REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Six… “She’s Gone Too Far”


RHOBH shana blocked 

Season Three, Episode One… “She’s Gone Too Far”

by Sandi Duffy

Back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Trailor’s best (and by best, I mean worst) drunken scenes have been edited out; Kyle has no storyline; Kim is way too fragile to be on this show; Lisa is Lisa; Camille is a bore; Yolanda is shell-shocked; and Brandi is the fire-starter

rhobh benz
Mauricio enters his home and there is something about eggs being thrown at the house, but then I can’t tell if that’s true or not because he just bought his 16-year-old daughter a fancy car that no 16-year-old should own.

rhobh book agent brandi
Brandi and her book agent meet.  I’ve said it before, but I am so sick of Housewives books.  I will never read a single one of them.  They are all idiots.  They all have nothing to say of interest.  I do not relate to any of them.  Brandi’s book agent pulls out Chelsea Handler’s book, and Brandi Glanville is no Chelsea Handler.  Puhlease.

brandi tweet about shana

Next we get a preview of Lisa’s new series, by watching her at work.  We see Lisa dress down one of her employees for pissing off an important customer.  I don’t believe this is how Lisa would handle something like this.  This bitch would be out on her ass if all this really happened.

Lisa is having a tasting at her restaurant, but Brandi had to make sure the slut who slept with her husband isn’t going to be working the tasting.

Lisa’s husband needs hip replacement because he had a Polo accident 10 years ago.  Rich people crack me up.  We are supposed to feel badly that Ken hurt himself playing Polo– a sport only the very wealthy can engage in.  Next. Lisa breaks her arm in a fox  hunt.

Kim shows up EARLY to the tasting.  Her and Brandi crank call Kyle because she is later than Kim.  Trailor shows up and her lips enter the room 10 minutes before she does.  At least she’s given up that whole “hair pulled back on her Klingon forehead” look.

They’re pairing wines with appetizers and there’s Kim.  I really feel her sister should refrain from drinking at these events to support her sister’s sobriety, but Kyle is a selfish bitch, so that is never going to happen.

There is talk about Adrienne’s book deal.  Yes, another Housewife book.  That makes three for this show.

Kyle stirs the pot and sets up Brandi by asking what went on between Adrienne and Brandi’s friendship.  Brandi reveals that Adrienne and Paul tried to get Brandi to take to twitter to defend them and go after Lisa.  These petty twitter wars are ridiculous.    Adrienne must have some power at Bravo because Brandi gets edited out when she makes a big reveal, which I assume is something about her marriage breaking up.  I guess Adrienne has more clout than Teresa does because apparently Teresa asked Bravo not to play Joe’s mysterious phone call where he calls Tre a See You Next Tuesday.

RHOBH paul adrienne
Next we watch Adrienne criticize how Paul makes a salad.  She does nothing to lift a finger and help as Paul puts a barbecue together.  Adrienne and Paul’s nephew make fun of Paul’s back hair.

RHOBH paul adrienne

Back hair really grosses me out.  However, I’ve seen a lot worse than Paul’s.  I’ve seen men who look like they are wearing sweaters on the beach.  Now chest hair is a different story.  I like chest hair.

Dimitri and Mauricio bond over their stupid accents at Mauricio’s event.  Camille makes yet another small penis crack at Kelsey’s expense.

mauricio john kyle husband pg

I must be missing something because I don’t see the appeal of Dimitri.  Why is Mauricio TTCing about his company?  Why are we being given a real estate pitch?  It’s bad enough when the housewives are promoting their crap, but now the husbands?

RHOBH kyle mauricio

Lisa and Ken pull up to the hospital and Lisa is wearing 10 inch heels.  Where did you she think she was going?  It’s a hospital, not a restaurant opening. I didn’t realize Ken was so much older than Lisa–16 years is a lot.  Lisa looks ridiculous in her high heels at the hospital.  Ken’s orthopedic surgeon had nothing on my mom’s orthopedic surgeon.  She had rotator cuff surgery in August and the man was so good-looking, I couldn’t concentrate on a thing he told me when she came out of surgery.  Had I known I would have shown up at the hospital in 10-inch heels like Lisa.

Back to Mauricio’s sales pitch.  Paul and Adrienne show up.  Kim spills the beans about what happened at SUR.  We still don’t know what exactly it was that Brandi said that inflames them so much, but all hell breaks loose at Mauricio’s event, and for a minute I think I’m watching NJ or Atlanta because there’s so much cursing and the word “bitch” being thrown around.  Keep it classy Beverly Hills.

