SH BLIND ITEM: Guess the “FRIEND” of The Housewife!!

rats by Bravo pg

NOTE:  In a bit of a blind item twist, the Housewife has been named… who is Brandi’s “friend” who knows her well enough to say the following:

“I know Brandi personally.

She was never more than a small time local runway model who was lucky to of found Eddie. She cheated on him the entire duration if their marriage. I saw it 1st hand. Shes only slightly relevant because she capitalized on his bad behavior.

Brandi is anything BUT a victim!

She has incredibly low self esteem which is dangerous for anyone around her! She lies constantly.

She’s a raging alcholic and carries prescription drugs with her which she frequently pops after she’s sufficiently boozed up.

She will sleep with ANYONE after a bottle of wine…I’ve seen it over and over during and after her marriage.

What she revealed about Adrianne was a very private matter. She had no right.

And whenever Brandi does/says something horrible…she justifies it by further bashing the person instead of apologizing!

She has ZERO redeeming qualities. Why people want to continue to watch her is beyond comprehension.”

This ‘friend’ is locked and loaded for the day that Brandi’s book is released… and intends to dissect Brandi’s book page-by-page, word-by-word…

Paul Nassif goes after Brandi on tonight’s RHOBH…

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111 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess the “FRIEND” of The Housewife!!

    • Yup, I’d say a jealous wife who can’t deal with the fact that “Once a cheater , always a cheater.” I get she thought he was good looking, but if you knew he was like that , why marry him?

    • Tell us something we don’t already know about Brandi. The grammar is terrible. That leads me to believe it is Brandi. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

      • Calling herself a liar just before her own book is released? No. That makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.

    • It could be her friend that she brought to last season white party, the brunette that was on Dr. Drew’s Rehab. But part of this we can say yes to because remember on the trip to Hawaii, she even told us that she was popping pills. And the way she acted when she was high and drunk being all over Ken, it seems that if he would have said lets go she would have had sex with him.

      • I can see Bernie or Taylor doing this Taylor is trying so hard to stay on the show when most peoplewant her off. I know I do.

        • Ooooh, that’s a good one! I think someone else has mentioned this before, but She Who Isn’t Named Ever is a likely source of many leaks ‘cuz she needs the $$.

        • I agree. The mention of Adrienne is an immediate tip off that it is someone close to Adrienne. That woman has been running to the press all summer and through Fall about Brandi/Lisa and then Paul. It just never ends!

  1. Oh, this sounds like Eddie to me, after that bizzare interview LeAnn did on E last night the timing seems interesting.

  2. i’ll take this supposed info with a grain of salt,this sounds honestly like someone who is jealous of Brandi’s success and is trying hard to ruin her! Who from the cast knows her personally off camera probably none of them. If this person was her real friend they wouldn’t be bashing her like this so it’s more than likely Leann,Cederic,Eddie,Paul,Adrienne,Taylor, or Bernie,

  3. Yea, that Jen is the only friend Ive seen her with but Idk how this can be considered a friend of any kind. A lot of what the “friend” said does make a lot of sense to me-whether any of it is actually true or not-idk. Thats why a secret between 2 ppl is only a true secret is if 1 of those ppl are dead & cant blab. These HW’s should know this by now!

    • In a way, I think you’re right. I am sure there are some true things here but I also think they have been said in the nastiest mean way as to reveal it in the worst possible light. This really sounds like the stuff that Kyle and SWINE have been gossiping about all season. You know the old saying, where there’s smoke there’s fire. I think everyone has embarrassing things about themselves but I don’t belive that Brandi is insecure if she is it’s probably because her husband kept messing around with other women! lol

  4. At first I assumed Leann, but the fact they randomly brought up the addrienne incident – lol nice try Adrienne/Bernie

  5. You know with what has happened between Paul and Adrienne, this storyline kind of has a strange twist. Adrienne and Brandi were friends. Adrienne introduced Brandi to everyone. The one thing about Brandi is she tells it like it is. I think that Paul and Adrienne have had alot of secrets from the cameras for years. I think they have not had a happy marriage for awhile. That was obvious in Sacramento at the basketball game and the way she treated him. Adrienne seems like she is much too good for everyone.

