REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Six… “She’s Gone Too Far”


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Season Three, Episode One… “She’s Gone Too Far”

by Sandi Duffy

Back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Trailor’s best (and by best, I mean worst) drunken scenes have been edited out; Kyle has no storyline; Kim is way too fragile to be on this show; Lisa is Lisa; Camille is a bore; Yolanda is shell-shocked; and Brandi is the fire-starter

rhobh benz
Mauricio enters his home and there is something about eggs being thrown at the house, but then I can’t tell if that’s true or not because he just bought his 16-year-old daughter a fancy car that no 16-year-old should own.

rhobh book agent brandi
Brandi and her book agent meet.  I’ve said it before, but I am so sick of Housewives books.  I will never read a single one of them.  They are all idiots.  They all have nothing to say of interest.  I do not relate to any of them.  Brandi’s book agent pulls out Chelsea Handler’s book, and Brandi Glanville is no Chelsea Handler.  Puhlease.

brandi tweet about shana

Next we get a preview of Lisa’s new series, by watching her at work.  We see Lisa dress down one of her employees for pissing off an important customer.  I don’t believe this is how Lisa would handle something like this.  This bitch would be out on her ass if all this really happened.

Lisa is having a tasting at her restaurant, but Brandi had to make sure the slut who slept with her husband isn’t going to be working the tasting.

Lisa’s husband needs hip replacement because he had a Polo accident 10 years ago.  Rich people crack me up.  We are supposed to feel badly that Ken hurt himself playing Polo– a sport only the very wealthy can engage in.  Next. Lisa breaks her arm in a fox  hunt.

Kim shows up EARLY to the tasting.  Her and Brandi crank call Kyle because she is later than Kim.  Trailor shows up and her lips enter the room 10 minutes before she does.  At least she’s given up that whole “hair pulled back on her Klingon forehead” look.

They’re pairing wines with appetizers and there’s Kim.  I really feel her sister should refrain from drinking at these events to support her sister’s sobriety, but Kyle is a selfish bitch, so that is never going to happen.

There is talk about Adrienne’s book deal.  Yes, another Housewife book.  That makes three for this show.

Kyle stirs the pot and sets up Brandi by asking what went on between Adrienne and Brandi’s friendship.  Brandi reveals that Adrienne and Paul tried to get Brandi to take to twitter to defend them and go after Lisa.  These petty twitter wars are ridiculous.    Adrienne must have some power at Bravo because Brandi gets edited out when she makes a big reveal, which I assume is something about her marriage breaking up.  I guess Adrienne has more clout than Teresa does because apparently Teresa asked Bravo not to play Joe’s mysterious phone call where he calls Tre a See You Next Tuesday.

RHOBH paul adrienne
Next we watch Adrienne criticize how Paul makes a salad.  She does nothing to lift a finger and help as Paul puts a barbecue together.  Adrienne and Paul’s nephew make fun of Paul’s back hair.

RHOBH paul adrienne

Back hair really grosses me out.  However, I’ve seen a lot worse than Paul’s.  I’ve seen men who look like they are wearing sweaters on the beach.  Now chest hair is a different story.  I like chest hair.

Dimitri and Mauricio bond over their stupid accents at Mauricio’s event.  Camille makes yet another small penis crack at Kelsey’s expense.

mauricio john kyle husband pg

I must be missing something because I don’t see the appeal of Dimitri.  Why is Mauricio TTCing about his company?  Why are we being given a real estate pitch?  It’s bad enough when the housewives are promoting their crap, but now the husbands?

RHOBH kyle mauricio

Lisa and Ken pull up to the hospital and Lisa is wearing 10 inch heels.  Where did you she think she was going?  It’s a hospital, not a restaurant opening. I didn’t realize Ken was so much older than Lisa–16 years is a lot.  Lisa looks ridiculous in her high heels at the hospital.  Ken’s orthopedic surgeon had nothing on my mom’s orthopedic surgeon.  She had rotator cuff surgery in August and the man was so good-looking, I couldn’t concentrate on a thing he told me when she came out of surgery.  Had I known I would have shown up at the hospital in 10-inch heels like Lisa.

Back to Mauricio’s sales pitch.  Paul and Adrienne show up.  Kim spills the beans about what happened at SUR.  We still don’t know what exactly it was that Brandi said that inflames them so much, but all hell breaks loose at Mauricio’s event, and for a minute I think I’m watching NJ or Atlanta because there’s so much cursing and the word “bitch” being thrown around.  Keep it classy Beverly Hills.

Now can someone please tell me what the big secret was Brandi revealed?  Was it about their divorce?  An affair?  That they are broke?



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220 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Six… “She’s Gone Too Far”

  1. OK, everybody pick out somebody you wanna punch in this episode! Paul has officially joined the Losers’ Hall of Shame along with Creepy Dickie and JoGo. I don’t care how accurate it may be, when any man (especially one who’s married) calls a woman the b-word, that’s a bright blood-red flag!

    • Paul must feel like a first class asshole now that Adrianne has focused her lying nature onto him. I mean Lisa and Brandi were just the warm-up for the main event of accusing him of abusing her and the boys. Karma just bitch slapped you Paul.

    • Ridiculous is the correct word. This “thing that can not be spoken” is absurd. Collectively on these franchises these women have called each other every horrible insulting name found in the english and spanish dictionaries. They have accused each other of being every sort of treachery so what could Brandi possibly have said that trumps all else. I’ve racjed my brain and decided it can only be 1 of 2 things. Brandi has revealed either that a.) Ad is responsible for the Kennedy assassination or b.) the holocaust. The reason Ad is keeping it quiet is not wanting to reveal her guilt but rather it will document her true age of 115!!!! And that is the truth.

    • @ Barb I use to like Paul now he just comes off as a girly-man… It is one thing to support your spouse it is another to come off as a shrieking school girl while doing so. As for what was said, I think it is about the surrogacy, I believe Adrienne and Camille met through their surrogate and Camille – back when she was Brandi’s cheerleader – may have shared this info.

