BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Says Watch RHOBH ‘Cause She’s Misunderstood… Brandi Says “No Faking” For Ratings… No Bein’ “Paid By Media” or USWeekly… AND… It’s All For THE CHILDREN

December 9, 2012   UPDATE: USWeekly reports that Brandi’s operation will take place on December 12…

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

Brandi Glanville tweets… a lot!

Brandi says in one of her most recent tweets that she has viewed Monday’s episode and her interaction with Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof needed MORE explaining than what was shown…

RHOBH Brandi tweets about show

NOTE: Does this mean that Brandi is actually saying that her scene was manipulated by Bravo?  NOOOOOOO!!   That is SO unlike Bravo’s producer-induced “reality” shows to do such a thing!!

AND… will Brandi’s BravoBlog be the uncut version or will it be Bravo’s version?  We’ll all have to, using one of Bravo’s most famous endorsed lines,  “Watch What Happens…”

Moving on… Brandi then takes on the ROL item which stated that Brandi’s been “acting” for the cameras.  Brandi says it’s a crock. But, what else can she say?  Deny, deny, deny… we all know the “reality” of the Housewives shows…

Brandi tweets re radar

THEN… Brandi continues her Bravo-endorsed-speak by stating that she does not get paid for ARTICLES.

brandi tweets being paid for stories

Brandi, again, is not lying.  However, Brandi is not stating the whole truth.  While Brandi may not be getting paid MONETARILY, Brandi does reap the benefits of making a deal with USWeekly.  In exchange for using USWeekly, Brandi gets a much wider audience to sell her up upcoming book (just in time for Valentine’s Day) and her clothing line.

brandi usweekly tweet

Brandi also may not be getting money for the articles, but she mentions nothing about being paid for her photos…

Brandi’s tweets also reveal that she’s tweeting not for herself and not to highlight her feud with LeAnn Rimes and ex-Eddie Cibrian, but for her children.

Look for Brandi to continue chatting about LeAnn and Eddie in her upcoming UNPAID for UsWeekly articles!

brandi tweets

AND… if ya wanna know what Brandi’s doin’ now… she’s sleeping.   BUT, Brandi just had to give a little reminder about her book before she got more snoozin’ in…

brandi tweet sleep

Brandi is taking full advantage of her upgrade to bein’ a full-time Housewife… sell, sell, sell.   The more attention, via any means, is the Bravo way!

Here’s what we think of Brandi and her “buy my stuff” clothes and book…

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87 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Says Watch RHOBH ‘Cause She’s Misunderstood… Brandi Says “No Faking” For Ratings… No Bein’ “Paid By Media” or USWeekly… AND… It’s All For THE CHILDREN

  1. Brandi is taking full advantage of her status as a RHBH and kids be damned.
    I am not liking this part of Brandi’s personality, her twitter rants are coming close to Jac Laurita’s level of desperation. If you have a problem that envolves your children, please by all means call your lawyer or CPS instead of making it public.
    I remember Brandi’s savvy words to Taylor when the issue of the book came up :”You made it the world’s business” , that is when I liked her best for being the voice of reason. I just wish that Brandi would remember her own words, now she is making her feud that should be private into a public affair and it will come to bite her in the behind.
    Let douchebag Eddie and freak Leann cave their own hole, but Brandi by acknowledging them and getting at their level is just rolling in the mud like them. I hope Brandi remembers Lisa’s advice and just let it go, she is the one who is losing here.

  2. Karma is a bitch Brandy and so are you! THis broad thinks she can say any obnxious thing to others and no one is to fight back. For someone so outspoken she sure has thin skin.

    I rember when Jersey was on and Brandi had so much to say about Teresa……..hmmmmm. Now Brandy is saying editing is making her look bad, she doesn’t pay for articles, tabloids are after her , women are jealous of her, people are bullying her etc. Ummmmmm….Brandi is the one constantly bringing up Leann and Eddie on twitter (making private family issues public)…Brandi is the one who took to usweekly to call Leann an anorexic and make disgusting allegations against her, Brandi is the one trying to pimp out a book about her former husband..brandi is the one constantly making her ex and his new wife a storyline on a reality show ……the list goes on. B is a complete shit stirring everything and trying to play victim. I hope Eddie and Leann SUE her ass for defemation.

