MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Da Wakile’s “Beg For Ride” AND Rich Wakile’s Disgusting Twitter Exchange…Melissa Gorga “Harrah’s Pool”… Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend “Walter Jackson Spills It”

December 10, 2012

RHONJ Rich Wakile Emmy SH

Was there any doubt as to the sub-human, classless people known better as the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their immediate fambilies?

If there WAS any doubt, just take a look at Rich Wakile’s tweet looking for private aviation!

wakile private jet

Richie has the audacity to speak of others being “classless”!!!

RHONJ RIch Wakile pg

If you’re looking for further proof of the classlessness of da Wakiles… there was more via twitter… and it’s totally disgusting.   Just click the links and read… makes ya wonder how these vile humans got a Bravo contract.  OH, nevermind… that just answered itself!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 5.09.13 PM

Oh yeah… all the greatest “stars” from New Jersey will be at the Dr. Dentist who’s givin’ away a Fiat to attract new patients!

kathy tweet dentist




harrah's pool

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Melissa Gorga, “performed” at Harrah’s Atlantic City on Friday December 7, 2012… photo gallery.

NOTE:  There is no mention anywhere of Melissa’s singing “capabilities”… Harrah’s advertised that MeGo was to sing “live”!


kenya moore booty crack pg

We all know that Kenya Moore’s “boyfriend” was not really her REAL “boyfriend”…

kenya walter rhoa

However, Walter spills it to Atlanta DJs Frank Ski and Wanda Smith from V-103 about how he got that acting gig on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!!

NOTE:  What’s in it for Walter to spill it??  WHY would Walter be blabbin’ and causin’ all this publicity commotion around his role on the Real Housewives of Atlanta??  Is Kenya and/or Walter that desperate?

(Thanks to SH readers  “BHurstGirl” “DiVe” and “PMG”!!!)

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149 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Da Wakile’s “Beg For Ride” AND Rich Wakile’s Disgusting Twitter Exchange…Melissa Gorga “Harrah’s Pool”… Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend “Walter Jackson Spills It”

  1. Mego looks like a very Desperate Housewife. I wonder who pays her backup singers/dancers. Does she have a production company?

    • Hmm, did she just pull people in from the street and ask them to sing/dance backup for her?? The one on her left looks awfully chunky to be wearing that outfit!! Meho’s pants were the high-waisted mom pants. Points for being covered up. It didn’t look like a real show–people were walking around on stage, unprofessional-looking people dancing with her……… Looked like a wreck!

        • I’m beginning to think “she” has something in those pants, cuz even in her bathing suits, there’s a lump there……… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

            • Look at her closely……… I noticed it back when she had the white bikini on. It almost looked like a pad! Then I noticed it with her red monokini. I dunno….. Somethin’s “off” with her. Just my intuition.

            • And, Lisa, you are feminine! Mel gives off a manly vibe to me–it’s not just just the extra padding in her vag region; it’s her body type, her hands, her neck……… no waist, lots of things!

            • well she didnt buy those kids in the sears catalog they had to have come out of her vah jay jay

            • Hmm………. or did they?? Have we seen pregnant pics of her? Meh, even with that, I still would have my doubts.

            • Yes at the famous sprinkle coookie gate episode she was Pregant AND lets not forget The whole “you didnt visit you SIL in the hospital dirade Danille and Teresa got into and proved thru tweets she was actually at the hospital.
              Sorry Melissa is a female and was born a female I have had Clients that look manly to the point I have called them males and they have corrected me and let me know they are 100% female and Hetrosexual to boot. Not all women look feminine or have feminine features.

            • Not to mention we have seen pictures of her as a Little girl and a teenager..I know peopel hate Melissa but to say she is really a man is just a bit much IMO.

            • Hmm….. possibility, embee, and, Lisa–it’s not a matter of being on her hate-train—–I don’t “hate” her or even have a severe disdain of her. I was only referring to the way she looks.

            • MeGo is more masculine built. JoGo likes to dress as a woman. Perhaps they just swap roles aside from the bitties below the belt? Whatever works for them, as long as I don’t have to see the suckling of the feet anymore.

