PROJECT RUNWAY: Video Recap From “Flipit” Ronnie!!

December 7, 2012   TVGASM…  We are ProjectRunway fans and we’re also fans of flipit/Ronnie.  So, what could be better than ma Boo, flipit/Ronnie’s, review of last night’s Project Runway!?

6 comments on “PROJECT RUNWAY: Video Recap From “Flipit” Ronnie!!

  1. I don’t watch this anymore, but flipit’s vlogs make me want to …. just so I can get all the jokes. and ms SH….isn’t the wedding days away? I’d be frantic with last minute plans and look at you….still blogging. We’ll forgive you if you need time off…..promise.


    • cherry: Got the damn Mayan “the Earth’s gonna blow up” date wrong! Thought it was 12-12-12… it’s actually 12-21-12! Oh, there is a wedding frenzy goin’ on!! Right now we’re ironing out the pre-nup… everything which is “flipit/Ronnie’s” will now be mine! LOL!!! TFC!! SH


  2. I feel like Project Runway jumped the shark the season Gretchen won, and it’s never recovered. It’s sad because I used to love the show.


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