REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Melissa and Joe Gorga… Create Havoc In Paramus!

December 6, 2012

RHONJ Paramus tree

Hurricane Sandy was the reason for the annual Christmas tree lighting in Paramus to be moved from November 30 in Petruska Park to last night in a Paramus Borough Building…

From ParamusPost:

The onslaught of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy felled the tree to be used for the tree lighting ceremony at Petrushka Park. Undaunted, Paramus crews worked together to establish a suitable tree at the Police Memorial Park and to have the festivities moved there within the complex. Mayor Rich L:aBarbiera thanked Diane Marichal and the various departments that worked feverishly to transfer activities within a two week span.

Present at the ceremony were First Lady MaryAnn LaBarbiera with her three sons, Councilmen Dennis Arslanian., Joe Lagana, Ralph Amato and Council people-elect Pat Verile and Donna Warburton plus Chief of Police Chris Brock along with his lovely wife Debbie and last, but by no means least, NJ Assemblywoman Connie Wagner.

Not mentioned in the ParamusPost article, a New Jersey Housewife was there!!



… and people were NOT pleased with their attendance!

RHONJ Gorga Tree


NOTE:  Sounds like a very last-minute activity for da Gorgas!  

(Thanks to SH reader “KK”!!!)

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233 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Melissa and Joe Gorga… Create Havoc In Paramus!

  1. Ugh! These 2 will show up anywhere w a camera crew! Enough! Please someone make them GO AWAY! Season has not even started& this will be going on for next year!

    • I agree gessie…. It’s sad… What ignorant people, ruin a happy occasion… Perhaps they are looking for a house to move to when they get evicted from their home.

  2. I dont think they caused havoc but I guess a couple ppl got ticked off. If the mayor didnt want Bravo there, they should have declined the permit. More than likely, just as many ppl that were mad about it, were prob happy about the exposure & even tho, there are a ton of ppl who cant stand the Gorgas….there are a ton who like’em. Now if the Gorgas went just for a “photo op”, they R ridiculous but who’s to say IMO!!

    • They travelled many miles to attend that town’s tree it smells like Bravo bull to me. I guess Toms River is so devasted from the storm that their tree lighting would have been too depressing for the fake Gorgas and even faker Bravo production team..Also their mcmansion hometown had no tree lighting? I’m sick of the new season and it hasn’t even started.

      • First of all Montville is not this skanks hometown but it is mine. And Montville has a beautiful tree lighting minus these fakes. Montville is a pretty town and there is more to it then just ugly McMansions. I grew up there way before this trashy crew moved in.

        • I’m sure it’s a lovely tree in nearby Hunterdon County and have been to Montville..I’m sure you’ll be glad when the trashfest that is the Gorgas move out.

        • My husband’s doctor was in Montville and some of the houses were really pretty (not the fake McMansions!!), and the area was pretty. It’s too bad that trash moved in and they had to build these crappy houses to ruin it. I’m sure they’ll all foreclose and move on out soon ‘nuf!

    • Yeah will it seemed like his family liked having them there, his son tweeted he just got to meet Joe and Melissa. I agree about the camera crew. Didn’t like it, should have not issued the permit. And the big question is, How is a rude Bravo camera crew Joe and Melissa’s fault????????

  3. We were there last night! I noticed the cameras and was waving but had no idea it was Bravo filming, just thought it was for a local TV station. Wasn’t even looking for the Gorgas and did not know they were there. Will have to look to see if I made the final cut. Look for me on season 5 – woman in black winter coat waving frantically to the camera. LOL!!!

  4. It’s funny how these two are always ready to bash Teresa for public appearances(stories to the tabloids) but when they do it–it’s fine!!

  5. Melissa: You are now reduced to appearing at public events as a member of the audience. No one asked you to sing (or even lip sync).

  6. It was cold there last night. The weather channel says the low was around 32. So here is my question. If it is cold enough for Joe and MeGo to wear their cat burglar hats when do none of the kids have hats on, especially the boys, Antonia at least has long hair.