            • Bravo your intuition is spot on …please do share. I am your humble servant. I loves me some intuition . I believe God gave us intuition and that is why we are smarter than men.

            • Aint, my husband thinks my radar never stops, but I’m usually spot on!! You’re sweet. On a messageboard I belonged to, those women/people were soooooooo far superior in their detective skills than I!! But I’ve learned what sets off your radar, and “she” definitely does. Somethin’ ain’t right there……..

            • Thanks bravo. I am a huge believer and have absolute trust in women’s radar. I think because we are the nurturers and are the very vessels that keep the chain of humanity going forward that God blessed us with extra perception. Some women have an intuition , a perception that is as keen as radar. If only we were encouraged not only to develop it but trust it implicitly. ITA with Melissa.

            • :) My husband hates it when I burst his bubble about some movie stars and I say, “Ooh, she’s gay,” or “that’s not a woman, ya know…” and when he finds out I’m right, he’s amazed.

            • Men hate to be wrong especially about a women’s sexual proclivities. LOL. Sounds like you have very finely tuned radar Bravo.

            • I am not sure how our simple discussion jumped the shark Done with Bravo. I thought we were discussing your intuition in regards to the question of Mego’s sexuality. I did not sense any hate merely curiosity. Let me be clear, I don’t hate anyone and I know your comments were not intended as anything but fascination with MeGo and why your radar was pinging. Intuition is a subject that is a curiosity to me . My mom was extremely intuitive in regard to her children especially. So thank you for sharing. I enjoyed our discussion I find your insight very interesting. Looking forward to future discussions.

            • Yes! I value intuition highly–the intuition of others as well as my own. My “gut” rarely steers me wrong.

          • Hey trust me i hate Mego and did notice her bump in the front.. lol but I have to admit my crotch is a little chunky too. You’ve never heard of a phat vagina? lol

            • I have, and mine’s not tiny either, but honestly hers looks very “off” to me…. I’ll stop picking on her. There are so many others I abhor even more!

            • Yikes! PJ, I’m learning that women have it reduced. Ya learn something new every day………. Now if I knew what this supposed fued with Adrienne and Brandi is about, I’ll be all set (altho I think it’s another Bravo fabrication)….

            • @donewithbravo: What the heck? I’ve heard of having the inside “tightened up” but never a private part reduction!

            • PJ there is a whole line of vaginal rejuvenation services now a days. A while back I watched an episode about a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and he was discussing the variety of services. There seems to be a muscle tightening so it’s just like a “virgins” again, might be something Kim Z wants to look into. There is also a surgery for women that have a saggy or extra long labia. From what he was also saying, there is also a whole new thing with anal bleaching…who thinks up these things. Rich people really don’t have anything to do with themselves.

            • Wouldn’t surprise me if she and several other housewives had it done. They all seem to love primping and keeping up with each other.

            • Well I had the vag rejuvination but not because I want to be a virgin again, I just didnt like having my bladder hang between my knees but you know thats just me.

            • Lisa you had it for medical reasons, lots of these women want to freshen up and get their youth back down there. It was funny as hell hearing some of his patients and their reasons.

            • Well I have no personal experience with Botox, and I was just making a guess as to Missy’s ample va jay jay area. I do have a tooth implant, though.

      • The whole deal looks sad and pathetic. Kind of like bringing your girlfriends, dressed in crap from the 80’s and matching bras, to be her backup singers for karaoke night at the bowling alley. Zima for everyone! THAT kind of pathetic.

        • ruth!!!! Ding! Ding! Ding ! ZIMA! You nailed it. I have the sads for MeGo now. I bet she crawls in the closet with her HS yearbook and cries tears of failure and desperation. Probably praying Joey does not paw her or beg to lick her toes.

      • I can see Meho not wanting her dancers to outshine her in the looks department. I’m sure they were chosen with that in mind. Everything she does is to make her seem better than everyone else.

      • Yes I agree. I just think it is ill fitting. She has a nice figure for a mom with three babies. They can dress her in some cute outfits to perform. I like to see the ladies dressed nice without having everything falling out and looking like they are wearing nothing but pasties.

