SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOA “Frolicking Tonight”… Alicia Jacobs of Sin City Rules “Didn’t Want Involved In A Tawdry Show” … Sonja Morgan “Book Signing”…

December 9, 2012   NOTE:  Wallpaper of DonCaro by David Gilmore… his site, “Pretty on the Outside” can be found on the SH blogroll! 

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Here’s what’s gonna happen on tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta:

RHOA Apollo

As the ladies deal with the aftermath of a blowout with Kim, Cynthia and Peter decide to move forward and invite another couple to fill Kim and Kroy’s place: Porsha and her NFL-star husband, Kordell Stewart. Once in Anguilla, the couples all frolic with their partners, but tensions flare when Kenya gets flirtatious with someone other than her own man.   NOTE:  That should read “EX” NFL-star…


SinCityRules cast TLC

We have been looking forward to Sin City Rules, which debuts tonight on TLC, for several reasons… a big one is that SCR is an Evolution Media production.  Evolution produces two Housewives franchises:  the Real Housewives of Orange County and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Also, SCR, from all accounts dating back to the casting process in April, seems to be a combination of “Real Housewives” and “Mob Wives.”   With the producing provenance which Evolution possesses, except for their dog-of-a-show “Beverly Hills Nannies” and the cache of the “Wives” combo… one would think that Sin City Rules is a shoo-in for success.

However, with all that goin’ for SCR,  the bottom line is “ratings”… and, if SCR does not produce expected ratings numbers by the fourth episode out of the eight filmed, there will be no second season of SCR.

The SCR “characters” have been doing their part in hyping the show… but, in typical “reality show” SOP, the principal players have not seen the final first episode until recently.

Alicia SCR

Alicia Jacobs, in an interview with the LasVegasSun says she entered this project under the expectation that it “would not be so tawdry.”   NOTE:  Seriously, Alicia??

“I thought, ‘We are going to showcase powerful women who have earned that power on their own, not because of a man in their lives,’ ” she says. “That was very appealing to me.”

The show is not a celebration of Las Vegas power players as much as it is a Circus Circus of drama and theatricality.

The women attend a “gun party” in the desert, hosted by [Lana] Fuchs, who has arranged for air-conditioned tents and catering by Four Seasons as her fellow cast members blast away with sidearms and automatic weapons (those interested in gun safety will be alarmed at how Fuchs freely brandishes a pair of bedazzled 9 mm handguns in her kitchen as if they are common spatulas).

Jacobs shows up to this in high heels, walking unsteadily across the hardened dirt, and is summarily made fun of, while one of the instructors is shown bleeding from the face after being nicked by shrapnel.

Las Vegas is used as a mere backdrop for these effectively staged segments, in the same manner an octagon-shaped cage is required for a UFC bout. In the trailer previewing the series, producers claim these five are Las Vegas’ “most powerful” women, but they are not that.    More accurately, they are the five most dramatic, fascinating and diverse personalities the team at Evolution Media (which has dealt the world “The Real Housewives” series) could recruit for this project.   NOTE:  The LVSun compares the show to a “UFC bout”… we’re stickin’ to describing these Housewives shows as WWE in cocktail dresses!

Jacobs is skewered in this first episode, with most of the lancing executed by Fuchs, who accuses the longtime Vegas TV personality of sleeping with married men and, at the very least, exaggerating her professional position in her own hometown.  Jacobs also is derided as a woman who has undergone a fair amount of plastic surgery (Fuchs talks of her “scaly” skin and repeatedly refers to her as “the lizard”) and chides Jacobs about her age, something Jacobs flatly refuses to discuss.  NOTE:  According to the LVSun, Alicia Jacobs is 45… Valley HS, class of 83, Alicia Berger.

NOTE:  Will hold off on an opinion re SCR until the premiere tonight.  However, SCR sounds like more of the same… only amplified.  SCR gotta grab those rating quickly!


RHONJ Sonja toaster over pg

The Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan is one example of a Housewife who doesn’t take being a Housewife too seriously … who realize that her show is a SHOW meant for entertainment purposes… and has fun with her “character.”

Sonja, in REAL life, recently attended The American Friends of Blerancourt that was recently published in La Revue des Musees de France.
Photos by Barry Fidnick … American Friends of Blerancourt Book Signing… The Queens Lover, by Francine Plessix Grey

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67 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOA “Frolicking Tonight”… Alicia Jacobs of Sin City Rules “Didn’t Want Involved In A Tawdry Show” … Sonja Morgan “Book Signing”…

  1. Not sure if I’m going to watch SCR, but I have to say Sonja looks stunning! Girl has lost some weight and it suits her.


    • @embee. Love, love, love the dress and Sonja rocks it! gorgeous gams and stunning updo. I am willing to forgive her descent into toaster oven fiasco. Sonja my dear you are a queen and your ex is very silly man.


  2. If this show is gonna have to require me putting on the closed caption feature……I won’t watch more than once. My mom always said that it is a sign of being uneducated when you have to insert bad words for the correct description……OMG! I AM MY MOM


    • Ha! I thought I was the only one who had to use closed captioning for these shows! I blame my mother. She used bobby pins to clean out my ears when I was little….until it hurt. Oh and then there was the blow dryer and the QTip incident…


  3. I’m pulling for Alicia & Amy! I’ll definitely be tuning in. We all have endured the RH franchise for a few yrs now & its due to who we like & who we dont & all the drama that surrounds them. No1 would tune in if it was just a bunch of women sitting around, drinking tea…well, wine. I like funny reality shows but I also like drama filled reality shows, too…probably more so. I hope SCR does great & is also an awesome show!


