JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Tells Parents Mag That Her RHONJ Storyline WILL Include Autism… BUT, She Doesn’t Want To Make A “Spectacle” Out Of Nick! … AND… If You Don’t Like What You’re Watching, BubbaJax Says “Change The Channel”!!

In the latest edition of PARENTS Magazine… not to be confused with PARENTING Magazine, the magazine which will feature BubbaJax as a “contributing editor”… Jax Laurita has plenty to say!

AND BubbaJax is tryin’ to talk outta both sides of her mouth…

Jax Laurita Columbo pg

When asked if autism and her son will be on the RHONJ, BubbaJax says that she wants to “bring awareness” to autism, BUT she actually states:

jax kid

I’m not comfortable with making a spectacle out of my son.”

NOTE:  Then what the hell are you doin’ on a “reality” show, which has made a spectacle outta you for years?

When asked about opening up her life to cameras, BubbaJax says that she’s comfortable with the cameras, BUT it’s not easy all the time.

BubbaJax also actually states:

“I like that people can relate to me. I learn from watching myself and others. I think and hope that people will learn from us too.”   NOTE:  What the hell does BubbaJax think she’s gonna “teach” anyone?

jax four “What am I thinking?  What am I saying?  I have no idea…”

When asked about the best/worst part of being a reality star, BubbaJax says she just loves meeting all the wonderful people who she may have never met if not for the RHONJ.

BubbaJax also actually says:

“The worst part of being a reality TV star is the hateful people who reach out only with the intent to hurt me because they think they know me…but they don’t. The cameras are not on us 24/7. People are seeing an edited version of the whole picture. Learn from it, or change the channel.”

NOTE:  Did BubbaJax have a hand in editing this piece for Parents Magazine?  ‘Cause she contradicts herself in every question she answers!  

Besides bein’ a very muddled “interview,” BubbaJax says that what you’re seeing on the RHOBJ is not her “real” life… that her “reality” is cut, edited, sliced and diced into what Bravo and the RHONJ producers WANT you to see!  

jax scrapbooking

Guess there will be no scenes of BubbaJax relaxing while she does what she loves the most… scrapbooking!  

After reading this interview, there will be plenty of viewers taking BubbaJax’ “advice” and “changing the channel”!!

andy shark pg “Thanks, BubbaJax… for helpin’ the Housewives shows to jump that shark!!”

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103 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Tells Parents Mag That Her RHONJ Storyline WILL Include Autism… BUT, She Doesn’t Want To Make A “Spectacle” Out Of Nick! … AND… If You Don’t Like What You’re Watching, BubbaJax Says “Change The Channel”!!

  1. I can’t wait til she or embezzling hubby n his brothers are in jail n try telling their fellow inmates to change the channel on the cellblock tv. Heh, heh.

  2. Change the channel? Wahhhh? I never would have thought of that on my own, Jax. Her words are seeds of wisdom.

    Jac-a-loon: A woman trying revive the 3 martini lunch (and breakfast and dinner and snack).

    • No kidding, and for her to make us believe that her child Autism just popped up is BS. Her kid got autism from FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). The reason why nobody is saying this is because it says that the parent or mother is to blame for her childs condition.

  3. Isnt reality tv, by definition, “making a spectacle”? Isnt that the whole point of reality tv? You go about your daily lives..and we watch you. A spectacle.

  4. So she says she likes it when people can relate to her and can learn from her YET the haters shouldn’t hate because they can’t possibly know her from the little we’re shown. So if we’re shown so little of her than how can anyone be able to relate to her? So it’s okay if you can relate to her… they CAN do that in the little that they’re shown, but the “haters” can’t possibly know enough about her to hate her. AHHHHH she’s maddening!!!

    Doesn’t the idiot realize that all one has to do is read a few of her tweets to understand she’s a loony toon? Between what I’ve seen and what I’ve read I can undeniably say I don’t like Jacqueline Laurita. She’s certainly not someone I’d like to get to know better.

    BTW Jac, I don’t see ANY of my friends or acquaintances 24/7 either… not even close. I can still figure out who I like and who I don’t. Just sayin’.

    • There’s obviously a LOT Wacko could learn from the people who she attempts to marginalize by stereotyping them as “haters.”

    • I completely agree with you and she sure isnt concerned with how her son is going to be edited, spliced and put together. What a douche!!!!

  5. Jax is an idiot. It is official. How many golden opportunities will she smash to smithereens? Jax has not one iota of graciousness in her repertoire. Some women are capable of growth and change and clearly Jax is not one of them. Jax the days of Bravo fame are dwindling rapidly. Check yourself. This faker disgusts me.