      • Adrienne introduced her to everyone at a bbq in her backyard. They seemed to be pretty friendly then. I have been to the Kings game when she and her brothers have been there. They expect to be treated like royality.

  6. No friend would do this. Leann is so obsessed, watching the show to misuse the cast members against her wouldn’t be far fetched, so it could be her as well as Adrienne who is out for blood–she is capable of anything after what she did to Paul. They show Paul going after Brandi but that was before the divorce and he became Adrienne’s victim. No matter how you look at it, this is no friend and never was.

    • Paul and Brandi have made up. I think that says alot. And I agree that Adrienne is capable of anything after what she accused him of. Things like that makes up my mind up permanently about someones karackter, and I will never ever believe anything coming out of miss Maloof mouth again. But unfortuately there will always be some suckers willing to be fooled by her. And Shana. And Leeann. I guess its not that strange that the entertaintment buiness does attract a big amount of sociopaths and narcissists.

      • Sorry for my forthcoming clueless comment/question…. But why is Adrienne (errr…I mean Bernie!) accusing Paul of abuse? I mean we’ve all seen/heard that she is skilled in some kind of martial arts. Who would believe she’d just sit there and let Paul beat her? Is she working up to get full custody of the kids or trying to avoid paying spousal support?

  7. Just saw the ‘dissecting page by page, word by word’ in red reference per SH at the end of the story; added to that “she is lucky to have found Eddie” and misusing comments about low self-esteem and taking bits of this and bits of that from her show to attack her, this is the scheming sociopath Leann. She is probably obsessed with watching the show so that she can twist it. Problem is sociopaths are not curable; there will be no end to this unless Eddie gets his manhood back and cares more for the well being of his sons–the real victims of Leann–then he does about being ‘kept.’

    • Commonsense – I don’t see the dissecting reference you refer to but couldn’t agree more, nonetheless.
      “lucky to of found Eddie.” To HAVE found Eddie.
      “Shes only slightly relevant.” She’s

      When the first thing I notice is an improper grasp of 4th grade punctuation and grammar the credibility of the commenter is greatly diminished.

    • This is true. You make good points. And I am sure Leann would be dissecting Brandi’s book bit by bit because she is probably angry to be exposed once again.

  8. Teresa Guidice did it of course..! She is ultimately to blame for ALL of the horrible things done to the Marcos (Joey Gorga Marco especially) – and will eventually be responsible for the final end to all of mankind

  9. I’m thinking PamDana. Brandi made the cut and she didn’t. She’s also loyal to Taylor, who hates Brandi. She’s also an incredible suck up to the rich, so she’d never say a bad word about Adrianne.

  10. I think we are being tripped up onthe word Friend, whoever this is they are no friend of Brandi’s

  11. Yeah right…
    I feel bad for Brandi when when jealous people who are afraid of her mouth, try to use her problems with Leeann and Eddie to back their own case against her. To many got to much to gain themselves, by tearing her karackter apart.
    I will never believe people, who are to cowardly to put their face with what they say!
    And I will never believe that Brandi is not the victim in this mess with L and E…to that ive seen to much myself.
    And to those who believes that Brandi is just a mediawhore. Why didnt she bash them, back in 2009, when paps where contacting her all the time? Just try Youtube and watch how she blows them off.
    Its only people who got alot of things to hide, who has real problems with Brandi.
    I`ll bet my money on Adrienne (and/or her boyfriend Bernie) on this one.

