BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: Brandi’s “Bombshell” About Adrienne Maloof… Possibilities… What Did Brandi Glanville Say About Adrienne Maloof?

December 11, 2012

Brandi’s dinner revelation about her fellow cast mate, Adrienne Maloof, has resulted in a huge guessing game.

What is it that Brandi actually said?  Did anyone see Brandi’s lips move when she spewed this “sacred” information re Adrienne?  Was the “below the belt” info actually about Adrienne?  Was it about Paul?  Was it specifically about Paul and Adrienne’s kids?

No one knows… and the principal players in this mystery ain’t talkin’!!

RHOBH Brandi four              I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ else… until those Bravo producers give me the green light!

SO… to solve a mystery, you must start at square one.  Square one in this downright demeaning dilemma drenched in dastardly deviousness is the DINNER!

The dinner at which Brandi was a guest… the dinner at which Brandi let loose with her VERY personal statement re da Maloof:

Did anyone see Brandi’s lips move??  Were those Bravo cameras zoomed in on Brandi when she revealed this secret?  A secret so serious, so solemn, so severely strict in its tiniest detail that knowing this forbidden bit of Nassif/Maloof intelligence would rock every dinner guest… to the point of their actually putting down their drinks and pausing to absorb the allegation.   Housewives pondering what another person said is VERY serious stuff!

maloof house                             Hey, Kim!!  I live right here!!

So serious, in fact, that Kim Richards could not wait to inform the Nassif/Maloof’s as quickly as possible! However, Kim Richards is known to lose things.  Therefore, Kim Richards MUST have lost her phone or lost her map showing where exactly Paul and Adrienne reside in Beverly Park or lost any way in which to contact either Paul Nassif or Adrienne Maloof BEFORE courageously and confidently spillin’ the details of Brandi’s dinnertime bombshell to Paul/Adrienne as they entered the big par-tay being thrown for John Turturro’s real estate bizness!


NOTE:  It is a contractual thang… none of the Housewives can speak about any other Housewife unless a Bravo camera is there to catch that conversation.  Bravo recently changed that specific clause in Kim Richards’ new contract… now that Kim is walkin’ around with a clear head and doing well in her recovery.  

Kim’s NEW clause says that Kim cannot utter one word re ANY Housewife from ANY franchise unless a Bravo camera is there to shoot precisely what Kim says.  This clause does not apply just to two-way conversations which Kim might have with others, including her dog, about the Housewives.   

Kim’s clause is VERY strict and precise…

Kim cannot mention Housewives while

  • sleepwalking;
  • hemming her daughter’s prom dresses;
  • writing secret notes to Ken;
  • picking out area rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond;
  • melting crayons;
  • measuring door knobs (nice to have on hand if that info is ever needed…);
  • cloud gazing;
  • questioning the “acting” skills of her colleagues;
  • instructing her minion on what subjects to tweet about for the day;
  • hoping that she will run into Camille Grammer at Costco (instead of always seeing DD pushin’ four carts… one for herself and three for Camille);
  • thinking about what to buy at Costco (Kim usually follows DD around and buys whatever is on Camille’s list);
  • remembering to ask Yolanda her favorite color…of tulips;
  • signing her new passport application;
  • considering just a nip of tequila thinking of her sister, Kyle, finding out that she’s sending Ken love notes;
  • doing background checks of potential candidates who just might be marriage material for  Kimberly;
  • wondering why Kyle’s kid got $84,000 from Kathy H for graduating college and Kim’s kid got a $250 gift certificate to the Tucson Hilton  (expiration date January 2013);
  • and most importantly, Kim cannot even THINK about Housewives while making OVER eight gallons of chicken salad (Kim’s minimum is eight gallons…).

KimR Chicken Salad Andy

With that in mind, Kim did what any level-headed, contractually obligated Housewife would do… not say one damn word until all those Bravo cameras were in place!   AND… hit an unsuspecting Bravo couple with the news of Brandi’s blabberin’ about them RIGHT before entering a Bravo-endorsed-concocted-contrived event!

RHOBH kyle mauricio                    OH!  What’s goin’ on over there?  OOPS…forgot all about the producer-induced surprise on da Maloofs!!

After Kim divulges what Brandi has said at the dinner, both Paul and Adrienne were ticked off!   Adrienne threatens a lawsuit… and Paul immediately confronts BigMouthBrandi:

Now that the groundwork has been laid, the answer to the Housewife mystery deepens.  WHAT did Brandi say??

Many have concluded that Brandi’s secret-busting blab was that Paul/Adrienne used a surrogate to have their three boys.  While that might be the case, would that potential ‘fact’ be something so harmful, so “below the belt” that it would cause Paul/Adrienne’s bellicose reaction?

brandi glanville pg

NOTE:  Adrienne’s use of a surrogate was researched years ago… and the research was inconclusive.  Not only could we not find any info re Adrienne’s use of a surrogate… more interesting was the fact that we could not find any photos of a pregnant Adrienne!  NOR could we find any photos of Adrienne as far back as the tennis-scholarship-educated student at NMU!  Adrienne’s people did a very thorough job of scrubbing photos of Adrienne from the intrawebby!