  6. One more thing… I think many of us can say that we don’t want a friend that would so easily betray confidences if there was a rift in the relationship. That alone tells me I would never want her as a friend or even an acquaintance. I can name quite a few other KNOWN FACTS about her that I don’t like, but I don’t even have to. The loose lips are enough for me to form an opinion of her character… or lack thereof.

  7. In my opinion, Wacko Jacko is the veritable EPITOMIE of a bad parent and I am honestly ASTOUNDED that any magazine that purports to be focused “parenting” would publish an interview with her in it. Obviously, I will not be renewing the subscription I purchased for my daughter when she became a mother. Who will they be interviewing next month — Steven Powell?!?!

    And no, Wacko, in making this statement I am not attempting to hurt YOU; indeed, I am simply trying to protect weakminded and/or intellectually challenged parents FROM you.

    All I can say is that the parents of the socially irresponsible bottomfeeders at Bravo, to whom you owe your “platform,” must be beyond mortified.

    • RMG — This goes to show all of us that Parents and Parenting magazines don’t actually care about kids. They care only about making money, and they figure Jacaloon will attract customers.

      • I thought Lana on SCR won my absurd of the day award, but I’m giving that to Parents magazine for choosing money over the well being of chlidren. Absurd and disgusting!

        • I will never even look at a parenting magazine. Credibility is shot. I always wondered where the wackadoodle advice came from now I see the source. Scary. How many entities will join in the exploitation while soothing critics with the advocate bull crap. It is all about the money.

    • This is a general statement of support for what Jax is doing as I am a mom and grandmother and believe she can do a great service for autism as it is a special concern of mine. IMO, without any animosity towards anyone, the IDEA of attacking Jax by saying one is protecting the weak minded and/or intellectually challenged parents, is using insult and bullying to sway opinion and makes suspect the real motive. I say congratulations to Jax for her strength for helping not only her precious little boy but others who are walking the same path.

      • As common sense (no pun intended) would dictate, anyone who does have an autistic child would know that disrupting their routine, having camera crews around for hours at a time, having a mother distracted by whatever drama of the week is going on, would NOT have a positive effect on the needs of said child. This has NOTHING to do with the mother’s “strength” and everything to do with her other motives for staying on this show. Real strength would be walking away from this circus and concentrating on her precious little boy. HE is who matters. Don;t do the rest of us any favors — we who actually ARE walking this path are doing fine on our own, thank you, without any advice from this bozo.

    • True different people have different styles of parenting, but why spend all you’re time on a reality show & doing articles if you have a son that needs special attention? I think Jax is one of those that sees herself as a good parent but alot of times people only see half the truth even when it’s regarding them. I think she may be taking a really simple approach & she assumes that’s going to be enough. Holding up cards , the sort of things you do for school kids that don’t have this problem, might not be the best thing with a child that does. But like I say , Jax may be simple in her own way & think that’s enough.

    • I agree. “Change the channel”? Yeah, that’s brilliant coming from someone being paid to be on tv. Especially considering she barely made it back on for this season. Her “crown” should be in the bottle form.

  8. Jacoloon I see no where in your resume that you have any degree or knowledge about Autism. You are using you poor baby as a story line and you are forever branding him. You should be ashamed. Maybe 15 to 20 in the pen will give you time to think of what you have done to him. No one wants to hear your crap. How BRAVO can allow someone like you to talk about something you know nothing about is beyond all comprehension. They are opening themselves up to law suits. You and your husband are nothing but scamming low life liars.

    • Hey in her defensive when you have a child with any disability you learn alot quick trust me I know. Getting the word out is good but the other things she is doing and done are either shady at best or just plan sick…

      • david you are 100% correct in the fact that you want to learn everything you possibly can, trust me because we have an Autisic child in our family. We learn, we do not go out and preach. We leave it to the experts who have studied it for years. Yes, we talk in groups but we do not go on facebook and to magazines and discuss it.

        • And being that the Autism spectrum encompasses so many different behaviors and disorders, it is indeed presumptuous and quite frankly insulting that Jacqueline and the idiot editors of these magazines think they can teach us anything about this. Believe me, there is more than enough awareness — what we need are some scientifically based solutions from those who are light-years ahead of this bozo in intelligence.

            • Good point Barb. Look how many sheeple didn’t get their kids vaccinated because of that Nobel-prize scientist Jenny McCarthy told them that it leads to autism. Oh, and she “cured” her son of autism due to a super special diet she invented. She wasn’t just an idiot, she’s a dangerous idiot. And Jax has the potential to do the same damage.

            • Yet the Autism community dismissed her as an advocate years ago. I have to agree the autism spectrum is huge now. Perhaps if it were more narrowly defined scientists could focus on different aspects. I heard an expert claiming that mental health disorders like anxiety and bi-polar are now being thrown in the mix and their is now a tendency to over diagnose both of these mental health issues since the autism category has encompassed them. Autism is not a catch all and should not be used as such .