        • OMG these outfits are terrible! Black with a Black backdrop? It is very boring and the back up dancers just look silly with the bras and pant thing. Why not wear some bright colors and maybe a cute dress or something? I danced for many years and picking costumes helps tell the story, even with her silly party songs, she should come up with something much better and exciting to perform in. So far all I have seen is an all black look for her and the dancers. Booooooring!

          • Because they grabbed that stuff at the Daffy’s close out sale. Cute costumes/wardrobes cost $$. We know she has no performance budget or $$ to spare. I have a friend that dances with a dance troupe and she spends some serious $$ on her costumes. I don’t exactly see anyone paying her big $$ to perform so she does everything on the fly and within her own budget.

  2. If anyone listens to the radio interview it just shows how fake and set up hw shows are. No wonder their was not chemistry between these two. I think these shows have become a waste of my time and am not folliowing any of them.

  3. Notice the back drop screen where they take their pictures… advertising Belvedere Vodka…bet Voli Vodka loves Melissa helping their competition with advertising. I’m with Jac…Im turning the channel…no more NJ housewives for me…should I be worried that I agree with Jac…hehehe.

    • Those type of backdrops are usually called the ‘step and repeat’. That area is where the media camps for photos and all of the major money advertisers for an event are listed.

      Most celebs or ‘pseudo’ celebs that are paid pitchmen for a specific product WILL ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to be photographed in front of a competitions ‘step and repeat’ though.

      Just shows you how clueless some of the HWs are, and how clueless their agents are, for not going over that with them. Anything to be in the press I guess.

      • Do you remember her practicing her “step and repeat” at the Manzo boys apartment on S3 before anyone even knew who she was or should I say what a famewhore she really is?

  4. hahaha private jet to Florida at Christmas. Does Richie and Katfish actually believe their own hype? I am sure Ms Andy and A.C. will find room in Gloria Vanderbilt’s private jet. Can’t stop laughing.

  5. Richie actually tweeted for a ride on a private plane! If I had a private plane I’d meet them at the airport and then say, “Sorry, my bad. I was expecting Tre and Joe.”

  6. Walter’s interview just confirms that “Miss No Coochie N’ Crack” is even more fake and phony than most of us thought. It really ticks me off at how dumb Bravo, Andy and team think we, the viewing audience, really are. We know a majority of the cast are not even close to who they pretend to be In their lifestyles. I guess the next big reveal will be that Bravo Andy is not even gay and doesn’t have an agenda of lies, deceit, manipulation and of promoting a gay agenda. Of course I could be wrong.

  7. Hmmm. I wonder how Bravo feels about Walter basically admitting his whole relationship with Kenya is for the show. Bet those two “bravobreakup” before the end of the season. And that will be Kenyas storyline….bravoheartbreak. And she can blame all of her bravofights with the other bravogirls on her “going through a tough time”. And next season will welcome the new, kinder, Kenya….who is in a “better bravoplace”.

  8. Thank you SH for noticing Richard Wakile’s vile post. The original start of the problem was his nasty tweets to an innocent woman which I have posted on my profile. I went at him relentlessly for several hours and he only replied to that 1 comment about “Arab” and It wasn’t even a comment I made. He deleted all of his tweets regarding all of this. If you look at his page you will see it says he has made 113 tweets BUT if you count what is on his page there are only 14. Proof that he deleted his comments. I do have the screen shots as proof of his rants. He proved he is emotionally and mentally incapable of defending his actions. I basically fought a punch dummy all day. I hope Bravo never airs his nasty puss again.

    Final note.. I tweeted a few stories that were written about him and how he is broke and has been sued many times. He may be broke BUT he has the $$$ to pay to get more followers on twitter. I have more screen shots of his account where he surprisingly has 75 new followers in last 24 hours. Pretty funny considering several people came to me to say they unfollowed him after seeing my exchange with him.

  9. Bravo has gone to Richie’s head. Ugh. He is a nasty piece of work and now feels entitled to be private jet RICH. What a wannabe. betcha he is trotting around practicing his new lingo “wheels up” “we summer in the Hamptons”. Richie just oozes creepy.