    • I agree. I like her because she doesnt let these b****hes roll over her. She doesnt have the $$ or “clout” that Eddie and LeAnn have and shes trying to keep her kids safe. Her only defense is twitter. She deserves to be on the show. Makes me sick the way that Taylor says in the opening “I worked to hard for this zip code to leave now.” Wonder how long before she becomes a trophy wife. You’d think that having your husband commit suicide because he made so many dirty deals to get that life would have changed her. And I think Brandi was right on track when she called Taylor out on the book she wrote. Just did it for $$ and to cash in on sales bc Russell had just died. Cold.

  12. This is either SWINE or Dana and the fact that either of them even brought up low self esteem or dangerous is laughable.

    • On second and third read, it comes across just like trailor when she was lurching and slobbering over Chris Botti at the dinner party, going on and on about Brandi having slept with all of Beverly Hills and how she had to fly out of town to find someone new to sleep with. She spoke in absolutes, just like the quote above (she cheated throughout the duration of her marriage, slept with anyone after a bottle of wine…hardly credible insider information). And the reference to Adrienne is just out of left field. Hunh? Of all the things Brandi has said, that’s the thing this “friend” brings up? The exclamation points remind me of Kim’s blog posts, but I don’t think she would have the energy for this unless Kyle or Adrienne put her up to it.

  13. Well I think it was Adrienne. Adrienne and Brandi were friends and Adrienne introduced her to all the girls right. I am sure someone else has said that in the last couple days too. Brandi has lots of information on Adrienne obviously so i am sure Adrienne has decided to call her out

  14. She got on the show through Adrienne so it stands to reason that it’s probably Bernie. I would think the only “Housewife” who would get their hands dirty with this is Taylor. I really feel bad for Brandi sometimes. How frustrating it must be to try to fight against ppl like Eddie and LeAnn. I think her frustration comes out when she sends those tweets because she feels like she has no other recourse. Then again, I’m most likely delusional because I keep trying to find a mote of goodness and basic humanity in these people. I don’t know why I watch them live their lavish lifestyle…I guess I love torture. LOL

  15. “She has incredibly low self esteem which is dangerous for anyone around her! She lies constantly.”

    This sounds like Adrienne. From ROL article a quote from Adrienne from the show:
    “This girl lies 24/7. She had too much time on her hands.”

    The statements from the “friend” letter and Adrienne’s own words sound similar.

  16. “She was never more than a small time local runway model who was lucky to of found Eddie.” Pre-RHOBH Days then, so could it be Jenifer Gemenez? They do seem close so doubt it (a Plus on that score). Brandi and Eddie were married for 13 years, according to Jenifer these two have known each other a long time, almost from kids (a Minus on that score). Eddie himself or Leann, quite possibily. Mrs Damage Limitation to her Reputation aka Adrienne, imo highly likely, she’s desperate to look holier than thou and dish any dirt on anyone who’s dares to question her. Timescale irrelevant here with regard to Adrienne, she’s just happy for any dirt on anyone she’s against, wether it’s true or not, the joy of being born in a financial bubble where you can pay people off at your leisure.

  17. jennifer is defending her on twitter, its not her. Its not any of the housewife ladies because they didnt even know her when she was married. I bet this is probably someone who was friends with them while they were married and is now putting this out after brandi gave that interview about leann last week. she probably drank so much and took antidepressents because of the extremely public and embarrassing divorce her loser ex put her through, leaving her with no money or place to live. sounds highly exaggerated AT BEST.

  18. What kind of idiot thinks the public would believe any “friend” who would spill this made up crap?
    Someone has a rich and vivid imagination. This kind of trash is straight out the Traylor.

  19. The thing that makes me lean toward LeeAnn on this one is the allegations that Brandi cheated. I can just hear Eddie trying to float that one as an excuse as to why her “turned” to the affections of another woman… or several. And LeeAnn would make herself believe it too.

  20. I’m thinking Cedric. Strikes me as the kind of guy who would throw anyone under a bus – and it would piss off Lisa, which would be a bonus point in his mind.

    The funny thing is, it sounds like he’s talking about Leeanne (sp?). She strikes my as very insecure.