  4. I’ll watch SCR when it get’s repeated hopefully it gets put on On Demand. I would watch it @ 10 but that’s when Shahs Of Sunset comes on. it looks like a drama filled series which I love.


  5. I am floored that the SCR girls claim to have never watched a HW show or that they are going into this thinking its all rainbows and lollypops, satchels of gold and gummy bears. First thing I would do would be watch an evolution production. Heck I stalk the crap out of fb accounts of grown women that attack my child on line so that I am well armed with any tidit I could be about the foe before I approach. I don’t think I am alone it this. Wouldn’t we all check out every lil nook and cranny of something we are fixin to involve ourselves in?


  6. sonja and the vickster are my fave hw’s. got to admit a gun party is an improvement over the usual “let me show you my closet” routine.


  7. The Caroline wallpaper must be her so depressed after learning there are no more bakeries on street corners. How dare you, Kathy.


  8. Ok so Lana is a trip!!! little people? is she serious? Making fun of Alica for plastic surgery? Oh laws. Amy what did that raw baby lamb taste like? I like rare steak but Have never had a tar tar nuthing. Was it really good or were you just being polite? Also please give me a hint who was it that Alicia said she had heard that Lana been bumpin uglies with?
    In honor of the shooting party , here is my babyboy playing a lil AC/DC



  9. P.s. Evolution is recycling people big time on SCR. Ace American Idol dude, A David Foster reference and even that Brodie trumpet playing dude that was a guest at YoFo’s party. In fact I only saw my Captain Mohawk once 8 minutes in. I would have better luck playing the drinking game every time Evolution recycles a BH adjacent. If Jay Z shows up somewhere this season on SCR I’ll down the whole dang bottle.


    • Ha! I noticed that too MP! That was interesting that all of those names came up. I wonder if they will go to visit Thomas Kramer in Miami just like the other franchises. What was that game people used to play where they could name 7 differnt people to make a connection to Kevin Bacon? That is what all these shows reamind me of these day.


    • @made.. I don’t believe it’s jay z but someone along those lines. I must say not a 100% on the show as it looks like I stabbed them both. I am in shock actually. Not to mention huge fight w my mother as well! :(


      • Now what you did with the lizard doll was mean( as soon as I was that I knew that was the mean girl stuff you were talking about) But I gotta say I think Lana dragged you into that. I know that will end up correcting itself right? I hopped on here as soon as SCR was over but then I figure you had one heck of a premiere party right? Anyways it looks like its gonna be a good show. Your dress at the party was cute BTW. Cool that you walked in by yourself. As far as the mean girl stuff goes I think you got snagged into the Gretchen roll? Are you familiar with that movie Mean Girls? The theory goes that every HW series has cast members that fall into the distinct roles of each of the characters on Mean Girls. This is a video from when Gretchen cracks.


      • Hi Amy! I’m sorry you are in shock and not feeling great about the show. :( Made is right. Editing can play a role in creating the “characters” on the show. Is that what has you in shock?

        SH is a fun site because it cuts through the b.s. to get to the truth. We know what’s real and what’s not. We know these folks are not taped 24/7 and that other things go on behind the veil that we are unaware of. I also know that people will have bad days and behave badly. The people I enjoy are those who own it and grow from it.


        • Yes and speaking of fake I totally forgot to mention that the bloody dude at the shooting party looked totally fake.


          • @made: the fight with mom was last night before the premier party. Different opinions and she doesn’t like who I am dating. She needs to allow me to be an adult and not mistreat those around me. As for the show yeah some of it has me in a little awe as I know when certain comments were made and how they were done. Yeah I do correct the doll situation. You will see coming soon that Alicia and I work it out. I am not going to point the finger at Lana as that would be an excuse. I did it and participated regardless of the circumstances and should have been more aware of my actions. For the guy real quick you guys it was real. As a matter of fact there was another guy that was with me who was standing literally 2″ before me and took a piece of schrapnel as well. If he wasn’t there I would have been hit too. That’s when I backed off from shooting. I am curious to see how the rest plays out and what is perpetrated. I know I owned my bad behavior and apologized multiple times so that better come across as some others did not! I say that hugely. Did not and still attacked after!


            • Your momma don’t like who you are dating? Well pardon me but… she dont have the best track record when it comes to picking men so I say if she doesnt approve then that’s a good thing. Thanks for clarifying the shrapnel guy was real. The blood just looked too red to me. Hey, did you drink that Lobster martini? If so was it any good? This Lana chick, was she the one that did Dr Phil with her sister? I thought that was sooo contrived.


  10. I live in Las Vegas, and I just want to share a few things. First, what’s the obsession with Alicia Jacobs age /graduation? Guess what? Alicia & I attended rival high schools, (& both of us cheerleaders) and sophomore year in college at UNLV. I’ll respect her privacy, but be serious people, look at her! I assure you neither of us graduated before ’88. Looks like some confusion between Alicia’s graduation and her pageants winning.
    Now that I’ve watched Sin City Rules, I can see how crafty and obsessed the Fuchs woman is with Alicia. (And Fuchs is obviously a bit older than Alicia)
    If Alicia reads this, I really hope she takes some advice, and trust Amy, I think she will prove to be a true blue friend to her. Alicia and Amy are the best part of SCR! Great show!


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