasting turned out to be the start of a very intense feud between Brandi and Adrienne.  What Brandi said at the table was a very private matter.

What she says Adrienne “lied” about, does not fall into the category of a lie. It falls in the “it’s nobody’s business” category. Not about anyone else except her family. It doesn’t effect Brandi or any of us in any way, shape, or form. I understand when you’re upset with someone you say things you don’t mean, but talking about private family matters is below the belt.  It had gone too far.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation with Adrienne. I knew she would find out eventually and wanted to give her a heads up but wasn’t sure how or when. . .

Watching Lisa with Ken have surgery  was touching. I am such a worrier I can imagine how she felt seeing her husband of 30 years being wheeled into surgery. As we know, any surgery is a risk. I’m happy he is fine and feeling better!   NOTE:  Ken’s surgery is about as ‘touching’ as the Vanderpump-Todd’s upcoming recommitment ceremony! BORING!!

Mauricio had really been looking forward to The Agency event at The Ritz Carlton Residences. Having The Agency land the listing of The Ritz Carlton Residences was a big deal to Mauricio and The Agency. He was so proud to show it off to everyone. He had invited clients, friends, and family. It started off great. Having everyone there (minus Lisa and Ken due to Ken’s surgery) was great. I was grateful everyone came out to support Mauricio and his team.

Then the bombshell. . .I want to say that, although I was upset with Kim for choosing that time to tell Adrienne and Paul what Brandi had told everyone, I KNOW she was coming from a good place.   Bad timing?   Yes, but she was trying to be a friend to Adrienne and Paul and felt we were keeping something important from them. Don’t get me wrong, I was upset that night. I didn’t want Mauricio’s special night ruined or to embarrass him. So much for that. . .

Tempers flared and accusations were thrown out. I felt bad because Brandi  and I have our ups and downs but we were in a good place and now this. Regardless of why she said what she did, it was wrong. There was no denying that.

I understand Paul being so protective. He felt he was protecting Adrienne and his family. I have never seen Paul upset like that and know him to be a kind, gentle person.

I know its frustrating not to hear what was said, but it is a private matter. Yes, this is a reality show and we all put our lives out there, but to some, certain things are too sacred.

Until next week. . .

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92 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… John Wanted Kid To Have “Safe” Car… What Brandi Said About Adrienne Was “it’s nobody’s business” Category… AND… Too Private For A “Reality” Show…

  1. Oh Kyle. She’s kinda delusional. I guess everyone (besides Lisa and Brandi) bow down to Adrienne! She’s the one who revealed that her own sister was an alcoholic on TV! What about her kids who are YOUR nieces and nephews!

    Kyle and Adrienne both supported Camille when she revealed that Russell was abusing Taylor! How on Earth is that less private or any better than what Brandi said? What about Kennedy!? And Russell’s other children!?

    She is the biggest gossip, two faced person on the show. You sat at the dinner and probed Brandi! YOU were the one who asked her what the feud between she and Adrienne was about. And she goes and writes this blog about how wrong Brandi was. She loves getting all bent out of shape over what others do like Brandi dropping the “f” bomb when season 1 Kyle told Camielle she was an “f”ing liar? #kylesucks

    • Kyle and her husband are just worried they will lose Adriennes commission for getting and selling her home. Believe me after Mauricio seals the deal with Adrienne, he and Kyle will then turn on her too, just like they did Lisa and Paul. And the only reasons “Passe Faye R.” is jumping on the bandwagon is 1.-She is Salivating to be a housewife and 2.- Kyle gets her deals from Mauricios clients to decorate!!!!

  2. Sacred my ass. Joe G called his wife a c**t and that was aired and it should not have been. Adrienne isn’t that interesting – the juicy dirt might have helped. LOL

  3. Maybe I dreamed this, but I seem to remember Paul saying they used a surrogate…..does anyone else remember this?

    • I cant remember Paul saying that but I know its been speculated for a while given Adrienne’s age. I can only remember seeing the two younger ones just briefly on the show. I didn’t realize she had an older one. But their was one scene last season that I commented on where a portrait was in the background obviously of a young kid and it had been blurred out. Maybe the older one was adopted? Lisa was open about her son being adopted but that was because he already knows. If Adrienne and Paul wanted to wait till the kids were older to tell them of the adoption or the surrogate then that is understandable. Its also possible(more than likely) that this is a bunch of faked hoopla and the kids have always known of the surrogate but Adrienne and Paul needed a storyline.