      I know popular sentiment is that Kelsey is the douche – de jour of most SH readers and commenters but I remember thinking in the first season “how the Hell has Kelsey dealt with this narcissistic moron for 13 yrs”. She was a common slut who made good. It is rumored she was a pin cushion for money with high profile Saudis and we know her past – uhem – film career. The nail in the coffin for me was that deplorable exchange between Camille and her mother in the nail salon, my TV almost got smashed that night. As for Dimitri, yeah, he’s a real prince, dumped his fiance and their child ( I believe that was the situation, I do know he dumped his fiance, there may not have been children involved but I am too lazy to research right now, lol!) in a hot minute when he found a bigger paycheck. One more gripe,if it is sooooooooooo easy for Camille to emasculate her ex husband in public – where their children will eventually read the horrible things she has said and claimed about their father – imagine what she was saying in private to him. The poor man was like a wounded animal chewing his arm off for freedom from a vicious trap. She is one ice cold killer and I cannot understand how she has redeemed herself, for goodness sake, she had to HIRE someone to teach her how to act like a human! Imo.

      • Side note- Camille was not at the dinner which makes me think my guess is pretty on track. This is definitely a setup by Bravo – and the cast- to expose what a POS Adrienne is. I guess she ticked off the wrong producer…

        • Oh I never thought of that! But I bet you are right. I stopped liking Adrienne last season, and she is coming across as even more petty. Who knows, maybe Paul did beat her. Wasn’t it her chef that posted those pictures? I tevo the show and I found myself fast forwarding through most of it. The franchise is getting rather stale. I enjoy the funny recaps and comments more than the show!

      • Oh thank you so much for pointing that out. Last night I was thinking about this. How is it that some people get painted with the villan brush and some with the hero brush? I remember Camille complaining to her Mother about how tired she was for having to take a test to see if she had cancer because her own MOTHER was suffering from cancer at that time. I am pretty sure that Dimitri was married with a small child when he met Camille. I just slammed Eddie Cibrian on another thread for doing the same thing so I it wouldn’t be right if I let Dimitri slide for doing the exact same thing. Last night as Camille described how Dimitri cooks for her and her children it made me wonder how his wife felt when she heard that. Dimitri has been very reluctant to appear on camera up until this point and I think it is because he might have a little bit of a consience but Camille does not and she flits the bill so he makes an appearance. It’s a good thing Camille has a lot of money because it must have taken a decade of my salarie to have her come off as the classy, kind, voice of reason, victim of divorce that Bravo portrays her now. How is it that this particular group of housewives get to dictate to the audience how they would like to be portrayed and all the others are at the mercy of conniving producers and clever editing?

  2. Well, although I dont like Adrienne if Brandi said something about her family its wrong. I havent heard Adrienne say anything bad about Brandi’s family. Im only guessing since they beeped out what was said. As far as paul goes, he’s no “man” in my opinion. He should have just left if he was that pissed, not verbally attack a woman. The men are starting to get as bad as the women!!

    • We never heard Adrianne saying anything about Brandi’s family on camera, unitl last night, she sure did seem to have the Brandi is a pill popper, who sleeps til three and doesnt take care of her boys readily available last night. That kinda indicates to me she’s talked about it before with others.

      • I can’t think of anything Brandi could have said that was worse than being called a drug addict and a neglectful mother. Why wouldn’t Adrianne report this if it were true? Because it is gossip.

        • The things Ad was saying in retribution made me think she’s Beachy who made that mystery quote from yesteday. Those were the same sort of comments.

  3. After reading Brandi’s BravoBlog, it sounds like she said something stoopid about Adrienne’s kids. At least that’s my take on it. No telling what Brandi said, but she’s going to pay through the nose for this one. Uh-oh.

    I like chest hair too. Back hair is pretty gross.

  4. Well we’re getting into award season and bucking for best actress is Lisa Vanderpoop, supporting actress Brandi Big Mouth. Nice plug Bravo on Lisa’s new show (Sur)? Whatever, won’t be watching it, let’s see, young 20 year olds, kissing her butt and sleeping with eachother? As far as Paul, who knows? He was really mad, so it must be bad? Question, I know these people sign up for their lives (dirty laudry) to be aired; but is it appropriate for secrets to be revealed? If you are not the person revealing your own secret, not cool for someone else to reveal it out of spite! Kim meant well, telling Adrienne, but the timing was off, poor Kyle. (Wink/Wink)

    • @As far as Paul, who knows? He was really mad, so it must be bad? ‘

      Yeah, but he was also REALLY MAD that Lisa used ‘Maloof Hoof’ and ‘Jackpot/Crackpot’, so I think his level of mad is pretty staged most of the time.
      Also, now in light of all the false accusations the Hoof made against Paul, I wonder if he is rethinking all the things that happened and were said when he was pretty much left in the dark or just straight up lied to his face, by her. With all the lies she spread about him, does it make him now realize that the ‘offenses’ he’s getting upset about on the air might have been just as made up or staged? She clearly needed a storyline, but did not want the looming divorce to overshadow everything, so she was very happy with manufactured drama to keep us, the housewives, and especially Paul off her back and in the dark.
      The Hoof is seriously sick, twisted, and a pathological liar! With everything that’s been confirmed lately as lies, how can ayone still think she tells the truth about anything??

    • ITA….Kim meant well….In the blog, it said Kim was too weak to be on the show, but IMO, she’s actually acting pretty good (I’m not talking about her telling A what B said). She does seem happier but Ik it has to be hard to have to be around these women when all of them drink. They won’t even forego their drink because Kim’s struggles. I would think Byle would…for heaven’s sake, Kim is her sister! They all went on that getaway & drank at every meal & event. Kim can say it doesn’t bother her but it does. I LOVED when she said some ppl who aren’t around her anymore, bother her & some that will never be out of her life, bother her…Yep, Byle, she was talking about you. When B told her the ladies at the dinner all wanted her to fail at sobriety…that was uncalled for & I seriously doubt that. Maybe it was just B blurting again & trying to suck up to Kim. Anyway, Ik why A wasn’t invited but I must have missed why Yo wasn’t at the tasting dinner. Anyone know? 1 more thing I’d like to know is how B’s manager or whoever the helped get her the book deal, would actually know if Adrienne had a book deal, especially when he isn’t anything to A. Maybe he told her that to stroke her self esteem or whatever but when a book is “in talks”, I’m sure everyone doesn’t know about it unless they tell them.

