TERESA GIUDICE, KATHY WAKILE: Tree Tweets Kathy “CannoliCongrats”…

December 7, 2012

AWWWW… ain’t that nice!

Tree Joodice is givin’ her stamp of approval to her cousin, KomaKathy Wakile, on KK’s appearance on QVC.

How interesting that Tree tweets about KomaKathy’s cannoli kits TODAY… and not yesterday… or even the day BEFORE yesterday… or at any point leading up to KomaKathy’s QVC appearance!

kathy desserts menu sh

Would have LOVED to have heard the conversation goin’ on between Koma and Tree re this…

  • KK:  Hey, cuz… I really need your help.
  • Tree: Yeah, help wit wot?
  • KK:  Well, I need to keep pushin’ my yummy-licious desserts.
  • Tree:  Yeah, wotz dat got da do wit me?
  • KK:  Maybe I didn’t sell as many of my cannoli kits as QVC thought and they got a whole closet full of frozen cannoli kits dey gotta get rid of.
  • Tree:  Yeah, wotz dat got ta do wit me?  Wot do you want, Kathy?  I gotta git to a wine signin’ gig and den I gotta do a PearlBrite thing and den I gotta git back home and make a dinner totally from scratch… so hurry up here!
  • KK:  Well, you ARE all about fambly, so howz about you kinda givin’ your endorsement by sendin’ out a tweet about my cannolis… before they all melt into a big puddle over at QVC…

RHONJ Kathy Teresa tweet QVC

NOTE:  Tree Joodice just MIGHT be givin’ KomaKathy her big stamp of approval for a few reasons:  

  • 1) KomaKathy’s QVC sales were low and Tree tweeting means MORE sales…
  • 2) Tree becomes the bigger person by showing that there is no ill will toward KomaKathy remaining from Koma’s lame story line re “stealing recipes”, thereby showing that “family means everything” to Tree…
  • 3) KomaKathy’s QVC sales were low and to get a return spot on QVC, you have to prove via SALES that customers want your product…
  • 4) KomaKathy’s appearance on QVC tanked… and Koma needed Tree’s tweet!
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335 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, KATHY WAKILE: Tree Tweets Kathy “CannoliCongrats”…

  1. I highly doubt that Kathy’s kits sold much, if any at all. I can’t say I rightly know why Tree would tweet her but it was nice all the same. These folks need to remember when the cameras are gone and their fifteen minutes of fame are up, they are still going to be family.

        & The hostess of this show calls them(stupidly) FRESH. NO gal they ain’t they are prepackaged & frozen DUH!
        Giada Di Laurentis (spelling?) actually has a pretty easy recipe for homemade canoli’s.
        If you already do some baking it is pretty ez. If you are a nubie a bit harder but still better then Kathy’s Stale KANNED NOLI.

  2. QVC’s sales target is $6000 per minute. EPIC fail for Katfish. If her fan base was as big as Melissa’s ego…she might have had a chance. Sorry ’bout her luck! ;)

    • Six thousand dollars per minute? Holy crap! That means they would have had to have sold over 130 of those kits per minute. No way in H3LL that was ever going to happen.

      • In all fairness to the amphibian, she is a newbie to the game so we can excuse her less than stellar sales. Maybe.
        I read that she sold 400 kits but only had 400 to begin with, so that would mean she sold out, no? Excellent! (one would think.) I see she was still hawking them after the show so…

        • The overly caffeinated hostess said during her segment that “400 had just been ordered” but I find that impossible to believe. At that price I can’t believe she sold more than a handful. But, that’s just my opinion.

          • Me either. Days old shells and sour cream? I ain’t exactly salivating over that thought. Fresh my arse. lol

    • it sure was! she’s a much better (and less stubborn) person than i . i guess my memory is much longer and much stickier, cuz it wasn’t that long ago AT ALL, that kathy was doing/saying super rotten things about teresa, AND i think, trying to hurt t’s business.

  3. Yeah, I think it’s easy to be the bigger person when you have a happy life. & I think Tre seems like the most contented of them all.

    • I think the bigger person always improves his/her life. You know what they say: Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

      • Very good point. My mother and I attended a Kiros weekend geared toward families of prisoners. And one of the “exorcises” they had us do was building a wall out of negative feelings. I will never forget them handing me a brick(large , fake but took two hands to hold) and that brick was labled grudge….. Really drove home how cumbersome a grudge is for the person that holds it…. not so much for the one that put it in your lap.

          • Sorry I misspelled it. Its Kairos. This video talks about what happens at the Kairos ministry retreat that takes place within the prison. When your loved one on the inside takes part in this then you are eligible to be invited to a retreat designed to minister to families of prisoners. It was an amazing experience. Ours took place at a cabin in Gatlinburg. Every meal we walked on a trail to get to the dining hall and along the way all these people in the ministry line up along the path and sing to us. I have been in many a church in my lifetime and have never felt the spirit of the Lord as strongly as I did looking in the faces of those people along that trail. We spent the weekend opening up and sharing our stories and crying and laughing and singing. On our final day all the ladies would come in waking us up one by one and placing a flower on our beds so that every lady left with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a powerful weekend.

            • Made, that’s awesome. We’re called to minister to those in prison, and I totally support Prison Fellowship/Angel Tree, etc., but I had not heard of this one. Looks like they are doing fantastic work. Brings tears to my eyes, because it’s not just the prisoners themselves that need help, it’s also the families they leave behind.

              • Yeah its a good program. Families on the outside do time right along with their loved ones … just in a different way.

