Posted on December 11, 2012

A deeper look into the Adrienne/Brandi “confusion”… which took place at John Turturro’s business par-tay.  Please notice that the par-tay guests include John’s father and other real estate agents who work for John…

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  1. Oh now that I’ve seen the show I don’t know anymore than what I knew before. Swine looked like hell she really does need to STFU and wash her hair. Vyle knows more than anyone, that I would bet on. Kim said it like it was and then left. I definitely saw Paul laughing as they were leaving so my opinion this is just a scripted act to bring ratings up.

    • I agree about that obnoxious Swine. What the heck was she dragging up old stuff about her phoney stories for, just to make a dig at Camille? If anything, as a DV survivor, she should’ve gotten away from an altercation like that ASAP.

  2. Same old, same old: Vyle playing all sides and reminding us that her sister was a drunk whilst blaming everything on Kim, SWINE acting (poorly) as if she has PTSD from being abused by Russel, John Turturro getting involved in lady business and promoting his beezness, and Vyle CRYING–why is she crying?????? There is a lovely shot of Vyles man hands as Brandi exits.

    Same sh*t we see all the time. *yawn*

  3. I hate the way Kyle always twists things into her own perspective. Why doesn’t anyone ever call her out? I’m glad Kim had enough sense to tell her to shut up. It’s actually disgusting to watch her comment on Kim. I feel like she was almost holding back from saying that she wishes Kim was still a drunken mess so she could manipulate and control her the way she wants. She always acts like the voice of reason, but everything she says and does is motivated by her own agenda. I’m surprised Brandi refers to her as a friend or implies that they are on good terms. Kyle never seems to want to see things from Brandi’s perspective. Hopefully someone pulls the wool off their eyes and sees that she’s just a trash talking instigator who thinks she’s above everyone.

      • I second that. It kills me, Kim’s early acting money supported the family and here’s Kyle, the evil stepsister holding some grudge that the money train stopped running years ago. She doesn’t click with what is currently going on for Kim. Everybody else seems to be sensitive to it. I think also that Kyle is pissed that she was born with a hairlip and that Kim was and is the real beauty, a little weathered mind you, but beautiful nevertheless.

    • That picture is hilarious. You can practically see the thought bubble over her head with the words, “Bitch, PLEASE!”

  4. why is swine still on this show? she has never lived nor knows anything about the bev hills life style. fay could easily replace her.

  5. Okay, a few thoughts

    this is one of the only few times I enjoyed Taylor. She went against her friend Kyle and actually defended her enemy Brandi. Love her or loathe her, she gets respect for me in that sense.

    Kyle is a disgusting pig. I’m sorry, but I’d be LIVID if I were Kim and to see the talking head of Kyle randomly bringing up how Kim is a drunk and she’s happy she’s sober when it did not fit the context, Kim will never be right over Kyle in Kyle’s eyes because Kim is the ~ ” drunk”

    and then for Kyle to refer to “all the other women” as a pitbull???? Then what are you Kyle? A fucking Mutt. Lord I hate this woman so much.

    Brandi is making this season entertaining at least.

  6. They are all hypocrites!!!!!
    Pretending this show is`nt fake and judging them without thinking about producerinvolvement, bc thats just to complicated to make sense of, and THIS IS what they signend up for, whether Kyle or anybody thinks else thinks it`s unfair, too bad B******!!!:

    Kim, who has absolutely no sense of timing and is as much more to blame for this incidint than Brandi and who just looks like her sister too much to ever get along with her.

    Shana, who only sees a oppurtunity to vindicate her “struggle” and to finally WIN her fight with Camille. Viewers wont ever forgive u Shana, U basically handed Russel the rope!!!!

    Camille, who loves to sit on her high horse, looking down and acting all confused and judgemental when theres drama that dosent involve her, but still not more confused than to pick a side, and believe she knows that Adrienne is sooo innocent. She is just playing it safe, bc she never wants to go against the mean-girls crowd again and risk turning back time to the time she was the most haded housewife!

