KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim’s BravoBlog… No Travelling “Under Doctor’s Orders”… HWs Are NOT Kim’s Friends….

kimz rhoa                      I’m done… hear me, Sweetie… I’m done!  Now get me a beer…

The fighting. The stress. The gossip. The drama. I reached my boiling point.

Going to Anguilla would have been the trip of a lifetime, but under DOCTOR’S ORDERS I was unable to travel. Traveling 32 weeks pregnant is such a scary risk and for the women to think that I was willing to take that risk FOR THEM is absurd, especially since I don’t consider them my friends. Traveling to Anguilla isn’t an easy-breezy trip. I’d have to get on the plane to St. Marten, THEN take a boat to Anguilla. It just wasn’t going to happen. PERIOD. My health is more important than arguing and bickering with people. These women can’t get along in Atlanta, and you expect me to believe they are going to another country and it’s going to be Hakuna-Matata? You know there are going to be fights on that trip. I made no mistakes by staying home.


When the ladies said I gave them dates that I was able to travel, I had no clue where they got those dates from. It honestly looked like a set up. It was a no-brainer that an 8 month pregnant woman can NOT leave the country. When I said my family and I were going to Lake Oconee for a family trip, Kandi  asked why I can go on a trip with my family and not with them.  Let me tell you, Lake Oconee is one hour away from my home and in the state of Georgia!  And then Nene saying I stuffed a pillow in my dress…are you serious?! Mocking me about my blood pressure, my wig, etc, I didn’t find funny either. I had baby Kash August 15th, which was 5 weeks after that brunch! Phaedra stating, “I don’t have time for my friends?” Well, I don’t and these women are NOT my friends. The only person I considered my true friend was Kandi throughout the years.

RHOA KimZ Kash

What I find so hilarious is Nene calling me a liar! NeNe, tell me one thing I have EVER lied about? I would love to hear that! NeNe is very strategic in all she does and has never done something without a motive in all the years that I have known her.

nene ghetto sh 1

NeNe also says I always leave early. Honestly, these women are on their own time! Prime example: NeNe’s event that I took the high road and attended started at 6pm and was set to end at 8pm. I showed up at 6:30 and waited until 8:30 when I HAD to leave. I have a nanny at home and when I say I will be home at 9pm, I WILL be home at 9pm. I cannot continue to expect my nanny to stay hours and hours beyond what I asked. My priority was my 1-year-old at home. Like I said at the brunch, having a 1-year-old at home is far different then having a 10, 12, or 14-year-old at home.

kj teddy bear kim zolciak

I was sitting there listening to them attack me, and I feel like I had an “aha moment” — I have an amazing life with a great husband and awesome kids, why am I sitting here being attacked when I could be home being loved by my family. So I got up and left. When I got to the car and my husband saw me so upset, he knew at that moment I had enough! It was no longer worth it to me and my unborn son to be in a constant state of turmoil.

Bravo and RHOA have been beyond good to me, and I will be forever grateful for some of the moments that occurred on the show, but I couldn’t deal anymore. I handled my sh– for five seasons, from fights, to arguments  to the tears, but being pregnant puts a whole new spin on everything, and what happens on the outside affects what happens with the baby on the inside, and that was my priority!


I called it quits for this season, and I don’t regret it at all. So no, I clearly wasn’t fired, you can hear me say “I’m done.” But I won’t be gone too long, my OWN spinoff premieres in the spring. Who the hell gets fired and then receives a promotion? Nobody! But hell, if I got fired from RHOA and got my own spinoff, can you imagine if I got fired from my spinoff… I might end up in Andy Cohen’s seat.


Ask. Believe. Receive.
Kim Biermann

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99 comments on “KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim’s BravoBlog… No Travelling “Under Doctor’s Orders”… HWs Are NOT Kim’s Friends….

      • She doesn’t lie more than Nene or any of the other women. I don’t blame her for wanting out. Who wants to hang out with some nutcase who has tried to choke you? She has her own show so she really doesn’t need RHOA.

  1. Wow! Is ONE thing all we’re allowed to put on the list of things Kim has lied about? Here’s some big obvious things….. The Chili’s cancer diagnosis….. Engagement to a married man….. “My house is closing in 2 weeks”….. etc.

