KATHY WAKILE: Git Yer Cannoli’s Now!!!… The “Small-Bite” Versions… AND… A Special Greeting From GayRosie!!

RHONJ Wakile cannoli pg

Kathy Wakile… the ultra-BORING Housewife… will be tryin’ to push her cannoli kits today on QVC.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 6.14.44 AM

QVC’s description:

“Simply divine. Loaded with cannoli shells and cannoli cream, this kit by Kathy Wakile has everything you need to create small-bite versions of the scrumptious Italian dessert. Prepare the gourmet treats yourself in minutes, or invite the kids into the kitchen and assemble them together! From Dolci della Dea.”

cannoli price

  • Includes 24 0.44-oz cannoli shells and two 12.7-oz cannoli cream pastry bags
  • Each pastry bag can fill up to 12 shells
  • Net weight 2.25 lbs
  • Arrives within two days of shipment; packaged with dry ice, but may arrive with little to none remaining



AND… LOOK!!!  GayRosie sent a very special greeting!!

RHONJ GayRosie pg

NOTE:  KomaKathy has been cookin’ up these cannolis for a year:

On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for DOLCI DELLA DEA GODDESS SWEETS by Goddess In You, LLC, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. The USPTO has given the DOLCI DELLA DEA GODDESS SWEETS trademark serial number of 85473128. The current federal status of this trademark filing isREGISTERED. The correspondent listed for DOLCI DELLA DEA GODDESS SWEETS is RICHARD M. GOLDBERG of 25 E SALEM ST STE 419, HACKENSACK, NJ 07601-7416, . The DOLCI DELLA DEA GODDESS SWEETS trademark is filed in the category of Staple Food Products . The description provided to the USPTO for DOLCI DELLA DEA GODDESS SWEETS is Bakery products, bakery goods, bakery desserts, cannoli shells and filling for the shells, tartlet shells and filling for the shells, brownies, chocolates, dessert puddings, dessert mousse, custards, gelato, chocolate covered dried fruit, chocolate covered nuts, and yogurt-covered nuts.

(Thanks to SH reader “PMG”!!!)

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105 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: Git Yer Cannoli’s Now!!!… The “Small-Bite” Versions… AND… A Special Greeting From GayRosie!!

  1. I’m pretty sure you can buy similar kits in your local grocery store without the taste of insignificance sure to accompany every purchase.

  2. Please ! The best cannolis r on Arthur Ave in the Bronx, Artuso’s.. They make the most Delish cannolis! U can buy shells& cream filling from them & make them yourself.. Much better & from a real Italian bakery .. If u can try them! So worth the calories! So yummy!!

    • Ooh man–the Bronx!! I miss NY, and *decent* Italian food!!!!!!!!!! There’s nothing on the gulf side of FL that resembles anything authentic with Italian food, so I’ve taken to making my own cannolis! It’s not too hard.

      • @done. This made me laugh done! I’m on the gulf side myself, these days, and I can’t even find *decent* pizza here! God, I miss New York and N.Y. pizza SO….bad. I lived in southern Cali. for years…loved it, but there was only 1 decent pizza place I ever found. ‘Brooklyn Pizza’… in Marina Del Rey…too funny. When I would go home(not the city) to visit N.Y., from L.A., my sis (who is a Great cook) always new that on my first day back home Not to cook….cuz (pun) My *Italian restaurant* was always a given! I’m not even Italian, but New Yorkers love/know ‘Italian’ food!! I would Never buy them from Q.V.C., besides that price is crazy!

            • She used to be an owner, but I’m wondering if she might have sold out to her partner Richie, because the website now says Richie Palmer’s Mulberry Street Pizza and doesn’t mention Cathy at all. The pizza’s great.

            • Hi Hers. You just answered my question:). I noticed on another thread awhile back you lived in L.A. I lived in the South Bay, for a few years, then moved to west L.A. I laughed when I read you saw Vyle at a restaurant one day. I too saw my share of celebs., when I lived there. Met a hand full of some really nice ones too. I asked you one day how the weather was there ‘day’ I tried to catch you on thread, but you were gone already!’s the weather back in L.A. today?