  9. Duh, Jax if we turn the channel as you suggest then you are out of a job. Buying twitter followers does not a fan make. Quit drinking cocktails and dabbling in delusion. Whoopsie your ignorance is showing.

    • Yes, yet another stupid thing outta Jax’s mouth. If we change the channel, dip, instead of watch and discuss the drama, the ratings go buh-bye, along with your plastic surgery budget. I bet Andy loves when hw’s suggest viewers stop watching…

    • Made, I am humbled by your incredible talent. This is Jax the buffoon in her entirety. We are all indeed dumber for after giving her one tiny millisecond of out time. A spokesperson for autism? No methinks Jax is busy shucking and jiving trying to detract from her husband’s impending doom of bankruptcy. Jax is whistling in the dark . Never an ok choice to exploit your son’s autism.Call it what you will but Jax and the autism schtick borders on abuse. Nic does not get a choice in what the cameras film and what Bravo chooses to edit. He has a right to privacy. Who will enforce his HIPPA rights since his mother is not willing to? When he is off to college and someone googles him and points at his autistic label where will Jax be? She never defended Ashley so why would she defend or protect Nic. Advocate? No she is using Nic to stay on the Bravo bread line.

        • You know I am on board with that. Jax has absolutely zero control over how Bravo films or edits Nic. Look at Bravo’s treatment of Ashely! Not a peep in protest from Miss Advocate. Additionally if Nic is autistic the last thing he needs is the noise, harsh lights and the disruption of his routine by Bravo cameras. He needs stability , a regular routine
          and a mother who will respect him at any cost. If Jax were a genuine advocate she would not allow her son to be exploited. Is Jax going to allow them to film Nic if he has an outburst or tantrum? Seriously where are the boundaries in this situation?

          • She will make sure they film him not talking. And katy bar the door if the lil feller “recovers” before her story arc is ready for it.

          • This is definitely abuse. Awareness my arse! What type of awareness will she bring?

            It makes me feel ill just thinking about it. I seriously doubt I can watch RHONJ knowing that this sh*t is gonna be on it. Give me a thousand JoGo sucking MeGo’s little piggies while he moans about tarzan, but please, Bravo, spare this beautiful child!

          • I really have no clue how filming this journey is even possible. I know there is a spectrum but all of that crap would be overstimulating for me and I’m not autistic. My niece has sensory-motor “meltdowns” like I do but I’m 31 so I know what it means and it’s just the fibro kicking up dust. My niece does not understand. Nic does not understand. It is scary and makes me feel so sick and so sad. I don’t know how these folks can claim to love Nic whilst putting his actual health in danger. They are not thinking. STOOPID! Jax has earned the STOOPID award a thousand times over.

      • It brings back sick memories of jax berating her daughter Ashlee for bad grades on national tv. Disgusting.

        • What sticks in my mind is the time they had that sit down with Ashley’s father in Season 3 and Jacaloon & Chris were saying how much Jacaloon had sacrificed for Ashley and it was because of Ashley that Jacaloon didn’t have a career. I can’t imagine what that must be like for Ashley, to have everything that went wrong with her mother’s life blamed on her.

            • I know, right? Isn’t it great for Jacaloon that she has a convenient scapegoat on which she can blame all of her shortcomings and disappointments in life.

            • @ Ana The only act more despicable than the betrayal of your relationship with your child is sexual abuse. Both acts destroy whatever sense of security that child has/can have and will effect them for a lifetime. I hope Jackaloon is proud.

            • Remember during the sit down when Ashley countered all of the criticism with something to the effect of, “At least I am not 20 with a kid”. She got a lot of crap for that, but if you were told that having a kid young ruined your mother’s life, wouldn’t you think that it was the worse thing you could do and at least you hadn’t done THAT.

            • @ Ana The only thing ( I PRAY) Jackaloon left out was saying “I wish you were never born” or something that will affect… Ugh! It give me the heebie jeebies…

            • Jacaloon was too busy wearing her mantle of martyrdom and saying how much she gave up for Ashley and how she doesn’t get any appreciation or respect. Remember when she was bawling her eyes out (with actual tears, unlike the Season 4 reunion sob fest) and boo hooing that other mothers get to enjoy their relationship with adult children and why can’t she have that type of relationship with Ashley. Once again, she was blaming everything on Ashley and taking zero responsibility for the contentious relationship between the two of them.

            • My own mother has told me repeatedly how I ruined her life (I was the reason she got married) and it was all my fault she couldn’t live out her dreams. Watching that sh*t with Ashlee really hit home because you just never say those things. A mentally sound mother does not do such unspeakable acts. Some kids recover (like me–thanks to the help of others) but most kids do not recover. It makes me feel sad. Jax is a POS for making those statements.

