SIN CITY RULES: Last Night’s Premiere Episode… The “Reality” Show Connections…

SCR cast

The first episode of Sin City Rules aired last night on TLC.

SCR followed the typical “Housewives” formula:

  • a brief intro to each Sin City “ruler”
  • a get-together of all the cast before an event… all the “rulers” got together for a makeup application before they attended a charity event
  • attending a charity event
  • a baseless dislike of ONE of the cast… Lana Fuchs heard that Alicia Jacobs slept and/or sleeps with married men, a moral character flaw which Lana takes upon herself to correct(?) or just make into a story line
  • someone has to sustain an injury… a handgun “expert” bleeds
  • the display of a totally over the top, ridiculous “life style”… let’s have a gun party while wearing a mesh see-through top over a hot pink bra!

oprah reality pg

There were quite a few “reality” show crossovers… something that EvolutionMedia is known to do…

Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo… from American Idol popped up on SCR.  Ace and Diana also popped up on another EvolutionMedia show, the RHOBH!

Ace Young RHOBH

Jaymes Vaughn… the Chippendale’s dance who lost the Amazing Race last night… appeared on SCR as the MC at the SCR charity event… Jaymes is gay.

jaymes chippendales jaymes and james amazing race                               We can win this… we really can… if only we can get rid of those nasty BeekmanBoyz!!

Side Note:  In a “reality” sub-crossover, the winners of the Amazing Race were the Beekman Boys, close friends of the Real Housewives of New York Housewife, Sonja Morgan!  Sonja threw the Beekman’s a commitment par-tay on the RHONY…

Yolanda Foster… included on Alicia Jacobs’ dating list is YoFo’s husband, David Foster…

rhobh david foster arrow

… and Yolanda and David Foster’s dinner guest, Chris Botti!

RHOBH chris botti arrow

One more “reality” show must… a cast member must say something extremely outlandish/outrageous.  Lana Fuchs, while presenting her check to charity states that she is God…

NOTE:  Briefly, SCR is “Housewives” in Las Vegas.  We give it a LizLemon…

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44 comments on “SIN CITY RULES: Last Night’s Premiere Episode… The “Reality” Show Connections…

  1. That Lana Fuchs is a freaking loon! To be as rich as she says…She really doesnt dress the part & I rem some1 posting she needed some bangs cut…She definitely does! I thought she’d be more glamorous but IMO, she’s far from it & even the ppl who hang with her, arent anything to talk about. Ik some cultures eat raw meat but she eats raw bacon..She kept bragging about eating raw baby lamb & theres only 1 chef in LV who “prepares” it & he supplies her with it. Amy liked it, too. Right off the bat, she was bragging about how she mistreats ppl or uses them 4 her gain…She def has it out for Alicia because of what shes heard about her & due2the fact shes been married for a long time. Whomp whomp! Yea, Alicia does say shes dated prob most entertainers in LV but Im sure Lana is jealous of her looks. Alicia is alot more attractive than Lana. Lana is just a wackadoodle.

    • Oh and speaking of how rich she is… What EXACTLY does a LV concierge do? Really? Is her empire based on the LV tail trade?

    • I like that she refers to what she does as “Lana-Style”. A person that thinks she is god and needs to roll with an entourage and lives in her own universe? Sounds like she has a god complex.

      • She is obviously in a dire need of help from mental health professionals. I think she stole the “god” thing from Odessa’s “real-life Barbie” Valeriya Lukyanova or her new name Amatue (lol) and others like her. They call themselves goddesses but people refer to them as “gAddess” or “insects” instead. Lana is a perfect insect. She certainly looks like one.

  2. sombody needs to inform god that that greasy (going for “dewy”) look just aint working for her. go powder your nose and by all means don’t forget that 5 head!

  3. Alicia Jacobs is in at least 56 could even be 57 but Dayum- She looks good!
    IMO Fuchs is the one who looks like a plastic surgery mistake.

    • Lana did introduce herself as “god.” (I’m not capitalizing it, because there is only one God.) She did say that, and I think I’ll just be ignoring her in my comments. Based on her unfortunate appearance alone, I had already decided she wasn’t my cup of tea. Now that I’ve heard what comes out of her head, she’s not worth my time.