    • He wins the classless award of the year. That takes a lot of balls to ask someone for a ride in a private jet. Does he think he’s a star? The only kind of star he is, is a falling star. He should be shut off by twitter. I wonder is there a way he can be reported. Please let’s not compare him to anyone else, cause he wins the classless award hands down. :-)

    • You made me look. Yep, you’re right. I’m also surprised that Jogo isn’t dropping trou somewhere on the stage. Maybe he was home babysitting.

      • No, he was there. On the second page of the photo gallery in the link, there is a picture of him with his little midget hands all over her pancake booty. She, of course, looks disgusted by him. As usual.

        • She looked more natural in the arms of that rapper guy and her entourage than she did in the arms of her own husband. Yikes!

          • MeGo always looks repulsed by him! Joey always looks as if he is about to grow tentacles and engulf her. Smothering is not conducive to a healthy relationship.

        • It looks like traipsing after Meho and having to listen to her “sing” the same songs over and over and over..,. again has lost it’s appeal for Jogo. Looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there, but I don’t see him letting her do the shows without him. Too insecure.

          • I wouldn’t want to listen to the same 4 songs on repeat either. Maybe JoGo is seeing the dawn of reality ,MeGo isn’t going to have a pop career anymore than he is going to join the millionaire’s club.

      • He is in the pics and looking somewhat sad , almost chastened. Maybe MeGo has moved on to greener pastures. Ain’t slaps self, I forgot JoGo owns his wife.

          • Wow , I noticed that as well Barb. maybe he couldn’t pay the vig er I mean the interest on his loans. Perhaps JoGo’s loan officers were attempting to locate him.

            • One would think JoGo could make a small fortune, hauling away debris and helping folks out after Hurricane Sandy. Folks probably need tree removal and trimming at the very least. He would be wise to jump in with both feet. Jo never struck me as lazy but I am sure the Bravo gig has gone to their heads.

            • I think the Lollipop Guild is threatening to revoke his membership. Hasn’t paid his dues in a loong time. You don’t wanna get on the bad side of those munchkins- they mean business.

  10. Wow! Begging for a ride on a private jet…why on earth does Bravo shove him and his stupid ass fishy smelling wife at us! UGH!! Richie needs to get a clue and come back to earth people pay for their rides on a plane…even REAL celebs….oh wait they are broke I hear..smh and someone needs to take his twitter access away he is absolutely disgusting on there…at least wacko jacko is somewhat amusing at times when she tears off on her tangents on twitter…and MeHo…no words for the lookers ho and Kenya…that bitch needs a serious beatdown and I hope NeNe is the one to give it to her I cant stand that ignorant low class poor excuse for a woman

    • Poor Richie! I was going to suggest he ask Mego and Jogo how to solicit a free vacation and travel at a Florida resort in exchange for pics and publicity. But who would want pics of Bucky and Katfish? He and Kathy have several companies now with the jewelry, cannoli and gas stations. Maybe Chris Laurita can show him how to scam those companies out of free travel and such. I’m sure Chris has figured out what he did wrong that got him caught and is already planning shennanigans for blk when his Sig Apparel mess is over. Kathy already seems to know how to sit back and appear clueless lol.

  11. Where is Melissa’s wedding ring?

    The Rich is getting more aggressive with his begging! I really hate to use the most overused word of 2012, but he really is delusional. Hey Rich, you know what they say, “If you have to ask…”

  12. Santino the sell out actually saifd on twitter that the music cut out twice on them. He was trying to prove that they ere actually singing and it wasn’t autotuned but what he really proved is 35yrs old MeGo is in her third season and still riding the rinky-dink pony.
    Just to remind you… Santino before MeGo and RHONJ turned you into dorky spice meets vanilla ice you were actually in a good bad. Scarlet Carson

  13. What kind of a weird joke is that? He thinks because he’s on a reality show someone will offer him a free plane ride. If they’ve seen you on t.v. that means they know something about your personality. Why would anyone want to spend hours flying next to him? Uggg. Maybe it was his idea of a joke. He’s always trying to be funny…. maybe he was just tryin’ again? (Let’s hope.)

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