    The real reason BRandi is pissed is because Eddie refuses to allow her to pimp out the kids on the show. She can’t use the loving single mom story arch. I think it is disgusting to even want to have these two boys part of a show like this. They have suffered enough through this nasty divorce to now try to pimp them infront of the cameras. Taking a picture here and there on twitter is one thing, but putting ur kids infront of a camera as part of a storyline is completly different…..especialy on a toxic show like housewives. For the most part I hardly see the kids faces when there is a twit pix. I don’t even know what brandi’s boys look like……and don’t want to. These boys deserve privacy given their immature parents. Brandi needs to stfu and stop acting like a hyena everytime she wants people to pay attention to her. I know she is trying to drum up publicity for herself….but it is making her look like an a$$hole in the process.

    • Well, in order for them to sue her for defamation, she would have to be lying. Hmm, he DID cheat on his wife, he DID walk out on his wife and children for the woman he cheated with, Leann has brought family issues up in public as well……. Not seeing the lies that would be “defamation” and cause for civil action.

      • Sherry…the defamation was refering to Brandy’s claim that Leann is addicted to laxatives and her kid got sick from it etc. The whole worldknows that Eddie cheated…..still doesn’t give Brandi pass from her antics. She went on national tabloid to throw accusations at another party and is shocked an appalled the other party is defending themselves in the same platform???? Again….Brandi can’t continue to play victim when she is putting these things out publically. THat article went above and behind a twitter rant to me.

        • Leann probably is on laxatives. They couldn’t sue her for that either. Brandi’s boys were allowed on the show last year but she didn’t parade them around on the show. They were on once or twice. I don’t blame her for wanting to be able to bring her boys to Porsha’s b-day party for instance. Brandi doesn’t want it to look like she’s never with her boys.

          As far as Leann and Eddie… I have zero sympathy for them period. Apparently they don’t return Brandi’s calls or e-mails and she said that’s why she took it to twitter. I think she’s gone a bit overboard but I can’t help but sympathize with her. As far as pics of the boys on Twitter… they are NOT Leann’s boys… she has no right to put pics of them on Twitter and I think that takes a lot of nerve. She does it to get under Brandi’s skin just like calling them “her boys.”

          • Another thing I forgot to mention… when has Brandi tried to make Eddie and Leann part of her storyline? Don’t recall that at all. I also don’t think her book is about Eddie himself but more about breaking up in general. I get it, you’re not a fan. I happen to like Brandi though and I don’t see her the same way you do.

        • Leann and her husband deserve EVERY single bit of what they get as far as bad press goes.

          They’re both pigs.

          Absolutely gives Brandi a pass.

          What you’re missing is that Brandi IS the victim. No matter how you slice it, Eddie and Leann did Brandi dirty. They deserve every bit of crud that they get. Scumbags they are…and we all know Eddie is using Leelee for her $$$. Who is going to tell her that one? One of Eddie’s 20-something Saturday Night Specials?

          Leann needs to keep in mind that if a man will cheat on his wife and child (and preggo wife with second child at that), he’ll stick it in anything.

          This is why Tori Spelling keeps getting knocked up….gotta keep the husband who cheated on his first wife to stick with her.

    • If LeeAnn has a laxative problem then LeeAn would be the one stirring da chit…literally. Also she need to keep a better eye on Brandi’s kid’s when they stay with their father or remove her dumbo self from the home so they can visit in peace with their father and not have to worry about some batchit skank that their daddy used to like to bone that one time leaving her magic pills all over da place.

    • I don’t think her book is going to talk about Eddie so much but about how to survive a divorce. Quite frankly, I wish I had a book like that when I divorced. Took me 3 years and I lost a lot. A book giving advice would have been very appreciated. I don’t see Brandi acting like a hyena but I sure as hell see leann doing that with her fake “choking up” and crying.

    • You don’t see Paul and Adrienne’s kids around either. No children need to be on a reality show. Where adults scheme, lie, get drunk and act badly is the norm. Brandi is working real hard to grab a lead role on the show by any means necessary. I barf when I read all of these, “I love you Brandi, you are such a breath of fresh air!” comments on blogs. She is playing a game. She is a master of deceit and shit stirring. I don’t get why people worship her. It’s weird how they see her as this very honest person. She is a very mean person. She has built her whole persona on being the victim. Hell hath no fury like a Brandi Glanville scorned. Surviving divorce in Hollywood. Because it is so rare.

