TOP 10 MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: “Hope For Reversing Autism” … And SH Poll Results

December 7, 2012

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Included in the Time Health and Family Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs is “Hope for Reversing Autism”…

“In encouraging news for parents of autistic children, researchers say early behavior therapy can help normalize brain patterns responsible for the symptoms of the condition. Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders who participated in the Early Start Denver Model program, which involves intensive social and linguistic engagement with toddlers, showed changes in the way their brains process human faces and objects.

Autistic youngsters generally show more brain activity when they view images of an inanimate object like a toy than when they see a picture of a woman’s face. But after two years of ESDM therapy, the autistic children showed the opposite response, and these patterns came close to mimicking those found among normally developing children. It’s a hopeful sign that it’s possible to halt some of the brain changes linked to autism and possibly even reverse them. But the key to the program’s success involves early and intensive intervention with properly trained counselors who actively engage the toddlers in several hours of therapy a week.”


The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) has been developed by psychologists Sally Rogers, PhD, and Profectum Board Member Geraldine Dawson, PhD in the 1980’s. It is a comprehensive behavior-oriented early intervention approach for children with autism, ages 12 to 48 months. This model incorporates intensive teaching practices drawn from ABA and a developmental curriculum which defines the skills to be taught at any given time and a set of teaching procedures used to deliver this content. In addition, ESDM also integrates play-based relational developmental approaches to address social communication.

NOTE:  There is no mention of any particular liquid being used in any therapies in the treatment for autism… nor are iPads mentioned in any professional publications.  

Jax RHONJ autism tweet

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