KYLE RICHARDS, SHANA/SHAFT/SWINE: “TheHills” Was Totally Fake… Are The Housewives Shows??

December 5, 2012

Shana/SWINE/Shaft was a guest in MissAndy’s Clubhouse the other night.  SSS gets no attention at SH… unless other Beverly Hills Housewives are involved…

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 1.05.07 PM

HOWEVER… SSS’s body language and her over-reaction to Kristen Cavalarri’s answer to a “Plead the Fifth” question which MissAndy asked her was telling.  Seems as though Kristen’s honest answer struck a bit too close to SSS’s nerve!

Interesting to see SSS glance at MissAndy as Kristen answers and insist that stuff doesn’t happen on the RHOBH!  Oh, no… no one puts words in their mouths!  No one would ever suggest that SSS try to put herself in a suitcase… just for dramatic effect!  NEVER!!

NOTE:  As mentioned numerous times on SH, every Housewife has been asked the same question by interviewers:  “Is everything on **pick a Housewives show** REAL?”  EVERY Housewife INSISTS that everything is their REAL life… it’s just cameras following them around.  Well, we all know that’s a load of BS!  

Watch as LLL Kyle answers that question on Geraldo back in January…

Just for the hell of it, the Geraldo interview continues… LLL Kyle knows damn well that the RHOBH was picked up for season three and that her sister was signed!

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43 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS, SHANA/SHAFT/SWINE: “TheHills” Was Totally Fake… Are The Housewives Shows??

  1. Wait , what? Geraldo went from searching through dead gangster’s vaults , to getting his nose broken on daytime t.v. to this? Mmmmkay. I have to say Geraldo’s had one of the oddest employment paths I’ve ever seen. ? Is this downhill or uphill (better than) getting your nose broken on national t.v.??? :D

  2. I appreciate Kristen’s honesty, even tho everybody knows (Phaedra voice) The Hills was completely scripted. At least she egmitted it out loud and clear. SSS made me want to hurl…did u all catch how she answered the caller questioning everyone’s drinking on the trip while Kim is so early in her sobriety?? What a horrible human. I don’t think they all should not drink cuz of Kim, but she could have answered the caller in a completely different manner. She’s scum.

      • The caller asked “why were you guys all drinking while on a trip that seemed to be celebrating Kim’s sobiety” or something like that. SSS acts like she cant hear at first, then caller repeats and even Andy kinda corroborates the question and she looks pissed and says “well, that’s embarrassing, thanks for pointing that out. We’re all a bunch of a$$holes.” She gets laughs and stares into the camera and then says, ” but we love you, thank you” or something like that. It was yet another glimpse into her mean and nasty self. That woman has zero grace…

  3. I didn’t watch all of WWHL, but did Taylor say that she & Kennedy were going to stay in Vail for the holidays, because the house they are living in was sold? Isn’t CO were her MARRIED boyfriend lives? For someone who is so devastatingly broke, she sure takes a lot of vacations.

    • I read a blip on another blog where SWINE claims she will be moving to colorado because she dosnt want kennedy to grow up in Beverly hills or some such nonesense
      and Lets not forget her famous drunken qoute she gave the aussie Radio station about how hard her Married BF works to support her.

      • lisa: Shana said on WWHL two nights ago that Mauricio was looking for a house for her as her rental house is being sold. Shana IS renting a place in CO now… she said that she was not planning on staying in CO. TFC!! SH

        • Interesting, I bet MR Married guy will not marry her and move to BH and if she insist he does shame on her taking him away from his kids.

        • Very obvious SHAFT is the one who sources all this information to the gossip sites. She is an evil, manipulative witch. I don’t feel sorry for Bluher, but he is her next target to destroy just like she did Russell.

          SHAFT is starting to feel invincible because she’s convinced the abuse story is real. I’m not qualified to diagnose, but believe her to be completely psychotic. What she’s setting up with this latest boyfriend is her next scam to perpetuate the abuse scam. SHAFT’s married herself to this ’cause’, because of the high visibility with RHBH.