    • Embee,

      actually niether. Been posting here since the beginning of time. Can’t say I blame you for insinuating this because I am guilty of doing the same to others. Anytime someone argues against someone I like (Tre or Cynthia) I tend to post that an individual is a spy or worse yet another castmember.

      So guess this time karma is on me lol.

        • Touche originalcyn1 lol. No not Cibrian fan at all. I really think Leanne is an insecure lost soul. However, I don’t stand behind hyopocrisy and antics of a narrascist (that last one should be the new name of rh franchise). I don’t like any of these clowns, but it irritates me when Brandy tries to act like she is the victim ALL the time when she is the one stirring the pot MOST of the time. Just STFU and keep ur shit stirring fake drama for RHBH. Anything involving ur kids she be between lawyers, child proctive services, and co parent……no twtter and tabloids. PERIOD.

        • I have to confess I have no earthy clue who Eddie was until I saw him in PANAM tv seris that got canceled after what 2 episodes…Is he someone BIG
          and yes I am out of touch with who is big these days

          • I saw him in a lifetime sort of movie and he wasn’t very good. I don’t think he is a big deal more like a one time flash in the pan. He has gotten more notice from the divorce and his marriage to Leanne than he ever did as an actor. JMO

            • I think eddie gets by from his looks….he is not really a strong actor. I also think Eddie is someone that does not need to be married. He comes across as a serial cheater. I think that is what makes Leann soooooo insecure. I also think Brandi is insecure as well….and alot has to do with her marriage to Eddie. I think he stayed with Brandi because of the kids and he is staying with Leann for financial security. I don’t find either of these women to be attractive inside or out…….

            • Most actors have self esteem issues. If thing are going great their relationships do well. The minute things are not going their way they look for adoration elsewhere. What can I say other than don’t marry and actor.

            • I didn’t know who he was until this who brouhaha, either. He’s a good looking guy that doesn’t look so good once you realize his character. And no wonder Leann’s insecure; she knows his character, so she’ll be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

            • Thank you cyn1, I had no idea who this “Eddie guy” was until they brought Brandi on the RHOBH. I thought it was just me.

            • I remember him from Young and the Restless when he was just a kid. And he was on Third Watch for a long time and that was quite successful. I think he is an adequate actor. Adequate for Lifetime anyway.

        • I took two great classes in college. One was art history. they teach you enough so that you are not a complete idiot when it comes to recognizing the masters, and Logic 101.
          Too bad they don’t make kids take the second course as a mandatory requirement for graduation. They would come out of college as critical thinkers instead of brainwashed sheep.

      • You were so passionate in your comments about Brandi, it really did seem as though you were personally involved, Well, some HWs and situations strike a nerve and we respond strongly. Glad you weren’t offended! :)

        • Totally get it embee……..fortunatley you have not been privvy to my NJ rants. You would have thought I personally delivered and baptisted Teresa lol.

        • If we go by passionate comments then Tre must be posting under a bunch of Different names here on SH ;)

          • Haha@LIsa the irish dragon

            You know for a while i thought you were Jacqueline. I have been reading ur post and I remember you posting about ur past experiences and about ur foster brother etc. That finally convinced me you weren’t jax…..jurys still out if ur part of her entourage LMAO. I kid i kid….(with a side eye he-he)

            These characters/shows can really make u go cookcuoo (in my kathy voice).

            P.S I know with 100 percent certainty that the majority of these HW’s read SH and have posted in the past as SH had a source reveal this about Manzo’s. I wish there was a marker of sorts to figure out the REAL fake accounts.

            SH…..get to work on that please lol.

            • trust me i am not one of them, i would be horrified if i knew any of these idiotic poor excuses for normal people, let alone be related to them.

            • Given the amount of drama, producer induced storylines, and disgusting behavior that these shows produce…how long could this last? It seems like these franchises are NEVEr going to end.

              Are we going to see these women enter retirement homes and fighting over who gets the last bowl of rice pudding. Or two women trying to rip off the others dentures etc. OC needs to be retired and Jersey needs to be recasted. I love NY after the casting change (outside of Aviva that is). As long as LIsa V is on BH and taylor gets handed a pink slip they still have a couple of good years. BUt I think there are WAY too many franchises and recycled storylines. Bravo is becoming just about the housewives and it is overshadowing other shows. Just a thought.

