JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Tells Parents Mag That Her RHONJ Storyline WILL Include Autism… BUT, She Doesn’t Want To Make A “Spectacle” Out Of Nick! … AND… If You Don’t Like What You’re Watching, BubbaJax Says “Change The Channel”!!

In the latest edition of PARENTS Magazine… not to be confused with PARENTING Magazine, the magazine which will feature BubbaJax as a “contributing editor”… Jax Laurita has plenty to say!

AND BubbaJax is tryin’ to talk outta both sides of her mouth…

Jax Laurita Columbo pg

When asked if autism and her son will be on the RHONJ, BubbaJax says that she wants to “bring awareness” to autism, BUT she actually states:

jax kid

I’m not comfortable with making a spectacle out of my son.”

NOTE:  Then what the hell are you doin’ on a “reality” show, which has made a spectacle outta you for years?

When asked about opening up her life to cameras, BubbaJax says that she’s comfortable with the cameras, BUT it’s not easy all the time.

BubbaJax also actually states:

“I like that people can relate to me. I learn from watching myself and others. I think and hope that people will learn from us too.”   NOTE:  What the hell does BubbaJax think she’s gonna “teach” anyone?

jax four “What am I thinking?  What am I saying?  I have no idea…”

When asked about the best/worst part of being a reality star, BubbaJax says she just loves meeting all the wonderful people who she may have never met if not for the RHONJ.

BubbaJax also actually says:

“The worst part of being a reality TV star is the hateful people who reach out only with the intent to hurt me because they think they know me…but they don’t. The cameras are not on us 24/7. People are seeing an edited version of the whole picture. Learn from it, or change the channel.”

NOTE:  Did BubbaJax have a hand in editing this piece for Parents Magazine?  ‘Cause she contradicts herself in every question she answers!  

Besides bein’ a very muddled “interview,” BubbaJax says that what you’re seeing on the RHOBJ is not her “real” life… that her “reality” is cut, edited, sliced and diced into what Bravo and the RHONJ producers WANT you to see!  

jax scrapbooking

Guess there will be no scenes of BubbaJax relaxing while she does what she loves the most… scrapbooking!  

After reading this interview, there will be plenty of viewers taking BubbaJax’ “advice” and “changing the channel”!!

andy shark pg “Thanks, BubbaJax… for helpin’ the Housewives shows to jump that shark!!”