          I don’t quite know how to explain it. Hope I made some sense. SHAFT needs another highly visible ‘abuse’ situation to validate the scam she pulled with Russell’s tragedy.

          • dont worry its only a matter of time before swine accuses the love of her life, her beautiful man of abuse.

            • IA. I have NO sympathy for any man that would date her. In this day and age, you have full access via Google, this site, etc, to do the most basic background checks on someone. Or, if you wanna lay down a few bucks, pay someone to get the full skinny. This guy is walking into the lion’s den with his eyes wide open. Full steam ahead asshat.

        • Can’t wait for Shana to host her bachorlette party at her new rental house next season. I’m sure she has already assigned the rooms.

  4. I think he is setting her up in Bev Hills in a new home and yes, CO is where his soon to be xwife/kids live. Trailor is just using him for money because she is scum.

      • I’m sure that’s the only thing she looks for in a man… how well he will take care of her high maintenance self. After all, she’s worked very hard to get into 90210 zip and doesn’t plan on letting it go now. She had to get her claws into someone… and quick since her book was a flop. What else does she have going on except being a real housewife? And hopefully, PLEASE, this will be her final year. I’m sure she’ll be bringing on the drama this year to attempt to secure her spot however. No doubt she looks at Yolanda as her replacement and that’s one reason why she seems to have a problem with her. The other is of course she has everything Shana wants… we can hope that will include being a real housewife next year.

        • Uh-huh, by “working hard” she meant trolling the PO Box places in the high-rent districts, looking for men that found her appealing. No doubt she’s doing the same thing in CO.

      • Or it won’t be the last either… She needs money… The Richards sisters will teach her well… They are who they are because their mother taught them well… I read a book on the family, and there are some deep dark secrets about this clan… They get off on others pain…

    • Yep, Aspen, Vail….where she can hobnob with more of the really rich and famous. It never ceases to amaze me how some women have absolutely no problem getting in the middle of other people’s marriages, wreaking havoc along the way. And why are some men sooo stupid and clueless about these women’s motives? Oh, that’s right, the little head….For crying out loud, her persona is all on tape for the world to see! SWINE and Kim Z……twins separated at birth.

  5. I think Shana knew exactly what she was doing by hooking up with her lawyer. She has a history of illegal business dealings and shady past. He would be the perfect person to help her get around the legal system when scamming people/charities/corporations, IMO !

  6. Why doesn’t anyone believe that Russell was an abusive husband? I truly believe Taylor (while I she is totally out of control right now) was terrified of him. He had a very secretive and dark look about him to me, and just because he decided to take his own life doesn’t mean that he should be forgiven or she should be disbelieved. From the shows I saw while he was alive, Taylor was a nervous wreck — a little like Alexis on that “other show” is with her overbearing husband.

    • Barbara: There is no doubt re Russell being an aggressive person… no one here denies that. Russell’s aggressive tendencies have been thoroughly discussed and dissected on SH a year ago. However, there is still very strong doubt as to the degree of Russell’s aggressiveness toward Shana. Kindly enter “Shana” in the SH search bar… or select “Taylor Armstrong” from the “categories” drop down menu on the SH home page. You can also obtain further info re this topic from the SH masthead. Happy reading! TFC!! SH

    • (Well, as Camille pointed out, there was never any bruising anywhere on her body). AND she does wear stuff that shows nearly every inch of herself, as much as possible.

      • As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that abusers are very sly about where on the body they strike their victims. This goes for people who abuse kids, as well. I’ve seen lots of hair-pulling, slapping, humiliating, twisting of arms, shoulders and fingers, using brute force to hold a smaller person by the throat up on a wall. My personal opinion at this point is that all animal abusers, child, elder and physical abusers of any relationship status, including marriage, should be put away together and forever. Let them fight it out among themselves. Camille did see the aftermath of the intimidation and possible continued threat of physical abuse in Taylor’s demeanor, I believe she said.