            • Whooo…..nice comeback Lisa. Maybe u should be part of Tree’s writing team hehe (sorry Tre u still myboo though) Glad ur not part of that bubble Lisa.

            • Well, I like Brandi enough for everyone. The rest of you can be anti BRandi. I just understand her personality.

            • I like Brandi as well and I get her/personality. She is not perfect ( nobody is) but she has been through a whole lotta crap and is still going through it so I feel for her. Most of the women on RHOBH immediately dislike her because of her beauty and that is so wrong in so many ways.

  3. I like Brandi. Can’t imagine what it’s like to have your husband and children taken by a nutcase. And I couldn’t care less who sells stories or not. I don’t understand why the whole story-selling thing is such a big deal anyway. Everyone on tv is doing it for the exposure to sell something (even the morning *cough* “news” shows are just two hour commercials). When I want really good fiction with a decent story arc, I read a book.

        • I agree with you Hers. Brandi has been through a lot with a cheating husband when she was preggies. Well he now has what he wants so why don’t the 2 cheaters just ride off into the sunset and leave her alone.

    • I’ll hitch my pony to this wagon. I’m divorced and there’s children involved. I’ve dealt with all kinds of crazy chit similar to what loony Leann and Fast Eddy pull on Brandi. I think the people who are so pro-Leann and chanting for Brandi to “move on and get over it” have no idea how hard that is when dealing with an ex and their new partner who won’t go away quietly. Leeann and eddy take every chance they get to twist the knife a little deeper. Eddy and Leeann lit a bomb and are now blaming Brandi for being upset it exploded. Whatever.

      • Look. I despise what Leann and Eddie did. My own sister took another womans husband and I didnt speak to her for over a year…and no, Im still not….ten years later…ok with it. But do you really think all this sniping is healthy for Brandi? I say Brandi and not Leann because I couldnt give two sh!ts about what is healthy for her. I think Eddie and Leann are the bottom of the scum barrel. At what point does the hurt person (Brandi) say….you know what? Im not going to let those two ruin my life???????? If Brandi truly thinks he boys are in danger alone with Leann, then its time to contact CYS…not Twitter. If she continues to take to the media instead of the authorities, she, Brandi, is going to come off looking like the bad person here. Maybe Im just practical to a fault. It just seems like a big old waste of time to me. I love this saying….”Dont ever let someone live rent free in your head”.

  4. I like Brandi…she has “hospital mouth” as we call it at work. So what, profiting from a touch of 15-minute fame? Good for all of them, take advantage. The only product I have bought was Skinny Girl…one time!

    Most if these women are out for themselves. It’s part real, mostly fake outs brought on by producers. The real portions are mixed with “scripted” portions its hard to decipher one from the other ( ie., Vickie and Crooks vs Vickie and Brianna). Even Mego and Tre are riding that for profit train. Embarrass yourself for $$$$ is the stupidity and genius of it all.

  5. If I’m not under contract or being paid by any entity, I’ll be damned if they can tell me what I can say or when I can say it! If I am I would have no problem saying that I am getting paid or under contract. This Brandi, Eddie and LeeAnn crap is crazier than that bs on RHONJ! These kids are going to be so embarrassed one day. I don’t think it’s going to be by only LeeAnne and Eddie. I am pretty sure Brandi told them that LeeAnne “stole” their daddy from them. Because that’s the kind of “real, unfiltered, honest” chick she is! She need’s a chill pill, make that IV!

    • I also feel very sorry for the kids, but we don’t know what Brandi has or has not told her kids. Most kids are bright enough to see what’s going on for themselves.

