STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE OF 2013…SH Readers Have Voted!!


SH readers have cast their votes for the Stoopidest Housewife of 2013… and it’s a landslide!

jax straight jacket

It comes as no surprise that the title will be bestowed upon JAX LAURITA!



As the winner of the poll, there are a bazillion gazillion reasons for BubbaJax gettin’ the sceptre, crown and sash… and as soon as we can find those items, which have been in storage for over a year… we’ll be presenting BubbaJax with the sceptre, crown and sash, presently being “virtually” worn by the outgoing 2012 Stoopidest Housewife, Cynthia Bailey!

As this is a READER selection, we would like to hear from YOU as to WHY you voted for BubbaJax to receive this once-in-a-lifetime honor.

Leave your reasons for making BubbaJax the winner of “Stoopidest Housewife of 2013″…  comments will be included in the OFFICIAL announcement!

Storage wars SH stoopidest HW arrow

NOTE:  The SH storage locker containing the accoutrements which BubbaJax, as the “Stoopidest Housewife” is entitled, was recently auctioned off on “StorageWars”!!  

We are now in the process of hunting down the dastardly demon who would be strutting around tryin’ to pass themselves off as the winner of “Stoopidest Housewife”!!

brandi storage wars arrow


This also serves as a toodle-ooo to BigDummy Cynthia Bailey!  

SO… a big “bye-bye”… cheerio… see ya later… adieu… adios… hasta la vista… have a nice day… parting is such sweet sorrow…  so long and ta-ta… to 2012 winner, Cynthia!




The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s…


Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia was very happy when she heard the news of being crowned 2012 STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE!

We are so pleased with Ms. Cynthia Bailey as the 2012 STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE!  

Cynthia is joining an elite group!  There have only been two Housewives to have held this honor before Cynthia… Lynne Curtin and Kelly Bensimon…HERE.

We attempted to present Ms. Bailey with her official sash,  scepter and crown; however, Ms. Bailey is still heavily involved in her “model search” and could not be reached…  

…not even to comment!

RHOA Cynthia Dummy arrow

This scene from the last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was the seed which started Cynthia on the path to snaring the coveted title “2012 Stoopidest Housewife!”

There will be more to come as to how and why Ms. Bailey was chosen over the SH reader favorite and top runner Jax Laurita.  Sorry, Jax… maybe next year!

Note to Cynthia:  Had you been around longer, you may have had the title sooner!

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351 comments on “STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE OF 2013…SH Readers Have Voted!!

  1. O.K., now that we have re-dabated the Gia field day debcale and decided that she was bullied and not treated inappropriately (just going off the number of commenters on this post today) and would like to state my reasons for why Jax should be the Stoopidist Housewive of 2012.


    1. Trying to convince us that she met Chris in Chicago as a “convention model”(what the heck is a convention model anyhow?)
    2.Pretending to be asleep during the big throw down between Teresa and Caroline after she passive agressivly instigated the whole thing to begin with.
    3.Letting Bravo dub in Nicholas saying “I love you” when Ashlee left the house for good and then showing up at the reunion saying that he can’t say those words any longer. (that wasn’t just stoopid that was sick)
    4. Screaming “I hope you go to jail” to Joe Gudice.
    5.Having a xanax and bailyes fuled breakdown because Teresa wouldn’t tell her about Teresa and Joe’s legal problems. (huh??)
    6. Torturing us with pompous, rambling,hypocritcal,nonsensical tweets.
    7.Pretending she was never a stripper.
    8.The alarming and disgusting amount of plastic surgery she continues to have.
    9. Behaving as if her bankruptcy is a normal endgame to a failing buisness and glossing over the amount of greed and deceit that is involved in it.
    10.Using her baby’s Autism as a storyline!