Now can someone please tell me what the big secret was Brandi revealed?  Was it about their divorce?  An affair?  That they are broke?



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220 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Six… “She’s Gone Too Far”

  1. I just did a google search and found in the comments right here on SH, on July 20th not one, but two people said Paul & Adrienne had a surrogate. One of them mentioned that is was Paul who let the cat out of the bag. So this lawsuit thing and Bravo not airing the “famous words” seems very “produced” for our entertainment.

  2. I think I have figured this out…. Paul and Ad may have an open marriage, or Ad allows Paul to do his thing so she doesn’t have to be bothered. Could you imagine Ad in bed… I’m on top, no not there, right here, get off my weave, don’t smear my lipstick, blah, blah, dictating the entire experience. That may very well be known around town and just kept a secret. Ad said in Hawaii they haven’t held hands or touched each other in years, and that full on kiss was awkward! I bet they don’t even share a bedroom….

  3. This entire show was a big promo for Lisa’s new show about pouting sexy restaurant servers and their ridiculous love lives. Yawn. And by the way, will Mauricio ever blow his nose? Why does he sound so nasally, like he has a cold that never goes away? Is it the LA smog or a drug problem?

  4. With all due respect Hugh, the fact that your comment was published here shows that SH respects the fact that everyone, including people that don’t bother to respect the rules of this forum, can have their say once in awhile. FYI: the commenters here are college educated and most have advance degrees. “Her and Kim” was a style choice (it’s funny, dude), not a grammatical error. How do I know? I edit professionally. You be has a nicely daytime. Fondly, PJ

    • Dang, PJ, Ive been on here, off & on, all night long lol & apparently missed this person who was mean or holier than thou towards you. The Great Oz must have “Poofed” him :) which he deserves if he was being….What was he doing? Trying to teach you a grammar lesson? Well, maybe he needs etiquette classes before coming on here. I was just wondering what in the crap caused your post….You always seem to be chill & are respected by your fellow SH fans.

  5. hugh please don’t come on this site anymore. we do not bash each other personally and the housewives are fair game around here

  6. I thought that in their contracts prohibited them from suing fellow cast-mates. If a suit had been filed it would be public information and you can bet SH would have posted it when it happened. Also wouldn’t it be in Bravo’s best interest for Bravo to back Brandi financially to win any lawsuit as it would stifle the women on the shows and what they could say ? I think this whole thing is baloney (the semi scripted part of the show) so these ladies have a story line this season.

    • Lawsuit, shmalsuit. The ONLY reason Bravo is letting lawsuit even be uttered is because the surrogacy story is all over the web and they need to throw the scent off. Hard cores – like us – know this, the casual watcher (which is probably the majority) do not so they use “lawsuit” as a red herring. Let’s get one thing straight about defamation lawsuits and the famous/infamous, it is extremely difficult to sue for defamation when you are a public figure because you already have a platform (your fame/infamy) that enables you to get the truth out. Adrienne is stoopid and has gotten away with screaming lawsuit when anyone utters something that hits close to home or just ticks her off when she was just a Maloof with daddy’s money. It’s easy to scare people when they know you have the money to bankrupt them with a long drawn out lawsuit – truth or not – i.e. Brandi. The real issue is not the truth; it is who will run out of money first. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Doesn’t mean diddly.

  7. Don’t care what big stupid thing Brandi said
    But I was seriously annoyed by Trailer’s fake bullshi** that she was not able to handle the fighting. In some shots she has her head down and makes comments like she can’t take it. Bravo Trailer…we get it. Your abuse storyline needs to come up every once in awhile so you can earn your paycheck. I also appreciate getting Mauricio’s resume and sales pitch. Bravo seriously needs to shut the franchise down It’s either fake scripted drama or an hour sales pitch. I guess I am in a bad mood today but I hate all the bit**** and their dumba** fake story lines. And one more thing, hey Andy, u cross eyed pis** bit** why don’t u fu** off!

  8. Evaluating all of it: Brandi speaking about the ‘truth’, Kim sharing the gossip with Adrienne, Kyle being mad at Kim and Brandi, Paul attacking Brandi…. I have the biggest problem with Paul attacking Brandi – AND Mauricio acting like it was all Brandi’s fault. Or… maybe he was mad at Kim in that scene… now I wonder…? Anywho… PAUL is a professional man. He’s a DOCTOR in the public eye. He was at a FRIEND’S event – said friend is also in the public eye and is a professional man. Why on EARTH did Paul allow the gossip part of this thing to escalate to the point where he attacked a woman at a public event (an event his friend was hosting)? If it was that hurtful, they should’ve taken the news, walked away and broached it with Brandi at a later time. I find the biggest issue is with Paul and Adrienne here. Call me crazy but…. that’s how I see it.