    Kyle, who is everywhere on everybody, always involved in everybit of drama (drama-slut), was the one who wanted Brandi to speak about her and Miss Maloofs problems, on sur and in the limo home from their trip. And SAY WHAT! Paul was right to act like that, bc he was angry! But Brandi dosent have that luxery! Ur DELUSIONEL – Get medicated, before u turn into Jax !!!!

    And Fayke Rednaked (looove the one, who came up with that name !): Go away B****! Ur the ultimate backUp MEAN-girl to Vyle and I wanna trow eggs at my tv everytime I see ur ugly morally corrupt plastic face! U will never be a housewife u stupid famewhore! And IT IS much more morally corrupt to use ur friends murder to get into playboy, than starring in the hardest hardcore pornmovie ever made! If u wanted to show ur stuf naked, u didnt need that as an excuse!

    They are all weak and does not deare to stand their ground without somebody backing them up!

    Brandi: Ur too naive with these women! They will ALWAYS feed u to the wolves, if it serves their purpose….well even for the fun of it, bc they are all jealoux crazy morons, addicted to fame and money! Make enough money to take care of ur babies and pay ur lawyers and then GET OUT! Never turn into something like them, to please them. U dont seem like the girl who needs to live that lifestyle to be satisfied and happy.

  7. Kim says in that clip that she was going to call Adrienne and Paul, yet in her blog, she said she did but they never called back. I’m wondering if she ever tried to call them as she states.
    Maybe there are no phones in the bathrooms at her house. That seems to be where she spends most of her time on camera.

  8. Again, f you Kyle. You and the morally corrupt Faye Resnick are the biggest pitbulls out there. And Kyle’s laugh is just so pleasant isn’t it? Faye should just stick to “decorating” and keep off the show, she is unbearable.

  9. Whats up with SWINE all the sudden being BFF with Brandi “bye bye darling” kiss and hugs and defending? That woman will do anything to stay relevant and make it all about her and her bruised little ego…Discusting.

    • Swine is going to attach herself to the person who she can benifit from, Brandi is liked
      by a lot of people Swine is dispised and hated.

      • Sure turns around quickly that SWINE showing off her true colours again… Correct me if I am wrong, but I still remember her behaviour a couple of epiodes back at the bday party….Guess it turned in Ojai when they could be drunk together….I am so sick of that woman!

        • Swine will never go away, she found the “love of her Life, this beautful man” when in fact she only loves his wallet and his beautiful money. People hate her and she is desparate
          to stay on the show and make people like her again, I dont buy her act with this married man anymore then i buy she was abused by Russell. This guy is such a idiot he released a statement saying swine is no homewrecker interesting since he was living at home when they started “dating” and now he is separated and he wants us to believe she had nothing to do with it…really. Its only a matter of time before swine accuses him of some hheinous act so she can cry on DR PHIL again and say how she cant break the pattern of being drawn to abusive men and BOOHOO her fake tears for the Camera

          • I puke all the way over the pond. Saw her new beau. Same guy she was with when she drunk called interviewed with the Aussie Radio right.
            She can go away if nobody pays any attention to her anymore. Maybe I should start with myself from now on

            • MS SH is pointing us in the right direction with her not being featured,grayingout her face and chopping her out of group pictures or replacing her with a picture of a Pig, not a cute pig like my

    • That was Swine’s stoopid and transparent attempt to insinuate that Brandi just got “abused” by Paul

      • Haha, yeah. OMG, never stop being amazed of the depths of levels this woman will sink down too. Poor poor Kennedy growing up with her :(

        • Seriously. Her faked heart attack was Fred Sanford worthy. Real abused women thank their lucky stars if an altercation just ends in a few b words and f words and a half hearted chest bump.

          • Oh good lord did she really!! I havent watched it yet I watched a repeat of criminal minds that i have seen 700 times instead. A misquito lands on Swine and she would probaly say that that bug abused her and drew blood

            • Yes she tried to act like the Paul thing gave her flashbacks or sumpin. It was stoopid. Also her making a point to check on Brandi with her “are you ok?” thing was a thinly veiled attempt to demonstrate that even if you dont like someone if they were abused(cough cough) you should rally around them no matter how unbelievable their bullcrap is. Like Swine wishes thats what the viewers had done for her.