        • I guess am not a very nice person. If had a grudge,(especially toward people who bullied me) I would have to take that brick and no longer hold on to it….I would throw it at them! Yeah not very nice huh? Cant help it. Sometimes I get tired of being “the bigger person”.

      • I never heard that one Hers… But it’s good… I will tuck it away in my memory… And use it someday… I might have to write it down…lol…

    • Well said maybeitsyou..I thinkTeresa is by nature a happy person.It was nice of her to tweet Kathy like that.

  4. Good for Tre….what ever the intentions it can only HELP Kathy. Maybe she’ll snatch some sales from that tweet.

      • @Barb, My post was meant to follow ‘justso’. Just wanted you to know, because it reads with the wrong intent directly under yours. It’s way past time for Blavo to give Teresa a break! If they bash and gang up on Teresa again this season…I’m out!

    • Wouldn’t that be great! Maybe, Blavo will finally get the message. Drama is one thing, but the destruction of a family is NOT my kind of drama!! Gang mentality is also something I have NO interest in. It would be nice to see SOME family wounds heal…
      Of course, in my book…. MeHO-HO is NOT family!

    • I say good pr for Teresa. The other castmates(losers) had to be invited to a book signing to attend and support family. They should film Teresa tossing a canoli kit in the garbage like Ritchie did.

    • True, but should she not wish Katfish well, in order to avoid the good press and those that will therefore impute bad intentions? This may be another example of Teresa being damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

    • Imagine? Why imagine? It’s real-time and unlike anything the gruesome foursome have been able to pull their heads out of their fat arses to do for Tre (or Dina). Speaks volumes about who is stuck in middle school and who isn’t…who has business sense and who is still playing with their dollhouses/easy-bake ovens and holding grudges.

      • I agree JerseyG. Teresa has said a few times that if Kathy and Melissa had been more open about coming on the show, they could have worked together and supported each other. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I choose to view this tweet as Teresa supporting Kathy (which she needs) and Teresa showing that she supports her family.

  5. Is there a way to know how many were really sold? I can only imagine it was few. I would venture to guess that KK sold about 100 KKKKs (koma kathy kannoli kits) or KKKKKs (katfish koma kathy’s kannoli kits)

  6. Don’t think KatFish did so well on QVC..some of the comments here. And here, If you go to the reviews, there are only 4, three of them RAVE about them, a little too much I might add, and one says who wants to use cannoli cream packed in dry ice? Maybe T is taking the high road, which is nice, or maybe she was “instructed” to make nice and tweet.

    • Thx for posting those links, Bhurst Girl. Loved the comments. I also noticed that QVC’s marketing was a bit “off” for Christmas — turquoise and purple glitter cones as Christmas decorations?

      • I would venture a guess that the cannolis crashed and burned after reading the comments. Does anyone else smell tuna mixed with failure?????

      • I was in the Christmas Tree Shop and saw turquoise and purple decorations, cones that looked like glittery Christmas Trees. They were actually pretty in person, I did stop and look at them and my husband said “Look at all the glitter on the shelf. That would drive you nuts and you’d throw them out in a day”. I guess those are the decorator colors for this year. I’ll stick to red and gold.

    • I dont know if you have purchased much off QVC but hardley anyone comments. I did find it pretty funny that there were 4 comment, 3 Raved about them and there was one who did not. That means to me that 75% of the comments raved about it right. If I want cannoli I will just make it but you have to remember most of this country has no little Italian Bakery down the street. When I watched QVC that day, they seemed to be selling very well. As for Teresa tweeting her, didn’t Teresa owe Kathy one. I remember on 2 episodes when they were barely talking, Kathy and Rich showed up at Teresa’s book signing. Kathy was the bigger person and showed up to support her cousin. I am happy that Teresa could do the same.

      • Wasn’t than when Kathy told Tre all those recipes were Kathy’s mommy’s? Was that before or after Richie tossed Tre’s book in the garbage can? Teresa owed Kathy NOTHING. When did you start watching the show?

        • OMG its her cousin. Kathy went when the trouble first started. Kathy was gracious enough to attend a booksigning, Teresa owed her. It was polite, it was gracious. Just be the better person.

        • Right! Kathy kept mentioning that the items shown in Teresa’s cookbooks were her mother’s. These were passive aggressive remarks to insinuate that the recipes didn’t come from Teresa, not support from a loving cousin. Teresa owes Kathy nothing.

          • ITA with you. Nice for Kathy to show up in support of Tre at her book signing, but her comments inconsiderate comments and Richie throwing that book in the trash reflected nothing but negative feelings on their part.

            • Look, she showed up and supported her. We have no idea what Teresa said, well we might cause maybe they were filming. I guess maybe we will see how negative she isl

      • Wait a minute are you referring to the comments on QVC link? Did I miss something. One person recommended buying from Vaccarros in Baltimore instead. One person thanked the poster for the link. The first poster replied that Vaccarros had a kit on pininterest, a third poster said they really expensive and a fourth simply wrote “NJ Houseiwfe” not sure how that translates into raves. I will check out QVC directly since I must be reading incorrectly.

  7. I doubt she will care. She has her life & they have their’s. Really no logical reason for her to care what these gals say. Look at the people you’re talking about. A stressed out ol’ gal whose hubby makes up reasons not to come home, one who drinks wayyyy too much & seems to be as obsessed as the first with Tre’s life, then the fake & the snore. Lol. Would you care?