      • The other possibility I haven’t heard floated around is that she used donor eggs … that would be incredibly private and probably not the kind of thing you would ever want to reveal to your kid.

        • ITA that’s the only reason this should be a problem. IMO, kids wouldn’t care who carried them, but it’s a different story to find out your mom is not your bio mom.

          • I only have one thing to say and it’s my opinion. If Adrienne and Paul didn’t want whatever is out not to be out they should have kept their mouths shut in the first place and never mentioned it at all.

          • Exactly! Then the poor kids would know that they are not from the pure Maloof bloodline and are instead just Mr. Maloof’s throwaway offspring.
            God rich people and their problems.

        • That’s possible too. However, one day the kids will ask about it(given her age at time of conception) and lying to them WHEN and only when THEY ask will not be a good idea. Camille is wise to always let her children know how badly she wanted them and how she wasn’t gonna let a lil IB or ego(pick a reason) get in the way of bringing them in to this world.

  4. I am quite disappointed that the big secret Adrienne and Paul hiring a surrogate was it!!! really who gives a rat’s ass?? I was expecting far worse. Adrienne and Paul are rediculous law suit my ass if it is true so what?Brandi didn’t lie and Adrienne will have to prove it is a lie to even merit a law suit.
    As of right now Brandi and Paul have made up and are BFF’s.
    Kyle and Kim make me sick Kyle was the one that brought it up in the first place and if she didn’t want to know why ask? she knows Brandi will tell it like it is.
    As for Kim if she felt that badly she could have called Adrienne that night and told her.
    As far as I am concerned Kim maybe not be drinking on Camera but she is definatley on something she still looks high to me and I don’t see any difference between her mad ramblings on season 1 & 2 than now.
    Lisa is enjoying every minute of loose cannon Brandi and in a way I don’t blame her, Adrienne is sneaky frozen faced bitch.
    I hope the surgery Ken had on his hip will help with his walk he was walking as though he had ridden across America bare back with no underpants on!!

    • I thought that also w Kim.. That chicken salad scene was so AWKWARD! I couldn’t watch it & felt so Embarassed for her.. The whole prom night scene was awkward & Kim seemed a lil out of it..

    • Well, if it has something to do with the boys’ births, in Adrienne’s mind that was merely a “white lie”, one she probably would never have told on the show if that slutty Muhamed’s ex-wife hadn’t broached the subject……..If the producers had known about P & A’s upcoming divorce, they could have used that for another boring storyline, but at that point, Brandi must have been ordered to broach the “baby birth subject”………This is all OK, what’s expected of a phony reality show, but who the hell forced Kim to wait for Mauricio’s party. That’s insane, and this particular section of the country is running out of vacations, parties, etc. to interest us. One thing – how crazy and slutty, and seriously mentally ill is Brandi. Those poor kids of hers. I love Adrienne, but looks like the end for her family on the show.????????? Ba-bye. Oh, and what’s Kyle’s problem????? She’s perfectly normal, and unless posed by a producer, Kim’s really nuts to wait for that night…..

  5. Kyle: That comment is not “sacred” or else it would have would up on the cutting room floor. Just saying.

    • If Kim had not told Adrienne & Paul then Bravo might have aired what Brandinsaid because there wouldn’t be a law suit stopping them & Paul & Adrienne would have been blind sides.

  6. I keep thinking how Brandi said, regarding her book deal, how whatever you have going on, Adrienne has something like it or better. Like when Ad said…I have a book deal too. Adrienne is a one upper. Like Luanne. So maybe when someone at the table in Ojai talked about her csection…Ad blurted out…Oh I had two csections. Somtimes the One Upper gets so carried away that she doesnt care about what is the truth. If this whole thing is about her alleged surrogacy….I think it totally makes Ad look like a grade A a$$hole. A compulsive liar, maybe? And I think in that case, it would totally be Adriennes fault. How depressing and shocking that this person who is supposed to be everyones friend just casually lies like that. I would be worried about what important lies she has told. If she lied about her money or her relationship with her husband…maybe I could see why she would want to do that. But a casual, uneccesary, lie? Red flag.

      • Agree. As if surrogacy as an option is a horrible sacred scandal. Oy. I think you’re right that Adrienne has lied previously about her pregnancy choices. When she said ‘lawsuit’ twice to Kray Kray Kim I laughed out loud. She’s stoopid.

          • Good point. Its not. But wildly throwing out that Brandi sleeps til 3 pm while her children are with her is.