  2. I understand the vote and know there is tons of Teresa fans here but I really think the stooooopidest housewife has to be Teresa. She let her husband get her into a black hole of debt. She then stood by him while he commited fraud, not once but two times. She almost ended up in federal court for allowing him think he could lie to the Bankruptcy court. She has stood by him as he has been arrested for drunk driving, chipped a tooth in drunk cartwheeling and then to top it off she has stood by him amist all the cheating scandles. The absolute worst was this year when he called her a B&&&& and C^^^ on tv. What I don’t understand is as a woman, if I were her die hard fan, I would be screaming from the mountain tops for her to dump him now. Why would any woman friend not step in and say, Teresa, we love you but no one need to keep such an anchor around their neck.

    • I need to disagree with the “let her husband” comment… as a married woman, I know I don’t have control over my own husband’s actions/behavior…so to say that she “let” her husband get her into debt is unfair. In my home growing up, my dad worked and brought home the paycheck, and my mom (God rest her soul) handled the finances and bills…and my dad, as a loving husband, trusted my mom to take care of it without asking her or questioning her….If anything Teresa’s husband “allowed” Teresa to think she could spend the money like water and didn’t tell her they were in trouble since he is the one who took care of the bills….Standing by her husband through his idiotic behavior with drinking and driving and etc is different than “allowing him to think he could lie to the court”….A husband and wife don’t control each other (controlling is not a marriage)….so blaming Juicy’s antics and immature behavior on Teresa isn’t right….the only thing she is responsible for (in this whole mess) is staying with him after he called her horrible names on tv (and if he did cheat)!

      • ITA. I am so sick of women blamed for everything. Are men just giant babies without any self control, personal responsibility or ability to make and own decisions. Juicy made it quite clear with his “happy wife / happy life” mantra. Since the dark ages woman have taken the blame from everything to war to the destruction of dynasties. I don’t allow my husband to think or do anything since he is fully mature and capable of rational thought.
        This is the same rational that says if a man cheats it must be the woman’s fault. Really?
        I never realized how all powerful women like Teresa are. What’s next Hurricane sandy was all down to Tre? Now the Guidice financial mess is cuz Teresa made Juicy do it? Lordy let me go put on my 1950’s house dress, my pearls and my apron cuz it’s throwback time

        • I dont think everything is Tre’s fault she and Juicy are both at fault when it came to the Money mess,They are both at fault for their own reasons.
          I always crack up when people say “my spouse wont let me” or “Ill have to get permission to go out tonight”

        • ITA I don’t blame Tree for Juicey’s behavior anymore than I blame Melissa for Joey’s. Both are grown men and should be accountable for their behavior despite their wives.

        • ROFL about throwback time!!!

          ITA that people are responsible and accountable for individual actions. I am also tired of women being blamed. I better go ask my boyfriend if it’s okay if I go to hot yoga in a few hours…or do I need to stay home and cook him dinner while he lounges around in his smoking jacket, puffing on a cigar and sipping scotch after a long day of doing man’s work. (LOL–okay, he seriously does not have a smoking jacket and he hates cigars and I don’t cook for him)

          • It is throwback time! IMO Teresa is equally responsible and she owns it and has gone back to work and that is why she continues to be on the show. I’m sure like many woman Juicy handled the money and she went along with Happy Wife/ Happy Life to her own detriment. I know plenty of couples especially when the husband owns his own businesses that have little more than working knowledge of what husbands profit margin, expenses entail. Yet while we understand we all know Teresa is not absolved of any responsibility. I wish them well.

      • Teresa herself said she had no idea about the financial end of their marriage. She said and I quote, “Joe took care of that”. When it comes to bills in our marriage, I am half responsible for every bill and you can rest assure that I know exactly what is owed and what needs to be paid. My marriage is a joint venture, no split checking accounts and savings. This is a partnership. Teresa was naive and never paid attention. She took diamonds from him as an apology for his calling her the names. I am sorry, You would take diamonds as a bribe? Not me.

