TOP 10 MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: “Hope For Reversing Autism” … And SH Poll Results

December 7, 2012

RHONJ JAX autism tweet

Included in the Time Health and Family Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs is “Hope for Reversing Autism”…

“In encouraging news for parents of autistic children, researchers say early behavior therapy can help normalize brain patterns responsible for the symptoms of the condition. Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders who participated in the Early Start Denver Model program, which involves intensive social and linguistic engagement with toddlers, showed changes in the way their brains process human faces and objects.

Autistic youngsters generally show more brain activity when they view images of an inanimate object like a toy than when they see a picture of a woman’s face. But after two years of ESDM therapy, the autistic children showed the opposite response, and these patterns came close to mimicking those found among normally developing children. It’s a hopeful sign that it’s possible to halt some of the brain changes linked to autism and possibly even reverse them. But the key to the program’s success involves early and intensive intervention with properly trained counselors who actively engage the toddlers in several hours of therapy a week.”


The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) has been developed by psychologists Sally Rogers, PhD, and Profectum Board Member Geraldine Dawson, PhD in the 1980’s. It is a comprehensive behavior-oriented early intervention approach for children with autism, ages 12 to 48 months. This model incorporates intensive teaching practices drawn from ABA and a developmental curriculum which defines the skills to be taught at any given time and a set of teaching procedures used to deliver this content. In addition, ESDM also integrates play-based relational developmental approaches to address social communication.

NOTE:  There is no mention of any particular liquid being used in any therapies in the treatment for autism… nor are iPads mentioned in any professional publications.  

Jax RHONJ autism tweet

“Generation Rescue” has gotten a total of TWELVE reviews on Great Non-Profits…  


Will you be watching RHONJ?

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(Thanks to SH reader “NancyN”!!!)

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41 comments on “TOP 10 MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: “Hope For Reversing Autism” … And SH Poll Results

  1. IMO huge proponent of early intervention and intensive therapies. As for Ipad use I know it helps tremendously for autistic children who are non-verbal. The greatest confusion about autism lies in the degree that the autistic child is affected and where the child is on the spectrum. My frustration with Jax is that she is poorly educated and not really a reliable source of information. Academics and Professionals are not as apt to generalize, are careful about giving false hope and applying a one size fits all treatment to all autistic kids. Jax is a great big fluffy cheerleader to an issue that does not need cheerleaders but instead needs greater exploration by researchers who are medically and scientifically trained to evaluate the behavior. Jax ,IMO, represents the dumbing down of America at it’s finest (said with all due sarcasm). Jax is not well educated , not well informed and not thoughtful. Her depth of knowledge is shallow as a rain puddle when genuine information should come from the vast depths of people who have dedicated years of study in that particular field. Would you ask Jax to advise you on treating cancer? Why is she suddenly an authority on autism? I am not saying she cannot lend her voice to the discussion but it should stop at that, Jax , IMO is not respectful and reverential to those children who are genuinely struggling . rant over.

    • Yes and that eight month gap waiting for insurance really, really does not equal early intervention in my opinion. What were they thinking? I understand waiting for a diagnosis, but the insurance really?

      • IMO unless there was complete and full regression I would have consulted my pediatrician and privately engaged speech therapists, occupational therapists. I would never have used money/insurance as an excuse. If I am reading correctly Jax obtained the diagnosis from a self proclaimed autism specialist who is a D.O. I am not knocking osteopaths but from the guys web page I am thinking he is the NJ equivalent of the wack-a-doodle who counseled Swine and Russell. Sorry that’s just scary. I wouldn’t be comfortable with a DO who does online diagnoses and promotes all kinds of supplements that he sells on his website. Unless a child was very low functioning I would hesitate to rush a diagnosis instead I would consult a variety of specialists in the field and then ask for a panel to evaluate physically, mentally and behaviorally so that everyone had the most complete picture of my loved one.

      • Still say that it’s FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). That woman and her man waited for 8 months for INSURANCE? She should have sold that range rover of hers and they would have had the money.