      • I so agree with you on her appearance, too much filler & botox. From a distance she definately looks like a man. I guess broadcasting who Alicia is banging is going to be her storyline. Yawn. Oh and Alicia looks great for her age, whatever it is, I don’t get all the secrecy about that.
        Don’t think I will be wasting my time watching a second episode….

        • Have to “love” when one of these reality hoes makes someone else’s life their storyline. The primitive instinct is on autopilot requires no need to apply the rational part of the brain.

  4. Lana loves sliders. She was eating sliders in just about every clip. She likes little sandwiches and “little” people. So far she is ultra absurd.

    I like when a gal can kick a man’s arse at his own game–Poker.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but every time I see that first pic on the tv promo the chick in the middle with the big ol belt buckle makes me think of the Mad Max movies.

  6. Wasn’t a fan of the SCR pilot episode. I was a bit tired last night so will give it one more shot next Sunday then decide whether to DVR series. Gave Shahs of Persian self lovefest its second shot. OMG it was worse than the first. I’ve never seen so many express so much self-love for themselves with so little to offer.

        • Oh and that’s putting it lightly. The little bit of “something-something” the show had in S1 is not only missing in S2 but there’s much more of the bland and unwatchable elements. For example, both Asa and Reza have lost both the little appeal they may have had and instead showcased their awfulness to the maximum— big YAWN! The new girl Lilly has the voice that made me turn off the tv.

          • That new Lilly is the kind of freak you just can’t turn away from. I kept wondering where the real hair ended and the weave started. Felt sorry for MJ. Did you love how the guys were laughing about how if the store clerk accidentally gave them an extra $20, a “white person” would return the money to be honest, but they would keep it? Dishonest and proud of it.

            • Lol! Yes, that is exactly what she is! The way she speaks and her voice are retarded, possibly worse than Kardashians’. She thought she was being Lisa Vanderpump with the ‘bikini’ juice comment, but it was a total FAIL and solidified her as a turd-Barbie freak….And that hair haha, that is some major weave with several BUMPITS(lol) to complete the Cousin Itt–inspired look! She probably needs two passports to travel, one for her and the other one for her hair!!
              I felt sorry for MJ too. Although she has many terrible qualities, she is the only one who hasn’t changed this season for the worse. Her scenes were the only ones worth watching. They felt genuine. Like the family meal with mom at aunt’s.. I have several people in my family who are very much like her mom. People who love with all of their heart but you will never know it because they rarely allow that side to be seen. Like her mom driving over to MJs to check that her white Mercedes is there and she’s safe..The scene with her dad brought tears to my eyes.. Very touching.
              I cringed at the $20 conversation too. Those guys loved putting their criminal personality traits “on display” and are clearly divorced from reality since birth. I’m not even going to say anything about GG, or her (two steps away from being just as terrible) sister. That whole story line is boring IMO and everyone involved is one-dimensional. After wasting precious minutes on this show, spending several more to bitch on here about it actually seems like time well spent :-) :)

              • ITA to all of what you said. Lilly’s nose is s bit too small for her face. Adds to the weird look, with the exaggerated eyebrows and hair, and the toothpick body and fake boobs. Just a total fail. And yes, the crotch juice comments were disgusting.

              • Crotch juice??? GROSS! I’m glad I did not catch that episode. Shahs is terrible. I didn’t think it could get any worse but it sounds like it did.

  7. Lana is a great example of pompous trash. She should stop bringing up her roots as she is an embarrassment to the country and the beatiful city she claims to come from. I’m so disgusted by her filthy personality that I don’t think I could watch another episode. There was nothing interesting about this show. The mob theme along with gun worship is old and boring, find something new to brag about and showcase. Unhinged behavior by the adult women to this extent has gotten boring a long time ago as well!

  8. One word for Lana – madam. That’s all I could think of with her constant entourage, gun collection, Billionaire Mafia, etc. Jennifer is my kind of lady – poker!!! Except I play the video variety, but like her I love the challenge and mental stimulation of it.

  9. Show was GREAT! Finally a show thats true REALITY!! Lori Montoya is so Beautiful and a great ambassador of women in Las Vegas..

  10. best reality show on TLC. the lovely Lori is not only sexy, but brings balance to the show! Sin City Rules has a new fan. Me and all my girlfriends love it. Cant wait till next episode.

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