    • I wonder if Mauricio thinks its “gossip ” when his wife is running her mouth about other peoples business

        • No i dont think so. I am pretty sure it was Shana, bc remember that epi. They were in a plane and she completely twisted what Camille said, like she did with Yolandas words about Brandi. I saw the first reunion again recently and Camille thought it was Kyle (though im sure she repeated Shanas nonsense of camera) and then camera focused closely to shanas trying to keep a straight face, and nobody remembered or said anything, so Camille just ended up looking stupid and crazy.

        • It was Kyle. She TTC’d about how that’s how Camille managed to keep her figure. Then when Camille caller her on it at the reunion, she denied it. Camille had been so beaten up that season, she just let it go and Andy kisses Kyle’s ass, so Bravo didn’t replay Kyle TTCing about it.

        • And it was also Kyle who said something to Camille about no one knowing who she was if not for Kelsey, and Kyle who had Camille’s nudie pics/movies on her phone and showed the others..

    • If I was Paul I would have been mad at Kim for bringing it up again in front of the cameras. I would have thru clinched teeth and a stern looks said quietly and evenly “Thanks for telling me, we are leaving now” and go. What Kim did and what Paul did was draw more attention to it.

        • Yeah. I am sure she had evil Evolution people in her ear goading her to blab it. Just like they goaded Brandi to start a birth convo to get Adrienne lying about it on camera. And now what is done is done and the only thing left to do is burn the house down across the street from Adrienne’s to take the viewers mind off surrogate-gate. Maybe those were Adrinnes eggs out on Kyles front lawn?

            • There had to be at least two cameras during the scene where Kim talks to them . One of them and one on the girls getting their “chatter” about what they could possibly be discussing. Now how is it that they(the other girls) were talking about what Kim was doing instead of their usual Kesley has a small pp, I love your shoes chitchat? Cause the camera crew told them what they needed to be talking about.

        • Yeah. I am sure she had evil Evolution people in her ear goading her to blab it. Just like they goaded Brandi to start a birth convo to get Adrienne lying about it on camera. And now what is done is done and the only thing left to do is burn the house down across the street from Adrienne’s to take the viewers mind off surrogate-gate. Maybe those were Adrinnes eggs out on Kyles front lawn?

  9. not sure what brandi said, however, 90% of us would have walked away and called brandi later for ameeting. I don’t know one adult professional person that would have caused a scene at an event like this. Amazing. So inappropriate for Kim to say anything at the party, and so inappropriate for A & P to respond then and there. This was Kyle’s and Mauricio’s event. No matter how mad I was at someone, as an adult, I would never ruin someone’s intimate social gathering like that. They were both invited, so they could not make Adrienne leave, but Adrienne, if shecouldn’t act properly, should have left.

  10. Forgive me, but I have to vent. I am so pissed off at RHOBH this season! And Adrienne Maloof either put your big girl panties on or get the hell out! It’s called reality tv. First you don’t want your children’s faces shown, you don’t want your marriage exposed and now Brandi says some “secret” (which I bet the entire town already knows) and it gets edited out because you threaten to sue???!! It sounds to me like you need to get off this show lady! Who the hell lets you call the shots? If you think we want to watch a whole season of you showing your ugly, expensive shoes you need meds. Other housewives have put up with far more humiliation than you have ever come close to and have had to grin and bear it. Big deal, YOU USED A SURROGATE! And I bet I wasn’t the only one LMAO listening you describe your “delivery”. You really aren’t very bright.

  11. Remember the story that Poppa Guidice offered half a mil for the first Guidice man child? I wonder if Granddaddy Maloof had some equally crazy stipulations in his will?

  12. I’m wondering if Adrienne filled Brandi’s head with some lies regarding Paul to help set up her divorce and it all backfired on her when Kim spilled it all to Paul. What else could Ad do but appear totally in shock and threaten law suit.

  13. Oh, and regarding penis size, it has been my experience that “it’s not the gun-it’s the gunner”. Nuf said.

  14. My first post did not go through. I was wondering if Ad filled Brandi’s head with some lies about Paul to help set up her divorce and it backfired on her when Kim coughed up. What else can she do but act totally shocked and threaten a law suit.

  15. OOPS, there it is. Sorry guys for the doulble post, Either my hands, brain or the computer are possessed today.

  16. good grief the guy pouring the drink in the sur commercial is hot! hot! hot! i’m going to watch the show just to drool over him!!

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