    • ITA, Aint, I have lupus and the same reasoning applies. If some “celebrity” suddenly had all kinds of advice about it because someone they cared about was diagnosed, I would be VERY skeptical. Autism is a very mysterious condition, and there a a million theories about what causes it and how to cure it. I prefer to get my info from MDs and PHDs who study this stuff for years. Wacko could be doing a lot of people a lot of harm tweeting and re-tweeting any crap she finds on the internet. Anyone remember the craziness Jenny McCarthy started with the immun

      • ization scare? I was hesitant to immunize my youngest because of that, and since then it has been proven false. People need to leave this stuff to the professionals!

        • ITA. Autism has become a huge catch all diagnosis for many disorders. There is a new movement to narrow the diagnosis so that the child’s issues can be addressed more appropriately and to provide better treatment. If you can afford plastic surgeries, designer bags and clothes then you can and should seek the best specialists for your child.

        • Jenny McCarthy did a lot of harm. IMO. I am not sure she and autism speaks are not responsible for the ever widening spectrum of the autism label. My SIL has masters in psychology and he is adamant that autism has become a huge money maker with plenty of charlatans resulting in misdiagnosis and over-diagnosis..

            • I agree. Sometimes it seems that diagnosticians are leaning more towards giving the diagnosis if there is some doubt so that the child can begin receiving state-funded ABA services which are relevant to children with Autism, but can also assist children with other developmental delays. In my state, for children under 3, only children with a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum receive ABA services funded by the state.

              The American Psychiatric Association is revising the definitions of the autism diagnosis in the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) used by clinicians when assessing children. The criteria will be stricter and some children with a milder version of the disorder may lose their diagnosis, and therefore their eligibility for services.

            • I really hate to see children not receive service. It makes me sick. When D attempted to get state funds she was not even in the treated with any degree of kindness. Our family has paid for it all for past three years, insurance now covers speech and OT but still leaves private pre-school but it is so worth it!!!!

            • Several states have passed mandates that insurance must cover services for children with a diagnosis of autism. Hopefully more will follow so parents don’t have to fund the services privately (prohibitive for many families) or see their children not receive what they need. Sorry your D was treated poorly! So glad that your little one is receiving the help he needs!

          • SOOOOO many charlatans. The chelation and diet ones are the absolute worst, IMO, because you might be depriving your child of something they actually need for healthy development or doing greater harm. SMH.

    • The problem with using iPads and computers are that parents just put their kids on them and don’t actively try to create and engage in new patterns of verbal communication. We use verbal communication quite extensively and the older a child gets, the harder it will become to try to verbalize them. In my experience as a special ed. provider, I would say that confusion with autism regards to mental developmental delays are actually much more confusing that where along the spectrum a child lies.

      • I agree! And how do we even know that Nicholas has a problem when he has two idiots for parents + they most likely drank (and did other things) while pregnant with him…….. He’s probably just VERY slow or has FAS. I don’t believe a word Jax says and she shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of ANYONE.

  2. Wasnt there a program called facilitative communication in the 80s that was Debunked BTW as a way to help autistic children communicate. seems i remember it came up in court cases where a autistic child was a witiness to abuse or Murder.

  3. I know first hand how IPads help kids all levels on the spectrum as not only does my son have Autism but I work in both a PreK and Kinder setting with Children with Autism and can say that although it is very very true not two children with Autism are the same, I did not see one child the IPad did not help with speech, social skills, and more. It is a great tool and there have been many studies besides just the one in the link Jac retweeted. The purpose is that they are trying to get Apple and others to help more Famlies gets access to IPads as they are not cheap (seems nothing about Autism is) so any help for more Famlies to get access to these powerful tools is a huge help.

    As far as the big break through that has been known for while that the earlier and more intensive the Therepy (like ABA) the better children succeed. Again tho ever child with Autism is different and the real issue is most children with Autism are not DX until the age of 4 or even older. My son was put into speech and early intervention at the age of 22 months. He did not speak at all. Every few months they would say well we think he needs to be tested for this or that and then you wait for the appt. by the time he was DX with Autism he was 4 years old and IE nor Insurance will not cover ABA until you get that DX and I am lucky as I live in a big city and have access to a leading Dr and Research hospital that deals with Autism. I have a friend who was not so lucky and her son is 6 non Verbel and just getting his DX and starting ABA etc. So until the way it is DX that break through is great but helps very few.