    • She doesn’t need to tell them anything… The boys see it… That simple..someday the will understand, and that’s when Leeann and Eddie will be held to what they did…. Ok they love each other… Personally I love my kids more then that moron does… Brandi was pregnant, what does that say about Eddie… POS…

  6. I work with children and I remember a case years ago in which the parents HATED each other so much that they could only communicate via their lawyers. When I would go to dad’s house, he would give me a laundry list of stuff his ex was doing. When I went to mom’s house same thing. Each had their own perspectives of what was going on….and to be honest both sides where VERY convincing in their arguments. I think the parents should have been lawyers themselves hehe. Each would play tit for tat and they were super vindictive to each other. In the end the kids had to go through countless of therapist……investigations……and drama. THe kid was only ten years old, but knew EVERYThing that was going on. IT was such a sad case. I just pray for Brandy’s boys. I know that everyone involved loves these kids…..but the hate they have for each other seems to overshadow that love. SAd.

    • It isn’t cheap communicating through attorneys. I’m sure Eddie doesn’t have a problem since he’s financed by Leann but Brandi doesn’t have that kind of money.

  7. TOTALLY agree with you Ms. SH !!!! that whole brandi/leann/eddie stuff has become completely eye-roll-worthy and beyond tiresome.

    • Me too. I liked Brandi at first, but this has gotten rather tiresome. And don’t forget, she has used some really bad judgement in the past also, getting drunk, married and divorced in Las Vegas for one. She’s usually pretty tipsy on the show too. I’m with Yolanda, nothing is uglier or “unclassy” (at least she didn’t say LOWCLASS) as a drunk woman.
      And I REALLY don’t care for Eddie at all, especially when I heard he didn’t like dogs–then why did he marry one? (Sorry, I couldn’t help it) :P

  8. You just dont get to abscond with another womans husband and expect butterflies and blessings. IMO Leann and Eddie were doomed from the start. Brandi, you need to let this go. Believe me, Leann will be more than compensated for her sins…..spending the rest of her marriage checking his phone, following him around. Arent you glad you dont have to do that anymore? You are a young woman…move on. And let them be. Your kids deserve that much.

      • But she CAN move on from her divorce. I like Brandi… But she picked Eddie to father her children. They are not together anymore… She cant say who he marries. This is one of the pains of divorce. Divorce isnt anyones ideal situation but you can get over it. Do they really need to constantly communicate over the kids? Or is it just an excuse to harass? Be the best single parent you can be and your kids will eventually notice it. Stay out of his marriage. Believe me… Leann will get what she deserves in the form of a nervous breakdown. She cant handle Eddie. And she cares more for him than he does for her….said Ms Obvious.

    • Have you seen the clothes? What is your opinion of them? I, myself, would have loved them in my younger days (Hubbie is a musician so I always needed to dress hot, at least that was my excuse any way.) They are fairly affordable, too.

      • I haven’t seen them yet. I will have to check them out. Not that I go anywheres anymore that would warrant something like that but I do remember my back in the day clothes too and I would go for unique and eye catching every time. Didnt have to be expensive as long as it was cute I was good to go. I bet you rocked the room every time you stepped out with your man Lob.

  9. Can you imagine what it is like for Brandi when she can’t afford expensive toys, vacations, or gifts for her boys because Eddie left her with nothing and yet Leann is buying their love? Can you imagine what Leann will do at Christmas time? I’ve gone through that and it is not fun. I think Brandi kept quiet for a long, long time while Leann was making digs after digs. Quite frankly, I’m glad Brandi has finally started fighting back. And while maybe not good in public, its a good strategic move. Leann is all about her public persona and always wanting to be the good guy. Now some of the real truth about her is coming out. The boys aren’t reading these things – they are too young. Why does Leann go on show after show with her fake crying (never ever is a tear shown) and yet that is okay to people. Why doesn’t Leann just STFU? She knows she should not be posting pictures of the kids. Quite frankly, it is extremely dangerous. People need to live in Brandi’s shoes before they criticize her so much. Thanks SH for letting us ALL speak our opinion.

  10. Heh heh heh. I would use Eddie like a tissue sneeze n throw it out. If I were younger that’s what I would do. You don’t fall in love with someone like him. Geez.

  11. Its sad that Brandi was cheated on. It happens to a lot of people and eventually people move on. I hope Brandi understands that on the plus side, she is now single, has a book deal, a thriving housewives career, a fashion line, media attention etc. She is probably earning more money than Eddie,… Getting cheated on might end up being the best thing that ever happened to her in the long run… That’s if she can finally find peace with it and move on… Oh and get off Twitter.

  12. i loved when brandi and kim were having their nice talk at dinner. i have to say that i do not see brandi as a beauty. not at all.

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