BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Says Watch RHOBH ‘Cause She’s Misunderstood… Brandi Says “No Faking” For Ratings… No Bein’ “Paid By Media” or USWeekly… AND… It’s All For THE CHILDREN

December 9, 2012   UPDATE: USWeekly reports that Brandi’s operation will take place on December 12…

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

Brandi Glanville tweets… a lot!

Brandi says in one of her most recent tweets that she has viewed Monday’s episode and her interaction with Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof needed MORE explaining than what was shown…

RHOBH Brandi tweets about show

NOTE: Does this mean that Brandi is actually saying that her scene was manipulated by Bravo?  NOOOOOOO!!   That is SO unlike Bravo’s producer-induced “reality” shows to do such a thing!!

AND… will Brandi’s BravoBlog be the uncut version or will it be Bravo’s version?  We’ll all have to, using one of Bravo’s most famous endorsed lines,  “Watch What Happens…”

Moving on… Brandi then takes on the ROL item which stated that Brandi’s been “acting” for the cameras.  Brandi says it’s a crock. But, what else can she say?  Deny, deny, deny… we all know the “reality” of the Housewives shows…

Brandi tweets re radar

THEN… Brandi continues her Bravo-endorsed-speak by stating that she does not get paid for ARTICLES.

brandi tweets being paid for stories

Brandi, again, is not lying.  However, Brandi is not stating the whole truth.  While Brandi may not be getting paid MONETARILY, Brandi does reap the benefits of making a deal with USWeekly.  In exchange for using USWeekly, Brandi gets a much wider audience to sell her up upcoming book (just in time for Valentine’s Day) and her clothing line.

brandi usweekly tweet

Brandi also may not be getting money for the articles, but she mentions nothing about being paid for her photos…

Brandi’s tweets also reveal that she’s tweeting not for herself and not to highlight her feud with LeAnn Rimes and ex-Eddie Cibrian, but for her children.

Look for Brandi to continue chatting about LeAnn and Eddie in her upcoming UNPAID for UsWeekly articles!

brandi tweets

AND… if ya wanna know what Brandi’s doin’ now… she’s sleeping.   BUT, Brandi just had to give a little reminder about her book before she got more snoozin’ in…

brandi tweet sleep

Brandi is taking full advantage of her upgrade to bein’ a full-time Housewife… sell, sell, sell.   The more attention, via any means, is the Bravo way!

Here’s what we think of Brandi and her “buy my stuff” clothes and book…