KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s KannoliKits… On QVC…

December 5, 2012

As promised, KomaKathy Wakile made her debut sellin’ her cannoli kits on QVC this afternoon.


Kathy’s appearance lasted a little over FIVE whole minutes!  No customer phone calls were permitted.

KomaKathy tried to “sell” her kits by saying that “there are no corner bakeries around any more” and “who has time to go to a bakery?”  So, just buy her cannoli kits!

No point in any further description…. watch for yourself!


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157 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s KannoliKits… On QVC…

    • That is so so funny…I live in southern De as well. I know about the the pizza shops but could you please tell me the name of butcher shop cause I have been looking for one.

  1. Ummm, too busy to BUY cannoli’s at the grocery store, but plenty of time to fill the damn shells? Please.

  2. 400 ordered???? If that’s the trugh Richie bought 398 and Rosie bought 2…She looked like a deer in headlights…

    • I just read “Gourmet”…so is that when it looks like a splooge filled eggroll?…orrrr was it when you sprinkled the powdered sugar on it and made them look like pieces of crap transitioning from brown to white? Soooo appetizing! What’s that you say? You only have to make 12 at a time so the creaminess of the cream doesn’t go to waste? because you gave them obnoxiously large sized bags that look like you were using them to hit weed out of a vaporizer and not thinking about smaller ones that would be more convenient for smaller servings? …oh…My bad. You should have just said from the beginning Caroline recommended the serving size. Carry on.

  3. horrible presentation, cheap looking cannolis, i bought those chocalate caramel dip apples and those crab cakes, the cannolis looked nasty and cheap, she didnt put any effort in her presentation

    • She’s in it for the money, pure and simple (which i don’t mind). How many failed businesses does she have now, first it was the jewelry line, then the drink, and now cannolis….

  4. OMG I’m laughing so hard I’m going to pee my pants….We even have bakeries in Southern Ocean County and they sell the same Cannolli’s as she is hawking. BTW Kathy have you tried the Cannolli’s from CARLO’S BAKERY in HOBOKEN. Maybe ask Caroline, Albie, Chris, or Lauren I’m sure they do go there. BIG FAIL

    • My god, I can’t read anymore w/o responding. How hateful are these bloggers???? I can’t believe it. The most hateful thing I’ve heard this week re HOUSEWIVES, is Brandi whispering to Kim that all the girls are trying to make her sobriety unsuccessful….none of her old friends feels that way. Why would they wish she would drink again and ruin her life. I thought that was hateful and really proved what a slimeball Brandi is. She is aware that she doesn’t fit in, so tries to take Kim down. I guess Bravo likes it this way, but it is unnecessary to do that to keep viewers, and now all these people hoping Kathy fails? I don’t get what’s happened to all the work we women put in to NOW years ago. I thought that we women would try to at least be respectful of each other – not hope for the worst. I think most of the women on the NJ cast are tough and sometimes disrespectful of one another, but for viewers to act the same, is unbelievable…..Will you now not watch NeNe’s new show just to send her back to an apartment in Atlanta, too? Where is the love?

      • That’s your first mistake. Confusing these girls like Kathy and Caroline for women. Women support other women who represent themselves to standards of things like integrity, empathy, and having any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Even as a guy, I can see that. You preach about support and in the same hypocritical holier than though pedestal you diss Brandi. It’s all about perception, and if I were you, I’d take those twilight zone blinders you have off.

          • Me either. Just cause someone is born with a vagina doesn’t mean they get an automatic pass from me and can be a butthole and I am just gonna embrace them. Respect is earned in my book and it dont make no never mind to me ifn ya have a tallywacker or a vaginer. THATS my contribution to the feminist movement. I pledge to always empower women by holding them to the same standards as everyone else.

            • Growing up in the era of the 60s when NOW came into being, those gender issues were pretty black and white back then…you’re either with ‘em or agin ‘em mentality. And I suppose that often real change can only happen that way. I am grateful for the inroads that were made at that time but I one thousand percent agree with you, Made. It IS all about respect and it matters not at all what gender you are. And it’s always refreshing to hear the same perspective from a man as well so, thanks to you, too, Ryan.

        • Damn Ryan, I could not have said it better. I am impressed by your insight. You could not be more correct. Thank you!

  5. Wow. Apparantly only Kathy and that QVC maniac on too much mt. dew know what cannolis are supposed to taste like. That woman was very easy to please. Kathy squirts some caramel then chocolate on the cannoli and the QVC woman was all “WOW, that’s incredible, you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!” Calm down, woman! Haven’t you ever been to a make your own icecream sunday party before? She was more excited than Richie at a fish market.