        • You totally missed the point in what I said….and there are different ways to have a joint marriage…you each can have roles that are important…what you define as a joint marriage does not mean it’s what works for others or what they believe is a true marriage….my parents’ marriage was the happiest and best and I hope that my own will even come close to measuring up. And I will say it again…my mom handled all the finances and bills because that was part of her 50% she added to their marriage….and as her loving and trusting husband, my father trusted her to take care of it…..Maybe Teresa thought she had that kind of marriage…since Juicy didn’t tell her there was a problem…why would she think there was??

          • Teresa had to have known something was up, she owed 11,000 to Nordstroms I dont know about you all but when my bill is late I get phone calls and mail and she owed money to the fertility clinic you want people to believe they didnt try and contact her for payment . Nothing will convince me Teresa is/was a Mushroom wife who was kept in the dark and told nothing she may not have known his business debts but no way she was in the dark about the other debts that were not being paid.

            • I got that off the old aol military message boards it was made up to discribe women who let there husbands run everything and didnt tell them anything about military life . they kept there id and didnt give them money.
              I dont buy tre was 100% in the dark, i do think tre has denial down to a Art form and it makes her look stupid from the money troubles to the cheating rumors and beyond. now because i am trying to pepper good things about teresa qwith the bad things, she did step up to the plate to help her family survive a lot of women wouldnt have done that.

              i know teresa is a loyal wife but there is a fine line between loyality and stupidty and teresa is almost there IMO

            • Ya Lisa, but the thing is, sometimes you gotta know when to grab your stuff n go, and when to ride the storm out. We don’t know her motivation for everything, if I was in her shoes I may have also acted like I wasn’t in on the financials, or maybe she really wasn’t. Either way, instead of freaking out and runnin off, she may have just decided to wait, work on herself, and then see where her marriage is later, after she has gotten herself together. We can say she’s stupid, but maybe she is just cooling her heels until she can pay stuff off and fix her life.

          • well when I dont pay my creditcard, the next day after its due, they are calling me. I don’t pay the phone bill and poof, its not working. When you can’t use the Norstroms card or the Macys card? How about the bills in the Mail, what he snuck home everyday and hid the mail.

            • Tree may not have known in the beginning but at some point she had to be putting the pieces together. Like when they started paying cash for everything. By that time she just didn’t know to what extent they were in debt. I imagine she pooped a peck of pickled peppers when she found out it was 11 million!

            • I would say so. I would say that Juicy used the ole ‘waiting on money” line that is SOP in the construction business…. and especially considering the time frame that this all went down. As long as her immediate mad money funds were not interfered with she prolly bought that hook line and sinker… far as long as she could.

            • Oh no Doubt he tired to fool her But I dont buy her excuse she didnt know until he drug her to the Lawyers office and filed no one is that much in the dark.

            • Sadly having your own business is often waiting for others to get paid so they can pay you. In 08 you were probably waiting a long time. Bankruptcy can often be a chain reaction like it was for many during the financial meltdown. The flow of money dries up so fast it is like someone turned off the tap.Difficult to survive.

            • Do you know that for sure ? Maybe the 200(ok i know it wasnt 200 ) mortgages and second mortgages and 3rd and 4th for that matter, he had on his properties But I doubt the credit card and Fertilty clinic bills did or the personal Bills that pretained to the Granite and onyx Tomb they lived in.
              I know people want to absolve Teresa of the Bankruptcy problems But She had to have known but decided to take a cruise on the USS DENIAL again

            • All bills prolly went to the office. I would say that as many bills as possible were used for tax write off purposes. My husband handles our our bills. I would be up crap creek in a hurry if bullcrap was going on but that just how we do it. Been that was from the beginning of our marriage when all we had was a handful of bills(hubby couldn’t fathom being put on an allowance with money that he earned) now that we got grown people bills I wouldn’t touch that mess now with a ten foot pole…even if he begged. :) I gots the life of riley in that regard but if it ever goes south I will be the last to know.

            • I dont know where the bills went he may have gotten them all but that dosnt mean when things went south she didnt know. She owed everyone in town, even Kim D These people had to have said something to her when she went to do further shopping. I just dont think she was in thedark as much as people want to think she was

            • What I am saying is Juicy prolly told Tree not to worry bout it if say Kim D mentioned it telling Tree he would get paid next week and he would make KimD whole again. Then next week never came.