      • IKR? I’ve noticed this several times w/Melissa. Sad, I’m always more worried about my daughters’ comfort than my own.

        • Me, too! But I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen parents with their kids in the cold weather. The parents are in jackets and the poor kid’s in a t-shirt and no jacket.

          • Oh I know, I see it all too frequently as well. It pisses me off, esp when the parents are toasty-warm and the poor kid is shivering.

          • To my utter mortification, my 14 year old son refuses to wear a jacket or even long pants when it is cold. Luckily, we live in Southern California, so it rarely gets cold enough here for a jacket unless you are like me and get cold when it is less than 70 degrees. I have begged, pleaded, scolded and yelled at him to dress for the weather, but he insists that he is not cold. I know people must think I am awful when they see him dressed like this, but he isn’t such a little kid. He already has a beard and looks like a grown man so I hope I don’t get judged too harshly.

            • Exact situation here — also in SoCal, need to hook your son up with my daughter. They’d be a great pair. We have fights in the morning over the jacket/shorts issues.

            • I don’t get it. Don’t they get cold? I am not kidding about me getting cold in 70 degree weather. I shiver like a Chihuahua while wearing a jacket and my son is running around in shorts and a t-shirt. He has always been like this. I remember one time when he was about 4 years old, I told him to put on a sweater because I was getting cold just looking at him the way he was dressed. His response? He said, “then don’t look at me”. He wasn’t even trying to be a smartass. That to him was the logical solution to my problem.

            • Ditto, Ana and HaLa — I’m guessing their metabolisms are higher, so they run hotter than we do? Ana, love your son’s response. And let’s not even get started on the RAIN issue. We have perfectly good jackets, umbrellas, and fashionable rain boots that go unused. It’s much more fun to come home from school in a soaked hoodie and Vans/Converse.

            • No. Children handle changes in temperature much better than adults. I remember being a kid and playing out in the snow till I was numb and turning red. No problem, didn’t even phase me.

            • Same situation son loves to wear cargo pants shorts all the time..I try to dissuade him but he’s not exactly a little kid and many of his friends do the same thing. I get embarrassed but he’s old to drive so he’s old enough to know better.

            • My son is same way too. Just last week shorts to school. And it frosty out. Says “I’m gonna be inside” when I say he is gonna get cold. Sometimes he will wear a hoodie with khaki cargo shorts- You might have noticed that in his Walk video. Never ever a jacket even though he has one. He gets grouchy if he gets too warm. And round here the school tend to blast the heat in the winter. So I just leave him be with it.
              He wont even let me turn the heat on in the car when he drives to school in mornings. says it might put him to sleep. So I bundle up and shiver but at least we make it there in one piece.

            • I reckon so cause come to think of my husband likes to keep this house hoovering right above meat locker cold too.

            • Ana don’t feel bad! When they get that age kids have a mind of their own and it is often not very good! lol I live part of the year in the panhandle of Florida in the winter it does get down to the 30’s sometimes. My crazy daughter and her friends always wanted to wear flipflops no matter what the weather. When she got a little older she had a change in fashion and wore boots or proper shoes but when she was 13,14,15 thats what she wanted to wear. We have an outdoor mall/shopping center and they would always want to shop there. All the girls would be running around in winter coats and FLIPFLOPS!!!! It would drive me insane. I think a parent gets a pass on their childs insane fashion after about the age of 13. When she was little we lived in a much colder climate and she was always bundled up but that was when I was in charge after she took over …anything is possible! lol

            • Ha ha — don’t knock the flip flops. Here in SoCal we wear them almost 365 days a year. I have more flip flops than any other kind of shoes.

            • Count me in too, I have a 14 yr old boy and he wears shorts and a t shirt to school every day, which is fine for Miami but when we do have a chilly day he refuses to wear a jacket. I guess they think it’s not “cool” to look cold.

            • Mine too, Ana!

              And of course, especially nothing like an umbrella if it rains!

