MELISSA GORGA, KATHY WAKILE AND GAY ROSIE: Dental “ToysForTots” Drive… Get a Fiat!

December 6, 2012

Melissa Gorga, along with Kathy Wakile and her sister, GayRosie, have joined with a local dentist in a “ToysForTots” drive…

RHONJ Gorga Dentist Toys

RHONJ Gorga Dentist

“Exclusions Apply”???  Hmmm…. after perusing Dr. Rauchberg’s site, it seems that you must already be a patient and your friend also has to get some dental work done… or you won’t be eligible for that motorcycle with four wheels!   BUT… if you’re thinkin’ of finally gettin’ some teeth work done, you better double-check with their office to make sure you’re entered for that luxury car!!

RHONJ gorga dentist car


NOTE:  Here’s probably the “exclusions” which would eliminate YOU from winnin’ that Bentley RollsRoyce Mercedes Lamborghini Fiat:

  • You must have become a US citizen in the past six months
  • You must have at least THREE brothers… all whom need major dental work
  • You must have donated one kidney to a complete stranger
  • You must bring the doctor who performed the kidney surgery to your dental appointment
  • You must speak Russian
  • You must be proficient in playin’ the accordian
  • You must sleep on only 2300 thread-count sheets
  • You must wear a LaPerla bra to your dental appointment
  • Men must wear Timberland boots
  • You must never sue Dr. Rauchberg
  • You must NOT like Fiats

(Thanks to SH reader “KK”!!!)


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57 comments on “MELISSA GORGA, KATHY WAKILE AND GAY ROSIE: Dental “ToysForTots” Drive… Get a Fiat!

  1. Sounds kind of like a con using con artists to me. It just reeks of odd. If it’s only toys for the kids – hooray, but the major prize give away is over a year away. If a business uses this group to attract clients doesn’t speak we’ll of the Dental Office. Oh my Rosie, Queen of Mazel, is now a star draw like the Starkist tv star. Amazing.

  2. I wonder if this is the same dentist that “fixed” Richie’s teeth by replacing his front teeth with chicklets?

  3. I like how it says ‘Bring your camera and take a picture with the cast of RHONJ.’ Since when is Rosie a cast member? Also, it’s not ‘the’ cast it’s part of the cast. Not the good part of the cast either, IMO.

    • You always have to wonder about doctors that have to advertise to get patients. My doctors get their patients through word of mouth, which is a good sign.

  4. You’d think they would just donate $20k worth of toys, that would go a long way! Winning a car for donating a $10 toy sounds a lot like getting a Chanel bag at a charity function.

    • Yeah, this whole thing confuses me a bit… I’d rather donate directly to the families in need vs do it through a dentist in hopes of winning a car.

      • Ditto. When I want to give to a charity, I write a check. I don’t have to buy a dress and go to a “gala” or other event. I appreciate that my pet charity doesn’t spend money on all those stunts.

    • Or a Chanel purse on the corner in New York. Actually I have done this, it was fun getting it…fake but fun..

  5. I would love to have my picture taken with any of them. I can for once have a picture of myself I would actually like. I can guarantee I would look better next to those two mouth breathing booger eaters Rich or Rosie!

  6. These fame-whores are SO PATHETIC! I’d rather have all of my teeth knocked out, instead of showing up for a free dental check up where their lame asses are, including Rosie!!!

    • I could not agree more. How do they pick a charity? Its like they dont attemp to screen them at all. Shady people check Weird prize no one can win check check… ugh

  7. Does anyone pay any attention to what these folks are pushing? Even if you’re a fan of this group it just seems odd. & I’m sure you can give to Toys for Tots directly. I think this is the same charity that the Marines in our area sponser. I may be wrong but it’s this one or one with the same purpose.

    • Maybe, it IS the same one, and you can donate money or toys at at least a thousand places in most areas or online. Sounds to me like this dentist is using a good charity to drum up business, and these famewhores are using it to get publicity.

    • It’s the same one maybe… Toy for tots… The marines do this every year… My husband was a marine, well once a marine always a marine…Vietnam…

    • They are out there doing a good thing for all the kids in the area who’s parents can’t afford toys. I am sure that number is up this year due to Sandy but most here have forgotten that the purpose of this was Toys for Tots. Does it matter how many groups work toward the same effort? Bottom line, its for the kids.

  8. Rosie’s Napolean Dynamite glamour shot is hot…said no one ever. I think the exclusion that applies is that they don’t have a fiat. IJS

  9. Long time lurker (love the site Ms. SH), first time poster. I scrolled through the comments, hope this is not a repeat… but didn’t the good dentist have someone “proof” the “invite”. I can’t believe this went out with the word “eligible” spelled ELEGIBLE… perhaps that is the exclusion as no one is actually eligible to win.

  10. Has everyone missed the point. IT’s Toys for Tots. I cant belive that everyone has forgotten that there is probably alot of people in the NY and NJ areas that cant afford toys for their kids. So sad.

  11. Who does this crap? Just ask for donations for Toys for Tots and list your office as a drop off site.
    It’s all just window dressing. All the dollars wasted on advertising, appearance fees would have purchased more toys than will be collected.

    • Lots offices and stores ect around here have drop oiff sites for Toys for tots and other Charites around this time of Year. Last place I wokred we had food and Toy drives around christmas and the various Clinics were drop off sites. I dont see what the Big crime is.

    • Aint, that’s been my point all along. My pet charity doesn’t spend any precious donation money on these publicity stunts, and they do great.

  12. May I clarify and please point out that I did not infer or say it was a crime?. My point is that as a person with a background in volunteering for charities and serving on charitable boards I find this suspect. The questions I ask always is what is the best use of resources? Why spend 50,000 on a huge party and then donate 10 or 20 meager gifts? Is it about one’s ego or promoting one’s business or is it about genuine concern for underprivileged children. Money is dear and not always as in great supply. Is this about promoting the dental practice or is this about Toys for Tots? If I am asked to donate a toy why would I not question what the expense dollar to donation ratio is?

  13. This is my dentist and he’s done Toys for Tots every year. He also collects Halloween candy and sends it to the troops overseas. The Fiat and RHONJ comes across as a little desperate but his intentions are good.

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