  5. I read on the Bravo site that it was that Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate for their kids. I don’t know if that’s the truth but that’s just what someone that was commenting said.

    • And im wondering why would that be a bad thing? So, what they have beautiful and healthy children. I think all the housewives should leave the kids out of the equation.

          • No, its really not! If it pertains to the kids they should all act like grown ups and not speak on it! However, if Adrienne did use a surrogate there is not anything wrong with that. Why would Brandi mention that as if its a bad thing. I guess i’m just confused Lisa! They beeped it out so its hard to make since of it.

            • We should fill in that blank with our own theories. Brandi accused Adrianne and Paul of:

              1.) Toting gloks and dressing Mad Max.
              2.) Eating raw bacon and drinking blood
              3.) Drinking lobster martinis in 110 degree F weather.
              4.) Rolling with an entourage of “little” people.
              5.) Claiming to be God
              6.) Creating their own universe in which everything is Adrienne-Style and Paul-Style

              (Hmm…wait…I’m explaining Lana from SCR)

              and finally… 7.) Asking Brandi to engage in a 5 way that includes Eddie and LeAnn.

            • Ooo. Oooo. I can answer your question! Adrienne would be mad if Brandi told everyone she used a surrogate because on last weeks ep remember Adrienne saying she had csections? If Brandi is telling the truth about the surrogate…. That makes Adrienne a big fat liar.

          • Well, if Adrienne and Paul didn’t want everyone in the world to know their business, they shouldn’t be on a reality tv show.

        • She did lie about it. Remember last week when they went around the dinner table with labor stories? Adrienne said she had two c-sections and Paul drove her bats in the delivery room. I don’t understand, personally, why someone would lie about such a thing. Cloaking it shames it and there’s not shame in it (unless you do it to save your figure). I would say more, but kinda fear for being sued…lol

          • I still don’t get it – unless Paul and Adrienne moved to Beverly Hills from MARS after the twins were born, who wouldn’t know she wasn’t pregnant? Aren’t there probably a zillion of their friends and acquaintances that were aware of the situation IF she had a surrogate? What on earth is the big deal here? Just probably BRAVO hoping to put a spark in an otherwise lackluster show -

        • Exactly, if that is what Brandi said, she was saying it to expose Adrienne as a bold faced pathological liar, because she just sat and discussed birth stories. It doesn’t hurt the kids, just shows how Adrienne is full of it. Does anyone see the similarities between swin and Adrienne? Lying, manipulative, plastic….Lucky for Paul he got out while he could I guess.

        • The last episode Adrienne said she had a cesarean section but I also heard they used a surrogate also…who knows? Why such a big “secret”? Maybe just for a storyline?

          • yep .. the rumors are that Adrienne had her 3 children through a surrogate. Im Ojaji Adrienne flat out lied and started making up a story about how her delivery went. It’s all in the last episode.
            Anyway… it’s always been a rumor that Adrienne had not given birth to her kids, so Brandy was calling her out about lying.

              • she may have had lost the baby. Maybe she did give birth for one of the kids and did the surragate thing for the other but just says she birthed all of them to aviod confusion and unwanted questions. Lots of controversy surrounds surragacy not everyone is comfortable with it easier to lie or just not talk about it. People like myself feel surragacy (under some circumstances) should be outlawed.

    • I’m wondering if that is the case myself. She IS 50yrs old and has 6yr old twins, plus Paul made the comment about NEVER having seen her pig out, or something similar (which planted the thought in my head to begin with.)

      • I don’t see why surrogacy is a big deal either. Didn’t Camille have a surrogate too? I suppose it would be remotely interesting if she was implying Adrienne marriage to Paul was shame and Adrienne is a closet lesbian??? Maybe?

  6. Of course I don’t know for sure but I think it has something to do with Adrianne using a surrogate. If that is true that makes the ojhi episode even stranger because she talked specifically about her pregnancies and deliveries. I think it’s crap though that Teresa didn’t get a break but Adrianne does. If you go one one of these shows you can’t expect to keep secrets. I also think it’s funny that the blind item that came out today was one of Brandi’s “friends” swearing up and down what a liar and a whore she was in an attempt to cast dispersions on her right before this episode airs. I can’t wait to read Brandi’s blog, she said she would explain more about tonights episode on her blog. I guess we’ll see.

    • Surrogacy is no big deal. Certainly not defamatory. Unless it’s because Adrienne is actually a man. I could see Adrienne suing over that because it would put a damper on her hoof sales.

      • some people get weird about having to have children different from the old fashioned way. there are kids out there that are from sperm donors,adoption and surragates, parents never say a word. Its unfortunate but it happens. Surrogacy os no big deal(though it can get sticky at times) and not everyone believes its should be legal.

    • Maybe that’s where it stemmed from then. I thought I remembered Adrienne saying that she used a surrogate in S1. Then last week she supposedly said in Ojai her stories about her births. Maybe Brandi caught on that that was a lie and she let it spill. What’s the biggie, or is this a whole new big fake storyline we’re dealing with?? Hey, maybe Adrienne is the man? LOL!!! I did watch this episode, and it was boring, stupid and sooooooooooo badly written. If they can’t explain this “fight” then it’s all 100% fake.

      • I am with you. It bored me. And a bored Made is a dangerous made. I been talkin all kinds of crap about what the real story is.

      • I’m going with fake fight. Unless there are court records, Bravo better air the comments or it will lose what little shred of credibility it has left (if there is any).

        • ink: I thought the same thing. SH would have had some court documents had this ‘lawsuit’ been real. It’s FAKE. This is beyond low for them to have storylines with fake fights and fake lawsuits that they can’t reveal.

          • @ ‘had this ‘lawsuit’ been real. It’s FAKE’

            On the episode 1 there was a preview of the entire season. They showed a couple of scenes of the Hoof fighting with Brandi. In one Brandi was throwing back in the Hoof’s face that they are suing her (i.e. Brandi), and the Hoof was swearing up and down that there is no lawsuit. But Brandi kept repeating that they are lying, and are in real life suing her.
            Who knows what the real status is, but I tend to believe Brandi on this. The Hoof and her idiot husband (BTW, how does it feel to be made an idiot on national TV, Paul?) are so spiteful, so vicious, so full of hate, that I would not put it past them to try to ruin Brandi with lawyers’ fees and court costs, just to ‘teach her a lesson’ to not fight with the ‘superior, rich people’.

