KYLE RICHARDS, SHANA/SHAFT/SWINE: “TheHills” Was Totally Fake… Are The Housewives Shows??

December 5, 2012

Shana/SWINE/Shaft was a guest in MissAndy’s Clubhouse the other night.  SSS gets no attention at SH… unless other Beverly Hills Housewives are involved…

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 1.05.07 PM

HOWEVER… SSS’s body language and her over-reaction to Kristen Cavalarri’s answer to a “Plead the Fifth” question which MissAndy asked her was telling.  Seems as though Kristen’s honest answer struck a bit too close to SSS’s nerve!

Interesting to see SSS glance at MissAndy as Kristen answers and insist that stuff doesn’t happen on the RHOBH!  Oh, no… no one puts words in their mouths!  No one would ever suggest that SSS try to put herself in a suitcase… just for dramatic effect!  NEVER!!

NOTE:  As mentioned numerous times on SH, every Housewife has been asked the same question by interviewers:  “Is everything on **pick a Housewives show** REAL?”  EVERY Housewife INSISTS that everything is their REAL life… it’s just cameras following them around.  Well, we all know that’s a load of BS!  

Watch as LLL Kyle answers that question on Geraldo back in January…

Just for the hell of it, the Geraldo interview continues… LLL Kyle knows damn well that the RHOBH was picked up for season three and that her sister was signed!