    I would advise Jax not to give information as if an expert but passing on information that is proven to work is how some find things to try. It may or may not work for their child but when living with Autism there is NOTHING most are not willing to true unless it involves untested and unproven drugs altho some will even try those. Jac is just repeating the Jenny McCarthy line with Gen rescue altho she also repeats some mainstream information also that is used with Nick.

    • It’s criminal that child did not received the diagnosis until age 6, and therefore did not start appropriate therapy. I cannot understand how that can happen in this day and age.

    • I agree with you,my grandson has only recently been diagnosed as Autistic and what therapists have been able to do with him via Ipad is astounding. There is a charity that will supply Ipads to autistic children who can’t afford them.

  4. elemcee. I that there was no waiting..she created that line of bs, so she could release the information just before the reunion and getting another contract. It was Pr/ timing and she had to come up with some excuse. In NJ, they provide immediate asst…many posters have stated that they get help within 1 month because it is a NJ mandate.

    • Oh, good point! I had not thought of that. I hope it is true, because I just cannot imagine a parent waiting. Especially, when they have jewelry and stuff they could sell.

      • I could never understand why Jax did not seek the help of wonderful qualified professionals in NJ. Literally parents pick up stakes and move to NJ because their reputation dealing with autism is GOLD. NJ has the best early intervention, autism experts, therapists and Physicians. NJ is on the cutting edge of treatment. Is this a hoax as some have suggested? I cannot fathom why Jax would not avail herself of service unless he is not autistic.

        • Jax had 2 huge reasons for waiting.. A new NJ housewife contract and everyone going easy on her at the reunion..and her up and coming lawsuit for the apparel company. Absolutely NJ is the best in the country and would never have forced them to wait

          • Nancy your logic is spot on . I could factor in the impact of an autism diagnosis when SA bankruptcy goes to court but never really considered the impact of Bravo paycheck until lately. It is very difficult to argue with logic. While in my heart I cannot imagine any mother so desperate to keep a paycheck but circumstances are forcing me to consider that Jax is playing us.

            • it fits her current profile..and anyone that could bilk so many investors out of that much money and lie to the feds, destroy evidence, and then try and humiliate Theresa for her bankruptcy when your family might be going to jail for something 3 times as terrible, is capable of anything

            • Perfectly put, Nancy. While I don’t doubt that Nick falls somewhere in the autism spectrum, I DO doubt both Jac and Chris’ motives and integrity. Really sad for both of those little boys.

            • i am doubting their movies for releasing the information probably 6 months after they knew and had the diagnosis..also it appears from previous posting by SH that they are trying to do some kind of research with black water and autism…the timing for them is all marketing and protecting their hides from the feds I think.

            • They are doing everything they can to make a win out of this loss they will be getting when they are indicted for what they did to their company. And oh yea, Chris had better be careful including Jax about even hinting that blackwater is a cure for autism. All it takes is someone to read into a obfuscated report or ad from them hinting to it helping and said person or persons going out thinking it will work. When it doesn’t the backlash from them going to the Feds and also the press about the snake oil will destroy the company.

        • Wait … She did not see an Autism specialist? Who gave her the DX? I do wish she would not tweet info from Jenny and Gen Rescue … She has caused more trouble and cost more families money they do not have for her BS treatments and she forgets to tell them the hours and hours and hours Evan went to ABA and still goes to a private school with one on one that she pays out the butt for and that is what makes the diff.

          Jacs story about what happened with Nick does sound so much like my sons story that it really rung true to me. We also hid his DX for 6 months except for his Grandparents, Teachers, Docs, Therapists, it was on a needs to know for us just because we wanted to be 100% sure and we were worried people would treat him or us different. When we did decide to share with the rest of family and friends I also printed out 10 things every child with Autism wishes you knew and gave that out to help them understand him.