While the “MAYBE” fact that Paul/Adrienne’s use of a surrogate to have their kids was a possibility, would the use of a surrogate be so damaging?  Be a secret so damning and labeled “below the belt”?  There has to be much more to this.

If YOU were Paul/Adrienne, what would be so PERSONAL and close that you would only allow VERY close friends to know… especially as it pertains to your children?  Would paying a surrogate to carry your children be something which would, if your children found out later to be true, change anything?  Would this information cause your children to think of you any differently?  Doubtful on both counts.

What Brandi revealed HAD to be something much more harmful than the surrogate story… or that Adrienne had a C-section!   Paul and Adrienne’s reactions do not fit these “allegations”…

Ruling out that the “bombshell” Brandi dropped had to do with employing a surrogate, but DOES involve Paul and Adrienne’s children….the following are POSSIBLE logical conclusions to this mystery:

Did Brandi tell the dinner guests that perhaps when attempting to conceive naturally that Paul/Adrienne went the fertility route and that perhaps an egg donor had to be used?   Interesting…

Did Brandi’s top-secret blab have anything to do with the raging rumor, long before their divorce, that the Nassif/Maloof’s have not slept in the same room; therefore, how could they have conceived children?   Yawn…

Did Brandi’s blunderbuss say that she knew the possible surrogate??  Who knows?!  However, if it is revealed that the big fuss is over Adrienne using a surrogate…

Adrienne’s birthday is September 4, 1961, which makes Adrienne 52.  Paul/Adrienne’s boys are ages 9 and 6… Adrienne was 45 when she had her twin boys.  AND… just as an extra re those “abuse” claims… Adrienne can take care of herself.

NOTE:  Adrienne was chosen to get the bad edit this season on the RHOBH.   Again, the question of “WHY” Adrienne was chosen is another mystery!  Are we all being…


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151 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: Brandi’s “Bombshell” About Adrienne Maloof… Possibilities… What Did Brandi Glanville Say About Adrienne Maloof?

  1. Since a lot of the fall season shows are on break or over, I decided to finally do some housewife catching up last night. I have to say, if it wasn’t for Brandi and her big mouth, and Lisa and her sarcasm, this would possibly be the most boring of the Housewife franchises. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the other ladies a little on the boring side.

  2. On Dr. 90210 when Adrienne and Paul had a psychic/card-reader/fortune-teller there, whatever the hell u wanna call it; A confided in the confided in the psychic/card-reader/fortune-teller there, whatever the hell u wanna call it and asked about children in her future. She was a bitch to Paul back then as well.
    Brandi was right; A can’t formulate a sentence , it takes 10 minutes to get 2 sentences out.

    • We generally prefer the word “Psychic” :) However, no genuine Psychic will answer or look at any Health Questions, and that includes pregnancy, especially if there is a medical reason as to why the couple can’t have children. And as for the “psychics” that partake in these kinds of shows, well, I’d call them Phonies :)

  3. During the fight scene, there was also something said about Adrienne’s “employees”. Adrienne replied, to Brandi, “Yours do too!”. Brandi said, “Mine? I have employees?” This was just before Brandi told her to go away. It seemed very odd.

    • My guess is am is talking about the same assistant from the emails Brandi put on twitter. I think eddies assista t was working for her for a brief period and he told Eddie some inflammatory claims about bgs parenting. Bg says the assistant stole from her and is a liar. I think they are all nuts but Bernie is completely unstable and someone should sue him for all his “character assassination”

  4. I never jumped on the “Brandi Forever” loveboat,Like Meho she is a sick pig trying to do the swan dance. Hitting below..low…low..the belt (for camera time) is the Bravo wayand Bimbo Brandi is the new Bravo Babe….for now

  5. The following is Pure Conjecture! No lawsuits puleeze!
    1. Adrienne’s children were illegally adopted.
    2. Paul does not have a medical license.
    3. Adrienne’s chef is the father of her children because Paul is gay and/or impotent.
    4. Adrienne slept with Brandi’s ex husband and Jim Bellino.
    5. Paul had an affair with the nanny and fathered her children.

  6. Well, IF donor eggs were used, then maybe the concern was for the kid’s inheritance down the road possibly? But considering she’s the only Maloof with any kids, I don’t think it would matter.

    • If she used a surragate with donor eggs they would have to both be adopted by both adrianne and paul. so I dont think its inheirtence issues, unless they didnt dot thier i and cross there Ts.