              We live in SD county, so luckily the weather is almost perfect year round, but still…

            • So Cal here too, boys in shorts all year long. I kinda gave up the jacket fight. They’ll learn I guess. Doesn’t help that I’m in shorts and flip flops too the minute I’m home from work. I do wear wedge flip flops just in case it rains and they’re cute.

            • Wedge flip flops — lol. I hear you! Gotta keep up the pedicure, though. I guess the upside is that we all save money on clothes.

            • When my son was a teenager, he refused to wear a jacket, and we live in New England! He would wear a hoodie fall, winter and spring. All of his friends did too! He had several stylish (well, to me) jackets, but nope, had to be a hoodie. I finally bought him one with fleece lining, but that was as far as he would concede.

            • @ Ana I went through the same when my daughter was young. Her pediatrician said their nerve endings are not fully mature and they don’t feel the cold as we do… Oh, fyi I read that the reason young girls and young boys prefer those extremely pungent perfumes and colognes is that their olfactory nerves are not fully developed either.

              Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I do NOT think Meho is mother of the year but this I am going to give her a pass on, the kids may hate having hats on and perhaps she gave up the fight…

        • Yes, I’ve noticed too, several times. Last season’s first day of school episode, two things: they gave baby Joey a hot pancake, ok maybe it wasn’t as hot as when it came off the griddle, but they didn’t even cut the pancake up for the baby, just put it on his tray. The way his little finger was touching the pancake, it looked like it was hot; and, when Meho had to drive Antonia to school because Meho was too busy playing “Born to be a Mommy” and missed the school bus, they put Antonia, with her big backpack still on, in the back of the car and didn’t buckle her up. The backpack was so big. I guess Meho wants the backpack to last until Antonia is in 8th grade. There is nothing wrong with recycling; in fact Meho is good at recycling. She somehow recycled one of Teresa’s daughter’s coat, the coat they had on while in Italy; and, the swim trunks baby Joey has been pictured in several times, the Burberry trunks which Gino was also photographed wearing with Antonia wearing same (1 piece). I’m sure someone paid good money for these things.

          • I don’t know a single mother that gets all glammed up like that for the daughter’s first day of school. I don’t even get glammed up like that and I have job outside of the home. There’s nothing wrong with dressing good to feel good but do it AFTER the kids are off to school.

          • I think it’s time for a reality check when we start judging people’s parenting based on pancakes,backpacks and clothing choices. Were getting lost in the details. From what little I’ve seen of the show the Gorga’s seem to love and care for their children to the best of their ability.

            • Well the scolding meets with deaf ears on my part. We aren’t blind and if MeGo is a good parent I’m a rocket scientists. Standards people. standards. Allowing your children at a drunken adult party with overt sexual displays is wrong . I could care less whether Joey had a hat or not but clearly the children are props for MeGo. It was about MeGo and not Antonia on first day of school. Just calls it as I sees it!

            • Aint, you’re right about the drunken party, overt sexual displays, applying makeup and hooker attire so Antonia missed the bus on her first day of school…

            • IMO MeGo is at the center of the family dynamic. The family revolves around her and as often happens in cases of chemical dependency or issues of abuse (and I am not saying this is the case in the Marco fam) everyone else takes a back seat to the primary person. Often the other family members assume secondary roles, the clown, the martyr, the overachiever. Would be interesting to see how this plays out and of course we only see a slice of genuine family life.

            • She wasn’t on the bus. She missed the bus that first day of school, because Melissa was busy putting on a full face of makeup and a hooker outfit.

            • Sorry I miss read. My point was that their are valid reasons the Gorga’s need to step up their game as parents. I think that judging them on pancakes and backpacks is silly. I’m very glad that no one scrutinized my parenting the way they do the Gorga’s.

            • No they aren’t . They are paying for Richie’s flipper. Another half baked scam by those demanding their piece of the pie.