      • Not to beat a dead horse, but after seeing those pics of Adrienne’s man back, I kept a lookout for her in tight tops and being filmed from the back. I’m satisfied that was not Adrienne’s back. After all, inquiring minds want to know…lol. Although, if it was Adrienne’s attempt to trap Paul with them, couldn’t someone tell if the photo’s were superimposed? It makes no sense to me. In Brandi’s BravoBlog she said she didn’t even think Paul realized how underhanded Adrienne was. Maybe he does now. I think Adrienne is a wolf.

    • I agree that using a surrogate was the comment Brandi made. I don’t know how you could be sued for saying that. Then again you can be sued for anything and you still have to pay your attorney whether it gets tossed or not.

      • Last I heard Brandi still has a freedom of speech, to sue wouldnt adrianne have to prove what Brandi said Hurt her or her business in some way or was false /I mean if i got sued everytime i said something i shouldnt id be homeless.

        • I would think that Adrienne would have to prove it was a lie. She SHOULD be able to do that because didnt she just say two weeks ago that she had a c-section? That chit leaves a scar. What if MJ’s baby momma was the surrogate? And well now we come back full circle to my conspiracy theories.

        • And if its something Adrienne said to Brandi, then Adrienne is sol. I dont know what the big secret is but whatever it is must have also pulled the cork on the Paul /Adrienne marriage. I am not proud of Paul for calling Brandi a bitch, it was wrong but I am also siding on the fact he was defending his wife. I think the thing that amazes me the most is why in gods green earth would Kim open her mouth at an event. Tell them at home, tell them when no one is around. That made Mauricios event a 3 ring circus. I dont like Kyle but Mauricio has supported Kim and her kids for years, I think she owed him more than that. Maybe the alcohol did kill all her live brain cells.

          • Ya that was totally crappy of Kim, she coulda called them beforehand if she was so concerned. I think this is one time I’m on Kyle’s side…gag. But maybe Bravo incited this?

              • I think Mauricio and Kim do not get along, he sees her as a needy user, because of Kyle he supported Kim a lot. Remember last season, when Mauricio called Kim n Ken out and they had a big arguement on the trip? Kim is always needing money n always a nuissance, and, by messing up Mauricio’s event she messed up stuff for Kyle too, at the very least stressing her out, and at the most costing her some $ from would be investors.

              • I think with Kim drinking for years, the majority of support for Kim and her children was Mauricio and Kathy and Rick Hilton. I dont care what excuse Kim uses, it was classless. To do that to the man who has supported you and your kids for years, it was BS. I think she did it to get back at her sister.

              • Also feeds right in to Kyle pathology of wanting to appear to be the poor put upon long suffering sister. Kim clocked her pretty good with the passive/aggressive voice mail “joke.” Cant say I that didnt bring a smile to my face to watch that. Would have loved to have seen Vyle’s face as she watched the tape last Wednesday.

              • No Made. Kyle, Mauricio, Rick and Kathy suppored Kim for years. It was common knowledge that she couldnt work and was an alcoholic. She had 4 kids who needed a home. Kathy, Kim and Kyles mom bought her home by managing Kim and Kyles careers when they were young. Kim supposedly went through her money fast buying ferraris and other foolish things. She had plenty of money during the marriages, expecially when she was married to Davis. Then came John Collete. He was accused of scammed hundred of people, mostly senior for hundreds of millions of dollars. He was on the phone with her when he was murdered. Mauricio and Kyle didn’t need anything from her, Mauricio has made millions on his own.

              • Kim was the money earner growing up. Kyle contributed very little in comparison. Kim should have got her inheritance at least since they all pretty much lived off her. If Maurice and Lyle “didnt need it” then they shouldn’t have taken it.

              • RUH ROH skinny comments….I agree Made, there was some dispute about inheritance and I bet Kyle did do somethin shady with the house, etc, to make Kim yell “You stole my house!”. But Kim was married and doing well after all that, and continued to be friends with her sis. Then Kim spiraled into the alcohol/substance abuse and Kyle and Maurico spent years supporting her. And supporting a non-working alcoholic and her kids to live in BH can’t be cheap. Not that I like Kyle, I do not, but I think if you are gonna continue to be bf’s with your sis, and she steps up to help you, you shouldn’t be pullin this at her and her hubby’s important bidness meetin…Kyle is nasty, but it’s Kim’s fault for allowing it to go on. And on…

              • I thnk they gave kim lots and lots of money. Kim sold her share for money and then they kept handing her money. Kim was terrile with money. I have no sympathy for Kim She spent and spent and had a tremendous amount of child support and spousial support and still was broke and drunk. She lost that huge windfal in 2008 when Whitney turned 18. She never worked and still wanted to live the entitled lifestyle.

  7. If it’s the surrogate story Adrienne is so mad about, so what? It’s nothing to be ashamed of or hide. People do it all the time. Maybe Adrienne used to be a man and had a sex change operation and that’s why Andy likes her so well.

      • Exactly cyn … my daughter was adopted shortly after birth by my husband and his ex told my stepdaughter who in turn told my daughter when she was 9. She was confused and devastated. Information like that needs to come from the parents at the time they choose.

        • I am sorry that happened. I know adults who were never told they were adopted then they find out and end up hating the parents for keeping a secret. I was told from day one i was adopted it was just part of who i was My parents told me like it was a bedtime story and made it age appriopriate so i would understand im not gonna sit here and say it wasnt confusing at times hell at 50 i still have trouble understanding sometimes but a lot of that went away when i was reunited with my Birth fam.. You did what was right for your family, I hope you daughter is better now it had to have been confusing for her and yes it wasnt your hubbys ex’s place to tell no one. hugs to your daughter and you.

          • I found out family members were adopted from a b*tch/dingbat family friend who had no business sharing that info with me. I’ll never forget the feeling when I heard the news.

          • Not being adopted myself, I always thought that if someone went out of their way and make a major effort to find a child they wanted to adopt would be a wonderful feeling for the adopted child… be so wanted. However , I could see the emotional aspect and confusion that could set in. That said why is surrogacy so shameful that one would hide it and declare defamation about it…..unless its not Adrienne’s own egg and it bothers her.