          • Hi Hers, didn’t know you were here :). Been to BH many times, but sadly I never did try Mulberry Street pizza. Just never did :(. I just saw Ms Sh post, If I had known Kathy M. owned it I would def. have tried. I did hear she opened a restaurant…was very excited, because I read she was getting her water in from N.Y. I’ve lived in a few dif. areas…N.Y. does have the best water. Kathy M’s theory was ‘it’s the water’ in N.Y. that makes it the best pizza in the country. Have you tried it Hers?

            • Hi KTgirl — I love Mulberry, was even addicted for awhile, I have to admit. It’s the best I’ve tasted in LA — just what pizza should be. The one on Canon is the best location, next time you’re there. Richie Palmer’s often there, behind the counter or hanging out. He was married to Raquel Welch for awhile.

            • Sometimes, I want to smack myself for missing out on certain things when I lived out there. I guess I really thought I would be living there longer…you always think you have more time…ya know? I did meet your restaurant encounter’s sis a few times. I thought she was nice…kinda shy. I also worked at Trader Joes in Culver City for a few years. Ever been too?

            • When you live here, I think there are lots of things you don’t do because they don’t seem special. Probably like I would do all the touristy things in NY that residents maybe don’t do. You met Kim? I’m not into her on the show, but I can see how she would be nice in person — not snobby like some of the others. Are you kidding — l couldn’t live without Trader Joe’s. That Culver City one has the worst parking, though. Where are you now?

            • Kinda like living in Hawaii, I dont drink Mai-tais and sit by the beach. Its been prob at least 6 yrs since I have been to waikiki and prob 10 yrs since I have been to the North shore

            • That’s so funny to hear! I worked at the one that use to be directly across from Sony studios. THAT parking lot was nuts! I believe they ended up closing that one because it was to small for the amount of business it did. I think I know which one you mean, and I KNOW that parking lot is TOTALLY crazy LOL! I loved working for T.J’s though. It was a really cool store to work at compared to regular grocery stores. Comfy and casual dress code and I worked with some GREAT people. I know you don’t care for K.R. that’s why I just said sis LOL! Truth, she struck me as very nice, kinda shy and guarded. It was 15 years ago. I’ll tell you in person…she was striking..really beautiful. All she talked about was her children. I guess I have a soft spot for her, because she’s been struggling a long time. Even after I left T.J.’s I still shopped there, one of my favorite grocery stores! Cheaper then whole foods, but still really great stuff.

            • Interesting about Kim, KTgirl. And yes, the people that work at TJ’s are so friendly. That’s one of the reasons I love it.

        • ktgirl: I swear, my husband and I are gonna gain LOTS of weight during this NY visit!!! Yup, we miss NY pizza, NY bagels….. authentic sushi and REAL chinese restaurants and so much more. I never realized how spoiled we were in NY and even in NJ, until we moved to FL last year!

            • I want some black and white cookies, a friend visited NY and brought me one now I want MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

            • lisa, funny you would mention Hawaii, because it was ‘never going to Hawaii’ when I lived SO close that is one of my regrets. I had an opportunity to go once and I didn’t, because I wasn’t totally comfortable about the friend inviting me. A mistake, on my part. I still imagine what it would be like?! I hear the smaller Islands are the best!

            • Have you ever been to Hawaii Hers? it’s kind of frustrating when Cali. is So..close and you never get to go to Hawaii. It’s not like New York, and New Jersey though LOL! Growing up in N.Y. where I lived. we use to say, you could throw a rock and hit New Jersey!

            • I’ve been to Hawaii — the big island and Maui, but it’s been way too long. I hope it will be my next trip. Pure relaxation.

            • I would go to all the islands and visit Oahu last for a few days to see the Arizona and stuff like that.

            • Hers: Plus, it’s paid for–my sisters bought the plane tickets and we’re staying at their houses…….. Sweet! I can’t wait. It’s been a year being back in NY, which is FAR too long!!!!!!

            • @ Hers- Not sure where to put this, so I’m just tagging you here. I’ve been to countless Al-anon and open-AA meetings. L.A has an incredibly strong support system. It’s impressive. Just so you know, I’ve met my share of A$$holes in my life. I don’t give everyone a pass just because they get clean. If swine got clean & sober tomorrow, I’d wish her well, but that doesn’t mean I’d like her. The only thing some addicts/alcoholics have in common is addiction. Some are good people..some not so much.