          • That means he has driven drunk and has gotten bombed in his own house, it doesn’t make him an alcoholic, so yes, I would need more PROOF.

            • he has been drunk on camera more than once. At Jamies wedding, at the pizza place one night. Even in Nampa he drank too much. He is a drunk

            • Really Jax has drank in her own home and has no DUI You all have pronounced her a Alcoholic and a pill popper and last I recall we havnt ever her ever pop a pill so whats good for the goose is good for the gander or is this just another example of the double standard

              • I have never been certain if Jax takes xanax (or really what she takes). Usually benzos calm a person down and she never struck me as a calm person devoid of emotion. The whole “xanax was passed out like candy” never flew with me as all of the women were shrieking like banshees at the reunion.

              • Lisa, I agree, I do not understand how they can all drink so much. If I was around women I was arguing with, I don’t think I could contain myself if I was drinking for hours. Either they all have massive tolerances, or this is just a big cocktail party for them, (during filming), and fake so that is why they can all show up to everything and pound wine and still carry on catty conversations without sayin “f— this” and walkin off…

              • Exactly. It seems like Bravo mandates they drink booze nonstop. It is everywhere and in every scene. I was shocked at the booze at a kid’s Bday party. I am still trying to get over that. Not a glass of wine in the kitchen that they sip from while gossiping for a minute or two before getting back to the kids, an actual bar. Huh? Boggles my mind.

              • Yes, I really do think Lauren and J are that stupid.

                Maybe they were still zoned out when they tweeted that!

              • They themselves said they did.

                Lauren did definitely say that. I think J. did also. I’m sure someone else here can supply the twitter where she did.

                That’s 2 members of the cast who said they did.

              • And you dont think there is a posibilty they just said that for effect? You really think they would confess to a federal crime (sharing your xanax which is a controlled drugs is agaisnt the law) and say producers where passing it out really?

              • @Candace if I recall correctly the tweets disappeared rather quickly. My guess is Teresa made them do it.(send the tweet) She held them at gunpoint and threatened with a gropey hug from Richie or a box of Kathy’s cannoli .Teresa is an animal.

              • I have also drank while on valium, so I personally can’t criticize Jax for doing the same (if she has done it). I also know some very well adjusted folks that have done the same. Not that I’m saying Jax is anything but absurd, just saying I’ve been there-done that.

              • Egad. I kind of sound loony toony. :) Just wanna throw out there that I have not done this often. Also, I am not supporting this as a good idea. It is not a good idea to drink on benzos. My medical team is excellent and they make certain I am in tipper topper shape.

              • Agreed, Lisa, Kel, and Chem — Never seen so much drinking as on these shows. My friends and I certainly don’t drink like that at all, and we manage to have a great time without the booze.

              • I think Jax is an alchy because I saw her with her Baileys and a wine goblet in morning scenes. The only women I know who drink in the mornin are pretty big alchys. In fact that is a sign of alcoholism, when you drink in the morning and when you are alone.

              • That is a good point. I eggmit that I wonder if this was an isolated incident or if this is a normal thing. The thought of drinking Bailey’s in the morning makes my stomach burn.

              • well if i recall correctly everyone was drinking with breakfast at the camping trip so I guess all of them are drunks and need a 12 step program

              • Maybe some did it because “when in Rome,” and others did it out of habit, but you could very well be right.

              • Watch close, the first thing they do when they go into the other house is reach for the booze the rest of the cast are not tea todlers and Jax is the town drunk face it they all drink and drink a lot. but Juicy is the only one with a DUIs so if anyone needs AA its juicy.

              • You could say that both are alcoholics, it doesn’t make Jax any less of a drunk because there are other drunks in the world….lol

              • That’s what I don’t get about the comments here. The HW are not a “zero sum game,” if you will. Meaning that just because I express that one has a certain negative quality, doesn’t mean I believe that the other is perfect in that area.

              • I don’t think they all drink every morning, I’m pretty sure that’s just Jax. She had the wine in the camper and I didn’t see anyone else drinkin, and she probably finished off an entire bottle of Baileys that other morning…

        • I dont, but thats my opinion. The Manzo’s have a million dollar business, they are supporting 2 families in the way I would like to live. Dina and Tommy seem to have plenty of money and so does Albert and Caroline. Teresa could only hope that her business make that much money. So far her books are the best sellers in her company, and thats not been Millions. BLK seems to be doing quite well too, seem its quite the up and coming company. But then again, they don’t have an 11 million dollar debt to pay off, well not yet.

          • Ha ha — no, the Lauritas don’t have an $11m debt to repay. They’re on the hook for MUCH more. I’d be sh*tting bricks if I were them. And other than on RHONJ and on this SH website, I have never once heard the name BLK mentioned. Not even once. So it’s not exactly taking the world by storm, as far as I know.

            • well the suit is 8million but we will see, I think they will walk, just me. Well we are starting to see alot more of it around, advertising etc. Him linking with the wineries in No.California has helped. In my travels I have seen it in San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, Boise and even in Salt Lake City. In January I have Portland, Seattle and Denver so we will see about there. I haven’t even been looking and thats where I have seen it.

              • You mean you’ve seen it on the shelves in the bottled water section? I live in LA, and I haven’t seen it once (though I think some people have reported here on SH that they’ve seen it around the LA area).