    • Seriously? Pick 1 lie? Ummm….sorry Kim but 90% of what comes out her mouth is a lie! Love her ending, she might end up in Andy’s seat?? This chick is cuckoo!

  2. Kim’s another one of those that thinks she can just lie to the audience and that we will just take it as the truth because we are STOOPID, even when all evidence points in the other direction. I will never understand what attracts men to Kim. Are men really that dumb? All it takes is a blonde wig and big boobs and a man will spend all of his money on you? I do believe that Kim was a paid escort but I don’t know how she did so well. She is just goofy looking to me and not at all attractive.

    • She most certainly was and Nene knows it, remember both of them where thick as thieves. You see the reason why she attracts men or men with money is through the UTR game. Which is when under the radar you get other men who will pay money and gifts who are introduced by their friends of such and such woman who is in the game and is “hot”. But what they truly say and find out and I’ve always commented on this also. Is the fact that Kim is most likely very very very dirty in bed and she does things that those guys see in hardcore porn. That is why they keep her around because shes not that bad looking but the nastiness of what she does takes over for what she doesn’t have.

      • I believe it. I’ve always thought that her skills in bed are what’s keeping her in business, because it’s certainly not her drag queen looks or her personality.

      • It’s got to be her skills in the sack. I don’t care how…ummm….*good* someone was. If they were half as annoying as Kim- ADIOS!!!

  3. Kim is perfect Bravo material….a fake trashy, lying fool. Just what could possibly could Kim offer on her own show? Calling the cops on Kroy’s mom?God knows we don’t need any more spawning by these two.

  4. The way Kim can reduce cognitive dissonance to actually accept and believe her own lies as valid truth honestly impresses me. It takes huffing a lot of wig glue to be that delusional. Her stage 4… seconds cancer, her 32 weeks 8 weeks elephant gestational baby, her being choked without so much as a red mark on her neck which she would have tweeted faster than she lost her cancer, her closing on her dream home because she already signed the paper couldn’t sign the papers because it cost too much, is it a lie if she doesn’t even acknowledge owing Kandi money…like…oh… we made a song? what?! my song? you were there kandi? Weird…don’t recall, her Decorgate with Kendra, I pay my rent on time and my AMEX can prove that I’m not making bad money decisions, her saying she didn’t give them dates, when they all clearly had more going on in their lives than her and were visibly upset that they had to cancel things…she would have had to cancel laying around and bitching,…and that just isn’t cool enough to pass up with Kroy, my i.q. is lower than my jersey number, and just everything that comes out of her mouth pretty much. I wouldn’t care so much, because obviously everybody lies, but she does it with such malice and conviction that it is an insult to me as a viewer. She uses people and when she is done with them, even if they are her family to provide drama for her wedding show, she can easily shut them out of her life. What could her show possibly be about? Is the title going to be Don’t be Tardy for the Payment? Don’t be Tardy for your due date? What!? I just don’t freakin’ get it. I propose if anyone wants to watch this trainwreck, because let’s admit, we love those, that you watch it only on reruns or illegal tv streaming so this wig wearing, Crybaby hatchet faced, 35 going on 62 year old hooker for pay can finally stop being on my t.v. screen.

    • Tell it Ryan! This entire post rocks. I’m having hard time picking out may favorite quote from Ryan because there are so many !!!!

    • LMAO! ! Holla Ryan! I’m going to be humming Dont be Tardy for the Payment all day tomorrow with a stoopid grin on my face!

    • TY, TY Ryan~Well stated~perfect~I have no words cuz you used all my thoughts (only worded MUCH better!) Did everyone hear Kroys mouth at the end when he was coming at camera guy? Think he said “I told you to F–ing turn off the camera’s…something like that? He obviously gave up all the teachings of his parents, & Christian beliefs since the 1st time he got his willy wet . Hes SO beyond stupid!! I mean, c’mon Kroy….how many yrs has went bye that Kim had no kids~& you can’t see that the second she knew how much you made, that she got pg what, the 1st time?! Coincidence?? I think NOT! OMG how your parents must talk behind the cameras of what they really think/feel! I can see what kind of people they are~def not the kind that believes any of the foul mouthed lies that come from her.! I don’t believe for a min that she is at all the kind of Christian woman your parents ever thought you’d end up marrying. They must be mortified to watch/see/hear how their grand kids are being other hired help…while all their mother does what she does best~lie/use people~cuss~blame~cuss~whine~cuss~piss~~cuss~moan~cuss~scream~cuss~ bet you’re so proud of how your wife just turned your life around for the better in front of millions of viewers/your coaches/players..hhaaaa.

