SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BSOfTheDay” and “WatchWhatCrappens”… Redneck Reality… Tamra Barney “SUPER SECRET” Rehearsal Photo!!!… Tamballs Latest Podcast With Kathy Wakile!

December 6, 2012


Where the hell are the manners around here??  Our future groom, flipit/Ronnie, added yet another “WatchWhatCrappens” on TVGasm… and we failed to add it yesterday!!

OH, GOD!!  Will this be a reason for flipit/Ronnie to call the wedding off??  Will flipit/Ronnie refuse to go tuxedo shopping?  Will flipit/Ronnie tear up the pre-nup?  WHAT will crappen??

While we’re all strainin’ our brains tryin’ to predict the answers to those VERY important questions, enjoy flipit/Ronnie’s latest “BS of the day” for Thursday!!


A very interesting perspective as to why “RedneckTV” is takin’ over the “reality” world from the OC Register.  The piece also mentions two VIPs:  the RHOC and LaSalle University!


RHOC as the original Housewives franchise… and LaSalle University because SH, including all the wonderful, intelligent, witty commenters at SH, were studied in Dr. Kelly McBride’s Social Media Communications class this past semester!


Speakin’ of RedNeckary… we got a super secret photo of Bravo’s shooting Tamballs and Ellie REHEARSING for their upcoming wedding reception!!

RHOC Tamra Bachelorette party pg



don knotts mr limpett

Speakin’ of dumb and dumber… Tamballs must be scrapin’ the bottom of the fish barrel!  Her latest podcast “guest” is none other than KomaKathy!

YES… get on over to Stitcher immediately and listen… if you need a sedative!


RHOBH LisaV divine addiction

Lisa VandepumpRump’s latest newsletter lifestyle advice brochure… DivineAddiction has arrived… and features a contest!

Check out our new article “Divine Holiday Décor Tips” to see the decorations that I have been working on in my home—with more to come—let me know what you think! Tweet me @PandoraVT and @TheDivineAddict with decorations of your own—we will be choosing a winner for the best holiday Décor!

NOTE:  One of the ways in which Pandorka makes her house Christmas-y is to dust everything with a bit of powdered sugar!  UH… OK…


If only MORE of the Housewives would dive… 

Housewives ocean pg



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    • Well she’s too old to drag another baby into it like she did when her marriage to Simon went south. She’s old enough to stand on her own. After the other 2 failed, why bother? I think it’s for the storyline. Just like the bathtub thing in Eddie’s first season. Tams can be funny when she wants , but the whole Eddie thing is boring & from what I’ve read of other viewers , not many buying into that whole storyline.


  1. I went to the news letter and Yikes! Lisa I love you but you have to get a more flattering picture of Pandora. That is a terrible picture.


    • And didn’t she get married??? Wouldn’t she have a new last name?
      Speaking of which I wonder when Tamballs marries Edddddddddddduardo – will she be taking on his last name or keeping mean old controlling Simon’s last name…


  2. Hey, Tamra…while I find you generally amusing, your podcast featuring Kathy Wakie did you no favors. That woman, besides maliciously destroying her cousin’s peace of mind, has nothing interesting to offer. I tried, I really did, to make it through her insipid infomercial for frozen cannolis, but I would rather eat three meals a day with I’ll fitting dentures than listen to one more vapid statement from that waste of space. Do yourself a favor and keep her off your show. I was intersted in listening to you, and she managed to make even you uninteresting, which is hard to do. Sorry Tam. She just dragged the entertainment bar so low, you could step over it. You can do better.


  3. I started out with nothing against KomaK, unlike Caroline “I don’t like you before I like you.” Manzo, I didn’t see anything wrong with her at first. A little boring, the husband’s looks to me were funny. But after she joined in on Carowhine & Mego’s silliness towards Teresa I totally lost interest. I get that she’s trying to be interesting but WOW never hit that target K & following the seriously unhappy Caro & the phony Mego’s lead just makes you look like you can’t think for yourself. Really think she’s a waste of air time now. I’m amazed Bravo kept her & Mego for the new season.


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