    • I didn’t know that QVC was still on… Until Kathy got this gig… I searched for the channel, couldn’t find it, until my daughters law came over and we found it… I just watched it on this site, ( only the best here), what a waste of air she is… I was just picturing Richie with drool on his chin, dollar signs in his eyes….wiping chin, more drool… Ok ok, it’s over, how many we sell fish?

    • Apparently to be a QVC maniac one needs to be able to pretend to be really amazed by something small and disgusting which means I may have finally found a job that Melissa Gorga qualifies for.

  6. I could not bare to watch the rest….I know how to make a cannoli with the help of Laura Vitale on youtube…her kitchen series is amazing…she uses simple ingredients to cook her Italian dishes. Who would want buy those cannoli shells and already frozen frosting when you buy those same things for a lot less. I mean 26 cannoli for $44.95 or $59.95? You can buy the entire ingredients at your local grocery and bakery! I mean who has the time to go to the bakery? I mean people like me who shop for groceries like once a week! I love how the hostess said that Kathy is from a “little show” …She said so fast that for people who do not watch the show would be like who the hell is this woman? Kathy looked so dazed and out of it. Probably tired of herself watching Teresa’s every move.

      • bahahaha yeah she does! The last two minutes of the video her thought process is…

        Where am I? Wait…what are we doing?…oh ok you talk…What’s happening? I hope Rich brought more of my pills… Why is my hand just floating…ok put it down… no no ‘m going to grab this…should I do it? Should I ….wait no…ok I’ll let it go… I’m’ not listening to a word you’re saying but I know we are running out of time…. ..”WAIT LOOK AT THE CHOCOLATE SAUCE!!!!”… watch me make squiggles…oh ok…you’re not going to show any of the squiggles?. but I’m a baker and no one even gets to see my squiggles …=(….ok ….”great being here hope to do it again! thanks!”.

        • You could tell that Koma had no idea which camera to look at so she just kind-of looked bewildered and then decided to only look at the coked-up QVC lady. She looked like she was suffocating her bubbies in that dress that was too small. And her hair always looks like 70′s feathered Farah hair. She is a hot mess.

    • I learned how to make broccoli rabe from Laura’s youtube video! Eventually I will try Teresa’s recipe for it. Yuh, Kathy’s whole pitch didn’t make sense. I can get cannolis here in Richmond. There are actually italian people that live here, Katfish. They own bakeries and restaurants. So instead of giving you one red cent, I will shop locally and give the hard working people in my community business.

  7. Get over yourself Kathy. How dare you charge that much $ for so little. Cannoli stay just fine in their wrapped bakery box overnight if you don’t powder-sugar them. Save your 44$……spend it on steak or wine. Meeeow.

  8. I live in the south and we have a French bakery that makes amazing yummy cannoli , fresh every day . 1.75 buys a regular size cannoli. Who would buy frozen cannoli from Katfish ?

  9. They look gross(the cannoli’s) and their way to expensive when you could go to a bakery or a local grocery/wholesale store and get them for wayy cheaper! KomaKathy always has this Deer In Head Lights Expression on her face she also looks like a Owl. She is only doing this to copy Teresa and her cook books.That QVC lady is annoying she needs to lay off the caffeine seriously! No one wants to buy this low budget rip off crap she’s trying to push! Teresa is RHONJ face the facts!

  10. WHOA, 12 cannolis for $45, um, Publix has them for $1.99 a piece, about $20 for $12. I’ll leave Kathy and take the cannolis.

  11. HSN said that a new vendor had to sell 300 to be asked to come back to sell more.QVC may have similar quotos on a new product to give them 5 minutes of air time.

  12. Don’t know where bimbo Kathy lives but you can buy cannoli almost anywhere where I live. $45.00 for 12 oh my gosh Highway robbery ! Another scam artist. If I want great cannoli I drive up to Hartford and go to Modern Pastry to die for…..while there I pick up a triple chocolate ganache with raspberry filling and Italian cookies then scoot over to Now and Then for some Amazing Pizza. Forget about it Koma. Not one dime from me I buy FRESH not frozen Cannolli from vendors I TRUST !

    • Katfish lives in Wayne, she can go to the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes or Calandra’s Italian Bakery in Fairfield to get her Italians goodies. They both have Cannoli’s. Those are two that I have used. Plus there are many many more. She knows that.

      • Barb, she isn’t gonna be truthful unless it benefits her. Her sales pitch is just like her stories on the show, They don’t add up!