      • I totally agree, Kroy is walking around and acting like he got it for the first time and he is blinded by what Kim is doing. Like you said, she didn’t get pregnant for years and then sees Kroy and within a few weeks bam is pregnant. What I would like to know is what happened Kroy? Did you agree to have sex with Kim without a condom or did she tell you she was on the pill. Did you have sex with a condom and if so did you take it with you? Or did you allow her to put it on and possibly by “accident” break the tip of the condom?

        You see Kroy is either low IQ or a virgin before Kim because all those things I said are given to young professional athletes in order for them to be careful of gold diggers and groupies who want a check. And Kroy being one of the two was taken in by a major and I do mean major professional who knows the tricks and know how to get from men what she wants. And it had to happen one of those ways, because I can’t believe a middle aged woman who has two kids just so happens to have unprotected sex with a guy she just knew and allowed herself to get pregnant in a few weeks of knowing each other by accident.

        • Right On Buck Henry! Can you imagine how Kroys head must be spinning most days?? Poor guy had NO chance once the “professional” had him pegged for future earnings. I do believe that house is just chaotic most days~don’t think her whole attitude or disgusting mouth is for camera time only. I wonder if hes had any PEACE, not PIECE, to let it all BEGIN to soak in . I mean all the new bills/amounts of $$ gone thro in such a short amount of time has got to be worrying him at some point! I do love/care for all the kids~& I know they are off limits~just sayin I do pray for those kids, especially the girls to have a female role model brought into their lives so they can see how real women live/..just somebody that they can see in a totally different light/life style…but i do find myself just sick for all the kids, what they go thro now, and how their futures are shaped already unless there is some drastic, positive changes for them. I would just love to know Kroys parents/friends & be an insider on the truth of how embarrassing she is as a wife/daughter-in-law, mother of their grand kids~yikes!

    • “I propose if anyone wants to watch this trainwreck, because let’s admit, we love those, that you watch it only on reruns or illegal tv streaming so this wig wearing, Crybaby hatchet faced, 35 going on 62 year old hooker for pay can finally stop being on my t.v. screen.”

      Hahaha okay, must admit I kinda love you. Great post.

    • You hit the nail smack on the head once again, Ryan!! Kim is just a classic case of someone who truly believes her own b.s. Folks like that are simply stunning in their ability to believe that if you say something with conviction loud enough and long enough and, voila!, it becomes fact. And, guess what, it does work on alot of people. Kim and SWINE seem to have similar personalities in that regard….just a difference in what you’re selling.

  5. Well I can see that I’m in the minority here but so what, Kim I wish you luck in everything you do. I’m hoping the show is a hit and I can’t wait to see it. Toodles Y’alls :-)

  6. uuggghhh if she gets 100 viewers of her show i’ll be shocked — sure mandy will love the quote about getting his seat and basically saying any foul mouthed hoe bag can do his job

    • IKR? I can’t see Ms. Andy approving of that quote… and if I was Kim, I’d wait until my spin-off premiered/was successful before I declared it a “promotion”.

  7. Ive always liked Kim. I didnt, however, like the way she started out this season by saying she was gonna be homeless (when she clearly had her townhouse & she SAID Kroy still had his house)…She then said she couldnt live in a 5000 sq ft house..she needed every inch of 7000-BS! Oh Lord 4bid tht she’d have 2 swim at the community pool like she said! All that, made me not like her as much as b4. She ws talking in circles @the luncheon-Ik Bravo basically “cuts & pastes” scenes bt she did say she’d go then she said she couldnt. For once, I agree w/Neandrathal Nene..She should’ve said “No, Im not going because I dont wanna go”. The women should have understood she couldnt travel being 8months preg, tho. The only person I felt sorry 4 was Phaedra. I believe she was being authentic whn she said she didnt want K 2 miss out & she felt like K didnt have time 4 her&the others anymore. P was shocked bt 1 u can say about Kim, she says wht she wants (when she wants to) & doesnt care if u like it or not.