              • I would be rolling if they walk with a hand slap. Just cause in the public eye around here, they are done did convicted. You never know with a court. We have few of the facts, a tidbit of info here and there. There are much bigger companies who went through so much more. What about MCI who bilked their own employees pentions and even thou verizon bought them, all the stock the employees were given for their retirement wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Enron. Delta. They all walked away after lying there butts off. These were companys who had thousands and thousands of employees. Just saying.

              • Yes and Chris Laurita didn’t just lie to the court but kept company computers with all the financials on them . Now suddenly the computers were found and the hard drives have been erased along with all the company business transactions. 55 million isn’t chump change and all the stalling in the world is only going to delay the inevitable.

              • Yes, Aint. The computer issue is huge in this case. If Chris, et al. are guilty as charged, I hope they throw the book at them. I’m SICK of people like this getting away with fraud while the rest of us our breaking our backs trying to pay our taxes, dot our Is, and cross our Ts.

              • I am sick of it’s just a business bankruptcy rational. Deliberate obstruction and playing cat and mouse games with the court on filings, depositions costs the taxpayers huge amounts of money.If a forensics expert cannot reconstruct computer hard drives then trustees will be forced to reconstruct the information from paper archives. I am confused as do not understand why businessmen are given carte blanche to rip off companies , taxpayers, investors and employees. Who revels in that fact? Juicy and Teresa’s mess is on them and they of course have to be responsible for it and I do not understand why personal bankruptcy is so much worse? i am glad folks can discharge their debt and start anew.

              • I was scared stiff I did something wrong or forgot something when I did mine .
                But when Business do it they screw a buch of people out of their pensions and live in their billion dollar mansions and give excutives golden parachute deals when they are fired or layed gets old watching it for sure.

              • What mags, the National Enquirer, the Star, In Touch? You can go in and look at all the documents for yourself. Most of the deeds are conversions from construction loans to conventional loans. See the thing with a construction loan, it has to be modified when the constuction is done. Ofcourse I would anyday take a million dollar debt of a business over an 11.5 million dollar personal debt, wouldnt you?

              • Actually the economic environment and business culture has changed dramatically since 08′. Lawmakers, bankers and others are less likely to give businesses and their owners another shot at the apple and less likely to extend credit again. If you are an entrepreneur you are less likely to have the power after a business bankruptcy to start again simply because not only is your credibility but your credit is shot. Hubs is a CPA and will be the first to tell you that the business climate is far less forgiving then even a few years ago. Shady mortgages and construction loan write offs have sky rocketed and the ability to borrow is tightening up. I don’t think business bankruptcy is quite the piece of cake people would have you believe. I don’t know many eople who go to jail over a personal bankruptcy but have seen plenty do the perp walk in business filings when they obstruct and lie to the court.

              • A few yrs ago someone in my city went to jail for 10 yrs and got a fine in the100s of thouands for Lying under oath andon his personal bankruptcy paperwork and trying to hide assests
                It happens But you hear about the business ones more

              • I was surprised that Joe wasn’t prosecuted for fraud or embezzlement.I have since learned that unless it is in the millions they don’t even bother. The court system isn’t about justice anymore it’s about convince.Good people get screwed all the time why the liars get away with murder and your attorneys fees.

              • Cyn, you’re absolutely right. I was a creditor in a case very similar to the Laurita case, with cold hard proof of fraud, yet it was not prosecuted because it wasn’t big enough. The BK courts are overloaded with this fraud. There’s not enough money to prosecute everyone, so honest creditors get screwed.

              • I am aware of the changes in the business community and mortgages but you have to remember, how long ago did this start , 5 years ago for the Laurita’s. There are tons of businesses in bankruptcy right now and I have seen a few go to jail in personal bankruptcy. Hiding assets is absolute wrong thing to do. I personally think that the Laurita’s will walk. I could be wrong but we will see. Joe Gorga runs a construction business. He also redoes buildings requiring construction loans which are a completely different loan. You have approximately 90 days after construction to modify the loan to a conventional loan, hense multiple loans. I see no liens, I see no forclosures. I like Melissa and Joe but where is all the debt, where is the foreclosure notices, where are the bad checks? You also have to remember that any changes in the law since the original filing are not elgible to be used.

              • Well Lisa we can agree then since you know of 1 person and I know of one person who were indicted and IMO so we know 2. I have seen quite a few do the perp walk especially after the oil bust in the eighties. Watched quite a few bankers and oil men do a little and sometimes a lot of time in the Fed Pen because they tried to hide personal wealth in their kids and wives names during bankruptcy. Ro-roh! That used to be a favorite scheme. Seems not a lot of sympathy for businessmen and their business bankruptcies.
                What is really going to hurt Chris is that he continued to lie to the trustees about when the SA /Roca wear licensing agreement was actually terminated.

              • It seems the rag mags and tabloids are only the soul of veracity when it comes to Teresa stories. LOL.

              • Nope. I dont believe anything they say about any of the wives. I form my own opinion about the wives from what they say themselves and their actions. I don’t believe the crap about Jacqueline and being a drunk, its your opinon but I dont belive it. I don’t think Caroline is a bully, I have never seen her bully anyone. I have watched her call out Teresa but I can personally say I have done that to someone who lied to me. I personally watched Teresa in the salon with Kim D and the guy asking questions. Pick up that cell and warn your sister in law unless you are part of it. She didn’t. Speaks volumes. She hates her. They have had problems since day one. She is jealous of the life her brother affords his wife. She is jealous of their relationship. She has a man who adores her ONLY, he loves her to death. Teresa has a troll. She is not happy and she wants what everyone else on the show has, a husband who loves them and loves only them. Someone else said that the other day. I agree.