        • katfish is an idiot — don’t tell people they should be them because they don’t have time to go to the bakery because we all know you have no clue — how about trying out the line you should buy them because they’ll taste better than anything you’ve ever tried — buy them because they are high quality — buy them because you can freeze them indefinitely and whip them out whenever you feel like making up a cannoli (roflmao) — katfish try selling them on what makes them worth buying rather than some bull**** about them being convenient because we all know that’s a joke we don’t drive around in horse and buggy anymore and most of us have the where app or equivalent on our smart phones

    • Yes! I live in CT also and Modern Pastry is the best!! Also, Marianna’s in Meriden, a few places in Manchester and New Haven as well! No way would I pay $45 for the ingredients to make 24 cannoli….ridiculous!

    • Liz I can appreciate that as you live in Metro area, not all of America does nor do they have access to bakeries like we do (and good ones in Phoenix are hard to find). My in-laws live in a podunk town of 100 and it’s 5 hours to the nearest Costco. let alon a bakery I think there is a market for it and I do, as much as it pains me to say, I think she will find a niche with this. I personally think she is pond scum for what she did to Teresa, but I do think she will succeed. Not with my $$ … however many many people do not watch RHONJ and they see a product and will buy it.

      • No matter where you live, you can go to Amazon or just google cannoli kits and find (probably) the same kit for half the price, 24 full-size shells and frozen cream in dry ice. And the money will be going to real working people, not some quasi-celebrity who upgraded her kitchen as soon as she signed her contract, got a Mercedes and a face re-do. But maybe she needs the money to pay her bills to Standard Oil and the local landscaper, as ordered by the county court.

  13. For the record I life in a crappy crappy town with bakeries in a grocery store at best. We have no sidewalks or street lights and most of the people have an IQ that is probably around 50; BUT having lived in NY for many years I love cannoli however I have to say I wouldn’t buy this kit if it was $1. I just don’t want to endorse anything that boring woman is selling. And QVC? Really? I don’t even have that channel on my TV because I seriously don’t need anything that is being sold on QVC.

    Maybe Kathy is hoping her HW notoriety….*cough*…will help with sales. She needs to go away and be boring somewhere else.

    • Would you buy her creamy cannolis if she went through your town on a cross country bike tour selling them out of her little wicker basket on the handlebars? What ever happened to her lil bike?

      • I wouldn’t. I’m picturing that wicked witch in Wizard of Oz tormenting Dorothy and poor Toto. So its a no f-ing way would I buy a cannoli, creamy or otherwise from that witch! I mean Kathy….

      • Don’t you remember, the ink wasn’t even dry on her contract and Retchie ran home with the keys to a Mercedes?

  14. i could only watch the first minute — GROSS!! who the bleep does she think she is???? no one has time anymore to go to the local bakery? huhh?? my grocery store sells them and so do a bunch of restaurants around me — oh and if someone stops over at my house unannounced i don’t even answer the door!! serve them these quick cannolis because they ‘dropped by’ puhlleeeze maybe in her world where she has so much time on her hands to entertain but not enough to get on her bike and go to the bakery — what a fake idiot

  15. Teresa is so much better to watch at this. Kathy should have said her cannoli’s ingredientses include cumin

  16. That whole segment had me lmao! I love when Kat says “can I show you something” over and over again, than that Qvc woman got annoyed and ended her session

  17. I love the part when the QVC lady bit the cannoli and it fell apart than Kat tried to play it off like yeah that’s what I wanted to happen. Epic Fail

  18. I read Jac’s tweet about Kathys segment today & was gonna tune in just to see how she did. Im sure she did good due to the fact she’s on RHONJ. Most HW’s, Tre, Brandi, Kathy etc-Will get business due to who they are, whether they are portrayed to be the bad guy or not. I wish Kathy all the best but I think this endeavor is probably a bust!

  19. Wow. I’m amazed at how much hate for Kathy is flowing around here.
    At least she’s super nice and doesn’t pretend shit for the cameras or cookbooks.
    Her family is nice, maybe a little ‘whitebread’ compared to the other nutcases that she’s related to, but at least she’s doing her ‘dessert business’ thing.
    If.I had the disposable income to blow $45 on a kit, and uh, was so bored at home with my credit card handy (and probably a couple bottles of vino), I’d probably try one kit.
    I’d rather money go to Kathy and her normal family than Theresa and her scumbag husband. ;)

    • “Kathy and her normal family” HEHEHEHE. Love that so much, thanks for making me giggle cause last time I looked a “normal family” doesn’t want to cut someone’s tongue out or burn the effen house down. Normal family!