    • I agree. I like Kim too but the townhouse tantrums really stung. As a single mother who had to go from a nice house to a crappy apartment when my son’s father left those comments really stung. She alienated the 90% of the world who don’t live in houses as nice as her townhouse.

      • Some people say expressions like that about “putting it out to the universe,” so I’m not sure if she means God, the universe, or what.

        • The universe can mean God or angels or some other supreme being you believe in. When i had my palm read the palm reader told me Never say outloud what u dont want the universe to hear. i have never forgotten that.

          • and also i remeber hearing once that God answers all prayer but sometimes the answer is no or not now.

        • Here is my problem with Kim and other HW ( i’m looking at you MeGo!) why do they think they are so entitled to God’s blessings? What have they done that is so wonderful ? Why is a child with cancer not entitled to a cure but Kim is entitled to a 17,000 sq foot house, a nanny, designer clothes and 4 healthy children? Sorry Kim and her shameless ask believe and receive is just sick making.

          • According to the New Testament Bible, the “ask and it shall be given unto you,” is not a reference to material possessions or even health, but to eternal life through Jesus Christ. That’s why I was asking if Kim was referencing God, the universe, or what. She can’t be referencing Christianity (or at least a true representation of it), because Christianity doesn’t promise an easy life in this world just for the asking.

    • I think she meant… Ass, Receive, Relieve, because that’s how she is getting her good fortune. It is definitely not the work of blessings from God.

    • Its from the book & tele-movie ‘The Secret’. Which is basically overly simplified quantum physics mixed in with unsubstantiated fringe science ideas.

      The day after I read it I got green lights the whole way to work & then I got a promotion!

    • Ditto. Although it will be a sad day for those kids. I’d say that I’d rather Kim have an “AH-HA” moment and change, but unfortunately I don’t really believe that’s possible.

    • I read that Kim is having problems with the IRS for not declaring her gifts and income all the years she was with big Poppa. I was reported she owes millions in back taxes. If this is true I’m sure it is going to put a wrinkle or two in their marriage.

  8. While Kim isn’t my favorite, I agree with her decision to leave the show and not go on the trip. Pregnant women in their last trimester really should not be traveling on a plane or far from a known doctor/hospital. Especially how much she is showing. We also don’t know if she has additional risk factors (swelling, higher blood pressure, etc.) I buy that story.

    Also, being pregnant and incredibly stressed is absolutely terrible for the baby. Even if it staged to an extent, that doesn’t mean arguing with people isn’t stressful (along with environmental changes!) So while I could careless about Kim, babies shouldn’t be put an an unnecessary risk for not necessarily miscarriage, but psychological and physiological impediments. These women were acting so f-cking selfish for being outraged that a pregnant women would turn down traveling and fighting.

    • The reason the women were mad was because they planned the trip around Kim’s schedule and many of them changed their schedules to accommodate hers. If she didn’t want to go, she should have stated that up front, as Nene pointed out. She jerked everyone around, and that’s why they were mad. Rightfully so.

      • IA. She should’ve just said “i’m not going on the trip because I don’t like you.” And the other ladies kinda had a point when they said that even if she weren’t pregnant, she would have given some lame excuse not to go. Although, she sure didn’t have a problem leaving her two young daughters to go lipsync tardy for the party with Kandi for a week last season.

  9. I cant stand that lazy bitch…i never liked her…i dont respect women who dont work for their lifestyle….She is a disgrace to womankind. i wonder how long it will take for Kroy becomes someone else’s big poppa…it only serves her right!…Low-down dirty whore with a wig on!

  10. I really like Kim and wish her and Kroy much happiness… She should not have gone on that trip, with her being 8 months preg and all the expected drama is always horrible. They were in attack mode before the their bags were packed!
    I will watch her show..She cares so much for Kroy and her children.