              • wow I knew the Gorgas were mortgaged up the kazoo but the loans Lacey is referencing are the Gorgas since builder loans are not necessary for an established business.

        • They care that on the show they were not the most popular and they have come off looking jealous and mean. I really think Caros plan was for the kids to score big from the show and then she would leave. Why is she returning when she acted so miserable last season ? To redeem the Manzo name, I think. She must be shocked by they way many viewers saw her family. There is also arrogance there about how silly Guidices seemed to be favored. Remember how she toned down her blog, only after being called out by viewers not when the season began.

  8. That is so funny…Look at her boobs popping out. I don’t like these over 40 year old ladies trying to look sexy. Does Kathy think that guys are watching QVC? Learn how to dress for your audience Kathy. People buying those cannoli’s are not people interested in your breasts.

    • I was wondering that very same thing. I was thinking, “that’s a lot of cleavage for daytime telly”. I wonder why she wore that?

      • I get that sometimes busty women have a hard time fitting into things or they want to wear something that would ideally be for a smaller breasted woman, but jesus I am so tired of seeing their breast. Kim (RHONJ) is forever showing tons of boobs and side boobs. It’s just nasty. They seem to be classless hookers instead of these supposedly rich, sophisticated women of means.

        • Side boob is the worst. I remember when Kim Z had to have side boob for one of her wedding outfits. Gross!

          • It kills me because these women are mothers, they need to show their daughters some damn self respect. Kim sets a bad example for her girls, she doesn’t show them that it is important to work hard. No siree bob, just primp, display your wares and spread em for the man that can give you the most.

          • I remember that , can’t waste an opportunity to flash the boob, sideways and frontage even if it is a sacred event.

          • Agree Chem The side boob is so ugly. Kenya on RHOA showed alot of side boob when she was microwaving dinner for Walter. Speaking of dinner, I wish these ladies would put their hair up when preparing food. Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

    • Made I was about to send out the bloodhounds to find you. Unfortunately I drank those little barrels of brandy around their necks so I’m glad you turned up on your own.

      • tee hee.I been doing the holiday thang. Have decided I wont wrap this year. I will call it going green but shhhhh dont tell its really just me being lazy…and cheap

        • Thank God you are back. Ive had to play good cop bad cop all day without you. You are genius! I will not wrap either as I hate cleaning up paper detritus, plus my kids are tree huggers.

          • Money is sooooo wasted on wrapping paper and bows and tag n gift bags. You could adopt an angel off the angel tree for almost the same amount spent on unnecessary holiday fluff.

            • Angel Tree — GREAT charity. I save the bags from last year and use them again. Haven’t bought wrapping in years.

              • You’re almost better off misplacing them. All this saving stuff to recycle and reuse takes up too much space, if you ask me.

              • True and by the time I use the “good ones” for outside family and friends my kids are left with big ole Happy Birthday bags- no matter how little their gift was. I think Gabe ended up with an ipod wrapped in a Victoria Secret bag once.

            • I wish I could do the not wrapping thing but the little ones just love to unwrap. I recycel so we use the newpapers we have collected all year. Its a wide variety of colors and if not enough, the kids have crayons and markers to add some spice. Never been a fancy wrapper.

          • Thats a good idea. I’m too lazy to sew though. I think I have solved the problem of how to hide the kids gifts. I am gonna put them two storage bins in the garage. Come Christmas morning each of them will have their own bin and hopefully it wont look like the mall exploded in my living room.

            • That’s a good idea Made. I put all my decorations in labeled bins so that would keep spying eyes fooled.

              • I almost hid them in the supply closet where the vacuum and mops n cleaning supplies are. No danger in either of them finding them in there.

              • I have a snopping story. My foster brother and i were 2 yrs apart in age. when i was about 6 he was 7 or 8. One night he found the tall box all our Xmas toys were in. A week or so later My mom was shoing us off to bed so she could wrap presents So i asked if she was going to wrap my dolls i was getting. she asked how i knew about the dolls so I told her Charles found them and showed me. man my mom made him sit in the living room and play with the toys he was getting them watch her wrap them up..she was sadistic. I didnt get punished since i was innocent and he was the one at fault..yup i was innocent for sure.

              • Well he is dead now had a stroke no doubt from his years of drug abuse. He and his siblings put my family thru hell for the time they lived with us.

              • Lisa, I am sorry to read that–about his untimely death and also about the difficulties with the foster siblings. Your family was kind to take in foster children.

              • Wow! Lisa you are making me ferklempt. So sad. My brother and I unwrapped all the presents under the tree one year and wrapped them back up as best we could. Mama didn’t tell us til years later when we confessed as adults that she knew all along. Mom said she couldn’t decide if we were budding actors or budding criminals.

          • I love to sew,what a great idea…always have material and ribbons in my one of many sewing baskets…perhaps I will make a few and make it personal…

  9. Kathy needs to wake up and realize that hating on someone is not going to do you no good. Did Caroline, Mel, or Jacqui congratulate her?

  10. After everything Kathy and her vile husband has said about Teresa, this really shows Teresa is living her life and not giving into the negativity. Good for her!
    I must admit this doesnt seem appetizing at all. I can’t fathom anyone wanting this. Seems everyone has comparable or better option than desserts in dry ice (that may be gone by time it arrives). Dry heave.