            • Thanks. I am doing well but only because of expert help. My hope is that Ashlee gets out there and becomes successful in her own right. I really hate to see any child in this type of dynamic. I don’t know if Jax was abused and told these things and/or what provokes her, but it isn’t right. Someone needs to stop the continuum of dysfunction.

            • @ Chem I think jackaloon was just an over-indulged daughter of a narcissist that raised a daughter with histrionic personality disorder. You don’t have to look much further than mom to see how our ids are formed. Dad, not so much. Traditionally the mother is the most hands on for the first 5 yrs of life and therefore much more influential.

            • ChemGeek, I am sorry to hear that. My mother has said the same, and had put a massive guilt trip on me for years that I should always do what I could for her, always put her first, and that I owe her. After years of taking her places, dumping guys she didn’t like, and basically jumping to be her sole support, I realized that it was affecting me negatively. I sympathize.

            • kel, Thank you. I am very sorry to hear about your mother treating you like that. You are wise to realize how it is affecting you. That is a powerful step in moving forward so that you can build your own life, a life for you where your needs come first and foremost. :)

  10. Wacko is in a delusional vortex, “…..learn from it or change the channel.” What in God’s name does this loose wing nut actually think she can teach?

    • You’re not slow, just busy :D

      Everyone is being filmed right now. It kicked off with Hurricane Sandy filming.

      • PJ’s right — I thought the prior intelligence before Sandy had indicated that some of them weren’t coming back.

        • That was my understanding as well. I’m not sure of the what and the why. My only guess is the Hurrican Sandy efforts. That cast photo is going to be like a grade school class photo and the intro will be 5 minutes with all those women.

          • Well I hope they realize it was an act of God, not their lame-a*s story lines that enabled them to film for another season. Hurricane Sandy is the new cast member; Jax and Kathy and their spouses and spawn are just window dressing. (Except for dear Nicholas who has no choice in the matter)

            • God displays a lot of mercy toward RHONJ and Bravo. Jax and Kathy need the paychecks. I had a theory they were going to faze away from Jax, Kathy and Don Caro’s story lines (booooooring) but now it seems like they are filming anything and everything. It’ll be interesting to see who and what is left on the cutting room floor.

  11. On Pinterest this month they have a little fun thing called the 30 days of pinterest and each day they feature a personality or buisness that posts a board and gives great decorating ideas or recipies or gift ideas. So far I have been checking in everyday. A couple of days ago Parents magazine was featured and I never even looked at it because as soon as I saw their board the first thing that came to mind was Jack-a-loser Laurita and it completely turned me off. Think about that Parents magazine, if I had that reaction I am sure there were many others that felt the same way. You will alienate your readers if you keep this scammer.

  12. Why the hell is this idiot still on the show? This is perhaps the most agreeable statement she made all year…”If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!” I think I more likely not going to watch this season coming up. I am actually sick of how all the franchises have been become.

  13. Omg I love columbo! Great show, and yes he would get down to the nitty gritty with bubbajax. You go columbo!

  14. We all know BLK won’t cure Autism….more than likely, a lot of parents with autistic children are looking for anything to help their children & she shouldn’t give advice for sure. I don’t, however, hope she’s sent to prison…If all the “charges” against her & Chris make it to fruition & they end up getting time, Chris should do the time & atleast have 1 parent left at home-He’s the one who basically did it but I’m sure she knew about most of it…Sorry, thats just my opinion. Yea, maybe Chris would be the better 1 to stay at home but no1 except her family & her really know what all she truly does to help her child. She always seemed so good with him. Tons of ppl are on Twitter, off & on, during the day & if I was in her place, I’d be reading up on everything I could. Ik ppl say she’s a loon for saving txts from a year ago, but so did Tre..I read T’s website where she had a list of all the txts between her & Jac from last year-10 months later, I believe. Anyway, we all have opinions about these women & to tell the truth, none of them are saints & are far from perfect. Jac seems a little loonier than most…telling ppl to wash their privates, OMG! GMAB!!!!

  15. What can Jax teach you??! Here’s how you open a bottle , here’s how you… :D I admit I watch in part because my interest in human psychology . But partly because I like to watch a silly frustrated person act like a drunken monkey with a Twitter acct. Hey! Who said psychology can’t be funny?? :P

  16. I had to go back yesterday and re-watch hour three of the reunion from this season, to see if my memory of Jax shouting out that juicy had come to Chris Laurita about the drivers license, and yes, she did blurt that out, implicating both Juicy and her husband. Her behavior was unbelievable, I couldn’t believe Chris just sat there like a lump, and did nothing to tell her to cool the mouth. She is so immature, no wonder Ashlee is a mess. And her hair looked limp and you could see where her hair ended and the extensions began. I just have a bad feeling about their financial dealings with Signature, and the people they were in business with, can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

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