            • Some people think because money extanges hands its buying a baby, or you took the lazy way out, you didnt want to go through the discomfort or lose your figure (like what people say about Camile, ) In things were money is involved people get funny smetimes.

    • I was thinking the same thing! She acts like a man and Paul acts like a woman. She definitely wears the pants in that family. I swear I remember in season 1 she said they used a surrogate!! She can’t keep up with her lies…none of them can because they all drink too much.

  8. I wonder if someone is really throwing eggs at Vyle’s vehicles/home. If they are, that is hilarious!! Probably Kim…revenge for Vyle taking her home. heh Giving a 16 year old a car like that is purely foolish. It will be wrecked within a year and hopefully without injury to some poor soul that’s on the road with that spoiled child! For those of you that live in LA, be safe!

    Paul and Ad arguing in the kitchen is more than likely a daily occurance. Did you wash your hands? Good Lord they bicker over the stupidest things. Ad telling Paul to gently tear the lettuce, then she proceeds to rip it up aggressively with her Vyle man hands!! Back hair is so disgusting and so fixable. Paul just looks worse and worse. He needs to shave that rug and keep his shirt on!! His lady boobs, flabby stomach, and back hair don’t mix! Tend to it!! It’s gross!

    Speaking of boobs, Kim’s looked like melons! WOW! Vyle baiting Brandi about Ad and then the table acting offended by what was said was disgusting. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask. Granted Brandi could have just said that was between her and Ad. Tayliar saying that Ad wasn’t there to defend herself was laughable. Tay has spent the last three episodes calling Brandi a whore, without Brandi there to defend herself. I swear, do these “ladies” take a big ole pill at night that erases their memory?? They can’t seem to remember what they’ve said and done the day before!

    Kim telling Ad and Paul about SUR at Mauricio’s event was in bad taste. Not the time or place. Paul calling Brandi a bitch many times, getting in her face, and then when she gets in his face and pretends she wants to choke him, he gets all up in arms, asking what she’s going to do? She calls Ad a bitch, Paul gets offended after he’s dropped the word at least three times! Brandi will get blamed for this entire fiasco, not Kim running and tattling, not Paul and Ad attacking/name calling Brandi first. In the preview for next week, Vyle is saying that Brandi dropped the F word in front of clients. Oh the horror!!! No mention yet of Paul’s and Ad’s profanity and the two of them being accountable.

    • Mostly, I agree with you about Brandi and getting the blame, but this time I think she saw it coming. My take is her mouth overloaded her brain at that food tasting thingamajig and at some point later, realized she was in deep doo-doo. Goodness gracious, she went on and on and on about her Adrienne issues. I kinda feel sorry for her, cause she has no filter. None. At Mauricio’s thingamajig she seemed fairly nervous and paranoid to me. LOL…Brandi knew someone was gonna rat her out and this time Kim came up the lucky winner. Sheesh. I see the producers dirty little fingers all over this particular set up, but it makes me wonder if there is nothing any of these people won’t “reveal” for the storyline.

      • Poor Brandi thinking that not one of those ladies at the table would tell Ad/Paul. How naive, it’s like she doesn’t remember that they all run their mouths stirring drama 24/7. Yes, I think Brandi saw it coming because she saw Kim talking with them. Brandi says this “lie” is one that everyone knows and just keeps it underwraps, and apparently off camera. Kim may not have been aware about this “known lie” as she has spent most of her life in a drunken haze. In her sobriety she is showing that she is a shit stirring mean girl. Having said that, Brandi probably shouldn’t have said anything initially. It’s like watching middle aged women in high school…

    • Being on the receiving end of a dad like Mauricio, and being lavished with seriously fancy cars since I was 16, I can confirm its stoopid and foolish to do this. Clothes, watches, trips,schools……..but an expensive car is a waste, and most of the right kind of ambition and hunger is gone. And yes in many cases such as mine they’ll be totaled within a year. SAD.

      • So true! When my daugher was in highschool many of her friends got nice cars like that. My daughter was positive that I was the most evil of mothers because I refused to buy her a new Mercedes when she turned 16. In fact I didn’t even let her get her drivers license until she was 17 because she scrared the hell out of me with her driving. Her little friend Stephanie got a beautiful Merceds at 16 and totaled it within a few months. My daughter imformed that Stephanie was in a lot of trouble for it. I felt a little bad for Stephanie because she had no buisness driving a Mercedes at 16 and if her parents were having a fit because of the finacial implications of destroying a perfectly good car then maybe they should have bought her a reliable second hand vehicle and saved the Mercedes till Collage graduation. Stephanie , buy the way, was a good kid and a straight A student just like Alexia last night. Being nice and making good grades does not make you a good driver.

        • @ SD I cannot imagine giving your child a high performance vehicle like that, it is a tragedy waiting to happen. Our Range Rover dealer gave us a Jaguar once when we had the Rover in for work (they are soooooo freakin’ touchy but the hubs needs an off road because he is in land development and you do a LOT of off road) and when I got behind the wheel I was NOT prepared for how that car can perform and I had 25 years driving experience. To place that kind of power in the hands of a novice driver is reckless and just another way to feed the parents ego and not in the best interest of the child. Imo.

        • @sd: My almost 16 year old daughter will have the privilege of driving our 2008 Ford Focus (bought and paid for) when she get’s her license. She is not allowed to have any passengers for one year. Also, she can not ride with another driver who has not had one year of violation free driving experience. We also must know the driver and his or her parents. If she complains that her friend needs a ride home, I will come and pick up that friend and drive her home myself. It is difficult for us to live in a small town where it is common for kids to get their own cars or trucks for their 16th birthdays. They post pictures of the new car on their facebook profiles. Yes, I am a strict parent. When I was growing up, my parents’ car had a curfew. We could stay out late, but the car had to be in the garage with a full tank of gas by 9 p.m. That rule still cracks me up to this day. However, things are different in the 90210 zip code.

          • Yes , things are different in 90210 and other rich zip codes, but still………..maybe it’s easier on the rich east coast than in 90210 to buy a less expensive car. It sounds strange but I wish I hadn’t always been so lavished with expensive toys so soon, 21 is a better age.