            • It is to promote a dental practice and some broke down housewives. If you want to be about a charity the Dentist could have simply registered as a Drop Off site and offered to match the gifts with a gift of equal value. Or combined the Toys for Tots campaign with free check ups for kids along with a goodie bag of dental products. If your aim is to be generous and charitable then make it count for something.

            • Amen. Melissa displays a caring loving attitude towards her kids I dont understand why its ok to rip her apart but say something about Teresa/Juicys parenting and its a federal crime. Those kids are exposed to just as much drunken behavior and sexual nonesense as the Gorga kids.

            • I wasn’t talking about Melissa’s attitude, just her execution. I do believe she loves her kids, but probably doesn’t put them first. I also wasn’t talking about Teresa.

              These HW are not on a see-saw of good and evil, so to speak. When I speak a negative comment about Melissa, for example, that doesn’t necessarily mean I believe Teresa’s 100% perfect in that area, or vice versa.

            • I am just speaking from my own past experence on the subject and what i have read in the past here. I am glad you remain objective not everyone is.

            • I am so tired of what perfect parents teresa. All the whining, oh my pooor daddys in the hospital, I am going there to see him. Oh pooor pooor me. I dont help with the Hurricane Sandy cause daddys in the hospital but Joe and Melissa made it to visit and didn’t have to garner sympathy. Oh poor poor me cause I am married to a scuz bucket who chases women and calls me a c%%% on tv. Oh poor pooor me cause Juicy willl have to go to court soon and might have to go on vacation aka JAIL. I am so over it.

            • Sorry I have to agree. She tweeted over and over about going to the hospital to see dad. All she was doing was broadcasting oh poor me. When I have had anyone in the hospital am I tweeting, oh off to hospital to see my son? No. She has said on interviews that she believes people are picking on Joe for no reason. Well don’t drive drunk and don’t plop down in the chair and say SMILE so you can have your photo on your brothers license.

            • Sorry I have to agree. She tweeted over and over about going to the hospital to see dad. All she was doing was broadcasting oh poor me. When I have had anyone in the hospital am I tweeting, oh off to hospital to see my son? No. She has said on interviews that she believes people are picking on Joe for no reason. Well don’t drive drunk and don’t plop down in the chair and say SMILE so you can have your photo on your brothers license.
              This is social media. If my father is in the hospital and I want my friends to know I’m going for a visit I will say so. She NEVER SAID POOR ME. That’s not in her vocabulary but I AM A VICTIM is in Mego’s. I never heard her say people are picking on Joe. I never heard her say a word. Please show me the interviews.

            • I am not proving anything, its there. I seen it. She broadcast the stuff on twitter to whine oh poor me. Her brother and sister in law were out helping people and she visits dad in the hospital for an hour and then tweets about it. Then she quoted bible verses and two weeks later brags about going out and helping victims. She is a hypocrite and thats how I see her, Go back and listen to her telling everyone about Joes DUI, he wasn’t drunk but we plead guilty right,

            • When I was diagnosed with cancer and in treatment, I used social media to keep everyone in the loop. I never considered it a plea of “poor me”. I never saw it as an attention seeking behavior when my family members disclosed info about me and asked for prayers, etc. Maybe I should have told them all to stop playing the “poor me” victim. I think social media is a great way to receive support and to give support.

            • You know what, they are there. Sorry you dont tweet over and over going to visit dad unless you want all the little fan club to go oh poor teresa. Oh how terrible that Joe and Melissa went on vacation and I stayed home with my dad, you know it could be his last Thankgiving right? I think its all a play on words and actions to get everyone to feel sorry for Teresa. Its not working.

            • Teresa is the last person to indulge in self pity. To make fun of a person’s concern for an elderly parent just isn’t cool since Teresa has only mentioned it in passing and while asking fans for prayers. Very misogynistic to represent her actions as anything else. i was devastated when my mother was ill with cancer and utterly heartbroken knowing that we were going to lose her. Teresa is wise to make her father a priority as the days really do dwindle down to a precious few . What i would not give to see my mother’s sweet face even for a moment…..