  7. adrienne and paul are complete over reactors..look at how the responded to the comment about crack pot and maloof hoof. You would have thought that Lisa said they killed Hoffa and are hiding the body.. No one in Beverly Hills history over reacts like the Maloof. I could totally see it being the surrogate thing, because they don’t want their boys to know their mom didn’t carry them, or maybe it wasn’t their mom’s eggs and it was just Pauls sperm. Either way…if they can react to Maloof Hoof..because Vander…pump was rhyming about shoes..they can way over react to Brandi telling something like Surro “GATE” ha ha. They know, no one is saying anything because to most people this is not a big deal. So Bravo has to jump on the Maloof bandwagon, that this is a huge deal and keep it private. Brandi..don’t worry about lawsuits. If it is true, you can’t be sued for stating what all of the ladies probably already know. Also really Adrienne? You are outraged at Brandi? Yet, I thought it was most revealing that Brandi said Adrienne and Paul were trying to intimidate Brandi into sending out twitters about Lisa. What is everyone at SH over looking what Brandi revealed about that. I think everyone should be more outraged that Adrienne and surgeon boy were trying to stage some kind of coup against Adrienne …your lies should not be protected. Brandi was fired up about what a douche Adrienne and Paul were trying to be to Lisa, so she blabbed.

    • Exactly. It doesn’t have to be a big deal for those two to put on a theatrical performance. You’d think someone had done something incredibly vicious and vile if you didn’t hear them say that it was all over the crackpot.. or a hoof… Lol. This tells me that they need a hobby because they obviously have too much time on their hands.

  8. I’m gonna take a “shot in the dark” which really isn’t and say that Adrienne’s kids are adopted.

    I mean what else could it be? If she used a surrogate but wanted to keep it personal, I’m sure she would’ve said something when Camille said she used one…I mean she could relate!

    I would doubt it had anything to do with spousal abuse. After the Taylor thing, I doubt the housewives would call that personal, they would just try to do an intervention. Also, after the hot water that Brandi got herself in by speaking that way to Taylor at the reunion, I’m sure Kyle would have jumped across that table and attacked her like a while monkey. Lastly, I’m 34852346 % sure that Adrienne can beat the S&%#%! out of Paul, but that’s just me! Plus, they kept saying kids.

    The employees that Adrienne might be talking about is probably Brandi’s babysitters. They probably talk about her behavior after she pops a couple of “tic tacs” and how she downs them with tons of “mommy water.” Also, they might talk about all the “friends from BH” Brandi “wrestles” with after she comes home from “watching movies.”

    I like all the BH housewives except Lisa. Am I the only one that thinks she uses Brandi to do her dirty work? Poor Brandi just wants to fit in and have people on her side, but she sided with the Regina George of BH! I say Brandi drop Lisa and run! FAST! Look at what she did to Adrienne. Oh! This all makes sense! Adrienne’s “employees” are Lisa, but of course! I know believe that the secret is adoption! She confided in Lisa cause Lisa has adopted!

    Wretched Lisa, OFF WITH HER HEAD!

    • Interestingly, when Adrienne recounted her birthing story, Tayliar chimed in, “Wasn’t Paul telling you what to do?” Adrienne had a very strange look in her eye. She looked like she was caught in a lie. Since nobody noticed it, she continued with her little story. I disagree with you on Lisa. She is one of two adults (YOlanda being the other) on the show. Lisa has been fair minded and caring to the down trodden, while being stabbed in the back by Vyle.

    • But the boys look like Paul, they have the same shaped back of head and short necks like Paul, in my opinion.

    • I don’t think it’s about the kids because everyone would be up in arms over Brandi attacking someone else’s children after the big game night come apart when her children were brought up. In the preview for next week’s show, Kim refers to what Brandi said “about Adrienne and Paul,” so that tells me Brandi just said what everyone knew/knows–that their marriage was a sham. It would ruin what little dramatic moment Evolution managed to fabricate if the big to-do was about A and P’s fake marriage because, well, that’s been all over the news for months. So, by keeping it a mystery, the producers can weave a little something out of nothing…for a while. Problem is, all that does is put a big spotlight on their machinations. Stoopid.

  9. I would say it must be egg donation. Too many people would have seen her to know she wasn’t really pregnant and after a certain age it’s virtually impossible to get pregnant using your own eggs, and maybe they were so upset because the kids don’t know yet.

    • From someone dealing with infertility I can understand how something like that could be VERY personal. I think it is that ONLY for the twins did they have to use an egg donor. I wouldn’t want that coming out either, especially not if I had children (with different “egg mothers”) that didn’t know about it. I don’t like Adrianne and I like Brandi but if that is it it is that was SHITTY. I have friends who used an egg donor, we CLOSE friends know, but otherwise not and she sure as hell wouldn’t want it advertised on TV

    • Maybe so. But, it doesn’t qualify for “character assassination” as depicted by Adrienne. Infertility is normal and is not a big effing deal that anyone would make of it.

      • It is still something that can be very sensitive and hurtful. I don’t agree with the character ass… or suing but I think it was very shitty of Brandy

      • It depends on the person. It’s Adrienne’s situation. A big deal to her. I believe that needs to be respected.

  10. @nancy….that is exactly what I was thinking the story line was going to be about them wanting her to retract tweets and do a housewife take down. I was only able to see bits of the show last night and assumed I had missed the reveal……I musta also missed the discussion that it involved the children. I thought they were doing the NJ method of ….”I swear on my children…. I ain’t lyin” game.

