BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!… Too Easy…

From CDAN...

This blind item is just TOO easy…  HOWEVER, did not know there was a tape!

RHOM RHOBH blind item CDAN

Not sayin’ WHO the parties are… that’s up to you!

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BUT…according to court documents, RHOBH Yolanda Foster received a very nice settlement in her divorce with Mohamed Hadid in 2003.

The settlement included:

  • a $6 million house in Malibu,
  • a mansion in Santa Barbara,
  • several cars including her Escalade and Range Rover,
  • $30,000 in monthly child support and
  • a whopping $3.6 million cash payout.
  • Yolanda also received $10,000 in spousal support until her 11/11/11 marriage to David Foster.

Good for YoFo!!!  

(Thanks to SH reader “JSm”!!)

34 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!… Too Easy…

  1. I think Yolanda lucked out big time! I’m thinking David Foster is a big step up from the crypt keeper and they seem so happy…………for now, I hope she doesn’t get the housewife curse and get divorced or bankrupt.


      • Ouch. I was trying to erase that memory from my brain. Cant believe YoFo was into him. Totally gives me a new perspective on her taste in men. Yuck!


    • I agree!! We all need to take notes from her as far as I’m concerned. She got rid of an idiot and now has an exorbitantly rich and famous man madly in love with her. (And she’s not exactly in her 20’s either).


  2. I’d “guess” Kim Zolziak — remember she stayed at his mansion with the other Atlanta ladies a season or two ago and they were real smoochy buddies as I recall.


    • Huh? They stayed at Thomas Kramer’s mansion in Miami. YoFo’s ex is Lisa’s friend Muhammed. There was a rumor it was Joanna Krupa from Miami that slept with the ex. Maybe it’s true after all.

      Camille did so much better. I wonder if there was a pre-nup between YoFo and Muhammed. I don’t think that was that great a settlement considering how rich he is. It also shouldn’t matter whether or not he slept with anyone else. That usually does not effect the financial side of a divorce. Maybe child custody, but not money. They’re in CA which I believe is a 50/50 state so I would imagine there must have been a prenup… guess I possibly answered my own question.


  3. One, it may or may not be Joanna. But if it is Lisa, Yolanda has a strong personality. Because it would be hard to be dealing with a woman who is across the table who was sleeping with your ex husband and the reason for the divorce. If anything it has to be Joanna. Also as some people say that it’s not such a good deal because Hadid is a billionaire is BS. He builds and renovates houses for Billionaires to buy but he’s no billionaire.

    If he was a Billionaire for one he wouldn’t be buddy buddy with Joe Francis and two he wouldn’t need to be on every RHO show in order to sell houses. He may be liquid about 15 to 25 million (and I think I’m being generous at that) but most of his wealth is connected to his house or houses. Like that one house from last and this season which is worth about 45 to 55 million dollars.


  4. Joanna is trash that’s been passed around between men. I agree with Adrianna, such a wannabeee. That’s why Joanna isn’t married to a wealthy man and her fiance has doubts. When you act like a desparate slut, the big dogs will play with you but won’t marry you. Although I do find it creepy that David would marry his friend’s ex. Who wants a woman your friend had?


    • You are correct, and thats because Joanna and her sister was sleeping with these men for money and anything else. Also I do find it strange (even though I think Yolanda is very pretty) that David would date and marry Hadid’s ex so quickly, something about this story isn’t as cut and dry as David and Yolanda make it out as.


  5. Adriana is the jealous wanna be. In fact her husband took off and left her as if she were some cast off mistress. He was trash and he thought she was trash. She is bitterly jealous of beautiful women


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