SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: “WhoBoughtTheCannolis”… PT Housewife “PoopiePiggieDaddy” Got An Agent… Brandi Glanville “NoMoreTweets”…Kathy Hilton “RuinsShoppingExperience”… Kenya Moore “BikiniBod”

Who could have possibly bought all those KomaKathyKannoliKits from QVC??

Looks like it was a big mistake!

cannoli pg


aviva sh

Riding the wave of the popularity of the Real Housewives of New York, PT Housewife’s PoopiePiggieDaddy George, recently signed himself with a big-time agent!

The funniest thing about this… the description!

george agent

george arrow

“PoopiePiggieDaddy’s” only description is that of “Father” to PT Housewife!   What kinda “hosting” jobs is he gonna get from that?


RHOBH Brandi pg

Brandi Glanville has learned the REAL ways of the REAL Housewives.

Brandi will no longer be tweeting her thoughts re LeAnn and Eddie.  Brandi will now be PAID for her thoughts about her ex and his wife!

“Instead of giving it away on Facebook and Twitter, why shouldn’t Brandi make a little money telling her side of the story?” a friend of the “Real Housewives” star tells The Huffington Post. “Eddie cheated on her … now, thanks to Bravo, she has become a star, and media outlets are willing to pay her to talk. Only a fool would walk away from that.”

“LeAnn would do the same thing if she could, but no one is offering her money,” one magazine insider says. “But Brandi needs to remember that if you cut a deal with a magazine, they expect you to deliver the goods.”

NOTE:  LeAnn expressed her most recent thoughts about Brandi during a concert in LA

She said: ‘Anybody ever been p****d off at some point and you just couldn’t get it out?

‘And if you did, you actually might dig yourself a deeper hole, so you just let the other person dig themselves a hole?’


kathy hilton store

WHY??? Just WHY???  Another Housewife person ruins a shopping experience… will now have to look at Frontgate a different way… knowing that sister-of-Kyle-and-Kim-Richards, Kathy Hilton is a customer!

Kathy was chatting all about her new dress line with the LATimes and then she mentions the great TV trays in her family room:

She’s had the tree up in the TV room since before Thanksgiving. “I like adding personal touches,” she said, pointing out the baby shoes (her own) hanging on the tree with the ornaments. “We spend most of our time in here. We like to have the fire on and have dinner on TV trays. Everyone always wants to know about the TV trays. Frontgate makes the best ones. In burlwood.”

NOTE:  Kathy fails to mention her used clothing store, Designer Archives, in the LATimes article…


kenya moore bikini

Kenya Moore tweets that it just takes some dedication and discipline (UH… ain’t that about the same thing?  These HWs are soooo smart!!) to keep her bikini-body:

RHOA Kenya tweet

(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFtM” “Girlfriend” and “PMG”!!)

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  1. Ms. SH, did you post that cannoli picture cuz of the long discussion yesterday about sagging boobies? :) Green shirt lady needs a bra, STAT!


  2. I saw the Kathy’s Kanoli’s Kit & was majorly disappointed. She give syou the shells instead of a recipe to make them. I know how to make the ricotta, chocolate chip filling. Duh any Italian learns that, it is the shells that are the hard part. I like Kathy at first but now I see she was just hoping that RHONJ would parlay her stupid, already been done (By Tree & a bunch of others) ideas forward.
    I still do NOT understand why this woman, Kathy, who seems pretty sharp, certainly smarter then Teresa her cousin, could not figure a way to market something fresh & new that no other HW did, that would help women. Like a Bellydance video OR a book on how to parent great kids (she has great wellbehaved smart beautiful teens, face it y’all, she did that right) freaking aromatic candles for crsytsake BUT NOT FOOD. Been done. Liquor/mixes Been done, Songs been done & badly perfume, bags, shoes, ho clothes or jewelry BEEN DONE. Something else please.

    Kathy take your Kanoli’s & stuff em. STOOPID & won’t sell.

    I like the woman, I do , she is probably really nice in perosn in real life. Too nice & smart to play the Bravo network’s be a stupis ass, screaming, copy cat douche Game.


  3. I don’t know if any of you were Taxi fans, but PT’s father reminds me of Alex Reiger’s father — the funny old man who somehow had a way with the ladies.


  4. Earlier today, Brandi tweeted that she isnt getting paid by the tabloids but she did say that when ppl give an interview, the person has to wait a week or so b4 they can give another interview.


    • Guess what” I believe you NEUTRAL., Sounds true…but it seems no magazine or the other *Rags* will give you an honest response…Ms SH always give you the truth and most others copy off her. This I have seen for myself.


  5. When I scrolled down and saw the picture of George and his teeth, I felt my stomach lurch a little. Why, oh, why, won’t he go away???


  6. What was the old nursery rhyme?
    Gorgie Porgie puddin and pie.
    Kissed the girls and made them Cry.
    When the girls went out to play.
    Gorgie Porgie had to PAY!


      • Gorgie Porgie puddin and pie. Kissed the girls and made them Cry. When the girls went out to play. Gorgie Porgie had to PAY!

        Gorgie Porgie puddin and pie, kissed the girls and made the cry, when the girls came out to play, Gorgie Porgie ran AWAY. he he he :-)


  7. I just want to point out that they were not “paparazzi” that randomly shot Kenya in Barbados, they were hired photographers. How do I know this, you ask? I work for the hotel she is staying, and she is not on vacation, she is with a Bravo producer supposedly scouting locations on the island. Bloop


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