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Read with great interest the allegation which PT Housewife said happened between her and fellow Real Housewives of New York Housewife Ramona Singer.  PT says that while the feuding St. Barts episodes were airing… in REALITY all was well with Ramoaner.

RHONY Ramona Take a Xanax

In fact, Ramoaner texted PT Housewife that she would always have her back…

“Several times Ramona texted me and wrote ‘you were great in this episode’ or ‘great job.'”

“I once responded ‘LOL- that was when you had my back’ and she wrote back, ‘I will always have your back.'”


NOTE:  Is this any surprise to anyone???  If you’ve been a SH reader, you would know that these chicks are NOT as they seem on their “reality” franchises.

What used to be a watchable character-driven reality show has been turned completely  into a “producer-induced” “follow your story line” totally phony “reality” series!

Does anyone really believe that what is presented on the RHONY or ANY of  Bravo’s Housewives franchises is anything other than something the production companies and their producers dreamed up?

The Housewives continually insist that what you are watching is their “real” lives… just with cameras following them around.  Well, it used to be that way initially.

When Bravo was shocked to learn that the Real Housewives of Orange County was ratings gold, out went the creator and original producer of the RHOC, Doug Ross, and Bravo took over.  Bravo then built on the OC’s popularity and replicated those ratings-grabbers franchises in other cities.

RHONJ cast

With more Housewives “leaking” secrets and more sophisticated viewers realizing that the Housewives are little more than the WWE wearing one-shouldered satin dresses, it seems that the Housewives are finally jumping the shark!

(Thanks to SH reader “PMG”!!!)

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20 comments on “RAMONA SINGER, PT HOUSEWIFE: We’re Really Friends…

  1. Ramona must be desperate to keep her spot on that show because I would NEVER speak again to someone who said the things to me that PT said to Ramona; and on (inter)national TV? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!


  2. That’s interesting, bagladey. I interpreted PT’s revelation as an attempt to reverse the viewers’ negative opinion of her.


      • Ditto, even though the show is scripted. However the fact still remains PT is a disgusting vile human being, and no sane self respecting person would ever do a show like this. This is not acting it’s humiliation.


    • Agree… that was my first thought too. I don’t think the shows are actually literally scripted but I do think many of the situations are contrived and the housewives are strongly encouraged to bring the drama.


  3. To quote Oprah, I feel duped—once again!!! I admit the Ramona/PT fight seemed legitimate to me when I watched it/ And on a side note, I’d like to say that Brandi is okay and all, but this wallpaper photo of her is awful she looks fifteen years older than she is–Brandi: please stop applying cosmetics with a shovel, stop blowdrying your hair…lord almighty, it’s not a crime to appear au naturel.


    • As housewives go, Brandi is one of the least made up housewives. In the last episode on their little zen trip, she was on camera with no make up at all. She still looked great and didn’t really look all that different.


  4. Im curious as to Bravo’s relationship with Pfizer, the manufacturer of Xanax. Does Bravo get unlimited free samples? It would explain all the free promotion within several HW franchises. Keep up the great work SH, you ROCK.


  5. Yesterday, I read that interview with Aviva & all I kept thinking was how these women lie, lie, lie & are fake, fake, fake! Clearly, not just Aviva…I dont care for Ramonster & her crazy persona.


  6. The whole franchise jumped the shark over a year ago (or longer!). I’m waiting with baited breath, for some of them to come forward and just tell it like it really is. It’s scripted, badly acted, has moronic storylines that are repeated with EACH franchise, and it’s humiliating. The only thing Bravo tries to do is to lure us in to watch these storylines and believe these “fights” and “remarriages” and such. It’s all a load of crap and I’d LOVE for Bravo to be outted for it!!!


  7. Why is RadarOnline allowing a HW to divulge the big “secret” that they are all in on it and they are all friends? Will this be the next shark to jump. Eggmitting-gate? I noticed something that Amy from SCR(produced by evolution) mentioned about a twitter account being no longer handled by her or something like that. I have suspected all along that this “behind the scenes twitting” that sparks soooo much discussion is all part of the goat rodeo. Cept Jax’ that is all her I am sure. Just like her momma.


  8. Something about seeing through the machinations of the Producers of TRHONJ this past season has moved me from feeling it is a guilty pleasure to seeing it as a phony show whose producers believe that I get pleasure watching fame driven people , willing to vicsiously savage their family and friends. And there is the suggestion that even that visciousness is sort of fake hahaha. Really I am not like that and do not want to become like that.

    Considering I was so obsessed with TRHOA, it has been shockingly easy for me to avoid watching even 5 minutes of the new season. The phony hatred, and icalculated cruelty got really old. The producers began to insult my intelligence by being so transparent in ginnning up the story lines.. We shall see what will happen with NJ. I like to come to this site and a few others, so far…thats enough for me.


  9. I don’t buy a word that PT spews out. She has proved herself to be an outrageous story teller (in other words lies) how about she was a runaway bride, for one. She knows that the viewers dislike her and have sided with Ramona and now she is attempting to save face. She is desperate to return and hopes she can muster some support. Personally, I hope that she, her disgusting perverted father and her name-calling cad husband disappear never to be heard from again.


  10. I think they should end the NJ series…they are exhausting… all Bravo is doing is making these ppl rich and famous for nothing…I’m fairly new to this blog so I am still trying to catch up. Didnt realize whole thing with Ramona and Aviva (Is her nickname PT??) was all faked. Sheesh..I feel like an idiot.


  11. I call b.s. because Aviva was a Lone Ranger at the reunion. No one had her back and why would anyone want to have her back. This story is a teaser to see how the viewers will respond. This viewer doesn’t care. NYC is especially good at the scripted reality. Alex has said that Ramona will show up at a party, get her sound bites in, and leave. I will say it again, Aviva is damaged goods and does not need to be on TV.


  12. Here’s the funny thing….Aviva has been asked if her & Reid are separated & she never replied…she was also tagged with Ms SH’s Blind Item post…still no response. I think its another “lie” to stay relevant on the show if she was asked back.


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