TERESA GIUDICE, KATHY WAKILE: Tree Tweets Kathy “CannoliCongrats”…

December 7, 2012

AWWWW… ain’t that nice!

Tree Joodice is givin’ her stamp of approval to her cousin, KomaKathy Wakile, on KK’s appearance on QVC.

How interesting that Tree tweets about KomaKathy’s cannoli kits TODAY… and not yesterday… or even the day BEFORE yesterday… or at any point leading up to KomaKathy’s QVC appearance!

kathy desserts menu sh

Would have LOVED to have heard the conversation goin’ on between Koma and Tree re this…

  • KK:  Hey, cuz… I really need your help.
  • Tree: Yeah, help wit wot?
  • KK:  Well, I need to keep pushin’ my yummy-licious desserts.
  • Tree:  Yeah, wotz dat got da do wit me?
  • KK:  Maybe I didn’t sell as many of my cannoli kits as QVC thought and they got a whole closet full of frozen cannoli kits dey gotta get rid of.
  • Tree:  Yeah, wotz dat got ta do wit me?  Wot do you want, Kathy?  I gotta git to a wine signin’ gig and den I gotta do a PearlBrite thing and den I gotta git back home and make a dinner totally from scratch… so hurry up here!
  • KK:  Well, you ARE all about fambly, so howz about you kinda givin’ your endorsement by sendin’ out a tweet about my cannolis… before they all melt into a big puddle over at QVC…

RHONJ Kathy Teresa tweet QVC

NOTE:  Tree Joodice just MIGHT be givin’ KomaKathy her big stamp of approval for a few reasons:  

  • 1) KomaKathy’s QVC sales were low and Tree tweeting means MORE sales…
  • 2) Tree becomes the bigger person by showing that there is no ill will toward KomaKathy remaining from Koma’s lame story line re “stealing recipes”, thereby showing that “family means everything” to Tree…
  • 3) KomaKathy’s QVC sales were low and to get a return spot on QVC, you have to prove via SALES that customers want your product…
  • 4) KomaKathy’s appearance on QVC tanked… and Koma needed Tree’s tweet!