BLIND ITEM: This Housewife Needs MORE Money!!… Guess The Housewife!!

December 7, 2012   CDAN…  

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This Real Housewife and her husband have decided on a trial separation.

Well, she decided on it.

She needs more money and needs to get back together with some of the men that supported her previously.  Probably not the person you would think of first in your mind.

“Some of the men that SUPPORTED her previously”…. who could this possibly be???  

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NOTE:  This is a Housewife who “needs more money” and one which would not immediately come to mind.  Let’s use a bit of logic here.  

Which Housewife ONLY agreed to be a Housewife because she needed the money?  Which Housewife’s husband is NOT financially as stable as Housewife would like ALL to think?   Which Housewife’s husband is being sued for investment fraud… as mentioned on SH back on September 9, 2012?   Which Housewife needs a juiced up storyline if she wants a ticket BACK on Bravo?  Just sayin’…

(Thanks to SH readers “HaLaLa” and “MaryS”!!!)

136 comments on “BLIND ITEM: This Housewife Needs MORE Money!!… Guess The Housewife!!

  1. Boring Aviva! She definitely wouldn’t be missed by viewers, if she didn’t return. Secondly, my guess would be Bubba Jax, or Me Go.


  2. I don’t think its Aviva, her and her husband are supposed to be worth 20 million together and she is so high on her morals I can’t imagine she would do this. Phaedra is a lawyer so I doubt anyone was supporting her financially before Apollo. I mean this could very well be a somewhat old blind item (as CDAN will do sometimes) so it could be Nene when she first split with Greg? I would love to say Melissa but I feel like she and Joe would stay together to spite Tre if anything.


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