  11. was Camille that admits she had a surrogate. Adrienne spent part of the spa weekend talking about her c section birth…so if Adrienne used a surrogate it was an outright lie. Camille has always fessed up to the surrogate..4 nannies, etc. So all the crap Adrienne wanted Brandi to spew about Lisa..Brandi must have almost wanted to explode when Adrienne started lying about having her kids when she actually used a surrogate. She was merely trying to out Adrienne as a bold faced liar…then I am sure she felt devastated once she realized that this might be information Adrienne’s own kids don’t know.

  12. Adrienne did use a surrogate though according to Brandi. That is what Brandi said..BFD. At least Camille was upfront about it. Adrienne lied at the spa retreat and talked about c sections. But Brandi does feel badly in case Adrienne’s kids did not know this information I think. I just still can’t believe no one was upset upon learning that Adrienne tried to bribe and intimdate Brandi into putting lies about Lisa out there on Twitter. That was terrible and worse than Brandi’s bad timing and loose mouth. That is planned character assassination like Adrienne likes to put it.

  13. Adrienne show signs of that C-section like you were so quick to show those abuse bruises…..I don’t think its the kids and a surrogate or not….who cares?

  14. Has anyone ever thought that Brandi has no place to drag KIDS into her issues with Adrienne. “Tell it like it is Brandi” has a fit when Leann drags her kids into something.

        • How do U know for sure it is about the children? Are u aware of something I am not?
          Just dont understand this urge to discuss if its wrong or right, what she said, when we dont know what she said.
          Maybe it was or maybe it was`nt, but I will be glad to give u my hypothetical opinion of the matter, if it should turn out to be about the kids: I dont see it as the right thing to do at all, but I could see myself getting angry enough to switch my brain off at some moments, if somebody so fake as A was spreading gossip and planting untrue stories about my parenting + drug allegations, that could hurt me a great deal, while I was in the middle of an ugly custodycase with my ex and his new sociopathic wife.
          ……actually when I think about it some more, I dont think I would have said anything, but I would have killed her with my own two hands….and enjoyed every sec. That would definitely be the end-scenario, if it turned out to hurt me and my kids and Im not even kidding!

          • i assume it was something about the children because of the shock of everyone at the table and their comments about you just don’t go after someone’s family. i think she must have said something either about either adrienne or paul not being the bio parent or maybe something about adrienne’s family and their blood lines. that’s the only thing i could ponder based on the reactions of the others at the table. i don’t think its whether adrienne had a c-section or not because at ohi when adrienne said it brandi didn’t really have that sceptical of a look on her face and i’m sure she would have gone over the top eye rolling etc if she knew adrienne didn’t have a c section — which now leans me more to either paul isn’t the father, maybe an affair? or something about adrienne’s lineage

        • If u dont think A was just as wrong yelling out things regarding Bs children, then yes I would call that a hater-mentality.
          If u believe someone to be a bad parent contact the CPS. DONT save it for a day that there is a problem with that parent. Then u dont really care about the children at all.

  15. i guess i don’t follow this drama closely enough because i am wondering why would brandi be privy something so deeply held as a family ‘secret’ regarding the maloof children? adrienne said ‘and that’s a big fat lawsuit’ which would imply slander….

    • adrienne is always threatening lawsuit..she is an idiot because slander only works if you are putting lies out there

      • Adrienne is a huge huge hypocrite, she was all offended and upset when Taylors husband Russell threatened to sue Camille because Camille simply repeated what Taylor told her. I have zero sympathy for Adrienne and I am sure whatever it is, isnt really that big of a deal and its probably something that we already know considering the amount of press their separation and divorce generated and if we dont know who cares really? Bravo did this on purpose and I am sure it was with Adriennes blessing!

  16. In one of the scenes where Brandi is bleeped, It looks to me that she is saying that everyone knows she’s broke. That is what I think she said. I really don’t think it is about the surrogacy. I think it is more about the family being broke.

    • Just: If that is the big “secret”… we’ve known about da Maloof’s financials for quite a while. IF that is the answer to the mystery, it will certainly piss a lot of people off! TFC!! SH

      • Is calling someone broke tantamount to a “character assassination”? That doesn’t make sense. Maybe Brandi said Adrienne’s a transgender or Paul is gay. Either allegation would get the rest of the group to drop their jaws.

        • I think we might get fooled if we put to much into the words that A desides to use. She is just trying to be Lisa.

    • I think it’s something about the Maloofs too. Already posted this in another thread, but when Kim was standing there facing both Paul & Ad, she said Brandi was saying something about Ad’s family – not Paul & Ad’s. I think the surrogacy stuff is a misdirection myself.

      • Yep, the surrogacy is a red herring. This is not about the kids or everyone would be screaming–leave the kids out of this! I really believe it’s about their fake marriage arrangement/phony family. I mean, is there anything that’s not plastic about Adrienne or her life?