            • Yeah she did. Joe and Melissa were at the hospital just as often and they werent tweeting about going to visit dad. She quoted the bible verse and then weeks later tweeted about helping. Joe and Melissa went out and helped and she sat in the mcmansion and then went to visit dad.

            • So her father being sick and near death should not be mentioned by her because ??? shit I can not come up with a reason here, help! Every time I log onto Facebook, someone is asking for prayers for a relative who is sick or in the hospital, so why cant T do the same thing? Then someone tries to use it against her as if she is only doing it for sympathy? Yea, ok.

            • I always pray for others and appreciate it when people ask for prayers. I can’t change things. I may not be able to help in any fashion. My great nephew was injured in a riding accident and we had churches in 3 states praying for him …..and it worked. So I see nothing wrong or self pitying with Theresa. I prayed for her father.

            • I’m always praying for others and I run a PSP group on AOL and a few times a week one of my members is asking for prayers. Even if it’s for their cat I do a prayer. I have so many prayer requests on my Facebook page you should shake a stick at. Nothing wrong with saying and asking for prayers. I’ve done it for people right here on Ms.SH. God is good. :-)

            • I prayed for Teresa’s father, too. I will pray for anyone who I notice needs it or who asks for it. The Bible tells us that prayer changes things, and I believe it. If someone believes as I do, it’s as natural as breathing to ask for prayer.

            • My daughter was i the hosp on monday and surg on tues, was I tweeting, hell no. I think she is manipulating the fans, thats my opinon. She wants sympathy

            • I’m not on twitter, but if I were and a relative were in the hospital, I would put out the word asking people to pray.

            • @Barb — You’re right, we have done it for people here on SH, including the HW and their families and each other.

        • ITA! I can’t stand stuff like that. One day last winter I was driving to work and I saw a woman with a baby at a bus stop. The woman was all bundled up and the child was a stroller with no hat, scarf or gloves. It was a very cold day, so I immediately pulled over and gave the lady the extra hat and mittens I had in my car (i kept extras in my car for my son) and a blanket to put around the baby’s legs. I could tell the lady was embarrassed. She needed to be. Wrap that baby up!!

    • I have 3 kids and in the winter I could not keep hats, glove or even coats on them. I would be freezing and they were ready for shorts, flipflops and teeshirts. I would be in a down coat and they were in hoodies. Its just kids.

      • We certainly hear lots of talk about articles where Tree bashes the gruesome foursome, but no details. Why is that?

          • Hi made and embee, very strange I did a search with the exact words Teresa Guidice bashes Melissa Gorga. I came up with 3 pages of hits but all the links clearly stated Melissa was bashing Teresa or Melissa claims Teresa is out to ruin her marriage. The stories all originate with Melissa and are initiated from her. No links related to Teresa actually bashing MeGo. Will continue to search by individual mag.

            • That figures. And this is why NO ONE can ever give us examples. It doesn’t exist. Visions of MeGo defiantly screaming “You know who is the victim? me!’ as the veins in her neck bulge out is in my head now.

            • Maybe people just get tired of trying to explain and offer examples only to be told its ok she does it because “she is being bullied for 2 yrs by 4 people” I have read articles were Teresa talks about Melissa i wouldnt call them bashing but they are hardly flattering either.

            • Same old rehashed crap. Melissa is the problem,its meliisa fault They are problems in the family. Melissa is driving a wedge in the brother sister realtionship same song Teresa has been singing since they came on the show oh and of course its never her fault.

            • Im getting real tired of this I am. Just because i cant come up with dates,editions and issues dose not mean they are not there..I read them them trash them i dont take notes.

            • I just want to see it for myself. You never know, it might change my mind. Proof has a way of doing that.

            • If I havent been able to change anyones mind I doubt a rag magazine will. Even when MS SH posts things unflattering to Teresa you all dont change your mind so a article isnt going to make you either.