            • I don’t have any experience with addiction, but I’m sure that’s true. Some good people and some not good…

            • Hers, How do you reply when there is no reply button at the end of a comment? I feel so foolish. Are you communicating directly through e-mail, because i noticed you can reply back to someone…even when there is no option to after a comment. I get lost when that happens. I think you’ve been on SH much longer then I you know?
              As far as addiction, it’s great you’ve never had it cross your path in any way. I’ve been luckier then many. Most people I know have had to deal with it, in one way or another. Some, themselves, or had a loved one, H or W, B or G, BFF, or even a D or S. etc. I wanted to understand. I personally believe God is the answer, but sometimes…for some it takes a longer road to get to God. I suppose, as long as the road leads you to God..that’s really what matters. JMO.

          • done: I’m so glad hubby is well. After the last time we talked, I realized I didn’t even know how your DH was doing. I almost asked you on a another day, but I didn’t want to be out of line. So…I’m relieved to read this post from you mentioning him. I’m jelly you’ll be up in New York soon: ) I had hoped to be in N.Y. for the holidays, but I couldn’t. Have a great time…enjoy the NY pizza, bagels and yes great…Chinese food! That’s another food you can’t find any good here. I love good Chinese food…I also miss Thai. I have had good Thai-in L.A.. I know exactly what you mean…I had been to Fla. a lot growing up but never lived here until recently. I feel like a fish out of water here!

            • ktgirl: Me too!! Been here for 16 mos and I still can’t adjust. We’re trying to figure out a way to be able to afford NY again!! Besides, my “kids” still live in NY, as does my entire family, so I’m very emotional about it. I haven’t seen my kids for a year——-we can’t get anyone to want to venture to FL for a visit! Ha! Instead they bought us plane tickets to go up there. That’s fine with me! And, thank you, about my husband. I’m just enjoying this peaceful time with him, until March rolls around and he has his next procedure…… Thank you for thinking of me/him. xoxo

            • When you think about it….It’s a Small world isn’t it? I’ve been here longer then you and I wish LOL I could say it gets better :)?! Just kidding. I really like where my Dad lives…not crazy about where I live. I am going to move, just not sure where or when. Most likely I’ll stay in Fla. Love New York, but the winters are too long and it’s too expensive now. Love L.A., but it also has become to expensive. Miss my family terribly. Most are in N.Y. one DB, is in Cali., I totally understand. Happy to hear you and DH are enjoying peaceful time.

            • Yeah, the more I think about it, the more family is the most important thing. I’d probably like it here more if they were all here! But once you’re spoiled by living in NY, I don’t think anything else could compare. :(

        • her nickname katfish and what rich said about grosses me out turned me off. We have lots of places that have fresh baked goodies ,even right down the street where Kathy sam[pled her goodies. If ppl dont live in Nj or Brooklyn cosco has the best kit.I had the best cannolis from the brox and brooklyn so cosco no far behind.

    • Artuso’s sells cannoli kits.

      Authentic Mini Cannoli Kit
      Artuso Pastry
      This family-owned Bronx pastry shop has been making confections,
      including cannolis, since 1946. Now you can bring their Italian delicacies
      home for the holidays with this authentic mini cannoli kit. The
      kit features 12 miniature cannoli shells and one bag of vanilla cannoli
      cream with chocolate chips.

    • I love these and prefer to get them from a bakery. Do they ship them if I were to buy them? I’m in missouri. I won’t buy her crap because I don’t belive she really has a passion for thi stuff. Tre family mades their gravy from scratch. Also is it her product or someone elses?

  3. Packaged in dry ice but may arrive with little to no reaming????? translation=someone is getting one broke off in them on the shipping.

      • Isn’t that dangerous? All that unrefrigerated cheese? Sounds like someone’s going to get a good dose of food poisoning. Eat at your own risk

        • Sure it is. Any dairy product has to be kept well-packed in dry ice until you actually receive it. There is only one place I have ever had cakes-with dairy shipped, and they are diligent with the dry ice. AMAZING delicious gourmet cakes!!! Various types for ‘A Special Occasion.’ My sis sends, and there called… ‘Bake Me A Wish’… mouth watering Delicious…….