  17. I also have been trying to figure out what Brandi said n its driving me CRAZY that bravo wont show it! Which I watch a lot of the RH franchises n do not ever remember them going out of their way to NOT show something! So I was starting to think it has to be about the kids? N that maybe the 9 year old still sleeps in bed with them? Or one of the kids pees their pants? Or even stranger ( n these r just guesses) but maybe something like she had someone else breastfeed her kids? Or they caught one of the kids playing “doctor” with a friend? I just think it has to be something other then the surrogate thing. The other womens faces really looked stunned! I am really hoping it slips on WWHL one night soon!

  18. it is the surro “gate” thing..and they reacted because they are over re actors, and Adrienne just spent the spa episode in a full blown lie about having a c section and describing it in detail. And..Brandi was close enough to Adrienne for adrienne and Paul to ask Brandi to lie and put out into the twitterverse negative stories about Lisa…you have to be pretty tight with someone to ask them to do such a horrific thing.

      • Brandi is a pathological liar. I think she said one or two of the kids was adopted. Or that The kids were neglected in some way, because Adrienne shot back that Brandi was a lousy mother, etc. Had to be something about their parenting. Whatever it was it was extremely upsetting because it involved their children. It kin of makes me sick that Adrienne has been chosen as the villain and Taylor is skating by.

  19. no…there are many many websites coming out now within the last hour that say it has been known for a while that is what Brandi said. I also know that this was said a long time ago and I remember that the lawsuit was dismissed. If it was a lie, it would not have been dismissed. Adrienne only cared so much because she spent the spa day lying about it…and maybe the kids didn’t know

    • I thought that they were swingers while watching S1. It wouldn’t be surprising if that is what the drama is about! Ha! Maybe they host swinger parties at their home? :) Maybe they had invited Brandi to one of them before? Hmm…

      • I just watched the “first look” teaser on next week’s show. Taylor was giving Camille sh*t saying that Camile spilled the beans about Russell abusing Taylor and that Taylor NEVER talks about anyone’s skeletons even though Taylor knows it all! then Camille says in her talking head that Taylor was talking about it to everyone but she didn’t want it brought it up on camera. Plus what was said about Adrienne and Paul is nothing like that. so the Brandi-gate has to do with both Adriene and Paul. I too think it could be they are swingers or maybe Paul runs a Pill Mill on the side.

    • I was thinking sorta that too. But I was thinking that it was more that Adrienne is a lesbian, Paul is her beard, and that he and future children were needed for some type of family fortune.


  20. SH..just wanted to say that according to the date you gave it would make A 51 not 52. Only reason I know is because I was born 12/29/1961 and will be 51. I don’t wanna be..but I will be. 😜

    • When my dad turned 50, I told him we are starting his Bdays going backward, so we’ve never celebrated his Bday past 50. Told him if when we reach 0 (which is likely given his family–they live a long time 100+), we’ll start back up towards 50.

  21. I made comment that it had to do with a surrogacy that was with some other womans eggs. This is a big secret to her kids because she doesn’t want them to look for their REAL mother. But if it was that they where broke, I can’t see them flipping out on that or people believing her if she said it. The family owns a basketball team and other assets. Or maybe that Adrienne’s household gets a monthly stipend (which is big) and that is what they live on.

    • its the surrogacy..also look at how Bravo was showing that entire episode in Ojai with Adrienne talking about the c section..they knew they were setting Adrienne up for the big lie – all had already happened, and when they cut the film..they put that in, so everyone would hear Adrienne story, and then later find out the story was bs because she had a surrogate. Just like finding out the reunion was a big plan by Adrienne to try and get Brandi on her side and plant stories about Lisa. You have to watch how Bravo sets things up. They showed Adrienne telling the c section lie..then showed Brandi with the surro”gate”. It is how they work

      • Uh-huh, I agree. AND could the EGGS thrown at Kyle’s house/cars, in the beginning of the episode, be a hint????

        • Interesting theory, Debra… Although I hope it’s something more juicy than just surrogacy. I feel like we’ve already discussed that one to death. BORing.

  22. I think we’re a bunch of schucks here – just what Bravo intended. Bravo got exactly what they wanted: people talking about this show, which has been pretty sleepy this season, you must admit. If we knew what Brandi said, we could come to our own conclusions and move on. Now we’re all in a lather trying to guess what she said. This is brilliant marketing by a network that doesn’t really like the women on it’s shows nor it’s viewers.

    Since Bravo has not shown discretion in the past (what was Taylor’s husbands name, again?), I rather doubt they are doing so know. The Maloof contract probably has something in it regarding their children and airing this “bombshell” would have found them in breach. Of course, all the ladies are pretending they are shocked because, hey, they want good ratings, too. Adrienne probably has a gag order on everyone not based on what the “bombshell” is, but based on “who” it pertains to.

    I’m feeling pretty miffed about the whole thing. More and more I believe Andy holds everyone in contempt and he’s laughing all the way to the bank. How does he sleep at night?

