BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: Brandi’s “Bombshell” About Adrienne Maloof… Possibilities… What Did Brandi Glanville Say About Adrienne Maloof?

December 11, 2012

Brandi’s dinner revelation about her fellow cast mate, Adrienne Maloof, has resulted in a huge guessing game.

What is it that Brandi actually said?  Did anyone see Brandi’s lips move when she spewed this “sacred” information re Adrienne?  Was the “below the belt” info actually about Adrienne?  Was it about Paul?  Was it specifically about Paul and Adrienne’s kids?

No one knows… and the principal players in this mystery ain’t talkin’!!

RHOBH Brandi four              I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ else… until those Bravo producers give me the green light!

SO… to solve a mystery, you must start at square one.  Square one in this downright demeaning dilemma drenched in dastardly deviousness is the DINNER!

The dinner at which Brandi was a guest… the dinner at which Brandi let loose with her VERY personal statement re da Maloof:

Did anyone see Brandi’s lips move??  Were those Bravo cameras zoomed in on Brandi when she revealed this secret?  A secret so serious, so solemn, so severely strict in its tiniest detail that knowing this forbidden bit of Nassif/Maloof intelligence would rock every dinner guest… to the point of their actually putting down their drinks and pausing to absorb the allegation.   Housewives pondering what another person said is VERY serious stuff!

maloof house                             Hey, Kim!!  I live right here!!

So serious, in fact, that Kim Richards could not wait to inform the Nassif/Maloof’s as quickly as possible! However, Kim Richards is known to lose things.  Therefore, Kim Richards MUST have lost her phone or lost her map showing where exactly Paul and Adrienne reside in Beverly Park or lost any way in which to contact either Paul Nassif or Adrienne Maloof BEFORE courageously and confidently spillin’ the details of Brandi’s dinnertime bombshell to Paul/Adrienne as they entered the big par-tay being thrown for John Turturro’s real estate bizness!


NOTE:  It is a contractual thang… none of the Housewives can speak about any other Housewife unless a Bravo camera is there to catch that conversation.  Bravo recently changed that specific clause in Kim Richards’ new contract… now that Kim is walkin’ around with a clear head and doing well in her recovery.  

Kim’s NEW clause says that Kim cannot utter one word re ANY Housewife from ANY franchise unless a Bravo camera is there to shoot precisely what Kim says.  This clause does not apply just to two-way conversations which Kim might have with others, including her dog, about the Housewives.   

Kim’s clause is VERY strict and precise…

Kim cannot mention Housewives while

  • sleepwalking;
  • hemming her daughter’s prom dresses;
  • writing secret notes to Ken;
  • picking out area rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond;
  • melting crayons;
  • measuring door knobs (nice to have on hand if that info is ever needed…);
  • cloud gazing;
  • questioning the “acting” skills of her colleagues;
  • instructing her minion on what subjects to tweet about for the day;
  • hoping that she will run into Camille Grammer at Costco (instead of always seeing DD pushin’ four carts… one for herself and three for Camille);
  • thinking about what to buy at Costco (Kim usually follows DD around and buys whatever is on Camille’s list);
  • remembering to ask Yolanda her favorite color…of tulips;
  • signing her new passport application;
  • considering just a nip of tequila thinking of her sister, Kyle, finding out that she’s sending Ken love notes;
  • doing background checks of potential candidates who just might be marriage material for  Kimberly;
  • wondering why Kyle’s kid got $84,000 from Kathy H for graduating college and Kim’s kid got a $250 gift certificate to the Tucson Hilton  (expiration date January 2013);
  • and most importantly, Kim cannot even THINK about Housewives while making OVER eight gallons of chicken salad (Kim’s minimum is eight gallons…).

KimR Chicken Salad Andy

With that in mind, Kim did what any level-headed, contractually obligated Housewife would do… not say one damn word until all those Bravo cameras were in place!   AND… hit an unsuspecting Bravo couple with the news of Brandi’s blabberin’ about them RIGHT before entering a Bravo-endorsed-concocted-contrived event!

RHOBH kyle mauricio                    OH!  What’s goin’ on over there?  OOPS…forgot all about the producer-induced surprise on da Maloofs!!

After Kim divulges what Brandi has said at the dinner, both Paul and Adrienne were ticked off!   Adrienne threatens a lawsuit… and Paul immediately confronts BigMouthBrandi:

Now that the groundwork has been laid, the answer to the Housewife mystery deepens.  WHAT did Brandi say??

Many have concluded that Brandi’s secret-busting blab was that Paul/Adrienne used a surrogate to have their three boys.  While that might be the case, would that potential ‘fact’ be something so harmful, so “below the belt” that it would cause Paul/Adrienne’s bellicose reaction?

brandi glanville pg

NOTE:  Adrienne’s use of a surrogate was researched years ago… and the research was inconclusive.  Not only could we not find any info re Adrienne’s use of a surrogate… more interesting was the fact that we could not find any photos of a pregnant Adrienne!  NOR could we find any photos of Adrienne as far back as the tennis-scholarship-educated student at NMU!  Adrienne’s people did a very thorough job of scrubbing photos of Adrienne from the intrawebby!

While the “MAYBE” fact that Paul/Adrienne’s use of a surrogate to have their kids was a possibility, would the use of a surrogate be so damaging?  Be a secret so damning and labeled “below the belt”?  There has to be much more to this.

If YOU were Paul/Adrienne, what would be so PERSONAL and close that you would only allow VERY close friends to know… especially as it pertains to your children?  Would paying a surrogate to carry your children be something which would, if your children found out later to be true, change anything?  Would this information cause your children to think of you any differently?  Doubtful on both counts.

What Brandi revealed HAD to be something much more harmful than the surrogate story… or that Adrienne had a C-section!   Paul and Adrienne’s reactions do not fit these “allegations”…

Ruling out that the “bombshell” Brandi dropped had to do with employing a surrogate, but DOES involve Paul and Adrienne’s children….the following are POSSIBLE logical conclusions to this mystery:

Did Brandi tell the dinner guests that perhaps when attempting to conceive naturally that Paul/Adrienne went the fertility route and that perhaps an egg donor had to be used?   Interesting…

Did Brandi’s top-secret blab have anything to do with the raging rumor, long before their divorce, that the Nassif/Maloof’s have not slept in the same room; therefore, how could they have conceived children?   Yawn…

Did Brandi’s blunderbuss say that she knew the possible surrogate??  Who knows?!  However, if it is revealed that the big fuss is over Adrienne using a surrogate…

Adrienne’s birthday is September 4, 1961, which makes Adrienne 52.  Paul/Adrienne’s boys are ages 9 and 6… Adrienne was 45 when she had her twin boys.  AND… just as an extra re those “abuse” claims… Adrienne can take care of herself.

NOTE:  Adrienne was chosen to get the bad edit this season on the RHOBH.   Again, the question of “WHY” Adrienne was chosen is another mystery!  Are we all being…