  21. I don’t even care who it is…who the heck would sit and dissect a book page by page? LOL attention whores flock together, I guess.

  22. Ok What is the deal with RHOBH not airing what it was Brandi actually said? We are all gonna just assume the worse. Did she claim that Adrienne sacrificed her first baby boy to the Bohemian Grove and that is why she had to have a MK Ultra Mind controlled sex slave carry her living children in her womb on orders from the pentagon?

    • Where my conspiracy theorist at? Come on yall, lets get our imaginations together and build on this. I must entertain myself because RHOBH just aint doing it for me tonight. So do we go with CIA beta plant OR Adrienne is a Grey hybrid? How bouts the old standby that she is a dude… possibly the antichrist and thats why she had to have her babies incubated outside herself? Bahahahhahha. Please yall I want to crack completely up tonight. Help me out.

        • So I am on my own on this one huh? Oh well “they” told me that would happen. Well didn’t exactly tell me but they drove the message home last gang stalking episode.

        • No, shapeshiftin PamDana IS Adrienne. That explains why PamDana never looks the same, it is difficult for Adrienne to get it the same each time. That is also why Adrienne keeps gettin surgery, all that morphing really takes a toll…

          • Yes yes yes. And why she cant let Paul do her surgeries.Out of work NASA scientist have been commissioned to the task code named Maloof Roof. Cause that where the black helicopters land. And those shoes….. they eggmitt microwaves that interfere with the thought patterns of Bernie and make him say whatever she wants. Also part of Maloof’s regimen involves dead chicken skin grafts that’s why she needed to wash it with anti bacterial soap. And crackpot aint a dog… he is a cloned baby hybrid with fur. The Company will not allow Adrienne to have more than two children so that’s how she gets around it with the help of rouge CIA operatives. When H.A.R.P.P is activated it will be in the form of a Sacramento Kings mascot in the sky. Now see yall, if I took my meds like the doctors want me to I would be depriving yall of all this juicy goodness. :) I must resist their evil plans to silence me at all costs.

            • That explains why Adrienne didn’t like the “Maloof hoof” comment of Lisa’s, she was taken aback because she was fearful that Lisa was alluding to the Maloof Roof, and threatening to out her operation…

              • Yes or even better the hoofs of the goats they sacrifice at the Builtaburg meetings. Ever wonder why Anderson Cooper is never filmed with a Maloof? Cause its in the blood oath that no photographic evidence can exist. But I have it on good authority that each fat shoe is lined with a special alabaster toned satin that is attached with an epoxy made of the spitle of Gloria Vanderbuilt.
                >this is where I would attach a Laura Branigan video but ‘They” are messin with my youtube tonight. trying to brainwash me into compliance with that lil green swirly thing that spins and spins ans spins while the computer is loading a page and loading and loading.
                I am going to be now. night night yall.

              • Yes or even better the hoofs of the goats they sacrifice at the Builtaburg meetings. Ever wonder why Anderson Cooper is never filmed with a Maloof? Cause its in the blood oath that no photographic evidence can exist. But I have it on good authority that each fat shoe is lined with a special alabaster toned satin that is attached with an epoxy made of the spitle of Gloria Vanderbuilt.
                >this is where I would attach a Laura Branigan video but ‘They” are messin with my youtube tonight. trying to brainwash me into compliance with that lil green swirly thing that spins and spins ans spins while the computer is loading a page and loading and loading.
                I am going to be now. night night yall.

  23. Michelle Harvey, Darin’s ex that got all bent out of shape after the Vegas fake wedding. She has pics of her and Darin with Brandi and Eddie on vacation. She also is crazy and tried to twitter blast Brandi last year then later claim that she was hacked. Pretty unreliable if its her.

  24. Whomever it is is most assuredly a goon for Adrienne or Leann, or they – A & L – have joined evil forces – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of un-holy alliance. Just a guess…

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