  10. Not a fan of Brandi anymore… Who is she all of a sudden? God? That she can go around talking the “truth”… Puh-lease… Its the truth to “her” and no one else. She’s not stable at all… All that crazy tweeting is a bit too Jacqueline now…

    • This is what always bugs me: It depends on the popularity of the person telling the “truth” as to how that “truth” will be received by others.

      Kyle don’t like Miss Brandi, so anything Miss Brandi does or says will be so horrifying to Kyle she won’t be able to stop speaking about it for months (while the other ladies fall right in line nodding their heads)….BUT Miss Kyle can say whatever to whomever she wants to about anyone. That includes calling her sisters very private struggle with addiction out on national TV.

      It’s a popular girls game, and whoever is the head of the group sets the tone. In this case, Kyle seems to think she is and the rest of the sheep seem to agree (except Lisa & Brandi).

      • I agree with U, but fortunately people have caught on to that kyle has taken plenty of advantage of this, too many times, so the most popular or respected outside this group is not Kyle anymore. She seems like a greedy personality on more way than one.

        • From what I’ve been watching the past few weeks I think Kyle still has their attention (except for Lisa) when it’s against Brandi & still seems to lead the pack more often than not. Sometimes it seems like more of them than not are afraid to have Kyle on their bad side (obvious exceptions excluded!) and this is why she’s allowed to act the way she does/says the things she does, etc. Outside of family, Lisa seems to be the only one who will disagree in public with her, even though she’ll drop it and move on to another subject while Kyle seems to keep going on and on and on. This is just my take on it…she’s drives me CRAZY so I might be seeing things that aren’t there!

      • I really don’t think anyone takes Kyle’s opinions seriously. It’s Lisa who is the queen of manipulation… Brandi follows her like a puppy but we all what a great judge of character Lisa is… NOT! Cedric anyone?

        • Kyle sure does! I don’t think it’s really what Kyle “says” it’s how she feigns outrage/clutches her pearls and everyone seems to fall right in line doing the same – like last week in Ojai. They’ve never heard the F-bomb before? Had Kyle kept her mouth shut or said, “boy Adrienne, you really made her mad to use that word” and laughed/dropped it…..I don’t think anyone else would have said anything.

          You’ve never had someone like a Cedric in your life?

          • I for one do not worship at the Church of Vanderpump as many do. Sorry. Not for me. She’s not a very good actor… Although this year they must have a new director cause the acting’s shonkier than ever.

  11. Having seen this I’m sure “the secret” it’s not about the children, and not even Maloof family thing, since Camille said: “Paul and Adrianne didn’t go around talking about ADRIANNE’S personal life.”
    Not “their” And somebody from the cast said – Paul was protecting his wife.
    Don’t have a clue what the secret is – but this rumor about kids might come out of Adrianne’s camp to gain sympathy and put people of the right track.

    p.s. Thank you SH for this video and all other things you provide us!

  12. brittany: YES… everyone has seen the linked article. As mentioned previously re this article, Robin Leach got the BH Housewives confused. The statement re the surrogate was NOT about Adrienne it was clearly referring to Camille Grammer, who has TWO children and the nannies, etc. Adrienne has never mentioned surrogates, either on the RHOBH or via any other media. Robin Leach got his Housewives mixed up. The next time a link to this article is included, it will be trashed. TFC! SH

  13. Adrienne is a lesbian. It all makes sense.

    And if you look back to when Brandi originally told the secret, Kyle made a (ridiculous) face as if she heard a dirty/silly joke. NOT an expression if she just heard about something potentially serious I.e. Surrogacy, Marital problems, affairs

    Plus, when you think of a high-powered Hollywood mega biatch lesbo, isn’t Adrienne cut from central casting?? I mean I hate to stereotype but cmon!

  14. What a cluster f*ck! First Brandi says something so supposedly awful about Adrienne that we the viewers are not even privy to hear, then Kim tells A & P what Brandi said at the most inappropriate time, then Paul flips out and calls Brandi a Bitch and storms out of John Turturro’s event. And if it can’t get any worse, there are several close-up’s of Vyle’s man hands! This show is a hot mess and it’s not fun or interesting if we don’t know WHY they are arguing.