            • Can you at least point me to whee SH has reported on it. I KNOW if it happened SH would have the goods. She reports both sides of everything.

            • I didnt say SHE reported it I said when she posts things unflattering about Teresa and yes she does a good job reporting both sides.

            • Again I never said Teresa bashed Melissa in magazines or here but she hasnt been silient on the subject either.

            • I can find a ton of articles that Melissa initiated bashing Teresa . Articles where Melissa is saying that Teresa is blaming her for those exact things but I can’t find any where Teresa says those things. Not disputing your claims Lisa just perhaps a case of poor internet sleuthing by me. Still looking. Will narrow the search cuz i’m curious.

            • Well I am not the one who said she bashed her, just that there were articles out there were teresa talked about Melissa and it wasnt flattering bashed not bashed its a matter of perception.

            • I am so tired of having to PROVE anything. I know what I have read and she has bashed her. Heck, she tried to get the world to believe she was a stripper. Who cares. Teresa hates Melissa and is vocal about it.

            • Actually the subject is interesting because it is amazing how rumor becomes fact. It seems if you say it enough times and accuse someone constantly then folks think they read it or saw it. You probably did read it numerous times because that was Melissa’s storyline and she generated page after page of articles accusing Teresa of stripper rumors. I uncovered numerous articles sourcing MeGo and quoting MeGo about Teresa calling her a stripper. When in reality Teresa didn’t have to say or do anything because Melissa was doing a tremendous job of getting the faux scandal out there. I wonder if the participants in RH are required to pimp their own storyline to stay relevant ?

            • And look how many people here say the “Old Troll” comment came from Dora. Say it enough and everyone is suppose to believe it. Not true. Didn’t get it from Dora. Name one other child who has called daddy an Old Troll. I can see Teresa saying that over and over.

            • I’m on page 5 of national Enquirer search and I am still looking. Nothing so far but will try another rag mag.

            • Crikey, am i searching in the wrong place. I cannot find anything using the key words, criticizes, bashes even discusses. Weirdly I can find page after page of MeGo dissing Teresa…..I will continue to search Frankly I am surprised..

            • Lisa I apologize my comments were not entirely directed at you. You have a right to express your opinion of course and do not need to quote articles or reference exact dates. I was just searching to satisfy my abundant curiosity. I love ya to bits and am very sorry if I was out of line. Lets hug it out! PS but am still looking around……

            • I know that there were lots of stories when it was rumored that Melissa was going to be on the show. Teresa didn’t paint a positive picture of her sister in law. If that helps you with your searching.

            • No you were not out of line I know you were speaking to the person who said she bashed melissa, I understand wanting to find the stories I dont think she really “bashed” Melissa but she didnt paint a flattering picture of her SIL. When i read the stories its jsut sounds like rehashed crude nothing we havent heard before. My guess Teresa isnt stupid enough (that hurt saying that) to “bash” her publically in rags and in interviews my bet she does her bashing behind closed doors which is why the rest of the cast claim Teresa bashed Melissa to them which i do believe.

            • I have close friends that I complain to , we call it venting! IMO better than a shrink or therapist any day. I would die if they ratted me out and shared my confidences. Venting allows you to let down your hair and share your fears, gossip and get things off your chest. It helps me let go of trivial hurts, slights and find closure. I would be devastated and could no longer trust or confide in a friend if they divulged these discussions.

    • I also did a check of Melissa Gorga bashed by Teresa and guess what, you put Melissas name first and you get all kind of hits about Teresa BASHING Melissa. I guess it just depends on how you word it. So here is a perfect example. Antonia’s birthday party. Teresa went on twitter to her followers and whined about how she wasn’t invited to Antonia’s party. There are tons of stories out there.

      • I admit I haven’t read this article, but she should have invited T and the girls to Antonia’s birthday party. Antonia is best friends with her cousins and family should always be invited to these types of events, even if you don’t want them there. I bet Antonia wanted them there!

