CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille’s BravoBlog… Kim and Brandi Get A Pass… Camille Says ” ‘ScuseME, Yolanda”! Not EVERYONE Was DRUNK!


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. . .And here we go again, STFU-gate continues, oy vey!

We’re sitting at the dinner and Brandi drops the f-bomb. But, as I said in my last blog, we all agree that’s Brandi. After you’re around her for a period of time, you realize that’s what she says and how she behaves at times. Whether it’s appropriate or not, that’s the question. Maybe she’s got to work on her table etiquette. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.

RHOBH KimR crying

Then we see Kim tear up and leave the room. I did feel bad for Kim while she was crying in the bathroom. It’s sad that she’s gone through so much. I’m so proud of her because of how far she’s come this year. She went to rehab and she addressed what she needed to. She invited us all on this wonderful trip to bring the ladies together and celebrate her new path. I am just so proud that she is focused and seems to be going through her steps for recovery. One step I know is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a big part of it.   NOTE:  Camille has ALSO gone through a whole bunch… remember when Camille was the most hated Housewife… ever?

camille most hated

At the table you could see when Brandi announced her book deal, I clapped for her and said congratulations. Then she chimed in and said, “Why can’t girls be happy for each other?” And I thought, “Hello, I’m happy for you!” I am happy when the other women are doing well. If we’re all friends then we should be supportive of one another.

RHOBH Yolanda LisaV

Spa day. Kim found her new spiritual path. As I sat with her we had a great conversation about healing and being at peace with oneself. We talked about the healing properties of the mud and the mask. I love  all that stuff. I really enjoyed sitting there relaxing and talking to Kim about her progress. Then all of a sudden the girls got really playful. It was impossible for us to sit still. We were just having fun but at the same time I would have opted for the relaxing/healing/mud cleansing/detoxifying experience.

RHOBH Shana Kyle

At dinner we had the oddest conversations. I just thought how strange the topics ranging from fetal lamb stem cell injections to the detailed specifics of childbirth. It was a peculiar dialog. We’re not doctors in the room! Can we talk about something a little more entertaining? Can we talk about the latest movies? How about a good chick flick? Or a steamy book? There’s a lot out there we can discuss.

Speaking of childbirth, I had my children through surrogacy. If you can’t get pregnant  for whatever reason, it’s great to know that there are options available for people that want to have a family. I wish I could have had that experience. I’m just so grateful I had a wonderful surrogate who carried our two children. I have two amazing angels in my life that I love so much. They are such a gift and a blessing from God.

RHOBH kyle camille lisav dancing

Excuse me Yolanda, hmm. . ., not all of us were drunk. I can only speak for myself. I was having a great time. I don’t need to drink to have a good time with the ladies. But we should have been more CONSIDERATE of Kim’s sobriety. We had fun doing gymnastics and that’s part of our playfulness. It would be an understatement to say we cut loose a bit. We’ve been on trips before where we were out dancing, skiing, swimming and just having fun. We’re playful and we like doing fun things. Those are the moments I truly enjoy. I love when we just let our hair down, get a little goofy and just be girls. It’s like reliving our youth.

Kim was so sweet and thoughtful to include us on this lovely trip so we could all come together for an enjoyable weekend. It was so nice for her to open up and share her new journey with us. I wish her the best.


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37 comments on “CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille’s BravoBlog… Kim and Brandi Get A Pass… Camille Says ” ‘ScuseME, Yolanda”! Not EVERYONE Was DRUNK!

  1. WTF?! Is Camille Benjamin Button? Why does she appear to be aging backwards from the looks of that Life & Style cover. I wish I could add a picture because she looks like Pavi from Repo the Genetic Opera.


  2. It is sad to see Kim get in the middle of this. I was hoping she and Brandi were getting to a better place. Or at least Kim was. Obviously we don’t know what was being said so my opinion may change, but still…what happened to her peace and serenity path? I understand she is going thru steps of making past wrongs ‘right’ but, pretty sure the recovery process is supposed to be about HER wrongs, not others. JMO


  3. I’m sure Kim is getting involved b/c her evil sister INSISTED on it for some airtime and storyline. The whole premise of the show is once again disgusting. I haven’t been watching (only snippets). It’s too disturbing.


    • Same here, this weeks show was by far the most discusting yet….do we really have to see a bunch of drunks rolling around on the floor or duck lip’s backside? Just flip through like you do, can’t stomach it anymore, and as for Kyle, how could she expose her sister to a drunk’n party when she’s trying to get better and was so nice arranging this “girl” time? She (Kyle) was guest host on TMZ the other night and the show was a mess, all she did was laugh, guess TMZ is going down the drain like Bravo….


    • ITA dwbravo, Kyle probably wanted Kim to tell Paul and Adrienne what Brandi said so Kyle could again be able to sit back and say she had nothing to do with anything!


  4. Don’t know if it’s my computer or not, but this video audio is awful. I couldn’t grasp what’s going on at all. All I can say at this point is “Why, why, why Kim???”


  5. I liked Camille in season 1, I loved how she handled Kyle, but something changed after her divorced. All the sudden she become a chicken who don’t dare to say something. When she is with Kyle she act like I learned my lesson and won’t be disagree with u ever again. I was hoping she would defend Brandi on the game night but instead she went and hugged and kissed Kim and Kyle. If you can’t speak ur mind or defend urself when needed (like last season Malibu party) or if u cant defend someone who is unfairly attacked (like game night) then she is boring and I’m glad she is gone.


  6. hmm? She doesn’t utter a word about Kyle, SWINE or Adrianne’s behavior. Not a word good or bad about Lisa but goes after Yolanda. I think Camille was enjoying her status as the “classy, above it all” housewife and Yolanda just lumped her in with the rest. I guess Camille and Yolanda are going to be adversaries this season.


  7. Bet that spa/sauna smelled like coochie crack after those half naked women left.They made total asses out of themselves.The place was a mess and in need of some serious sanitation/disinfecting.


  8. Well, I must say that Camille is more literate than most of the housewives and all of the bloggers….also, it’s easy to watch the girls drink and see who finishes the night with water or iced tea. Brandi is the true alcoholic of all, and a disgusting woman who unbelievably has custody of her boys. AND, for Yolanda, with her history has no right to judge ANYBODY. ….I love Camille, and hope her life is fun and happiness forever.


    • Oh Camille… quit playin with us by using your pseudonym to pretend you have a fan. Knock knock… who’s there? ….your non existence on your show. Next you’re going to tell us how you want to make a cake made out of rainbows and smiles but only Camille should eat it and be happy.


    • Camille’s a total crackpot, for even associating with that Alison Dubois, let alone buying what she’s selling. She’s also a snob.


    • You don’t think Traylor a.k.a Swine…. is an alcoholic????? Sorry, but i just couldn’t get past you NOT mentioning the way the ‘sheet’ drops’ on Traylor/Swine when EVER she drinks!


  9. I can’t believe Kim said anything to Paul and Adriene. Wht did she say? Why would you start problems for Brandi who comforted you during your tears episode. I’m sorry but Brandi couldn’t have said anything worthwhile tht ms adrienne hasn’t said herself. Nice job Kim.


  10. Yeah I don’t know if classy & the HWs shows really go together. Too much drinkin’ & cattiness for that. Maybe it’s me but Camille always seemed a little spacey (for lack of a better word) to me.


    • She always looked stones to me or medicated in Season One, she slurred her words
      and she was sluggish in her movement except when she was showing off her body in the pool for the men.


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