  11. Meh. I don’t blame her for not wanting to argue with the NeNe Moose & Co. while pregnant. I really don’t. Also, NeNe having the gall to call someone else out for lying is hilarious given her trail of Veneer spewn B.S. She’s as full of it as Kim is. And Kim is pregnant! ;)

  12. ITA @sdhs86 Nene doesnt have a leg to stand on when talking accuring others of lying. There are a few things I believe are true about Kim (that Nene said wasnt)…She was engaged to Big Poppa…yes, he was “legally married” but in the midst of a divorce..I did read this somewhere else, too…Not just taking Kims word 4 it. I also believe Nene did put her hands around Kims whether she squeezed..Idk. It wasnt on camera & of course, Nene is gonna deny it. The episode in the bus wasnt what Kim was talking about. I allso dont feel a bit sorry 4 her mom…they way she acted during the wedding preparations & afterwards was ridiculous!! Anyway, there’s always 3 sides to a story……

    • Kim was never engaged to Big Poppa, she just told people she was. She admitted that later that season. He presented her a ring with no proposal but she took it and ran. Kim lied first season about Big Poppas marital status, her sickness (then recanted after being pressed by Andy), when she was going to release her first music single ( which was not released until 2 seasons later). She tells tons of white lies, the only other person on Atl that’s lied was Phaedra and her pregnancy.

  13. Kim lied during that first video…they all started mentioning if they were going and she said “yeah I would love to go!!! so I have to check with my doctor first”…and then 2 seconds later “yeah I can’t travel that’s why I can’t go”….is the doctor inside her head????? Then Kandi asked why didn’t she invite them to the trip to the lake and Kim said “yeah you can come it’s this week” or whatever…I think they were pissed because they wanted to do a trip together and rearranged everything for her…and she isn’t going anyway, so when she organized her lake trip she could’ve told them sooner, so they could’ve done one trip together….Kim obviously had no intentions of traveling with them….and frankly I wouldn’t want to be stuck with Kim either!!

    • Here is another possibility for why she didn’t want to go and it also explains why she bails early on every event she attends that is being filmed. I think she was and still is smoking and Kroy doesn’t want his family to see his wife on camera ESPECIALLY preggers smoking. A trip that involves overnight stay and cameras would def catch that footage.

      • very true….because of how much she was filmed smoking before…I can’t imagine her dropping the habit that quickly (I know there are pregnant women who despise cigarettes during pregnancy and pick it back up after)….Kim’s a mess! I still think she just should be honest with them…then maybe they would stop calling her a liar! ;)

  14. Question: Who actually was “Big Poppa” what was his real name and what did he do for a living? I wonder if he really was “big” :) ..heheheh.

  15. Um, I wonder how Faydra and Kandi feel about Kim now..they had their heads stuck up her butt and she was faking the friendship. Nene was right about Kim all the time. Oh, oh, how could all the women be wrong about the dates. If you notice each one says the same thing about the situation so who is lying?

    • Good point. She cant make u her mind which lie she wants to stick with. When she was on WWHL she was stuck on saying she didn’t want to leave her husband since he is so cute n all. And at the time it sounded plausible but then it hit me… this was one of them couples trips so Kroy could have gone too.

      • If I remember from one of SH post the argument was really about the trip.The others resented that they all did the show and Kim just breezed in and out when she pleased and was a mega Diva, collecting her paycheck. I think it was a shit or get off the pot meeting and Kim decided to get off the pot!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE KIM… I find her the most entertaining woman… and yes.. you all have to remember.. BRAVO IS SCRIPTED… they probably made her go on and on with the homeless storyline.. I don’t trust bravo.. but Kim.. I wish her the best.. I couldn’t deal 10 seconds sitting with the rest of those woman.. if you can’t understand why a PREGNANT woman can’t go out of the country then everyone “here” attacking her.. hasn’t been pregnant…. I think they ALL lie.. to stay relevant and get a Bravo paycheck… but she’s always been my favorite.. and I wish her the best!! Sorry so much hate going on…. Thanks for the entertainment Kim!

    • CB: Many people use the “hate” word or the “bully” word when someone expresses their opinion. SH is NOT a “hate” site; nor a “bully” site; nor a “team” site. Everyone here is entitled to their opinion. Whether another commenter agrees with that opinion is their decision! TFC!! SH

      • Ditto, SH. That’s what this site is about — offering our opinions on the HW, some favorable and some not favorable.