        • If I were Melissa, I would not have invited her. Its just not worth the drama Either way, Melissa is made out to be the bad guy and the truth is, Teresa would have bitched if she was invited and she bitched because she wasn’t.

  7. If you read @stark3923 twitter apparently Melissa’s ex bulldog was there and his kid was on Joey gorga’s shoulder:

    chris stark ‏@stark3923
    #rhonj Joey Melissa Gorga just arrived at Paramus Winter Fest 30 mins from their Montville home w/kids. BullDog’s kid is on Joey shoulders.
    Maybe she read chris stark TL and decided they needed to “pretend’ the stories about her cheating on Joey with bulldog and their son (baby Joey) not being theirs as false. That is why the mayor said he was confused about how they know the event. Melissa did that b4 with the shoplifting story, she pretended to go to Florida to have an interview, but she also went there to clear her warrant.

    • I think the gossip about the parentage of their youngest child is cruel and just that gossip. To repeat it is also cruel. It isn’t worth the pain it could cause the child in the future. Enough said.

      • unfortunately if you put yourself out there A LOT of your personal life comes outs, and that imo is cruel for the child

      • Yeah, I’m not keen on the allegations about the youngest Gorga child having a different father. That is really for MeGo and JoGo to figure out IMO.

        My half-brother (same dad) and I are incredibly close and there were rumors about my dad not actually being the father. My dad does not care because my brother is his son in his eyes. My brother lived in our home 50% of the time and my brother. I do think the rumors and allegations regarding paternity were cruel and it messed with my brother’s head for many years. (Plus, I think the proof is in the pudding since I look more like my half-brother than my full sister). Anyways, just my two cents.

        • The “baby-daddy” episodes are the best. I love the story lines they have on the bottom or side of the TV screen: “10 men fathered my kid!”

    • Hi Sunshine! When she made the comment about “Bulldog’s kid” she was referring to Baby Joey, MeGo and JoeGo’s youngest son.

      • I too DID NOT believe in the rumour and so did chris stark. I was merely stating what I’ve read. Also I do believe that once you put yourself out there, there will be “stories” ,whether true or not, that will emerge. This is the price of fame. I think all of the children in all housewives franchise are adorable without a doubt!! I apologize if this upset anyone. Beside, i think joey looks more like his maternal grandmother, antonia looks like her paternal grandmother, and gino looks like both melissa and joe. but once again they are all adorable. Peace

    • LIke anyone would believe Chris Stark. That woman wants to be a gossip blogger so that I think she makes crap up. We have all heard that Teresa tweets her private to plant stuff. Amazing how alot of her stuff is retweeted by Teresa.

  8. @halala Im sure Bravo was behind…No doubt about it. Idk if their town has a tree lighting so I can understand if they went to that 1. My city (population 52k) has a tree lighting but the next town over (Which is around 25-30 miles away-Its really doesnt take long 2 get there) has a really nice 1 so we go to that 1-Its not too much larger of a city than mine. So, Im just saying there are many reasons (just like the 1 I just stated) they could have went but I really wish Bravo hadnt been there! That ruins any authenticity to the reason they went-If there reason wasnt just 4show. The thing tht makes me think it was all4show is when the Mayor said Bravo requested a permit the DAY B4!!! So, apparently, it was spur of the moment!!

  9. @madepiley I read a ton of them Almost all of Tre’s tabloid articles have negative comments about the Gorgas & insinuated tons of stuff. So, its basically tit for tat IMO.

    • I love a good rag mag, particularly on the airplane after I’ve taken a valium…

      I think they recycle sh*t from the show and take sections from comments from the sources to build a story. One of the first thing I teach students I mentor in scientific research is that you can twist the results to bring about the conclusion (or story) you want, but are the results true beyond a shadow of a doubt? My point is that I think rag mags can make a story out of any quotes–from the show or a source. They are there for entertainment. I still love them! :D

  10. The question of the day “If the Bravo cameras are not here, does a Gorga still show up?” hmm, something to ponder…

  11. Paramus is the town where Penny and Johnny the Greek live. I wonder if Gorgas thought they were going to be there for a little drama.