  15. it is so disgusting to me that Adrienne and Paul are still getting a pass for trying to orchestrate a total take down of Lisa at the reunion by enlisting Brandi..who they thought was their friend. When Brandi switched sides and told Lisa what Adrienne and Paul were planning and how they tried to get Brandi to send twitter messages, they really started hating her. Now Adrienne is all concerned about something in her life…but she wanted Brandi to put out into the public, things about Lisa. I have 0 empathy for Adrienne. She gets what she deserves at this point.

  16. Isn’t it more inflammatory to call someone a drug addict/full of drugs?? I would consider that “character” assassination much more than….well, I guess we don’t know….but of the things that have been speculated about adrien

  17. Can’t remember who said it but a comment mentioned seeing Kyles man-hands in this episode just a s Brandi was leaving. Well goes what? I finally saw the lizard lips/tongue in action. It was the weirdest thing. It scared me. Gotta go to the DVR and find the spot it happened. Someone’s got to make a gif animation of it STAT.

  18. Thought I read that Kyle has a percentage of the show and that is why some are afraid of her. When she found out it was not a package deal with Kelsey, she questioned Camille to the point that Camille started to realize she wasn’t on the show for herself. While she may have a percentage, it probably isn’t full controll, so jealousy over Brandi, who became popular, exposed what a green-eyed and calculating monster she really is. She probably was determined to cause trouble in order to get Brandi off the show, hence all the ugly incidents. But it backfired. She was the one who brought up the Adrienne incident on the trip back home and the one who again brought up Adrienne to Brandi at the table–very calculated. She may have had something to do with bringing Taylor on, and keeping her on, and wants to continue using her especially to attack Brandi. Of course, Taylor has her own green-eyed monster towards Brandi and said she didn’t think it would be good to have her on as a permanent housewife as they were all like a family (choke, choke) as is and should stay that way. The tall blond thought that was her distinction, then along comes the gorgeous, taller, model built Brandi and she must have almost had a coronary over it. But all their stunts and scheming backfired. Kyle is still doing her best to cover her own butt while she attacks Brandi’s behavior. It is and will continue to backfire on her. If Kyle doesn’t have a percentage, there has to be some kind of undue influence involved.

  19. Lip/Licking/Lizard/Man Hands/Kylee, is now using Faye to ask/do her dirty work for her so LLLMHK comes out smelling like a rose and so proper this season ( nice edit) for her image…I hope nobody is buying this crap cuz manhands is in everyones buisness…thats the only story line she has and *Yawn* its boring and old and irritating.

  20. You know that “you sleep till 3pm” stuff sounds a lot like an allegation that one divorced parent would make toward another. Is it possible that when Brandi says “You all just have no idea what she has done to me” that she is referring to Adrienne speaking to Eddie and feeding him info ?

  21. Faye Resnick is scum, she got her fame by writing about a murdered woman and masqueraded as her friend while describing their lesbian encounter in her book which led to her playboy nude layout. I thought she was disgusting whoring herself with all the sick pathetic characters in the O.J. Circus of a trial. Nicole and a young man were brutally murdered and this piece of human garbage says things about a woman who was dragged through the mud as a victim and is not alive to defend herself, now this haint(word my Cajun daddy used to describe lowdown trash) has parlayed the vilest ever15 minutes of fame into more nauseating ways to extend it. I loathe her and her fake way she talks trying to imitate her idea of a cultured rich woman who comes from something. crawl back into the gutter fake. I think she is a vulture and would do anything to promote herself. She haunts us which is what a haint does, we need an exorcist on the show to rid the world of us. To help this effort I’ll pray “in the name of Jesus I rebuke you Satan and I rebuke all your evil works! did I mention I loathe her.

  22. kyle and faye are f’n a holes and if you want ANY credibility KYLE, lose that frickin FAYE and recognize that she used Nicole Simpson and is not worth any respect.Kyle, your make me sick and i knew of your sister YEARS b4 i ever knew of you.

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