            • ITA Made and she could prove it was a blatant lie and done with malice aforethought . I think Brandi’s case would be stronger and have more merit.

            • But guess what… that allegation will make people like me curios to read Brandi’s book. She has to be very very careful about purging her dark moment secrets if Eddie and Leann and now Adrienne are gonna pounce on them. But then again… they are all in on this whole shootin match anyways so….the only ones that suffer are the kids.(Cant believe I just said that since as a child of divorce I pretty much got sick to death of that pitty phrase by age 10)

            • Made it is absolute BS and…drumroll please!…we are on the same page. It’s all about pimpin’ the book, the cannoli, the water, the wine. I am rapidly becoming beyond disillusioned. Kenya on Atlanta isn’t even bother to hide that she is chewing the scenery playing Diary of a mad Black woman. I’m now curious if the bitch slaps, catfights and threats are written into their contract.

    • That birthing convo was a set-up. I am sure – after all this time- these women have had the birthing talk, we all do it with new girlfriends, it’s a right of passage for mothers to trade our “war stories”. It was a fly trap that Adrienne couldn’t ignore and figured she better come up ( or as you stated so precisely – one up) with a story. Adrienne and Camille are far too self involved to birth a child. There. I said it and I mean it. These are two of the most self involved disgusting wanna-bees/put on airs/trying to be what they are not biotches in BH. Camille was/is a cheap tart who boffed the right guy (someone stoned enough to buy her saint act, and then he sobered up) and Adrienne is the daughter of a beer salesman. They are both delusional and cold as ice and are trying to portray themselves as something they will never be because their talents are all in their delusional little brains.

      • We have no idea if there was a tangible medical reason why Adrienne couldn’t have a child on her own. I do know that her using a serrogate is not new news. It was all over the net when they were involved in the Palms in Las Vegas. I do know that here was a medical reason for Camille. Even people magazine did a huge ariticle on Camille and the in ability for her to carry to term. She was very open and honest about it from the start. Adrienne is very self absorbed but I would never ridicule someone for using a serr

        • I’ve read more posting about Camille and IBS being a bullsh**t reason. I have IBS and I lost so much weight I stopped ovulating. If I couldn’t sustain my own body weight there is no way I could have carried a child. I know that it is stress related but it doesn’t make it any less real.

          • I agree. I have a friend with IBS and she miscarried 3 times and finally ended up with a daughter almost full term but she was in bed for 6 months. There is tons of people out there who would love to have a child and can not. My heart goes out you. It is a real illness and people just have no idea how lucky they are to be able to have a child.

            • ITA. cyn, I am just now reading this and I’m sorry for your illness and the hardship over maintaining weight and how that effected your ability to have a child. It is difficult when “normal” decisions are taken away. It is very heartbreaking.

              I know that Camille is BRCA 2 positive and it’s probably a “blessing” (in disguise) she didn’t carry her own kids in the sense that BRCA 2 cancers are, more often than not, hormone positive.

        • How old is Adrienne? How old are her children? Its pretty much as simple as that. Doesn’t make them any less her children mind you just no need in lying about it because one day he kids will wonder what else dear ole mom is lying about…. especially if Adrienne has dipped a toe in the trash the other parent pond which it looks like that’s what she has done with the fake abuse pictures.

          • Well she would have been 41 and 43. I am not an Adrienne fan but god only knows why she would have used a serrogate if she did. Maybe it was medical, maybe vanity. I don’t think it makes any difference. I personally would have went to extreme methods to be a mom. I am lucky I didnt have to.

        • My issue isn’t surrogacy, that discussion is for another time. My issue is the dishonesty and the thinking behind hiding ( how do you hide NOT being pregnant and then – viola – I have a baby!) using a surrogate.
          Here is an article on IBS and pregnancy. Draw your own conclusions.

          Don’t be fooled by the title, it claims that miscarriage MAY increase (usually with additional conditions; IBS being only one of them) but the condition is NOT a deterrent, only that the mother needs to be vigilant in her care while pregnant.
          My GF has IBS. She is stick thin BUT always has a littel protruding belly, Camille can serve food off her flat belly. I call balderdash, jsut another excuse. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Do you have to watch your diet? Yes. Does it prohibit you from having a baby? No.

          • Adios, I think that is what Beyonce did. The speculation was all over the news. It was a way to have a baby without losing her figure. Everyone fawned over how quickly she lost the “baby weight.”