  11. I kind of think that was a big F U and I loved it! She’s like…you bitches can keep lookin cray, but I’ll just continue to be nice and have no ammunition for you guys to throw my way so you look even crazier if you keep it up. She hates

    • I totally agree. It’s all in how you read her tweet – with a real sincere voice or it takes on a whole other meaning with a super sarcastic, snarky, F U voice. Either way it’s brilliant. I can just hear Koma & MeGo gripping about how she didn’t mean it and it was only for show. LOL love it

  12. I asked a question last night and I might have missed an answer. I asked does Kathy make the shells and the filling or is she just selling them for that Dolci company. Since I’ve never bought a kit where are they in a store. The freezer section?

    • This is too funny. Katfish is a fraud. Go back to cutting hair and riding your bicycle….I hope this fake stuff isn’t going to be her story line cause she didn’t even make the creme for the cannoli’s.

      • Yeah, I’d think differently if there was some sort of partnership on the recipe but Kathy is just reviving a has-been cannoli kit. Bindi’s recipe, Bindi’s kit, a new name. I think this is a test run and if Bindi likes, they can have a true partnership.

        Oh well… I wonder what her next item will be: Another housewife skin cream? Wine? A song?

      • Kind of ironic considering the shade she threw on Teresa about having her mother’s baked goods in her cookbooks.

    • I heard this was her recipe and that the only changes made were preservatives so they could be sold and shipped. Bindi is her partner. Dolci Della Dea is her company. She and Bindi both have said it was her recipes.

      • Bindi refused to have their name associated with Kathy Wakile or her companies. Bindi agreed to reactivate it’s cannoli kit (that it has not actively marketed) under a different label (unassociated with Bindi), it will allow Wakile to name and market the cannoli kit. In exchange Wakile will receive a percentage of net sales.

        How ironic that after Kathy’s snide comments to Teresa about her mother’s pizzelle cookies, Kathy will be promoting a cannoli kit that is not a Pierri recipe.

        Directly from Faux Reality Entertainment word for word go read it….it’s not Kathy’s recipe.l

        • I thnk Faux is wrong. I think they just said that. I am more incline to believe that the only changes were made to preserve them in shipping. Bindi is not going to publicly say something about someone they are in BUSINESS with That right there means something is not right.

          • Sorry I copied it and pasted it right from the site. Ms.SH could you please settle this. Is the article correct that the cream came from the original Bindi kit and Kathy had nothing to do with the making of it. She is just getting a percentage.

            • Also Bindi isn’t going to risk buying new equipment to make a product that may or may not sell and has a limited appeal. Kathy probably bought their recipe or agreed to use it to sweeten the deal for Bindi. They get a bigger percentage of the sales as a consequence. IMO.

            • Its the same thing if you ask me that Teresa did with hair care products, she didnt think the recipe up or sit in a chemistry lab doing experemints to get the formula right someone else did and she lent her name..well milanias name to sell it in return she gets part of the profit so what the big deal

              • Lisa I never said there was a big deal. All I am saying is exactly what you are saying about Teresa. Kathy re-named the bindi kits and is selling them. The recipe is not one of hers. She is getting a percentage of all the sales.

              • I believe that to be true to, Its a pretty common thing with celebs and the products they hock

              • Lisa I had friends in the spa business and they packaged their own line of products using aloe as the lure . It was a generic product and their only input was adding a minute amount of aloe vera. This was 30 years ago so I am sure Teresa’s input was on packaging and content . She may have tried the product and tweaked it a tiny bit (more of this, less of that) but that’s how the celebs and HWs roll.

              • The issue was raised because of the irony of Kathy implying that Teresa had Kathy’s mom’s pastries in her cookbook, and now she’s marketing “her” cannoli kit, which is actually a resurrected cannoli kit from Bindi.

            • All I am saying Barb is that I don;t think a company who she is partnered with will sink her. She has said over and over its her recipe. I think I would believe that.

              • And my granny been putting cream in ziplock baggies since Jesus was a baby as no self respectin mountian woman would ever waste money on a fancy pastry bag so… where my piece of the pie? bahahahahaha

              • The last Cannoli’s I ate were from Shop-Rite yesterday when I went grocery shopping. I bought 4 large and 4 large shells dipped in chocolate. Yum Yum good I bought 8 altogether at a $1.50 each you do the math. The cream did have the chocolate chips in them and they were fresh.

              • I wonder if QVC will put the dang cannoli on ez pay so you can pay those frozen dinky pastries out over time.

              • And that I don’t believe. I think that Kathy’s mom had plenty of recipes of her own. I am sure with sister in laws that they swapped and who would know whoses was what. I do that with my sister in law now. She is constantly taking mine and I take hers. Its so nice to have a close relationship like that.

              • Thing is Kats mom did a whole segment abut how she dont get along with Poppa Gorga so I doubt Momma Gorga gonna be sharing any piccoli(sp?) recipes with nonnyknonwsbest.

              • But they sponsored Mom and Pop Gorga to come into the United States. There must have been times they got along.

          • Actually companies often comment on the authenticity to absolve themselves of any future culpability. Transparency is critical in business these days. After reading Done with Bravo’s posts I am convinced she is the real deal when it comes to Italian Cannoli.
            Also Bindi isn’t going to authenticate this as Kathy’s family recipe if it is generic. Lawsuit territory. Did old school italians even make “mini cannoli”.

              • Milania hair care is selling better than the canolis and that aint even her main thing. its just a lil side venture. Canolis is Kats ONLY thing. Tree wins! All de time! Every time!