    • It is a great marketing tool in this very moment, but I believe the longterm effect will be that they loose as much viewers or more, than the ones they managed to attract for a few episodes. I only feel ripped off and cheated….. even more than usually. Now they really got their work cut out for them, if they wanna keep me as a viewer for next season.

      • RHOBH is a snoozefest and after not delivering whatever that was last night, I’m done. The absence of footage of the demise of SWINE, and now the return of Fayke Reznaked. *yawn*

  23. I’m thinking that Brandi said that A is gay. I don’t know why I think this but I do. She doesn’t seem too lovey dovey with Paul and she did get married later in life perhaps to make her family happy?

    • Remember during the arm wrestling screen when Brandi said to Adrienne “your the man” (in a sarcastic weird manners) before their challenge commenced. Also, the comment from adrienne in a prior season relating to Paul “could never compete with women sexually” or something like that…. Think about that girls….. I have no clue what the big secret is but Andy said we will find out soon enough. (I think he said in on his after show web program in front of swine). It is on the br.vo website under the WHHL videos. Perhaps I misunderstood but it is fun to speculate while insomnia holds me.

      • It really is beginning to look like A is gay, possibly the marriage was more of a business arrangement (like I already surmised) and there was a surrogate with donor eggs involved.

    • Remember S2 when Kyle made a comment about Brandi’s son peeing on the grass and Brandi flipped (“Don’t Talk About my Babies!”). To me that shows she is too much of a momma hen to be willing give her eggs. Just my thoughts. But I do wonder if Brandi was at one time Andrienne’s lesbian lover/mistress/fling. Didn’t she come on the show through a connection with Andrienne in the first place?

      Speaking of the grassing peeing incidence, how horrible was it for Kyle to call that out in the first place?!! Talking about bring kids into it. Grrrr Kyle grids my gears….

  24. Also, Paul repeated at least twice, “2 and a half hours” while Brandi and Adrienne were going back and forth. This was just before the “you sleep until 3 in the afternoon” comment and after Paul saying “you want to tell me, too?” to Brandi and she replied, “You don’t want to know, Baby.”.

    That doesn’t sound like surrogacy or donor eggs, or whatever. It sounds more like the Shana/Russel limo scene at the white party. The one where Russel said he knew what they were talking about and someone asked if really knew, the whole story, not just what Shana had told him. To me, it sounds like real time, not old news. Adrienne was also pretty adamant about how many times she called Brandi even though Brandi said she didn’t call. ??? Add in Camille saying this is not like Shana and Russel because Adrienne didn’t say it to everyone she spoke with. I don’t know but it seems like recent events, not how the children came to be. At least not ONLY about how they came to be.

    • ITA!! This wasn’t something that was spoken about & when Adrienne kept saying she called B over & over, that’s when Brandi got all defensive & told her to go away.

  25. I just watched the show again. Kim said she thought A&P needed to know because it had to do with A’s family….we all know, their kids are involved in it. There was a 10 minute preview of next week’s show & during it, it was said the SUR tasting event was the night before Mauricio’s celebration…also, Camille made the comment she didn’t blame Paul for behaving the way he did & defending Adrienne & HER family…she also said she wish she had a husband who would defend her like that. Here’s the kicker…If this was to do with the things mentioned here or surrogacy, using a egg donor, open marriage ETC…then I don’t believe Paul would have a good relationship with Brandi now. I mentioned last week Brandi tweeted Paul & thanked him for his referral for the cyst she needed removed from her breast. During the sneak peek of next week, it does seem like this is something none of us may have even thought about…all we really know is it deal’s with the kids & Adrienne’s family. Loose lips sink ships & we all know even the tightest of organizations…military included, secrets are slipped…this not being anything close to that, I’m sure, and with all the ppl at the party, Bravo, production staff, cameramen, producers on & on & on….it may take a little bit, but this will come out & I truly hope it doesn’t hurt Adrienne & Paul’s kids. 1 thing that did irritate me was when Taylor wanted to make this whole event about her (next wk’s episode)…she was told more than once to drop it & not change the subject to her. Mauricio also cracked me up when Taylor told him she knew he would never call a woman a bitch & Mauricio said “Im not saying I would or I wouldn’t…..” It’s funny how Brandi made excuses for saying what she did because A p’d her off…sorry, B, that’s not an excuse. Brandi also tried to say all of the women knew “the lie was true & I just happened to say it”….well, all of the women aren’t saying they know its true-They say they have no idea but it’s bad. I think next week’s episode is really going to show Brandi is an even worse light. Faye R really puts her in her place & B basically says she’s vindictive if you make her mad. Well, we all knew that but if this is something really bad & the kids are hurt, I do hope Brandi has to pay for her mistake, whether its monetarily or whatever. Once you let something come out of your mouth, you can’t take it back & she should have learned that 35 years ago.

