KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… AND… Git Yer Tickets For “Dinner With Wakiles”… AND Picture Taken Wit Koma and Richie… For $75!!

December 10, 2012

While looking for something else…

Just a bit about KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… apparently, KomaKathy wised up and kicked ZenJen to the curb!   OR… was it the other way around???

RHONJ Kathy Goddess jewelry

Telesto Designs makes KK’s “Goddess” jewelry, and it ain’t cheap…  this little piece of rope with the eyeball is $165!

RHONJ Kathy jewelry

THEN… while perusing KomaKathy’s Goddess jewelry crap… hit upon a reminder of da Wakile’s dinner engagement taking place next month in Naperville IL!

Da Wakile’s are sellin’ tickets to sit wit dem for a meal at  Cafe Buonaro for $75… a piece!!

kathy dinner naperville

On January 13, 2013 star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy & Richard Wakile are coming to Naperville, Illinois.

Join us at Cafe Buonaro’s for a sit down, family style, 4 course dinner including dessert and 2 glasses of wine, tax and gratuity.

rich kathy kiss sh

Each attendee will be able to meet Kathy & Rich and take a picture with them while enjoying the best food Naperville has to offer!

All attendees will receive a gift bag filled with products!  NOTE:  There is no indication of what “products” will be fillin’ up that bag!  We’re guessin’ that swag bag will be filled with busted up cannoli shells and room temperature cannoli filling, complete with leftover pieces of turquoise snowflakes!

rhonj kathy dinner

All tickets purchased before December 15th will receive a VIP Swag Bag that include an If The Bow Fits “Future Housewife” tee and many others exclusive gifts.

NOTE:  There are no “Future Housewife” tees on “TheBowFits” site!

WHY would da Wakile’s be trottin’ all the way to Illinois for this “event”??  Because the owners of Buonaro’s is friends with Robyn someone at da Wakile’s PR company, Illumination PR…. they are the PR company who also booked da Gorga’s dinner at Buonaros!

When da Gorgas went to Naperville, their extra added “fee” was $2.62 per ticket…

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 2.27.37 PM

…apparently those Housewives are gettin’ tricky about their “fees”!   You now have to actually proceed with purchasing a ticket BEFORE the extra “fee” is added!  If someone actually purchases a ticket for this goat rodeo, please let us know the “fee”… ’cause there ALWAYS is one!!

The REAL reason da Wakile’s are goin’ to Buonaro’s???  Because da Wakile’s like their menu board!!  It looks similar to KomaKathy’s!!

kathy desserts menu sh


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77 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… AND… Git Yer Tickets For “Dinner With Wakiles”… AND Picture Taken Wit Koma and Richie… For $75!!

  1. That restaurant looks like a real pit. The kind of place you sit down and notice that it hasn’t been dusted in about 3 years. No thanks.

  2. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh, that made my day, then saw the kiss or whatever that is between KatFish and the yellow teeth, and I vomited!!!!!! BurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrP!

  3. And thanks, but no evil eye jewelry for me. As Catholics, they’re not supposed to be dabbling in the occult — but maybe Katfish doesn’t know that or maybe she’s not a practicing Catholic? It’s ugly anyway.

    • We have dollar jewelry stores here in the good ole South.Kathy’s fugly bracelet looks exactly like the uber tacky jewelry sold there.

      • Of all the things in the world that she could have put on a bracelet, ol google eye, kermit the frog, bug eyed Katfish uses an eyeball? Really? Oh the irony!

    • You are correct Hers. As any type of Christian, we are not be dabblin’. Along with dabblin’ there are lots of things we are not to do…..for a pretty complete list, just watch RHNJ.

    • Who could pass up Illuminations first rate PR team? Who else can score MeGo a Flea Market gig,the Wakiles a not very high profile restaurant in Illinois and Rosie a meet and greet at the dollar store?

  4. I like the bracelet but I wouldnt pay that price for it Id go to Sedona for my new age jewelry needs.

  5. OMG who in their right mind would put out $75 to eat with Katfish and Liver Lips. I know I wouldn’t and to me that piece of jewelry with the eye is evil looking. Good heavens these people will stoop to anything. They must think they are STARS… yea right… :-)

    • Barb they have to be desperate. What’s next? Ribbon cutting at the resale shop? Grand opening of a garage sale…. in the desert?

        • I would have a bit more respect for them if they earned their money the old fashioned way and got jobs instead of scamming people with overpriced canolli kits, evil eyed jewelry and spaghetti dinners.

          • Thanks for clarifying how I feel about these scamming,lazy a** people. Hard to believe that they think they have something special about them. Especially when the opposite is true. How do they come to believe that people will pay their hard earned money to be near them? Don’t get it.