              • I used to believe QVC was a tremendous idea and great marketing for small businesses.
                I changed my mind after reading and researching. Unless you sell out of the product you are pitching then you are likely not going to profit very much. I was curious as to why Teresa did not go the QVC route but after reading about the disasters some folks have encountered I can see why she uses direct marketing. The reviews on Milania hair care are great so I am impressed. All the HW would do well to craft their image and if they want to be businesswomen then behave accordingly.

              • Milania be selling like hotcakes. Probably because it ain’t crap.Plus Teresa knows better than to cut QVC in on her good thing. Why would anyone give QVC the lion’s share of the profit ? Katfish wasn’t exactly a raging success and even at that she has to give Bindi and QVC each a piece of the pie. Maybe Bravo to. Yep Teresa’s playing chess and katfish playing checkers. Again. How does that pie taste now Kat? like tuna and failure?

              • When you have to run around and peddle your crap at 2nd rate salons, it isn’t selling that good. I have never seen it anywhere. I live on the west coast and no one around here has even heard of it. I have been in MD over the summer and never seen it there either. I didn’t buy Kathys either. I don’t think Teresa has ever been invited to QVC has she?

              • Well when you get on QVC you sell tons of product and isn’t that the goal? Much easier to sell 10,000 items in a few minutes rather than 25 bottles in a salon or shopping center?

              • Inflate. Why would that make a difference? QVC sells tons of everything They sell more online that any other site. The majority of their sales are to people over 40 and they sell Everything. If I had a product, your dam tooting I want it on QVC

              • Tree doesn’t need QVC, she does just fine in promoting her products without QVC. Milania hair care had a promotional “Free Fan Friday” where people only had to pay shipping to receive the argan oil hair serum. I jumped on the offer to try the product. I was hooked because the hair serum is great and superior quality.

                Tree goes to salons for meet and greets because this is part of her livelihood. It’s called networking.

              • I’ll have to try Milania hair stuff, I saw someone else here saying the same things before, how it smells good and works great. I haven’t seen it where I live yet, but then, I haven’t seen Blk or the Manzo sauce either…

              • Yes she does. Networking is small sales and small incomes. The meet and greets sell small amounts and if its not in their face all the time, they are moving on to something new. If I had a product, I want it on QVC. Can you imagine the amount of households that see your product in minutes. More than those meet and greets for years. If you have a product, you need to advertise. Plopping down the old card table and selling in a mall and salon doesn;t do much for the marketing. You are selling to limited group. I bet Kathy sold more cannoli kits in 30 mins that Teresa sold goup all year.

              • QVC cuts into your profit margin . By the time Kathy pays Bindi, QVC and Bravo (?) gets their slice of the catfish pie their isn’t going to be much left for Kannoli Katfish Kathy. She sadly did not sell well and fell far below expectations and QVC minimums. Perhaps waiting after a 3 season and investigating her market and product capabilities would have been the wiser course of action.

              • Tree openly eggmits that she didn’t create Milania haircare products. She didn’t whip up Fabellini in her kitchen either. We all know that. Unlike Kathy, Tree is not claiming those things are her creation (recipe). Kathy has attempted to brand herself as a dessert chef. I believe she can bake and whatever she bakes looks good (at least on TV). However, if Kathy is saying “This is my recipe” and it’s not actually her recipe, that is deceptive to the consumer. It also ruins her credibility in being a dessert chef. She’s selling a knock-off cannoli kit and even in the middle of podunk Iowa, I can have fresh cannoli. I always say that Iowa is 5 years behind the rest of the country so if we have it here, it is everywhere.

                BTW, Tree’s hair crap gets 5 stars from me (out of 5). I have all three items and they are great. I am not an easy sell because I am sensitive to smells and allergic to many chemicals and desire paraben free products. That was my first ‘wive product. I’d be open to trying Kathy’s actual desserts if they were convenient and reasonably priced. Some of her desserts on the show looked amazing and I don’t doubt that she can bake.

              • Kathy bombed on QVC and that is unfortunate. She has now cut off any future for expanding her product line. She isn’t actually making her cannolis. Bindi is. Wiser to either set up her own bakery cafe or wholesale her product to upscale markets. Her desserts looked great but cannoli? Seriously the market is saturated. Skinny deserts maybe?

              • You gotta find your niche for sure doing what a bunch of other people are doing will get you no were fast.

              • I do believe she had Input on how Fabilinni was made,she went to the Winery and told them what she wanted and her Idea so On that note I do think she was activly involved in this devolpment of the Wine. But I think once she gave them her idea that was it other then coming in and tasting it ect to make sure it was what she wanted. I do not think that level of involvement was the same with the hair care products.
                I do not know if Teresa stuff is Crap anymore then Kathy cannoli is crap because its highly doubtful ill buy anything from the housewive universe to find out for myself. I do like Melissa singing(or autotuned singing) its a whole lot better then Kims or the countless’s singing IMO.

              • I agree, Lisa, that Melissa’s singing (autotuned or not) is much better than Kim’s or Luann’s. Her voice sounded pretty to me at the reunion.

              • It was on one of the episodes, Teresa and Joe went to the winery and tasted the wines and had them add and take away until it was the right taste. NO, NEITHER GOT DRUNK, so lay off that. I don’t know about the hair products, lisa but I have read some comments on here that it’s pretty good. I just love when we agree. :-)

              • I never said they got drunk did I but I can ;) they did offer limo service home howevern so they must have sampled more then a few sips.