    • I think Kim says it’s about Adrienne and Paul in next weeks epi, so…no one’s hair is on fire over the children. The last time the group sat silently while Brandi dropped a bomb on Ad was at the reunion when B referred to Paul as not a real husband (or something along those lines). It was the same pause, shocked silence, then indignation from Ad. This phony fight is a no nevermind. I don’t think B said anything we haven’t all read or heard about Ad and Paul’s plastic life.

  26. So…while waiting for Million $ Decorators, additional footage from the party (or maybe previews from next week were shown). While Kyle is giving it to Kim about bringing the whole thing up at JT’s party, Kim said something interesting…maybe I heard it wrong, but I swear she said “everyone knew about her father.” The context seemed to be she didn’t think it was fair that Adrienne and Paul were at this party not knowing that everyone knew what was said. This may not be about the kids at all…if someone saw this & heard differently, speak up

    • @Doris…oh no! We might have another George on our hands. Pure conjecture: 1) Adrienne biological father is not her father. 2) Her father fathered a child out of wedlock who is the heir to the kingdom, but he is locked up in a dungeon somewhere. 3) Her father had a sex change and is now her mother. 4) Her father ran over Aviva’s foot with a lawn mower.

  27. Remember the conversation at the table where they were discussing childbirth? Didn’t Adrianne say at that time that she had C-sections and Brandi said something about thinking that she used a surrogate? She asked her the question at the table….This may be the lie that Brandi keeps talking about.

  28. Whatever Brandi said was directly related to Adrienne NOT Paul. He lashed out not to protect anything to do with them as a couple, but to champion Adrienne. Maybe she’s a lesbian? Adrienne is at the age where that kind of information would matter to her if it got out. She’s so wrapped up in being HRH Maloof in the tiny kingdom of BH.

    Just an opinion, but it’s always the vibe I’ve gotten from her.

    • I think ur right, bc in the preview for next week she talks so much of her reputation, that I dont believe for a sec. that shes worried for her children!
      A worried and hurt parent would have a reaction more similar to the one Brandi had at gamenight (Dont talk about my babies!)
      + Paul seemed to be ashamed (or afraid) to mention it, in front of the people again, who already knew(!) and I dont think that would be the case, if it where about his children he would have choosen different words at least.
      + Adriennes reaction, when Kim told them, was to smile and laugh in a vindictive way, while yelling lawsuit, is not even close to a normal reaction to something like that.
      + They all, inclusive Paul keep using the same words describing it, as being about *Adrienne and her family* (Maybe *her family* could mean, that something about only her would effect her family too?) or that Paul was defending *his wifes honor*.
      It is Pauls kids too and I dont believe he would use those words, then he would at least have said: MY family… or MY familys honor!
      + The only thing pointing in a direction that directly involves kids, is Adrienne screaming about Brandis kids(, bc she knows where to hit hard to hurt, and Brandi probably told her Eddie accused her of this to get custody + she and Bernie is behind the similar stories coming out about B since the season began filming) and still is trying to convise viewers after the reunion that she calls brandi all the time and is/was her friend.
      Miss Hoof never makes sense anyway and dosent know what a strong argument is, so dont think her words, including character assassination, is something to take to seriusly. It only gets u away from what all other parties seem to agree on.
      It makes so much sense, cause of course A would be the one to make this confusion. When u pull her from the equation, it becomes so clear!

      Didnt Andy say something about it already being out all over the internet? The lesbian rumors has also been out since season 1!

      Wauw I can finally exhale again after being so confused about this. :D

      • Upps, I forgot an argument and the point was to have all my perspectives gathered.

        + They were divorced shortly after ;)

        • I think you said it perfect Maya! And I think ( dont quote me) Ms SH said something about Andy or someone saying this has been out all over the internet, and the lesbian rumors have been out since season 1….and inhale and then exhale :) JK

      • One of the typical Bravo-F-ups that bothered me was this. As Brandi is talking about A, at Sur, Kim leaves the table, obviously uncomfortable, IMO a bravo pro-douch-er had a little chat with Kim. I’m betting they didn’t want her to confront the topic at the table, OR the Bravo Pro-douch-er… just took advantage of footage of Kim getting up–to further manipulate for later footage–bravo induced B.S! Also, in typical bravo Pro-douche fashion, when the cameras pan to Kim & Traylor talking at Sur…look at their hair. First, I noticed Kim’s hair looked straighter-different then it had all thru lunch. This might not of been that big of a deal BUT then you see Swines hair and it looks TOTALLY different then it had at dinner….fluffier and like the front had been cut a little. None of the other ladies were around. Was it footage later added in?
        The whole convo. at Ojai about giving birth–that Brandi brought up, WAS weird!!! thought

  29. I’m guessing the whole scene was staged. What could be so earth shattering? Kinda of silly like a game of “I’m tellin’ Moma!!” that we played as kids to annoy each other.

  30. Obviously, keeping it secret, when there is nothing nowadays that can actually STAY secret, creates far worse, and tongue in cheek bizarre, speculation, then what it actually is about. Maybe Paul and Adrienne found out they are actually half-siblings; rather tame to everything else, but there wasn’t anything left, LOL.