    • CodFish, I mean KatFish, would have to pay ME to sit through a meal with her and her repulsive mouth breathing pervert husband. During the scenes of them eating on RHONJ, the entire family chewed with their mouths open. I almost hurled at the sight of the food being masticated by Bitchy Ritchy’s twisted yellow snaggle teeth. Gross! I can’t imagine actually trying to eat in the same room with those pigs.

  6. Bracelet looks like something a high schooler might like. Like Ashlee back in the day. It could swirl around her tattoos and make annoying clicking noises.

  7. Talk about overpriced. Honestly if they hadn’t shown themselves to be such haters I wouldn’t have minded Kathy so much. Yes she is boring but I actually thought she was a nice person when she first came on. Seemed like a loving and doting mother/wife. Sitting with Rich would be way too much for me.

  8. After the disgusting things Richie tweeted to someone yesterday I wouldn’t spend 75 cents to see them much less $75.00 He is crude, rude, disgusting and disrespectful and Kathy if not mortified and apologetic for his behavior should be ashamed of himself. I hope Bravo got wind of what he wrote because he deleted them once he got called out on it.

    • Dang I didn’t see it. Can you give us the gist of what was said. I don’t get on twitter and I was swamped with errands and Christmas craziness yesterday.

          • I missed that part… Thankx to Tweetpolice for the screenshots. I don’t know but nevertheless, it’s absolutely disgusting. He has a wife, and a daughter. He should know better. And, nice role model for his son.

          • Hey. I’m the lucky lady that was on the receiving end of that disgusting pig’s tweets, which he proceeded to delete as he wrote them.

            He had tweeted something to the effect if anyone has four seats on a private plane available and I tweeted back Now Richie Waik wants seats on a private plane. Is he serious?

            I then proceeded to get slammed by some of the most disgusting tweets ever. I don’t have an I phone, but the tweets were all on my phone as texts. So I sent them to my son and he took the picture of them & put on twitter.

            He is such a disgusting piece of garbage.

            • Aww Sue. I am sorry he showed his ass and was so rude to you. Just goes to show how ignorant he is. He really is dumber than dirt. I am not sure if he still owns his gas stations, but being a business man he should at least try to hide his troll like tendencies better than that. God knows word of mouth, especially in this day and age with such access to social media and networking sites, ugliness gets out rather quickly. It can totally help turn the tide of people looking to patronize his establishments. He really is getting too big for his britches and believing the hype that they are perpetuating on that stupid show.

          • I think she made a comment about him trying to hitch a free ride on someones Jet. Harmless comment really. His attack on this woman was vile and shameless.

            • Way back in the 70s I was a teacher in an inner city school for tween aged “retarded educables” – Just comments like “your mother” or “your mother wears combat boots” would bring out vile threats and practically life/death confrontations – it seems to me that Richie W never quite got past the level of those “retarded tweens”

            • I am so sorry Plainview. Thanks for sharing the tweets. You have to wonder what is so wrong with this freak that he would go off on an innocent tweet. His response was totally out of proportion to your comment. I can’t imagine a mature man taking it that far. he needs to stop power tripping and cool his jets. Why would anyone allow a strange and angry man aboard their private jet?

  9. Again that pic, ewww, ewww, ewww! I remember a comedian that had a joke (years ago) about seeing two ugly people acting that way in public. He would squint his eyes & say “Whyyyy, whyyy do they do that. Nobody wants to see thattttt.” (he would drag it out like a whine) . Every time I see that pic I think of that comedian.

  10. I would hope that the swag bag was lined. After looking at Richie thru a meal it would definitely have to serve double duty as a barf bag.

  11. I’d pay the $75.00 entrance fee and then I’d slip the waiter another $75 for loudly announcing that Catfish was the daily special.

    I used to like blackened catfish, but I doubt I will ever be able to eat it again.

  12. Richie and Kathy need to be off the show for talking to the Bravo customers like that. Same goes for Lapband, she tweets some really lowlife stuff to Bravo customers.

  13. The restaurant looks just like a local family DINER where I live. The Wakiles are a joke! They would have to pay ME a fee to eat there.

  14. This is pathetic. Money troubles? Me thinks so. Maybe they begged Tre for forgiveness and she threw them a bone with that tweet. This sounds so desperate to me. Like Traylors cruise…that was canceled.

  15. It’s a pizza parlor! They could have gone to Juicy’s and saved the airfare. Do you really think anyone will pay to attend?

    • Bwahahahahaha! Good one. I never have understood why these ladies use the word “Goddess” so often. But you hit the nail on the head.I guess alot of the “Gods” in the greek & Roman myths were very spiteful & jealous, but I don’t recall any that drank too much & married a really ugly guy with bad teeth who called his wife fishy. Maybe it’s just me.??

  16. I laughed so hard reading the article and the comments! This all sounds so desperate to make a dollar! If it wasn’t so funny, it would be so sad.

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