KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… AND… Git Yer Tickets For “Dinner With Wakiles”… AND Picture Taken Wit Koma and Richie… For $75!!

December 10, 2012

While looking for something else…

Just a bit about KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… apparently, KomaKathy wised up and kicked ZenJen to the curb!   OR… was it the other way around???

RHONJ Kathy Goddess jewelry

Telesto Designs makes KK’s “Goddess” jewelry, and it ain’t cheap…  this little piece of rope with the eyeball is $165!

RHONJ Kathy jewelry

THEN… while perusing KomaKathy’s Goddess jewelry crap… hit upon a reminder of da Wakile’s dinner engagement taking place next month in Naperville IL!

Da Wakile’s are sellin’ tickets to sit wit dem for a meal at  Cafe Buonaro for $75… a piece!!

kathy dinner naperville

On January 13, 2013 star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy & Richard Wakile are coming to Naperville, Illinois.

Join us at Cafe Buonaro’s for a sit down, family style, 4 course dinner including dessert and 2 glasses of wine, tax and gratuity.

rich kathy kiss sh

Each attendee will be able to meet Kathy & Rich and take a picture with them while enjoying the best food Naperville has to offer!

All attendees will receive a gift bag filled with products!  NOTE:  There is no indication of what “products” will be fillin’ up that bag!  We’re guessin’ that swag bag will be filled with busted up cannoli shells and room temperature cannoli filling, complete with leftover pieces of turquoise snowflakes!

rhonj kathy dinner

All tickets purchased before December 15th will receive a VIP Swag Bag that include an If The Bow Fits “Future Housewife” tee and many others exclusive gifts.

NOTE:  There are no “Future Housewife” tees on “TheBowFits” site!

WHY would da Wakile’s be trottin’ all the way to Illinois for this “event”??  Because the owners of Buonaro’s is friends with Robyn someone at da Wakile’s PR company, Illumination PR…. they are the PR company who also booked da Gorga’s dinner at Buonaros!

When da Gorgas went to Naperville, their extra added “fee” was $2.62 per ticket…

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 2.27.37 PM

…apparently those Housewives are gettin’ tricky about their “fees”!   You now have to actually proceed with purchasing a ticket BEFORE the extra “fee” is added!  If someone actually purchases a ticket for this goat rodeo, please let us know the “fee”… ’cause there ALWAYS is one!!

The REAL reason da Wakile’s are goin’ to Buonaro’s???  Because da Wakile’s like their menu board!!  It looks similar to KomaKathy’s!!

kathy desserts menu sh