              • Lisa, I’m sorry about that I wasn’t referring to you but to those in general who may make the statement they were drunk, so I just added that, yes they sipped a number of times and it was very smart to take a limo, no one should drive if they have even been sipping. Thanks for pointing that out. :-)

              • Tis Ok, i was being silly anyway. FTR I think they all drink and they all get drunk sometimes or another some more so them others. No one on any of these HW shows are tea todlers exp for Yolanda who dosnt drink.

        • ITA Barb, Truth is a powerful thing. Often recipes and especially home recipes will not translate to mass production. If Bindi were confident in Katfish reputation and public appeal they would clamber to claim her brand or partner with her. This is right up my alley as I had a second ten year career at regional bakery that produces French products for restaurants, hotels, Universities, hospitals. Bindi is probably only in the production end of it. Bindi and companies like the one I worked with often partner to create and produce products that will be mutually beneficial. Bindi is the subcontractor only. If they wanted their name out there trust me you would know about it!

  13. note to all who must have a cannoli kit – the cannol kit at costco makes 24 for $9.99 – - just like kathies – hmmm – what a deal.

    • Lol. Me either. It was nice of her to do, but we all know Teresa and there is always an underlying method behind her madness.

  14. Here is the September 2012 QVC statement that announced that Kathy was going to be selling cannolis on their show (my apologies if this is redundant). My favorite comment is that, “Richie should come on the Q to peddle Colgate White Strips.”

  15. Idk if Tre did it to be nice, to help Kathy, or to be sarcastic. But the high road always works. There’s nothing you can do against the high road, you can’t make a snarky comeback or you look petty and insecure, and you can’t turn around and bash the other person later, or you just look nasty and unwilling to be friendly.

    • Well, if (as Teresa’s detractors allege) Teresa’s tweet was only for show, then Katfish’s tweet must also be only for show.

  16. Anyone who says Teresa didn’t do this to be nice…well no matter what she does she would get ripped apart for it….”How dare she not send good wishes to her own flesh and blood!!!” “Oh she only did it for the publicity”….Teresa will never win with some of you huh?

      • You are absolutely right. There is no way to even have a discussion with one of her haters. In my time here in SH I’ve only seen a few who are truely obsessed with hatred for Teresa. I don’t know the reason. I may talk about a housewife and yes I have many many times but when I’m done with my comment I move on. I do not hate anyone. I was taught not to hate.

        Hope you all are having a good weekend. Got a lot of shopping done today. Spent a lot of time in the bank. :-)

  17. You can get these types of kits at any restaurant depot type store for much less money. I’ve been serving them for two yeats now. Nothing new.
    Teresa just proved she’s the bigger person. She knows these kits are crap.

    • Not only that Giada Di Laurentis (who could put both these old Guidette Hacks away with her cooking & baking skills) has a pretty easy recipe for homemade canolis. Not for new bakers or cooks but if you know a little bit you can do it & they are way less $$$ & pretty yum.

  18. Even though ol Brandi Glanville now recinds her comment about “amping up the drama on these shows”. I truly believe these gals do just that for the paycheck. ( & Then when Bravo threatens them after a lucid, honest moment, the said HW’s pull back & go “Oh I didn’t meant that”).
    My understanding (having grown up in Bergen County NJ) with a sister that lives in Towaco (where Tree & Joe live) is that they all shop at the same market & so on. & That Kath & Tree were super close for years. So were Fat Joe Juicy & new teeth Richie. So my feeling is that they planned this big falling out before Kathy & Rich signed on the line. Not for nothing, I mean who am I right? But,my sister Lishelle says she has seen them, very recently, at Vialani’s (Deli in NJ) and another place out together, getting along just fine when NOT filming RHONJ. So maybe they just made up!. That’s possible. OR maybe these 2 bitches are just smart enough to know what the public will respond to. More likely.
    Either way, I’ll watch & continue to buy Tree’s books & Fabellini. I dislike her hair stuff, greasy & expensive it is not NEAR as good as other products out there that cost less. Kathy’s Kanoli Kit??
    No way. She gives you all the stuff & it is all prepackaged. I want a FRESH canoli!. Plus, My Zia Anelia can show me how to make my own from scratch. It is just time consuming. Good luck to Kathy but I think her kits are for time budgeted non Italians who just want something fun to do with their kids. I dunno.

  19. You know, Tree has three sisters in law on twitter, she of course does not communicate with Meho, nor Sheila, BUT she communicates ONLY with MariaGiudiceFazliu. I mean no matter how much sheila tweets her, or tag her, she rarely responds but Joe’s sister always get a response

  20. I can’t believe how many of you out there are still defending Tre. I was a big fan of hers through the first few seasons and originally when mel and kath came on the show. However she has just behaved appallingly time and time again with the things she does and says. Melissa and Kathy have given her every chance under the sun and shes thrown them all away. I’m still not sure about the setup thing, if she did do that when she was getting on so well with her family shes as stupid as she looks. She deserves her hideous cheating fat ugly husband and spoilt bratty kids after everything shes put her family through.

    • There is a really good dissection of the PFS out there somewhere, how everything is edited out of order. I noticed the inconsistencies myself (that the salad was out, then some other course and all of a sudden we are back to Kathy crunching on her salad, then everyone has dessert, now all the tables are set for the salad…).

      • Its really hard what to think with this show. I always change my mind so often with all the housewives. I was a big hater of caroline the first few seasons but now I agree with her a little. I can see why she doesnt want to get involved in other peoples crap and she was a good friend to Tre. I just want to know want went down with Dina!

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