  20. Sorry, Delia, but Kathy is not nice. She came on this show as an opportunist and behaved abominally to her own flesh and blood to try to be relevant on the show (which hasn’t worked for her or Richie). You must not have watched enough episodes or missed her subtle set ups to make herself look caring. She is very passive- aggressive and SNEAKY.

  21. Yeah, she’s super nice alright. So super nice that she came on a show to bring her own cousin down. And didn’t she call Teresa’s mom a F’ing liar? Real nice…
    On another note, she didn’t allow any live phone calls maybe could it be because she knew that the fish subject would come up?

    Speaking of scumbag husbands, have you watched Ritchie on this show at all??????????

  22. I am lucky enough to live near some Italian Bakeries. They sell the cannoli shells filled, or if you want to do your own, they sell the shells…the little ones for .50 a piece and the big ones for .75 a piece. So lets do the math. 24 little shells at .50 apiece $12.00 medium sized ricotta to make the filling… $4.00 chocolate chips $2.50 how much is a tbs of vanilla? Some powdered sugar? There is no way in HELL I would pay upwards of $50.00 for this mass produced crap..and the kit comes packed in dry ice, which according to QVC, may or may not be any left when the package arrives. Sorry, Kathy notwithstanding…Yuck.

  23. Hmmm wonder WHY they didnt allow questions? Maybe out of fear some of them would go like this: Now Kathy, these canoli kits are made with only fish meat…n eyes or lips? ……Did you wash your hands before you squirted the cream? Why would we buy anything from you, you backstabbing troll?

  24. Forty four dollars? Forty four dollars? For frozen ricotta and canoli shells? My mother-in-law just did a 360 in her grave. Making a canoli with a pre-made shell is something a one-armed kindergartner could do with one eye shut. Are you kidding me right now? QVC would sell hot moose droppings and rave about them. What a damn joke.

    • Actually, that picture of Kathy’s canoli’s look like they have hot moose droppings in them already! :) When I looked at the pic I remember thinking what is the black spots in the canoli filling? I know nothing about canolis, but they looked repulsive to me!

  25. Yes, we all have local family-run bakeries here in NJ and should support them. Local, hard-working people who you see at church and PTA meetings, npot clubbing in the city. And if you don’t have them in the neighborhood, there are plenty of kits on-line who are more reasonable. And the bakers don’t where ‘ho dresses, have tons of plastic surgery or drive Mercedes while owing local businesses. This woman is a scammer, her husband is a scammer, their reason for being on television is to bring down a relative of whom they are jealous.

  26. I’m sorry, but tuna canolli just upsets my stomach ! I will have nightmares thinking of Wahl-eye Kathy and those sickening things…ugh

  27. The woman is an idiot. No time to go to the bakery, too much on your plate but you can sit and watch QVC waiting for her connoli’s to come up buy it wait for it to come go to the store and buy the sprinkles and then make them at 12 for $45. Have to be a fool. Most supermarkets have a bakery department that sells cannoli’s A&P Shop Rite by me never mind the bakeries in the area. Or if you want to make them the supermarket sells the shells and the filling is riccota cheese, powder sugar and vanilla.

  28. I just went to QVC. Someone had posed a question asking for a list of ingredientses, so I looked at the answer. She’s not even using real vanilla extract in the cream; she’s using Vanilin, which is an ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. Katfish is selling cr*p at an inflated price. Suckers, take a number.

    • Is Katfish making the shells and filling or is she just hawking them. Is Dolci della dea just funding her and if she’s making them, where is her place of operation? Hopefully she has a lot of product liability.

  29. 45-55 dollars for a dozen cannolis? That’s ridiculous! They’re frozen cannolis nonetheless! I’m sorry but my bakery does sell cannolis and they’re much cheaper than this. BTW, to the QVC lady: They are not fresh if they are frozen!!!! Gosh, it’s like the dumb leading the stupid…. If I have time to watch your dumb behind on QVC, then I def have time to run my little behind to the bakery and get me some real FRESHHHH cannolis. My family is Italian and if I EVER EVER even so much as thought as serving my nonna a frozen cannoli I would be disowned! I’m willing to bet my life savings that this cannoli business is not gonna go very far. They all rag on Tre for “not working/paying her bills”, yet none of these women work! They just show up to things and lip-sync…

    Ugh and that dress, I feel like a bully when I comment on people’s wardrobe and looks, but she looks like if she sneezed that dress would rip!!! Someone please tell her this woman that she should not wear a pushup bra! She looks as tacky as her husband

  30. They sell cannoli kits at Costco for 1/4 of the price. No real Italian would be caught dead buying anything that wasn’t made fresh at a bakery.

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