  31. On another website I saw a blind obviously Adrienne. While it mentioned the surrogracy issue, it also stated this: “There’s also a third secret The Liar has been keeping. It’s about who she has been sleeping with for the couple of years. It’s not her husband. It’s someone who is well-known to people in her area. And he would not appreciate being outed as the third party in her marriage.

    So, The Liar would be well-advised to back off at this point. The Spiller – and others – do not respond well to threats. And they have lots more to spill.”


  32. Very funny article, especially about Kim just wondering around Beverly Hills coming up with all kind of thoughts in that “sober” head of hers while losing things. And I loved the picture of all the people raising their hands to say who slept with Brandi Glanville, that might be a pretty accurate count as it is presented in the picture. Kyle being a John Turturro’s wife is just the icing on the cake. Brilliant! Thanks.

  33. I honestly think the surrogate thing is BS… I think the kids were adopted… OR, My friend brought up an interesting point….. Could Brandi have been the egg donor??
    -She has stated that when she was with Eddie money was tight.
    -She fits the bill as being the proper age at the time
    -A lot of women look for “model-types” in egg donors (I have witnessed the process first hand.. it’s cheesy but true)
    -How else would they have met and become close enough to make Adrienne want to help her get signed on the show? They do NOT run in same circles..
    -By contract, egg donors are NOT allowed to speak about it, so that would explain why Adrienne was so quick to jump to “And that’s a lawsuit”. It is not defamatory to mention that someone used a surrogate… this lawsuit would have never made it to court.

    Any pictures of the kids? I’d like to

    • I think that’s EXACTLY what the big secret is, but its so preposterous that people would probably not believe it until Brandi issues a statement saying that she is. This scenario is the only thing that makes every other detail of what the viewers saw on tv, fall right into place. Adr stating that that’s a lawsuit, with lightening speed without having time to process the info just given to her, ;her and Paul’s rx to the news, why she and Brandi were supposedly friends prior to the show even though they supposedly didn’t associate in the same social circles, etc. I totally believe it.. Everyone’s saying that no matter what that Adrian is still the mom.,but I don’t think that’s the point. Of course she is their mom. But, some people want to present a certain façade and become very angry when the façade is exposed.

  34. I think the kids only came into play based off of Adrienne’s comments to Brandi during the fight. Aka one of Adrienne’s many poor attempts at a comeback.

  35. okay, after weeks of putting two and two together, coming up with 4 , then adding 3 and 3 and getting six, I think I have finally figured this out. …although there’s probably no one else out there who even cares about this anymore… problem is that I can’t stand lies, and the fact that these two people have threatened Bravo and anyone else who knows the truth bothers me. I am only speculating, collecting facts from the internet. Firstly, I think that the egg donor thing is true. But I think that maybe P. I think A and P decided they needed to go the in vitro fertilization route, because they couldn’t get preg. THEN , since A seems kind of underhanded in nature, I believe that she had Paul submit his sperm to their physician(her? physician, perhaps), THEN, without Paul’s knowledge, used an egg donor, who I believe was Brandi, . I do believe that A carried the pregnancies, but the children aren’t biologically hers. The stupid thing here is that, what this is really about is narcissism. If you have a child and love the child, who cares if biologically its not yours. ???? I have adopted dogs and cats and they are my children and I am incapable of any love greater than the love I have for them. So, really, its just a and p’s narcissism and embarrassment at being caught in a big fat lie, and exposed for their fakeness.

    • Interesting theory. Lets go with that. So is it possible that originally A jut waned to take the model perfect eggs from Brandi and send her on her merry lil way and never have to deal with her agian… but then A gets on the show. B needs sumpin to do… conjoles A into getting her on A does and now that she is a full cast member.. bam. I dont see how THAT lie would piss B off. B is in on it with A. And surely she doesnt want to lay claim to the grown eggs now.
      Here is another option. SWINE lost her ever loving mind during filming. I mean a humdinger break from reality mental collapse. And since that deranged psychotic heifer has held the whole network hostage for two seasons now she is demanding that another storyline be created so they trash footage of her being a demon. And of course the entire cast and crew is gonna go along with this happy bunch a horsechit just like they did with SWINEs orbital floor blow out. ya know since its the PC thing to do. Woman cries abuse then goshdarn it, it happened, regardless of lack of proof and hearts just bleed all ova da place for the poor greiving beat up widow.
      OR… when SWINES eyeball shelf gave way, out popped A’s eggs and A is all like “how did those get there?” and Swine is all “I dont know”. and B was like “Dont look at me” ….. I love this game.

  36. Brandi needs to be fired from rhobh. If she stays I’m not watching. This birdbrained biotchie! Has nothing interesting to say or do except for pretending to be the wives best friend and then taking all that they have told her in confidence and telling everyone who will listen. That’s some bullshit. Eventually she will have backstabbed! Every house wife and will nolongrr have any friends. So get rid of her. She’s nasty anyways.

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