            • made, I can see Juicy doing that. At the reunion he basically ended the entire thing by telling Tree not to worry and he was taking her to dinner.

            • She might have in the end but like I said I think the bills were going to the office as well as the phone calls.

            • Well you know as well as I do, when you owe money they call everyone you know and every family member cause they are still looking for my ex and his sister for multiple bad bills. Heck I have remarried and moved from MD to CA and they are still calling. They would have called the house and sent stuff to the house or her cell.

        • Oh and please do not reply to my comment and say “I am sorry you would take diamonds as a bribe?” When did I say that?? Did I say that Teresa should stay with him after the cheating allegations and the horrible names?? No I didn’t…nor did I say that diamonds fix everything either…

          • Of course you wouldn’t take diamonds as a bribe. Try not to worry about it. There are a lot of “blanket-y” statements being thrown around, so I’m sure this is just another “If you defend anything Tree does, then you fall into the category of taking diamonds as a bribe.” Just like every person that doesn’t have a problem with Tree thinks Nic’s diagnosis is fake, thinks Jax drinks more than Tree (we all know Jax drinks but I dont’ know if anyone has ever said “Jax drink more than Tree” until now), thinks MeGo stripped, etc, etc… A lot of blanket statements tossed around about SH readers and I’m not liking it. Nasty stuff if you ask me.

            • I agree Chem Geek. It’s tiresome. A dig at Jacqueline is followed by a diatribe about Teresa. A negative comment about Melissa is followed by laundry list of Teresa’s sins, or accusations of blind devotion and canonization (is that a word?) of her. It’s so predicable.

            • About as predictable as the List of excuses that get posted to explain why Teresa behavior is ok. and why she is never in the wrong.

            • It is always followed by comments about St. Teresa, canonization and dramatically exaggerated beyond the comments intent. Silly of course because it does not add to the discussion but takes it in an entirely different directions. It’s fine to have a different opinion but please do not misinterpret mine to the extent that it becomes an exercise in futility. But I maybe that is the point. if someone takes my opinion and turns it into something that does not even resemble my comment then maybe we will all stop expressing our opinions. Frankly it’s tiresome.

            • You are right Barb. I’m all for a healthy exchange of opinions but when my opinions are deliberately exaggerated and opinions are expressed as fact while my facts are dismissed opinion then I am frustrated. DNR. Do not respond.

            • Its almost like People have Freedom of speech and are excersing it. Since we are making statements about what we wish people would post, I would love the people who say over and over Teresa isnt perfect list what she has done wrong and not offer a excuse as to why it was ok she did it. See both sides can play this game.

            • I thought picking on Melissa’s card about the “redone house” and throwing away the sprinkle cookies then laughing it was wrong. I thought it was wrong when I heard about it, and I think it’s wrong now. I also said in a prior comment that I thought she acted like a “beast” at the PFS when she egged on Danielle.

            • Agreed Aint. It gets old that every time you comment about the stoopidity of a nj hw, you get a comparison arguement about Tre. Everything doesn’t have to be about Tre, we can discuss another nj hw post without having to compare them to her. I’d like to think there are people capable of disliking Tre yet also seeing that the other women have faults too.

            • Thank you! I was trying to have an adult discussion and talk about how we can’t put labels on what we believe a good marriage is because to each person, that has a different meaning…..but then I got really ticked off when I’m lumped into the “I would take a diamond bribe” crap…..How about we have a “go at” the HWs and not each other, regardless of which HWs we like or don’t!

            • I can see good and bad in all of them but unfortunately all discussions lead back to Teresa and her faults. If we discuss any housewife or give our opinions then we are subject to blanket statements and the Saint Teresa, diamond , c-word. Even a discussion about Kathy’s cannoli. I am going with Barb’s advice and clicking ignore.

            • I know what you mean its tiresome to me to hear over and over how Teresa isnt perfect followed by a list of excuses as to why its ok she is a Bit*ch and how nothing is her fault..yet she isnt perfect.