            • @ Hers ITA I remember seeing a clip of Beyonce on a foreign talk show, German I think, and when she sat down the belly shmooshed in like it was a pillow or something. All I know is that I have never experienced nor witnessed a pregnant belly act in that manner. Very suspect.
              I’m just so sick of them peeing on our legs and telling us it’s raining…

            • Hey ladies…I was wondering something….how much money would it take for you to carry some strangers baby to term? Not your sister, no emotional attachments here. And could you detatch yourself after the baby is born? Lets assume you have met the family whose baby you would carry….and you feel good about giving them a child. All medical bills paid too. I’ll start. Taking into account morning sickness, total lifestyle changes, bitchiness impact on my own family, having to constantly explain it to friends and strangers who say “Congrats! When are you due?”. Plus I would lose some work. No paid maternity. Possible bedrest…..Hmmmm. Maybe 250K? I dont think surrogates typically get that much…but I think thats what it would take for me. Maybe higher. After taxes thats only about 140K. Really.

      • @adios…well said! I have to laugh too at Adriene’s threat of a slander law suit against Brandi. These women have hurled horrid accusations at each other for years and all of a sudden Adriene thinks a judge might settle one in her favor? HA! STOOPID!!!

  7. Has anyone checked records to see if this lawsuit exists? Also, why is Bravo letting Adrienne’s attorney’s to edit their show? You would think they would fight this and fire her tacky ass!

  8. I think Adrienne is pure nastiness. She is a total liar and fronter. I think she probably was the violent one in the marriage. She most certainly was verbally abusive to Paul just about everytime they both were on camera together since the beginning of the stoopid franchise.

    • Quite possible. I remember the first season an Ew recapps jokingly hinting that they hope it wasn’t A who broke his nose.
      Now what man even in today’s society wants to admit his wife beat him up breaking his nose?
      All the subtle clues and behaviors seem to point to this senario but i doubt he would ever publicly admit this happened.

  9. Maybe it had to do with the allegations Paul was abusing their kids, because there was a snippet of Brandi saying she didn’t sleep till 3 pm. and comments about her mothering skills. Like they were going nose to nose on parenting. Paul was pretty pissed and angry, I really doubt anything is that sacred to bravo, a guy killed himself, Tre and Joe, i think bravo was more worried They will sue, and Adrienne and Paul have the money to do it!

  10. Yeah, this from a woman who shoved her own sister out of the alcoholic closet. (so to speak) It’s private when it’s something she wants kept private if it’s something that she can try to hold over her sister it fair game? The world doesn’t work that way. If your problems or troubles are yours to keep hidden than so are hers. I swear sometimes the things some of these HWS say, it’s like watching little kids explain their actions.

    • @ maybeitsyou To wit: Let us not forget how Kyle was throwin’ the F-bomb around Serafine’s in NY… I’ve eaten there (their pizza is the best I have EVER eaten) and it is not a big place and she was Ethel Merman-ing it with the f-bombs and now she’s running around clutching her pearls…Total hypocrite.

    • Anyone that has to try that hard to convince you that the sister has a problem is trying to distact you from something very negative in her own life/personality. I know she’s jealous but to claim you’re doing it to help your sister & you know that’s not your goal. Somethings off. It’s a distraction.

  11. The whole scene read fake to me!! Paul’s outrage at Brandi seemed scripted. They were one step away from laughing.. They’re all starting to make me crazy. Kyle’s always the first one to call someone out on their bad behavior yet, she never, ever looks at her own “perfect” self.
    Ms SH. Again..loving the very Attractive photo of Kyle. With pictures like that, who needs a story…lol.

    • I think so, too. About the fakeness of it all. Just like the cake debacle at the Dubrow’s. I wonder if Muhammed (someone said he previously owned the Ritz Carlton Dana Pt) is somehow involved in the real estate Mauricio was hawking and that was why Yolanda wasn’t at the event?

  12. Do none of these women own a phone?!!! I’ll bet no one called because they all wanted Adrienne to be taken down–better her than them! That way they could all look good taking sides later, when they knew which way the wind was blowing! Kim is quite the passive-aggressive shit-stirrer. Way to go–create drama at your bil’s event! Piss off your sister! Payback, bitches!

    • No way Kim did that on her own. The producers fingerprints were all over that scene.At this point I don’t care what was said, this season is terrible. Does Bravo hope we keep watching for the big reveal? I am so done with this scripted mess called housewives, fake money,fake boyfriends, fake houses, fake singing,fake lives.

  13. I think the big secret is that Adrienne sleep walks and while she is doing that, she lights her weave on fire and Paul needs to wrestle her to the ground to make her stop. Implications of arson (the upcoming fire) and spousal abuse. My work here is done.