  4. I saw that too. So basically don’t order it on a day like… oh I don’t know Wednesday when it takes a day to process even for 2 day shipping. So, you can hope it goes out Friday to arrive Saturday but realistically that won’t happen, so it will probably arrive Monday with spoiled cream filling. Oh wait…who am I kidding. The 3 people that order them already live with Kathy, so their won’t even be a delivery. lol @ little to no reaming. If people order this they have already been reamed in the head.

  5. color me stoopid….but I don’t get this at all. Why would you buy these premaid things that you still have to fill when you get them when you can buy fresh from your local bakery?

    • Exactly. Sure I could make sushi, but why end up eating crumbled bits of rice that stick to my fingers as I force the filling in my mouth as quickly as possible as soy sauce leaks all over my shirt? This makes about as much sense, but I think it’s because the self loathing sycophants who are actually fans of people like Kathy and Caroline will buy literally anything to feel even the slightest bit connected to them. It’s a delusional and vicious cycle that gets them guest spots on QVC. I’m sure these cheaply made imitation Italian treats will go perfect with the cases of dead battery sewage water aka blk. people that buy this already have sitting in their fridge. Pretty soon Yolanda will start injecting blk as a holistic treatment since it has so many mystical powers and is actually that color because it has the tears of unicorns in it…or maybe just Lauren’s.

    • exactly! i don’t get the business model for this AT ALL — no way would i make the effort to assemble factory made — what would i call it semi homemade? — i’m gonna go buy fresh ones from my local bakery if i really want to eat some — maybe once every couple years? if they think they’re going to capitalize on her celebrity…..ummmm? she would have been much better off just opening up her own local bakery and hoping she can make it big like that other guy in jersey the cake baker his stuff looks divine.

      • you’re right when you say “once every couple of years” too….they aren’t something you crave or indulge in often. Once every couple of years is about how often I eat them too.

  6. Shop-rite,Kings and other stores sell full size,unfilled full -sized cannoli shells from Ferraras for about $5.00.A pint of ricotta $2.99.Mix in one egg and some powdered sugar and there you have it! Add miniature chocolate buds to mix,or dip the ends of stuffed shells into crushed pistaschios.Very easy.Certainly cheaper than 44.00,and no fishy aftertaste.

    • Nice Italian Girl: (hey, I’m one too!) Good cannolis usually call for mascarpone cheese; not ricotta. If you’re using ricotta, just drain it with a cheesecloth into a bowl, for 24 hours, and then you’ll get that RICH cheese. You could add many things to the ricotta cheese—I add a dot of almond extract and sometimes a dot of hazelnut liquor, cinnamon, etc….. It’s endless.

        • I’m not a QVC shopper, but the filling doesn’t seem that hard to make at home, so I’m wondering what the attraction is. I think they’re counting on all those women that just get a charge out of buying something on TV or online, when they could just as well buy it from the local store. There must be millions that sit home ordering this cr*p.

          • I’m not either Hers. Sad…my Mom use to buy from QVC and I hated it. They have billing set up, so you can have 1 card and buy, and another card so you can break down in payments. They were always screwing billing up on my Mom. Personally, I think it’s terrible, between the interest that is charged and the marketing done as an attraction for some of the elderly. Orders were always screwed up, products were often a sham…getting help for my Mom was a nightmare. JMO…but I can’t stand QVC!! I think they’re manipulative, con artist-types that like to target and prey on the elderly. They caused a lot of pain and heartache. I have zero respect for them.

            • My mom is hooked on QVC too, and knows the UPS guy by name because he’s over almost everyday! When QVC sells its junk jewelry they always say that it will make you look rich. lol

              I’m not surprised they booked slimy old Katfish, and her Chicken of the Sea Cannolis.

            • ITA, KTgirl and lifetime — I have a relative that got hooked into HSN/QVC. They DO prey on the elderly, for sure. They always say the ugly jewelry will be a WOW! when you walk into the room – lol.

      • I squeeze the ricotta, let it drain x 24 hours,then drizzle with honey. Also, the ricotta instead of marsacapone is a southern Italian variation.

  7. Sorry sounds less than tasty. Especially if you can’t get what her wonderful hubby said about her out of your head. Blachhhh!