          • before i got my first car I had to drive the boats my mom like to drive, one was a tank osmobile that thing was like driving a Limo. My first car i owed was a 69 camero my BIL got out of the junk yard and reburbished it, I got it for yrs of free babysitting my nephews while my bil was out of work at GM during the strike that lasted forever. I loved that car
            but the fav car i had was a 76 mustang T top i drove that when i was a senior in HS.
            I paid for everything,gas insurence repairs and event he car note I def did not get a free ride.

            • @Lisa: you drove some SWEET automobiles! I drove my parent’s Chrysler station wagon. My mother put a bumper sticker on it that said, “Doing Makeup in Car” My brother’s hated driving that car!

              • lol, My dad tired to teach me to drive a stick in his nova station wagon..i never could get it.
                I did have good cars but NONE OF them were handed to me I had to work for them make all the payments and gas ect. My parents may have given me the oppertunity to drive them but I had to pay for them, wanna know ho many tacos i had to sell to keep me in those cars 100,000s of thousands of Taco Bell crap.

              • @Lisa: I did get a new car for college graduation. Had to pay for insurance. I drove that car for over 10 years. My poor husband learned to drive in a Pinto and actually drove it into a lake (he says it was a mistake)

              • My ex and I first car as a married couple was a Lime gree pinto hatch back…I loved that lil thing.

          • Where we live you only have a temp. license for the first year. If you get through that year with no violations It becomes permanent. Restrictions include an 11 pm curfew and no passengers other than family members. I was glad this changed because It made my job as a parent easier.

            • @cyn: Where we live, a 16 year old has a restricted license. For one year, one passenger must be a family member older than 21. Plus there is a 10 p.m. curfew.

          • she probably didnt, she probably expected a new car why say thank you for something she knew she was getting

            • I think she was very appreciative and quite shocked, we may not have heard her say the words (could be editing to stir class warfare) but her reaction and the kisses she gave her daddy were very real and indicative of her appreciation.

  9. The only thing I noticed in this episode is that Paul and Adrienne are already not wearing their wedding bands and Bernie the chef was missing as well.

  10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…is it over yet?

    When did John Turturro get into Real Estate?

    Ummmm… do these women ever do any activities aside from boozin’ it up in different locations?

  11. The new car thing was shot out of sequence. Because even if you are 16 when you get your permit you have to have so many hour behind the wheel before you can get your license if you are still a minor. That’s how it is down here. Maybe the whole learners permit thing was a fake scene. maybe? Who am I kiddin? At any rate, I hope Kyle’s daughter called her Aunt Kim and thanked her for the house that her mom and dad stole and the money they used to start new businesses and buy new houses and new cars.

    • Remember when Kim’s daughter went to the prom? Very next episode she tells YoFo that her kids were starting school that day! It’s all out of whack. Guess they don’t film during the summer…

      I’m sure Vyle’s kids have no idea that Auntie Kim really supported their Mother/Grandmother. Vyle wants to pretend that didn’t happen! She reassures herself that she has supported Kim in adulthood so it’s a wash..

    • or maybe the car was just a promo…after hearing that the HIlls was completely fake and seeing shana react (over-react) about how real bevhills was I’m not buying any of what they’re selling. I think the hw’s officially jumped the shark last season

  12. Why give us cookies with out milk?
    Why bravo? Why? I just don’t get it.
    A freakig expensive fue/drama and you don’tgive us the 411. Lame! Lie! Drama! Bullshit!
    That’s what I think about it.

    • Total bull crap. A camera crew was on the girls and a camera crew was on Adrienne,Paul and Kim. They KNEW what was going down.

  13. This episode shoulda been titled “Kim’s Revenge”. Aah, Kim had everyone thinkin she was a poor sweet recovering alchy, just working on herself, and Blammo! Kim not only wrecks Mauricio’s fancy business party but causes major drama for Brandi. Payback is funnier when you’re sober…lol.

      • Hahahahha Could you imagine Kim trying to sing?? Hell, the girl can barely put a coherent sentence together… one slurry word after another! She said she could mess up twinkle, twinkle little star… and I believe her! Ouch!

    • @ kel I don’t think this was revenge. I think Kim was chosen as the carrier pigeon because of the hurtful words that Brandi used at game night which would make her the least hated for carrying tales out of school, she would get a pass, so to speak. BUT ( and it’s a big one) Kim and Brandi and Kyle are all good now but I haven’t heard of any of the housewives running to defend Adrienne in the divorce. I think the cast AND crew had grown tired of Adrienne’s BS and this season is craftily set up to keep us all guessing everyone’s allegiances but the real story is they all can’t stand Adrienne. I am sure Kim has figured out that A&P ( I wonder if they give green stamps, lmao!) used her last season and Kim and Brandi have discussed that they BOTH were used by them last season.

  14. Past time for a twist on this housewives’ franchise. Consider counter episodes to show how mature, considerate women would behave in the same circumstances. If someone at the table speaks poorly about someone not in attendance, what should you do? Exactly, change subjects. If someone repeats something said about you how would you behave? Right, change the subject. If someone attacks you and calls you a bitch what should you do? Leave immediately without responding. But, wouldn’t that be boring?

  15. Brandi tweeted that her comment about Paul and Adrienne was bleeped because the Lawyers made that happen. Hmmmmm interesting!

  16. I’m on the west coast and am just seeing the episode. So, Paul calls Brandi a bitch like 5 times and then gets indignant when Brandi calls Adrienne one? Ummm…does he know he’s a man?

    • Interesting-or maybe one of their kids has a behavioral problem or mental condiiton.
      Not that these women are card-carrying MENSA members, but Brandi would have been a fool to have dropped a bombshell on Adrienne in front of Kyle, Traylor and Kim-her main haters-if she didn’t want a brawl. She waited for the other shoe to drop at Maurice’s party. And drop it did. Paul did look truly pissed, sounded like it too b/c he didn’t make much sense, but all that defending his wife’s honor? Please.

      • I don’t think it’s the child abuse allegation. Ad didn’t accuse Paul of that until after this season was filmed and she had already filed for divorce, also, I doubt Paul would be defending his wife tooth and nail if she had accused him of this unless…. Ad accused him behind his back (plotting like Tayliar), and Ad is denying it for now. Maybe she wanted footage of him angry to use against him in the near future. I don’t think Brandi would bring their children into the mix, as she has children and small children should be off limits, both Ad’s and Brandi’s.