  14. Im going crazy with to many theories spinning in my head, but could it be a possibility that Paul is not the biological father, without his knowledge?
    Or maybe it has become a setup, bc there are no courtrecords of the lawsuit(according to other commenters), so everyone plays along to make it seem like the surrogacy-thing, so the real secret is safe and everyone avoids getting sued?
    The surrogacy-story just seem sooooo stooopid, even if it werent her eggs, then how would anybody know the truth, if she just denied it and laugh`d about it. It had a been a rumor since S1. But these women often dont make any sense.

  15. I dont believe there would be all this uproar over surrogacy. I believe it has to do with some form of abuse towards the kids & possibly 1 of Adrienne’s family members. Maybe A confided in B when they were friends & said who she thought could have abused 1 of the kids & I’d say B said it really happened but that A was lying about it now OR something like that. Even if A used a surrogate, especially with Camille using 1, it wouldnt be a big deal. Camille said it was way over the line & with her using a surrogate, she wouldnt have said that. Why would attys be involved if it was over surrogacy? I bet money it involves A & P’s kids & Adrienne’s family. I dont think this is to get some Bravo rating boost either. Guess Im ready what has been said, hearing what they said last night & reading between the lines. Maybe if there is a pending lawsuit, unless its a private case, against B, then maybe the paperwork can be found. Bravo should have just left it out! Some1 will tell tho, all of Bravo,production etc heard it!

    • N: The RHOBH was filmed six months ago. Keep in mind that the Housewives LOVE to threaten… it makes for good TV! As for the child abuse allegations, that was covered on SH a few months ago. Paul Nassif was investigated by CPS in CA and the claims were not valid. TFC!! SH

  16. I’m thinking that the conversation in Ojai about giving birth,(Camille’s TH about surrogates) was Bravo’s intro to this topic..Clever Beavers Bravo!

  17. Hey Ms SH…I didnt mean Paul abusing the kids..but Byle said Paul was protecting his kids & defending Adriennes family so thats what going on in my thoughts. I didnt miss your abuse post when A lied on P in order to gain custody…I wouldnt miss your stuff :) Ur always a month or so ahead of everybody else. While reading the other comments, I thought more about this…Dangerous, I know-B kept bringing her kids up so we know it deals with A&P’s kids…B,Byle&Paul said it also dealt with their “family” so I really dont think it has anything to do with donor eggs, sperm, surrogacy or adoption (IMO). Im still stuck on some1 in A’s family possibly abusing the kids or accusations of abuse (Not Paul)-Something along those lines. I dont rem P ever saying A couldnt have kids. She’s in her 50′s but she could have still had a normal pregnancy even though it would have been considered high risk due to her age at the time. 2 many ppl know what was said & if it was cut to truly protect their kids then Im glad it was cut!

  18. It has been said that trauma based mind control victims sometimes have stun gun scars on their faces. Look at Kyle. Sissy works for Disney. Mommy will do ANYTHING to get her daughters famous. And lots of hint and allegations at very inappropriate sexual training according to the book House Of Hilton. And now Kyle is teamed up with Evolution… who also produce RHOC and who else has those bumps on their face? Gretchen. Just throwing that out there.

    • I read that book Made… What a dark family… Big kathy was mommie dearest… And what she did or who she did to get her daughters in money.. Her daughters are trained… Doesn’t excuse them as far as I’m concern… It was just creepy… Dang creepy… But it was a good read if you like smut.. :)

  19. Am I living in a different planet than everyone else? I think so…
    Kyle went on and on about Brandi using the f-word this and f-word that in front of Maurice’s clients! Ok… she called Camielle an f-en liar and said she was fake and pretending to be someone that she wasn’t to her FACE and she was Maurice’s CLIENT!!!!
    Brandi didn’t insult his clients.
    And I totally believe the allegations of Paul being abusive towards Adrienne. He was referening to hitting Brandi at the party not talking about a lawsuit. He was so aggressive I was scared for her. Thank you Shana for acknowledging that on camera because that should not go unnoticed!!!!!
    (but i do think BOTH Paul and Adrienne got into fist fights together)
    Kyle outted her sister on worldwide television that she was an alcoholic and showed all the girls Camille’s porn pictures to all the girls(again a CLIENT of Maurices’). She really is a hypocrite. what makes what she did any less what Brandi did.

    please ignore typos computer running too slow for me to correct them

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