BRANDI GLANVILLE: Andy Cohen Wants To Broker Peace… Between Brandi and LeAnn Rimes

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The Master Manipulator, Lord of the Housewives, BravoBigBrother… PupperMasterExtraordinaire, MissAndy Cohen… has gotten himself involved in the Brandi Glanville/LeAnn Rimes latest scuffle, and wants to play peacemaker!

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LeAnn Rimes Cibrian LOVES the idea!!

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(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” and “ChHy”!!!)

50 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Andy Cohen Wants To Broker Peace… Between Brandi and LeAnn Rimes

  1. I’ve grown to despise Andy Cohen – and that’s sad. Primarily because I have always liked some of the people he calls good friends (SJP for one) – and his behavior puts a negative spin on who I thought THOSE people were. It’s (and he’s) sickening….


  2. Miss Andy has fallen victim to what many of the housewives now believe – that he is a STAR because of trashy reality shows. I have enjoyed many of the show but Andy has jumped the shark with all his nonsense. The shows have all become silly, screeching replays of the same old BS no matter the franchise. Girls trip, check. Screaming, scheming, check. Juvenile behavior, check. Drinking too much, check, check. It is the same thing over and over again and it isn’t interesting or good TV anymore. Its just a way to feed Miss Andy’s huge ego. And his show has become so lame. Stupid, tacky games, Vile, suggestive behavior with his shirtless bartenders, slutty comments. Why people agree to come on that show is beyond me. I started with OC and followed all the shows but Bravo is quickly losing me as a viewer (note viewer – not a fan of these harpies!). What once was a peek into the lives of some fairly well off women has turned into a slug fest of drunk, high, broke, mean, classless people. Duck Dynasty here I come!


    • lol. Could you imagine the time management chart he would have written up for LeeAnn?
      7 am -11:00-work out and twit
      11:00-12:00 shower(malnourished gals take longer to shower- runnin around to get wet)
      12:00-12:10 eat-or pretend to eat
      12:10-2:00 binge and twit
      2:00-2:30 purge and twit
      2:30-3:30 talk to lawyers about suing a blogger/have nanny take pictures of boys and twit
      3:30-5:00 workout and twit
      5:00-5:10 pretend to eat pretend in general
      5:10-5:45 sit at the table drinking water glaring at husband and plotting your next binge
      5:45-6:00 put up ahem leftovers…..and twit
      6:00-7:00 try on clothes to see what still fits and twit
      7:00-8:00 massive blowout binge/purge(time consuming aint it?)
      8:00 laxative intake time and early bed time because you will be up all night chittin so make sure you get your wife duties out of the way before the poopoo fairy comes callin.


      • How much do you want to bet Leanne and Eddie would jump on the Idea just for the camera time. Heck it would give the three of them something to do and keep them off twitter.


        • tee hee.

          Exlax Exlax
          oh what fun
          Exlax Exlax
          run run run

          Exlax Exlax
          to the toilet with you
          Exlax Exlax
          thats not even poo

          Exlax Exlax
          you having fun yet?
          Exlax Exlax
          eating without regret?

          Exlax Exlax
          Just dont work no more
          Correctol Correctol
          Now get thee to the store.

          Little pink pills
          what harm could there be?
          well, take half the box
          and you will soon see.

          Keep it up fanny
          Those jeans are just too tight
          our lil secret,
          it’ll be alright

          Your hair is falling out
          quicker than your guts
          such is the life of a bulimic
          Yeah it kinda sucks


  3. If Brandi publishes a book focused on her divorce it seems safe to assume there will be more Rimes references, more rebuttal, gossip mag quotes, etc. A self feeding cycle with no end. Was very surprised how many national publications blurbed about Rimes going to rehab or anxiety-hab or whichever, somehow this love triangle still sells and will be milked for months or years to come. There is no money in it for them if everything were peachy. Sorry to sound jaded but that’s just my view.


  4. I think it would be easier for MissAndy to negotiate the peace between the PLO and Israel than brokering peace between those two howler monkeys!


  5. off topic, but was thinking, bravo doesn’t need reunion shows. they need AA meetings. maybe it’s me, but i’ve never even wealthy people drink this much. it’s digusting, and their antics (verbal or physical) while drunk is even more disgusting.


  6. Why would Andy care whether these two get along or not? Let them duke it out in public. Not good for the kids of course, but I think that’s what’s going to happen no matter what Andy does.


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