SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Peter Thomas Gives His Two Cents Re Halle Berry!… Kenya Moore “PoetryWithASideOfFries”… Two NEW Scripted Bravo Shows… ChristmasGift For PTHousewife!… Briana Wolfsmith Culberson… Brandi Glanville “Brand B” Clothing…

December 5, 2012

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Cynthia Bailey’s hubbend, Peter Thomas, checks in at UptownMagazine… and gives his opinion re the Halle Berry throwdown:

“… To me Halle Berry needs to check herself because she has control over the situation. She should have told her new man that ‘I don’t care what me and my baby’s father is going through don’t you ever disrespect him because that will carry over to my daughter and I don’t ever want her to hate my guts.’ She has the power to shut all this [ish] down. That new man has no respect for Halle Berry and no respect for Halle Berry’s daughter in order for him to put his hands on that man the way he did. As far as I’m concerned, that dude has issues.”


Atlanta Housewife, Kenya Moore, discusses her penchant for poetry… and her eating habits, especially when it comes to her favorite french fries:



From HollywoodReporter…Two new SCRIPTED dramas will be offered by Bravo:

Life Unexpected is a family drama which follows the all-American Joneses, a family of four that has just moved in to an upscale suburb to start a new life but have a secret they must keep from friends and neighbors: they aren’t a real family at all.

Rita, adapted from the Danish format by Fox Television Studios, is a family drama that centers on an acerbic and outspoken private school teacher who struggles to raise her three teen children while dealing with bureaucracy and overprotective parents at her school.

NOTE:  Is this a sign?  A sign that PeeWee had asked the right question?


If you’re thinkin’ of getting PT Housewife somethin’ for Christmas… remember, Christmas is only 20 days away… you might want to consider this!

PT Housewife gun


Briana is VERY happy about Vicki and Crooks’ breakup!

RHOC Briana Vicki pg



Brandi Glanville’s new clothing line, BrandB, is coming out soon… per USWeekly.

Says Glanville, “I’m so proud of this line and can’t wait to show off more of what’s to come!”

Were you payin’ atten-shun back in August?  ‘Cause SH readers knew about Brandi’s new line FOUR months ago… August 12, 2012!

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  1. Bravo as a network has completely jumped the shark. Isn’t Bravo supposed to be about the arts? There is nothing artsy about “the Joneses”.


  2. The entire network has become a place to talent challenged idiots to act like stars and market their products. Please bring back the NHL….lol


  3. I love the guy using his prosthesis to prop a rifle. Clever :)

    PT should NEVER be in possession of a gun. PT would go all Yosemite Sam!


  4. Bravo brings on Kenya and that ho Joanna and her sister that are not or have ever been married to be called a housewife.Anyone can be called a housewife these days without the marriage/ex’s or children.Karent has never been married or had kids either.


  5. Peter’s take on the Halle Berry incident is interesting. The way I see it the dad was popping off at the mouth in HOLLY’s home. No respect due.


    • I agree with Peter in one aspect. not so much the respect thing, but that Halle truly has the power to shut that drama down. The child is hers and Gabriel’s, I’m sure O was trying to be her protective man, however he should never approached or even addressed Gabe. Instead of ushering Nahla into the house she should have been sending O inside and retrieving her child from her father . The way he pounded that man’s face shows pent up resentment passed on by Halle. She has the history with not O. Squash it Halle, it’s on you.


      • I can understand that. Child of divorce myself and sometimes exchanges got hairy. This was before judges understood the wisdom of mandating that exchanges take place in a public place. Its not optimum but certain people cant control their tongues and I can see the benefit. Its scary to see a step parent go to the door with a glass bottle in their hand knowing that one cross word out of your other parent could get bloody. I know it aint funny but the inappropriateness in myself would prolly have to stifle a snicker at the two of them smack talking each other in French.


  6. That new Family show sounds a lot our neighbors where we used to live. I swear they were in Witness Protection. They had no family members outside of themselves. I never knew what he did for a living. They moved after a couple of years and never told anyone where. They were nice—had a couple of kids and a rescued pittbull. The pittbull was from Chicago. Believe me, there really isn’t anything interesting about a family faking a move. Unless they live is a really gossipy town where people have too much time on their hands, no one is going to think twice about their circumstances.


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