          Even in NJ I am sure it takes Months to get in with one of the specialist and sometimes they say ok we think it might be but we want to wait come back in 6 months since the children are still young they really want to make sure (good docs anyway) before they apply the DX on a child altho really I think with what they are finding out now about the earlier ABA gets started the better its best to go ahead and DX and remove if they show improvement in 6 months .. That way if they have not lost the DX they have already started intensive ABA. I think my son would be miles ahead from where he is now Socially and Emotinally if they had done that with him. Instead it took us over 2 yrs to get the correct DX .. Oh and I am sure its the same in NJ but a real Autism Specialist like my son sees at Kirch you cannot just make an appt you must have a referral from Early Intervention or a Ped Dr. Not to make it sound as if my son is not doing amazing from where he started .. He is and I credit the IPad with helping him also. Once I saw how amazing he was doing with its helping that was 1000 bucks I quickly saved and spent. I wish every child with Autism could have the same.

          I do think Jac uses Nick for attention tho and she sure spends a lot of time on twitter and out of town for a Mother of a child with Autism. I could see if she was the bread winner but isn’t that supposed to be Chris? She should be at home with Nick spending as much time as she can learning his treatments with him so she can continue them at home and let them know what really works and what is not working as well for him. Thats what worked for us in the beginning. Of course it seems he spends more time with a sitter and she gets tweets and pictures about his progress. She needs to lay off the twitter, the booze, the hate and should have quit RHONJ and focused on her son and his needs 24/7 IMO of course

          • Hi! I comment a lot of the special needs education issues that Jax brings up because I do work with it on a day in and day out basis in the public schools. I’m in PA though, so I cannot speak for what goes on in NJ in regards to services, etc.

            She might have gone to a real specialist that gave her an MR diagnosis, FAS, or Rett’s Disorder/Heller’s Syndrome and not autism. Those diagnoses are much scarier and difficult to deal with, but all follow similar patterns of autism, so it is no wonder many will search the internet and chose the most “comfortable” diagnosis. I still have students who are 9/10 years old, wear diapers, have not progressed academically beyond a preschooler, yet their parents INSIST it is autism and not MR, despite mine and the other educators attempts to relabel. Autistic children generally academically develop about the same level, mentally challenged students do not. I think people are afraid of the “retardation” word and instead choose “low-functioning autistic” because of the stigmas punk ass people use on the word “retard”, despite it meaning slow development. Autism is the buzzword safety mental health issue right now. There is a lot of push for awareness, but not so much in help and assistance in public schools and families. What set off alarms for me was when she went on about regression. Regression almost never occurs in autistic cases until they get older and say never got any treatments or any intervention (though you would be surprised at the human brain’s ability to adapt, I digress…), but in other mental developmental issues (mainly the syndromes I listed above) regression is a paramount factor. The increase in diagnosis of autism has perhaps led medical professionals to forego or maybe even forget about the other potential diseases and disorders that can be more problematic as they get older. For example, FAS requires extensive academic/motor skill interventions, in a way that autism maybe does not. Rett’s is often hallmarked with seizures as the child ages and scoliosis, often requiring intense physical interventions like surgery that autism does not. Heller’s also leads to epilepsy, but requires an intensive psychological drug treatment because of the child essentially regressing into dementia. Unlike autism, where children can learn greater coping skills and generally develop better functionality, Heller’s leads to life-long behavioral and thinking impairment and functioning. However ALL of these look exactly like autism around Nick’s age and therefore, diagnoses change quite often. Sometimes in the better direction of maybe just speech impediments, sometimes for the worse. Either way, she needs to get off the internet.

    • I would tend to think you are right, or she is taking the normal diagnosis process, which includes evals by Speech/language professionals, OT’s, opthomalogists, audiologists, neurologists, developmental pediatricians, etc and calling a “delay”. You can’t say a child is autistic until you have ruled out hearing, sight, speech and other neurological issues, all that takes time. I think she is calling that “delay” instead of the proper route to diagnosis.

  5. I think being around people like KomaK, Caro & Mego all the time has cost Jax her understanding of something. When you lose (or more to the point, give away) your creditability everything else goes out the window. The more obsessed she became with her cast mate the less the viewers took her seriously. If your problems out weigh your knowledge or common sense … why would anyone (other than the Megos ,Caros & Komas of the world) accept your opinion on anything. She really seems to have no understanding of this at all.

  6. so now both jax and chris are tweating how well their son is doing, could this be because he is being filmed and probably shows not signs of an issue? this is very suspect.

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