    • I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere with the ATL ladies either. I think they shouldn’t have jumped down her throat about how she never wants to be around them (even BEFORE she met Kroy). However, I think the real problem they had with Kim was the fact that she told them what dates she would be available and they (who all also have husbands and kids and careers) changed their schedules to accomodate HER, then she tells them she can’t go, BUT she’s going on a trip that week anyway. Instead of giving all those excuses, all she had to do was come in (or call) and say “You know what? I don’t want to go anywhere with you guys because I really don’t like you and I’d rather stay home with my family.” It wouldn’t have been the nicest thing to say, but it would have been the TRUTH and they would have respected that.

    • Kim probaly think Homeless means Living in something less then 1500 square feet or something not bought because she spread her legs for someone and he paid for it.

  17. I would not take all those women berating me and questioning everything I do for five minutes, pregnant or not. My hope is that Kim is as happy as she seems to be with Kroy and her kids. She lived a pretty wild life, but maybe that is over and she has moved on to another chapter. All these women are liars, they are all looking for fame without talent to sell. No way would I have gone out of the country pregnant, just would not have done it either. And who among us who have kids would’ve left an infant at home to party with women who seem to hate us?

    • But, Barbara, would you have initially told the women you WOULD go and induced them into changing their schedules to accommodate you, only to ultimately say you’re not going after all – which is what Kim did and why they were so upset with her?

  18. The argument is not about weather a pregnant woman can go out of the country or not…its about her playing games offering dates that she knew shw would not be able to make…Kim did that on purpose…you mean to tell me when she offered those dates she did not know how pregnant she would be.

    Kim is FOS and was playing these ladies…now that she has her own show she does not need them…they look like asses for being so nice to that tramp.

    • You’re right, Meadow. Kim has every right to not want to go on the trip, and I don’t blame her for not wanting to go. What she did wrong, was when she told them she DID want to go, and they all rearranged their schedules around HERS, then after the date was set to accommodate HER, she made excuse after excuse and ultimately said she couldn’t go.

  19. I have always believed Kim to be a lazy, crass, entitled, scheming,money grabbing heffer. I would not have gone on that trip with those two faced bitches either, pregnant or not.
    I definatley would not have gone at eight months on a small plane and then a boat!! They must be crazy.

  20. Let me offer Kim some help with Kim’s lies. In my best Kim’s voice:
    I am so thankful to my parents, they were the best parents ever and helped me raise my daughters (during the When they were young episode)
    Nene, help me be a cast, please introduce me to the producer, I will be your BFF and will never betrayed you.
    I have cancer that is why I have to wear a wig, nobody would choose to wear a wig on purpose. (season 1 reunion)
    Nene, please sing DBTFTP with me, the both of us can make this a hit song, your vocals and my looks. (season 1)
    Kandi, my lawyer will get back to yours when we are ready to settle the amount for DBTFTP. (season 2)
    Big Poppa proposed to me and we are getting married soon. (season 2)
    Tracy, I have never swam in the lady pond but for you I will do it, just help me produce my song and make me attractive to the lesbian/gay community) . (season 3)
    Kroy, of course I am on birth control, who do you think I am, I would never trap a guy by getting pregnant.
    Kroy, how come you don’t know how to put the condom, let me help you.
    Tracy, I want you to help me raise this baby (when pregnant with KJ) (Tracie’s interview)
    My townhouse is mine, Big Poppa didn’t buy it, I did with my own money as a LPN
    I am getting evicted and would be homeless.
    I pay all my bills on time and have my Amex records to prove it.
    I can go to the trip, my doctor has to approve, Kroy would be in camp, the doctor said no, I am going with Kroy to another trip on the same week.

    I know there is probably much more, but these are the ones of the top of my head.

    • The whole “I thought I had cancer at the reunion but didn’t actually have cancer and my hair was falling out but yet I could never tell what was actually wrong with me because using the word cancer got people to feel sorry for me and I waited years to reveal my “real” hair but only after I was behind a closed door” I’m sorry if you have beautiful hair…show it off! Wearing wigs all the time isn’t good for her scalp either! and her saying “no one wears a wig on purpose” and now how proud she is…ugh with the lies!! :) Thank you for putting those out there!

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