        • Who knows really? If Ad wanted footage of Paul being an irrational fool, she got it! What struck me about the confrontation was how Brandi was as if not more ferocious than Paul. She didn’t back down, cry-some women in a similar situation would. She was ready to scrap.

  17. Truth is, if you have skeletons in your closet, and in some cases entire cemeteries, have small children, want to stay in your marriage, and/or a business reputation to uphold, don’t agree to do a “reality” television show or be in the public eye. Those “secrets” will come out eventually and you have no-one to blame other than your narcissist self.

    Of course that wouldn’t be any fun for us viewers, but I think the housewives already know that. Some of them are willing to lie, cheat, scam, and divorce their spouse to stay in the public eye.

  18. I don’t think it has anything to do with surrogacy or the divorce. Brandi keeps referencing her own kids in her blog & that it was below the belt. During the talk with Kim, Adrienne & Paul….A said she had never said anything negative about B’s kids…A & P kept saying they couldn’t believe she talked about their family & how deep & awful her comment was. Brandi was clearly blabbing on & on at the tasting event & IMO, B has no filter & talks when she should be listening. Ive grown to like Brandi but its clear from her blog, she knows what she said was way out of line & as she put it, she will pay for it dearly. I’m totally on A & P’s side this time. Ive always liked Paul & I still do (Brandi does, too, now). Yes, he’s a man but I don’t fault him for defending his kids especially if its as bad as all the HW’s are saying B’s comment was. He called her a Biotch but she definitely was behaving like 1 when she brought innocent kids into an adult fight. B is a very vindictive person…a lot of the women are, but B is more so than most. It’s not tit for tat, she wants to expose any & everything anyone has every confided in her, when her & that person had a friendship or possibly things she has assumed or heard from others. Everyone always excuses Brandi by saying “That’s just Brandi” but that’s no excuse. She’s a grown woman & she better learn now before her mouth writes a check her a$$ can’t cash! I usually love the way she cracks off & stuff but after reading some other articles plus the posts on here…Im really not liking B at all & if any1 in her life has watched this show & sees how she hits below the belt (by her own admission on next wks episode), they better reconsider telling her anything they don’t want the freaking world to know if they break up as friends because she will definitely tell it. Most ppl on here may not agree with me but after all the reading & watching the show twice tonight…Im disgusted with her. On WWHL, Andy said the “secret” was all over the internet & that more of it was to come out.

    • Off topic a bit … Andy was a pompous ass as usual on WWHL. His games are getting more disgusting — I mean c*ck or not? Showing the crotches to guess the gender. Now I remember why I quit watching.

  19. 1 thing I cant stand is when Bravo advertises an episode over & over but then BLEEPS out what the commercials were about!!! If the atty’s didn’t want it spoke about it, then cut the whole thing surrounding the private stuff out! That’s why Bravo cut the scene…not because Adrienne had more pull than any1…so it has to be something very mean & cruel considering the kids/family! I especially didn’t like when Brandi swore on her kids about what she blurted out to the whole table that night. It makes me cringe when someone does that!

    • ITA Neutral. When I watched the episode, I blinked and thought I missed the big reveal. But then realized, wait they edited it out, those SOB’s! LOL I was so pissed. Why the hell did they show it if, we the viewers, are not privy to what they were arguing about? Way to piss off your audience Bravo.

  20. I just did a google search and found in the comments right here on SH, on July 20th not one, but two people said Paul & Adrienne had a surrogate. One of them mentioned that is was Paul who let the cat out of the bag. So this lawsuit thing and Bravo not airing the “famous words” seems very “produced” for our entertainment.

  21. I think I have figured this out…. Paul and Ad may have an open marriage, or Ad allows Paul to do his thing so she doesn’t have to be bothered. Could you imagine Ad in bed… I’m on top, no not there, right here, get off my weave, don’t smear my lipstick, blah, blah, dictating the entire experience. That may very well be known around town and just kept a secret. Ad said in Hawaii they haven’t held hands or touched each other in years, and that full on kiss was awkward! I bet they don’t even share a bedroom….

  22. This entire show was a big promo for Lisa’s new show about pouting sexy restaurant servers and their ridiculous love lives. Yawn. And by the way, will Mauricio ever blow his nose? Why does he sound so nasally, like he has a cold that never goes away? Is it the LA smog or a drug problem?

  23. With all due respect Hugh, the fact that your comment was published here shows that SH respects the fact that everyone, including people that don’t bother to respect the rules of this forum, can have their say once in awhile. FYI: the commenters here are college educated and most have advance degrees. “Her and Kim” was a style choice (it’s funny, dude), not a grammatical error. How do I know? I edit professionally. You be has a nicely daytime. Fondly, PJ

    • Dang, PJ, Ive been on here, off & on, all night long lol & apparently missed this person who was mean or holier than thou towards you. The Great Oz must have “Poofed” him :) which he deserves if he was being….What was he doing? Trying to teach you a grammar lesson? Well, maybe he needs etiquette classes before coming on here. I was just wondering what in the crap caused your post….You always seem to be chill & are respected by your fellow SH fans.

  24. hugh please don’t come on this site anymore. we do not bash each other personally and the housewives are fair game around here

  25. I thought that in their contracts prohibited them from suing fellow cast-mates. If a suit had been filed it would be public information and you can bet SH would have posted it when it happened. Also wouldn’t it be in Bravo’s best interest for Bravo to back Brandi financially to win any lawsuit as it would stifle the women on the shows and what they could say ? I think this whole thing is baloney (the semi scripted part of the show) so these ladies have a story line this season.

    • Lawsuit, shmalsuit. The ONLY reason Bravo is letting lawsuit even be uttered is because the surrogacy story is all over the web and they need to throw the scent off. Hard cores – like us – know this, the casual watcher (which is probably the majority) do not so they use “lawsuit” as a red herring. Let’s get one thing straight about defamation lawsuits and the famous/infamous, it is extremely difficult to sue for defamation when you are a public figure because you already have a platform (your fame/infamy) that enables you to get the truth out. Adrienne is stoopid and has gotten away with screaming lawsuit when anyone utters something that hits close to home or just ticks her off when she was just a Maloof with daddy’s money. It’s easy to scare people when they know you have the money to bankrupt them with a long drawn out lawsuit – truth or not – i.e. Brandi. The real issue is not the truth; it is who will run out of money first. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Doesn’t mean diddly.