  8. I think that anyone can get a really good cannoli if you live in the NY area, but if you live in other parts of the country probably not. I love cannoli’s but there are $3 each for the mini’s in the specialty groceries stores where I live. There are not that expensive to make by hand if you know how to make them. I have made them once. It was fun and messy but they were good. Where I live the cannoli shells are only sold in specialty stores and they are always sold out. I think that $44 in a bit expensive, but that is just under $2 each. I guess it just depends on personal preference.

  9. I buy my pastries at a local bakery and they’re awsome! I often get their cannolis (love them) and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant, my husbands favorite) and it is quick and always easy and delicious. I am, however, no slacker in the kitchen and make a lot of homemade food and desserts. If I do that I go all out and make it. This cannoli kit doesn’t do it for me. You don’t have the convience of the bakery and you have to assemble them but their not really “your” cannolis, plus they are expensive for what it is. Even if I had no idea who Katfish was I wouldn’t buy this product. I think the Dolce company is banking way to much on her “celebrity” status. Truthfully if you follow Katfish’s doctrine of cooking you are in trouble because if she shows up at your house while you are serving the cannolis she’ll say “oh this is MY cannoli kit”. (Think, Katfish going through Teresa’s cook book at her book signing saying all the recipies were her Mother’s), We all know that Katfish would NEVER copy some old Italian Grandma’s recipies like the evil Teresa so this must be the original cannoli in all the world. All you people out there making cannolis are just coping Katfish! lol

    • We have 3 family owned Italian restaurants out here that have amazing cannolis. Chocolate croissants- mmmmmmmm! I’m gonna have to try one of those!

  10. Whole Foods has good baked goods, and if its sold at Whole foods its healthy for you and the fat and calories are organic and not bad….at least thats what I tell myself.

  11. Kathy – Go to Business School and learn pricing. You have priced yourself out of the market. BUSTOUT.

  12. I’m sure there are many people out there that will try this kit if they don’t have a good bakery in their area. Costco sold a similar kit and shipped it as well and the reviews were very good for it. Even people from Hawaii said it arrived and was still cold. I think there is a market, just not for me.

  13. I have to admit that my meeting ended early so I did tune into QVC out of curiosity. I’ll give Kathy a B+ for presentation and effort. She looked really good too as the lips were back to normal. When her segment was over they indicated she had sold 400 kits.

    You do only get 2 bags, so in theory you would have to make 12 at a time (I don’t like refreezing stuff with dairy). That makes it a hard sell for a smaller family. They did look small as well. She also indicated they are made with Ricotta vs. Marzapan (sp?) and I thought the real ones were made with the latter, but heck I’m not Italian.

    All in all I think she’ll do well and might outshine Teresa as she can continually add new things. How many cookbooks can you do?

    Please note I can’t STAND her or her family (kids included as they are/were nasty on Twitter), but I watched without my NJ fan hat on to try and be objective.

  14. I DVRd the QVC segment and just watched it. The displays were good and the sales pitch ok until KatFish showed the filling in a bowl. Her description was very odd. She described it as “decadence” then in a few comments later said “decadent.” I think of that word as a descriptive negative. Thought I must be be wrong so looked it up and copied below. She hit the nail on the head correctly since she & her husband, along with Bravo, have all declined morally on RHONJ. Costs $1.88 each for bite size portions way too high IMO. The Host said they had sold 400 while she was on.

    “Decadence is a luxurious self-indulgence. It is often used to describe a decline due to an erosion of moral, ethical, and sexual traditions.”[citation needed]

    • I was going to watch it out of curiosity so I tuned in at 4:00. Well, within a few minutes they showed the Paula (Queen of Butter and Nasally Phony Southern Accents) Deen and before she got the first word out of her phony buttery mouth I immediately changed the channel. I cannot stand that woman.

      • I used to like her, but could only listen and watch a recipe occasionally. I find her way too exaggerated in her nasally speech. I think a lot of it’s an act. She sold out her viewers promoting her unhealthy recipes, especially those that affect diabetes, all the while pimping herself out to become a highly paid new spokesperson for a new diabetes drug. I no longer watch any of her shows. She really irritates me even more after that came out.

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