        • Taylor went in to great detail discribing her attacks To include violent face punches and head bashing attacks that would leave marks yet, she even gave dates of these attacks and Pictures of her just hrs after thense attacks didnt show a mark…she was even photograched in astring bikini after one of these “attack” were russell supposidly sat on her chest and beat her in the face givng her bakc eyes…next day in a photograh no black eye…sorry not buying it.

        • Thanks so much for your insight as a former prosecutor, Barbara. I don’t know much about domestic abuse, but I agreed that an animal abuser is a sociopath and should be locked up for life.

    • Because you dont discribe a horrific attack on yourself where you were Punched in the face and body give the date of the attack and have pictures of you in a bikini witout a mark on you the next day,sorry not buying one word of her story.
      Russell had his problems but beating the living snot out of his wife was not one of them IMO. Taylor was nervous because she was living a lie and she knew it, Russell wasnt “richer then texas ” like she claimed they both were grifter who stole money from friends and unsuspecting victims to include elderly people who gave them their life savings. Taylor is no victim of anything except her own lieing self

      • If Taylor did, in fact, say that she was beaten in the face and body by her husband one day and appeared in public the next in front of people who say they did not see a bruise on her, that is very suspicious and very strange. Nothing we can do to him now, but I wish Taylor had sense enough to have asked someone to take pictures of her wounds, to document them (if she chose to stay with the creep after he’d done that to her). Lots of battered women protect their abusers, you know that. I haven’t seen the episodes where Taylor describes her beatings or her being richer than Texas, so can’t comment. What do you think she hopes to gain aside from sympathy by saying that he tormented her? And when, how far before his suicide, did Taylor tell anyone, the police or anyone that he was hitting her?

        • Never called the police no one ever called 911 to go to their residence even when a “alledged attack” happened at a friends house where Russell supposidly beat everyone and tried to drown 2 pitbulls did 911 get called no where assualt charges filed by the couple Russell alledgely attacked and brutaully beat, Taylors Friend swore there was a police report but after several Media attempts to get the police report or ambulance report those inquiring were told it dosnt exsist nor was a 911 call to the residence when the attack happened. Yet Taylor says a ambulance carted off the husband of the friend as she begged him to not file charges because she needed russell to support her..
          the Friends Name was JenniFUR a long known con artist friend of Taylors.
          Taylor tried to pass off a MRI as proof she was beat but the MRI results clearly stated the injury was a old injury not a acute one. She has changed her story so many times and changed the dates of when things happned ONLY AFTER the inconstances were noticed and reported in the press. She even changed the story of her Orbital eye socket so many times its doubtful it ever happned int he first place and she had Lasik surgery and passed those pics off as abuse pictures.
          Taylor was hoping her story would make money and she would be elected the Patron Saint of abused women and get a career from that. She waited till after the suicide to go into details about the abuse. Russell said a few weeks before he died he only pushed her nothing more. If I recall correctly before he died she said he pulled her hair and hit her. he denied he did anyhing beyond Pushing in the heat of the moment. People who think she is lying do so because we have watched the show and seen her pity party to gain sympathy we have watched her lie and change her story over and over so everything matches but problem is with each lie its makes it the last lie worse.
          Taylor never discribed her beating on the show her behavior since not to mention she jumped into another relationship before Russells body was cold acually she was dating within weeks after he moved out I am not expert but how many truly abused women dont have trust issues after being beat like she says she was.. So you can believe her all you want
          but you will probably not convice anyone here she is telling the truth about anything.

        • As for not doing anything to Russell now you are right but we can still take a stand and get that lying peice of Scum off the show and make it clear Domestic abuse fraud is not acceptable behavior. Lying about abuse should be agaisnt the law.

          • ITA Lisa, and I believe that lying about abuse, be it of an adult or child, should be a very punishable (by law) offense on its own. How many folks are wrongly accused by an angry spouse, lover, ex or whomever, and forever tainted by that, even after the claim magically goes away? Scumbags who do that denigrate the REAL victims of abuse. Before you open your mouth about someone in that fashion, get your ducks in a row and if you don’t have any ducks, like SWINE, find another way to make a living.

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