  26. Don’t care what big stupid thing Brandi said
    But I was seriously annoyed by Trailer’s fake bullshi** that she was not able to handle the fighting. In some shots she has her head down and makes comments like she can’t take it. Bravo Trailer…we get it. Your abuse storyline needs to come up every once in awhile so you can earn your paycheck. I also appreciate getting Mauricio’s resume and sales pitch. Bravo seriously needs to shut the franchise down It’s either fake scripted drama or an hour sales pitch. I guess I am in a bad mood today but I hate all the bit**** and their dumba** fake story lines. And one more thing, hey Andy, u cross eyed pis** bit** why don’t u fu** off!

  27. Evaluating all of it: Brandi speaking about the ‘truth’, Kim sharing the gossip with Adrienne, Kyle being mad at Kim and Brandi, Paul attacking Brandi…. I have the biggest problem with Paul attacking Brandi – AND Mauricio acting like it was all Brandi’s fault. Or… maybe he was mad at Kim in that scene… now I wonder…? Anywho… PAUL is a professional man. He’s a DOCTOR in the public eye. He was at a FRIEND’S event – said friend is also in the public eye and is a professional man. Why on EARTH did Paul allow the gossip part of this thing to escalate to the point where he attacked a woman at a public event (an event his friend was hosting)? If it was that hurtful, they should’ve taken the news, walked away and broached it with Brandi at a later time. I find the biggest issue is with Paul and Adrienne here. Call me crazy but…. that’s how I see it.

    • I wonder if Mauricio thinks its “gossip ” when his wife is running her mouth about other peoples business

        • No i dont think so. I am pretty sure it was Shana, bc remember that epi. They were in a plane and she completely twisted what Camille said, like she did with Yolandas words about Brandi. I saw the first reunion again recently and Camille thought it was Kyle (though im sure she repeated Shanas nonsense of camera) and then camera focused closely to shanas trying to keep a straight face, and nobody remembered or said anything, so Camille just ended up looking stupid and crazy.

        • It was Kyle. She TTC’d about how that’s how Camille managed to keep her figure. Then when Camille caller her on it at the reunion, she denied it. Camille had been so beaten up that season, she just let it go and Andy kisses Kyle’s ass, so Bravo didn’t replay Kyle TTCing about it.

        • And it was also Kyle who said something to Camille about no one knowing who she was if not for Kelsey, and Kyle who had Camille’s nudie pics/movies on her phone and showed the others..

    • If I was Paul I would have been mad at Kim for bringing it up again in front of the cameras. I would have thru clinched teeth and a stern looks said quietly and evenly “Thanks for telling me, we are leaving now” and go. What Kim did and what Paul did was draw more attention to it.

        • Yeah. I am sure she had evil Evolution people in her ear goading her to blab it. Just like they goaded Brandi to start a birth convo to get Adrienne lying about it on camera. And now what is done is done and the only thing left to do is burn the house down across the street from Adrienne’s to take the viewers mind off surrogate-gate. Maybe those were Adrinnes eggs out on Kyles front lawn?

            • There had to be at least two cameras during the scene where Kim talks to them . One of them and one on the girls getting their “chatter” about what they could possibly be discussing. Now how is it that they(the other girls) were talking about what Kim was doing instead of their usual Kesley has a small pp, I love your shoes chitchat? Cause the camera crew told them what they needed to be talking about.

        • Yeah. I am sure she had evil Evolution people in her ear goading her to blab it. Just like they goaded Brandi to start a birth convo to get Adrienne lying about it on camera. And now what is done is done and the only thing left to do is burn the house down across the street from Adrienne’s to take the viewers mind off surrogate-gate. Maybe those were Adrinnes eggs out on Kyles front lawn?

  28. not sure what brandi said, however, 90% of us would have walked away and called brandi later for ameeting. I don’t know one adult professional person that would have caused a scene at an event like this. Amazing. So inappropriate for Kim to say anything at the party, and so inappropriate for A & P to respond then and there. This was Kyle’s and Mauricio’s event. No matter how mad I was at someone, as an adult, I would never ruin someone’s intimate social gathering like that. They were both invited, so they could not make Adrienne leave, but Adrienne, if shecouldn’t act properly, should have left.

  29. Forgive me, but I have to vent. I am so pissed off at RHOBH this season! And Adrienne Maloof either put your big girl panties on or get the hell out! It’s called reality tv. First you don’t want your children’s faces shown, you don’t want your marriage exposed and now Brandi says some “secret” (which I bet the entire town already knows) and it gets edited out because you threaten to sue???!! It sounds to me like you need to get off this show lady! Who the hell lets you call the shots? If you think we want to watch a whole season of you showing your ugly, expensive shoes you need meds. Other housewives have put up with far more humiliation than you have ever come close to and have had to grin and bear it. Big deal, YOU USED A SURROGATE! And I bet I wasn’t the only one LMAO listening you describe your “delivery”. You really aren’t very bright.

  30. Remember the story that Poppa Guidice offered half a mil for the first Guidice man child? I wonder if Granddaddy Maloof had some equally crazy stipulations in his will?

  31. I’m wondering if Adrienne filled Brandi’s head with some lies regarding Paul to help set up her divorce and it all backfired on her when Kim spilled it all to Paul. What else could Ad do but appear totally in shock and threaten law suit.

  32. Oh, and regarding penis size, it has been my experience that “it’s not the gun-it’s the gunner”. Nuf said.

  33. My first post did not go through. I was wondering if Ad filled Brandi’s head with some lies about Paul to help set up her divorce and it backfired on her when Kim coughed up. What else can she do but act totally shocked and threaten a law suit.

  34. OOPS, there it is. Sorry guys for the doulble post, Either my hands, brain or the computer are possessed today.

  35. good grief the guy pouring the drink in the sur commercial is hot! hot! hot! i’m going to watch the show just to drool over him!!

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