    • Penny and Johnny the Greek = DID NOT ATTEND BECAUSE GORGA’S Where there…

      Bulldog was NOT there, that was a inside joke, i made on twitter, when Gorga’s arrived. I tweeted “Joey is walking around with bulldog’s son on his shoulder”… aka bulldog is alleged to had an affair with Melissa and people just razz Melissa that Joe’s son is actually bulldogs = Brian B.

      • Got any proof of that, if not Please stop spreading it here, Kids are off limits including their parentage.

        • I posted…”JOEY SON”…..which implys he is bio dad.
          i am sorry. i was responding to a poster who took MY joke from MY twitter account and posted it HERE as if it was a fact. i was not trying to talk about kids… but merely explain the joke…. I 100% believe that Joe is the BioDad to ALL of his kids. I used the term ALLEGED to explain where the joke/rumor originates from. SORRY if i should not have posted it. feel free to delete my post. SORRY

          • and im sorry for using your post from your twitter. the fact that the mayor said he didn’t know they were aware of the tree lighting made me think. I remember back to what melissa did with her shoplifting warrant, went down to Florida to do a interview as well as secretly removing her warrant. You were the 1st to discover it so I but two and two together with this story.. of course I am mistaken, and i will accept my mistake, but i also apologize for not using your post appropriately . Peace

      • Do you think that Johnny and Penny are at all worried that viewers will associate them with the cocaine lifestyle that they have all the juice on? Most times coke heads only know about other coke heads cause they have …well…done coke with em. Penny’s ex salon owner, her family business the strip club, the two employees that came forward to confirm MeGo worked there….. all shady people.

        • From what I gather, they live in a small community where there are no secrets and stories spread like wildfire. I doubt seriously, everyones that heard about her sexcapades in parking lots are having their own. Same as drugs. It’s a small town mindset. I live in a similar community. There are no secrets. That’s my take.

  12. Don’t come down too hard on them. We really really need another picture of Mego’s fake smile & that blank look Lil’Joe wears half the time. How are any of us going to sleep tonight if we don’t see that? :oP

  13. The disturbing part in all of this is that this means they’re definitely going to be a part of the next season? C’mon–this is RIDICULOUS now!

        • It is tiring. I think they are filming all of these people in order to phase out some of the ‘wives and introduce new characters. That is what I’d do but I’m logical and there isn’t anything logical about Bravo and these shows lol

          • Who has the patience to wait for them to phase people out and bring new people in? These “new” people might be Kim D or Tre’s makeup artist or Penny & Johnny? BORING.

  14. Poor Melissa and Joey no matter what they do they are trashed and mocked. I guess only one person on the that show is off limits.

      • Yeah, QVC saying 400 just sold, isn’t that false advertising? Where’s the FTC on this one? I’m sure it’s not the only time QVC is saying so many sold when it’s not true. Very deceptive advertising.

        • It IS deceptive! I don’t understand why they are allowed to do that. I get that it’s a ploy to sell more (I guess they’re thinking the viewers are more likely to buy when they think an item is on the verge of being sold out?) but it seems very sneaky.

          • You cant falsely advertise about what a product does, but # sold is probably ok, dishonest and sneaky (but then again isn’t that marketing?)

  15. Kathy Wakile Cannoli KIT’s sell by shipping dates not buy quantity, therefore 12/10 ship date has sold 226 so far, the next ship date is 12/17 and that so far has sold 79. One person wrote an unfair poor review based on a sample testing.

  16. I’ve been to Paramus’s Tree Lighting Ceremony many times. It’s quite beautiful. What did the Gorgas’s expect to gain. MANDY stay the heck out of a Town’s private affairs. You had one hell of a nerve making that a story line for them. Did she think she was going to sing. I doubt it. Go back home Gorgas’s Paramus spoke loud and clear. Perhaps now Blk will be banned also. :-)

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