    • Well well well. I have to agree 100%. Its what I have said all year. As a woman and a mother, if my husband would have ever done to me what this man has done to her, he would be collecting his belongings from the curb. I am not a Teresa fan but if I were, I too would be screaming for her to dump his butt. I also believe that Joe did get her in the financial mess. I am sure he kept telling her everything is ok. The first sign of problems financially is when you have to pay cash. Teresa is very Naive.

    • I think you’re saying (dsuea) that Teresa is stoopid for staying in this marriage (vs saying she is “letting” her husband do/say the things you listed.) I think Teresa has been clear – in action as well as deeds – on the limits she has set on what she will tolerate in this marriage, so doesn’t come across as stoopid to me in this regard.

          • Actually she probably did buy her own I am sorry gift since Juicy isnt working much.I doubt his teeth cleaning scam is making much dough.

        • My theory is the diamonds are a cover up for what she actually did to punish him. Maybe she takes a bat to his manhood every night? Forces him to practice drunk gymnastics without wine? Makes him eat Katfish’s cannolis from the kit (after they have sat on the stoop for 2 days)?

          • Excellent theory Chem. Katfish cannoli at gunpoint would be awful. Kind of like those eating contests where the person chokes and gags just trying to shove it down. As long as it works for Teresa and Joe ….. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. Reasons for my belief that Jacquelyn is stoopid:
    One, she exploits her children for her own personal desires. It is a law of nature to PROTECT your children and anyone who fights against the laws of nature is stupid.

    Two, she lets her imagination run wild, creating plots and scenarios that are not real but yet believes them to be real. She will then expect that everyone else will just jump aboard and believe her nonsense.

    Three, she allows other people to manipulate her and she takes on their point of views without thinking about it and coming to her own conclusions.

    Four, instead of dealing with her life she sits and cries and waits for others (husband, sister-in-law) to interject themselves and fix things for her.

    Five, she thinks the more she has to say and the louder that she is the more people will believe her story.

    I will end with this. I think Jacquelyn DOES have a good heart. However, when you don’t think for yourself and allow others to manipulate you it doesn’t matter what your heart condition is. This is probably where Jacquelyn fairs largest in the stoopid category. She has the potential to be a wonderful person but weather it is through her own mind or someone else’s, she manages to suck the good right out of herself. She allows delusions or twisted points of views to overcome her natural good nature. How stupid is THAT!

  4. An Ode to BubbaJax:

    May your tweets ever be loony,
    May your wine bottle never run dry,
    Perhaps one day you shall see the light,
    When pigs finally learn to fly!!!

    So long, screw ‘ya,
    See you in St. Lou-ya!

    • You are the poet laureate. maybe you can read this at Jax coronation! Ms. SH can we have a planning blog so we can carefully craft Jax ‘s ceremony? LOL! JK.

      • Hey, I would gladly type it up in fancy calligraphy, blow it up poster-size, frame it and FedEx it to Bubba’s front doorstep if I could. Maybe I’ll earn a special personalized “DM” from her! :)

  5. Glad to know that Jax got the title this year!
    But this is the only post ive been able to post and see comments on, for many days now and its so annoying, cause im so curios! :(
    Anybody else that still have these problems or am I the only one?

    • I know the site (and wordpress in general) was having glitchy problems. I’m sorry! Hmmm… Are you able to see any other posts right now?

      What browser are you using and is it up to date?

      • No not at all. Only this. :(
        About the browser… I really dont know what im doing, that is my husbands job. ;)
        But you recommend me updating something? …Ive have been ignoring some messages about updating, bc i was in the middle of something….well that backfired if this is my own fault :/ A little annoyed with myself now, but aleast it sounds like I can fix it….or else I have faith in my husband can do it.
        Thanks for helping me finding out what the problem could be!

  6. To me , the funniest thing of all? If she read about this award, do you think she could figure out why she “won”? Seriously doubt she’d have a clue.

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